The Tigers had won their fourth football game in a row on their home field and were now 5 and 1 on the season. There was much cheering and jubilation in the stands as the Tigers cruised to an easy 35 to 10 victory over their weaker opponents giving the small town high school a sense of pride with the win. But as is the case with many small towns there was little to do after the game and so Rob and his younger sister, Becky, went to the party at Jimbo’s for the third time that month. They would have gone elsewhere if there had been other options but small towns never seem to have a lot of options so it was Jimbo’s again or go on home and watch TV.

Jimbo was well known locally both for his parties and for being a complete asshole at times. He was a short, scrawny guy with a long ponytail and wispy goatee who lived in a big, old house out in the country, down a road that people rarely traveled. The isolation and the fact that the house was surrounded by woods made it a good spot for loud parties which Jimbo had on a regular basis. It was also outside the city limits and quite a drive from the county sheriff’s department so it was somewhat rare for law enforcement to come out and investigate. If the law did come any one who was under the legal age for drinking would run out the back door into the woods and wait until they were gone before returning. Jimbo provided a keg of cheap beer and charged 5 dollars to drink so it was somewhat a bargain and a decent way to kill time on a Friday night.

Of course at Jimbo’s parties pretty girls drank free and he always seemed to be on hand, ready to fill the girl’s cups if needed. It was no secret that he often tried to get the drunkest girls back into his bedroom for some Jimbo time as he called it. However the girls had quickly wised up to his tactics and Jimbo was rarely successful.

The music was loud like it always was at Jimbo’s parties. Rob was in the kitchen talking with friends, trying to escape the din. He could see his sister, Becky sitting on a worn out couch in the living room from where he stood. Her head rested on a pillow and her eyes were closed despite the loud music. He noticed several red cups sitting on a beat up end table next to her and figured she had drank a bit too much. It was time to go home.

Rob was tired of listening to the same old football stories he and his friends told every time they came together anyway. Rob was 21 and knew that he had probably peaked in high school. He was a good football player, earning all-region honors as a tight end but his high school GPA and SAT scores weren’t going to get him any scholarships or into college for that matter. He tried the army but a knee injury in basic training ended that before it got started so he worked in a distribution warehouse for a big retail store. He made good but not great money but found himself pondering his future as he drove a forklift and moved pallets all day. He and Becky still lived at home. Becky because she was a senior in high school and Rob because paying the mortgage and maintaining the house was hard for his mom who worked the night shift as an RN at a hospital 25 miles away. His dad left them when Rob was just 8 years old and Rob had always felt an obligation to help his family whenever he could.

Right now he thought the best way to help his 18 year old sister was to get her home and into bed. He downed the last of his beer and said his goodbyes then went out to the living room to get Becky. He gave her foot a light kick to get her attention.

“Come on, it’s time to go home,” he said as he held out his hand to her to help her up.

Becky opened her eyes and gave her brother a dirty look. “I don’t want to go home yet. You go and I’ll get a ride later,” she said as she repositioned herself on the couch.

“No, we need to go ahead and leave. Come on.”

Without opening her eyes she held out a hand which Rob lightly took. He started to gently help her up when, suddenly, Jimbo plopped down on the couch beside Becky and put his arm around her shoulder.

“Hey Rob, bro, I got this,” said Jimbo. “I’ll make sure she gets home OK, don’t worry about it.”

“I don’t think so Jimbo,” replied Rob as he pulled on his sister’s arm to get her started.

“Why not? She’ll be fine. No problem.”

Becky gathered her feet under her and stood at the same Rob pulled her up but Jimbo still had his arm around her. He snaked his other arm around her and tried to pull her in for a kiss but Becky quickly blocked him by putting her hand over his mouth. Rob saw Jimbo’s move and pulled Becky to the side then stepped in front of Jimbo, blocking his way.

“Knock it off Jimbo,” he said his tone more annoyed then angry.

“What the Hell!” exclaimed Jimbo. “I just want a little kiss and you got to get all in my shit about it!”

Rob and Becky pulled on their coats in preparation to leave. “Come on Becky, Good night Jimbo. See you next time.” Rob put his hand on Becky’s back and guided her to the front gaziantep escort door.

Jimbo stormed over to the stereo and turned the volume all the way off with a quick twist of his wrist. The sudden silence got everyone’s attention and they all looked toward the sound system to see what had happened. Jimbo stomped over to the front door and stood in front of it, blocking Rob and Becky’s exit. Rob rolled his eyes for he knew what was coming. Jimbo was about to have one of his infamous dramatic hissy fits that he threw when things didn’t go his way. Rob and nearly everyone else had seen it all before and there were a few groans among the crowd when they realized what was happening.

“You ain’t leaving until I get a kiss.” Jimbo defiantly folded his arms in front of him and clenched his jaw tightly as he kept his position.

“Move Jimbo. She’s not kissing you,” Rob replied.

“She can tell me herself if she don’t want to…”

“I’m not kissing you!” Becky said loudly, before Jimbo could finish. A number of people watching laughed.

Jimbo did not move despite Becky’s refusal. He was quiet for a moment as he thought of his next move. “Well you’re going to kiss someone before you go. A girl as hot as you needs to be kissed…a lot.”

Rob quickly began to tire of Jimbo’s antics. “You’re right, she’s hot. But she’s still not kissing you so get out of the way.”

“Oh so you think she’s hot then?”

“Yeah, I think everybody here thinks so too.”

Many in the crowd voiced their agreement causing Becky to blush and bring her hand up to her mouth in embarrassment. She was, indeed, quite pretty with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. She was also nicely built, not very busty but just enough that when she wore tight clothes, her breasts got attention once someone quit looking at her lovely face. Being a bit taller than most girls and having a nice round ass completed the package. Becky was elected to the homecoming court this year but this wasn’t just due to her beauty. She also had a genuinely sweet and likeable personality and was quite popular at her school.

“Then you’re going to kiss her!” shouted Jimbo. Then he started chanting “Kiss her, kiss her, kiss her!” as he pumped his arms up and down trying to get the rest of the party on his side. At first a few voices joined in but within a few seconds nearly everyone at the party was chanting along with Jimbo. Some clapped their hands or stomped their feet in time as they yelled along.

Rob had little patience with Jimbo to begin with and what little he had now disappeared when the chant began. He took a step towards Jimbo who, by now, was hopping up and down in time to his own chant. Rob was much bigger than Jimbo and he intended to use his size and strength to move the little asshole out of the way so that he and his sister could leave. Becky reached up and took hold of his arm, stopping him. She pulled his head down a bit so he could hear her above the din in the room.

“Don’t hit him. He’s just being his usual self. Let’s just do this and go home,” she said.

“Are you serious?”

“Just give me a quick kiss and let’s go.”

Rob looked around at the chanting crowd realizing that Becky’s solution might be the easiest. He held up his hand signaling everyone to quiet down. When the chanting subsided he leaned down and gave his sister a quick kiss on the cheek. Immediately the crowd roared their disapproval.

Jimbo quickly changed his chant. “On the lips, on the lips, on the lips!” Soon the others joined in, louder this time and with a bit more feeling, wanting to see if the brother and sister would actually do it.

Rob looked down at Becky. She gave him a quick nod and he leaned in and gave her another quick kiss on the lips this time. The crowd shrieked in delight and began to applaud. Becky blushed and smiled as Rob nodded his head up and down telling everyone that their conditions had been met and the show was over. He made another move toward the door but Jimbo was not satisfied just yet.

“You call that a kiss? Kiss her for real!” he yelled.

With that, Rob decided he had enough of Jimbo and this party. He balled up his right fist fully intending to take Jimbo out with a punch or two if he didn’t move. But before he could take a step towards Jimbo Becky grabbed him and spun him around towards her. She reached up her arms around her brother’s neck, pulled him down and kissed him fully on the lips. Rob was surprised to be sure but he allowed the kiss to go on for a couple of seconds before pulling back. Becky faked a swoon and leaned back with her left wrist coming up to her forehead making Rob catch her with his arms before she fell. Everyone at the party shrieked and hooted and applauded loudly at what they had just seen. Even Jimbo seemed a bit shocked at Becky’s actions but he yelled and whistled his approval none the less.

Rather than joining in with the delight of the crowd, gaziantep escort bayan Rob was embarrassed and his face showed it. He took Becky by the hand and pulled her towards the door. After seeing Rob’s face Jimbo wisely decided to get out of the way and let them pass. He moved over to the stereo and turned the volume back up then started dancing in the middle of the floor as Rob and Becky made their way out the door and onto the front porch. Rob stormed down the steps leaving Becky to follow then quickly walked across the lawn to where their car was parked. He got in the car and cranked it then waited for Becky to arrive and join him. As soon as she was buckled in he took off, the wheels flinging gravel into the air behind him.

The car was quiet as Rob drove along. He took back roads to avoid the law and soon was in their neighborhood heading toward home. Becky leaned against the window as the car moved along, her eyes closed. Rob pulled in to their driveway and shut off the engine got out of the car and went toward the house. Before he got to the door he went back and opened the passenger side door.

“Come on,” he said.

Becky unbuckled and climbed out of the car. Rob left her to close the car door as he went up to the side entrance of the house, unlocked it, and entered. This door into the house led into the kitchen. Rob took of his coat and hung on a coat rack near the door then went to the refrigerator and pulled out a carton of milk. He set it on the kitchen table and the got a few cookies out of a handy cookie jar. Lastly he took two plastic cups out of the dishrack and put them on the table. Becky watched him as he poured milk into both cups and put the cookies on a napkin near the center of the table. Rob picked up one of the cookies and dunked it in the milk allowing it to soak a few seconds before taking it out and biting into it. Becky sat down and did the same. She could tell her brother was still upset from his quiet, hurried movements.

“So are you mad at me?” she asked.

“No, I’m pissed at that asshole Jimbo for starting that whole mess.”

“Come on, it was all in fun. Everyone was laughing at it. No one took it serious.”

“It isn’t right that you and me should be kissing. We’re brother and sister for Christ’s sake. What do you think those idiots at the party are going to be saying come Monday. You’re probably going to hear all kinds of crap, so will I.”

“So it was bad that I kissed you?” she asked as she dunked a cookie.

“I ain’t saying it was bad, it just isn’t right.”

“You didn’t like it then.”

“Becky, knock it off,” said Rob bluntly. “Next time we go to Jimbo’s I’m going to put his lights out if he so much as mentions it. I’m going to bed.”

Rob got up from the table and rinsed out his cup before putting it in the sink. Then he left the kitchen and headed for his bedroom. Becky finished her last cookie and also rinsed out her cup then walked down the hallway to her own bedroom. She paused at her bedroom door and looked down the hall to Rob’s bedroom. After a couple of seconds she went to her brother’s room and stood in the doorway.

The lamp was on in Rob’s room giving off just enough light that everything was visible. Rob had taken off his shirt and t-shirt and was working on his shoes and socks but was still in his jeans. He was still as well built and muscular as he had been in his football days and the shadows from the lamp accented the lines of his muscles. Rob turned lots of girl’s heads when he went to a pool or had his shirt off for doing outside work but he was oblivious to the stares and comments he got. Becky leaned in against the doorframe and watched him as he kicked off his remaining shoe and took off his sock. He stood up and started unbuttoning his jeans when he saw her.

“Becky, go to bed. We can talk about this later.”

“I want to do it again,” she said.

“Do what?”

“I want us to kiss again. This time with out all the people screaming and yelling and without Jimbo egging things on. Then I want you to tell me how you feel.”

“Aw come on! Go to bed!”

“One kiss, then I’ll go to bed.”

Rob was tired and wanted to go to sleep but it seemed that Becky was not going to allow it until he gave in to her demand. “Do you promise? One kiss then you go to bed.”

“I promise,” she replied then walked over to him.

They stood facing one another for a few moments until Becky slowly reached her arms around Rob’s neck. He responded by lightly putting his arms around her waist but not pulling her towards him. Becky took the lead and gently pulled her brother’s face down and kissed him refusing to be the first one to stop. He tasted good, like cookies and milk and she opened a bit wider then slipped her tongue into his mouth and gently moved it around flicking the tip of his tongue with her own. This surprised Rob and he pulled away from his sister then looked into her face, escort gaziantep saying nothing.

“Was that bad?” she asked, her eyes never leaving his.

“Yeah, maybe, a little bad.”

Suddenly she stepped back and used both hands to shove Rob hard in his chest. He fell backwards on the bed and she instantly climbed on top of him, pinning down his arms with hers. Without hesitation she leaned down and put her mouth on his again, this time shoving her tongue in and pushing hard on his lips. Rob’s eyes were wide open and he grunted a couple of times in surprise but Becky did not stop. She continued kissing her older brother in a most un-sisterly way for several seconds until she quit and released his arms then sat up.

“How about that? Was that bad?” she asked, looking down at him.

“That was bad, yeah.”

“Let’s be really bad,” she said as she leaned closer to him.

In response, Rob reached up and grabbed Becky around the shoulders and pulled her to his chest. Their lips came together hard and they drew one another close as their kissing became more frantic their tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouth as saliva ran down their cheeks in little trails. Becky shifted her position so that her crotch was on top of Rob’s. She ground against him and felt his hard cock through his jeans feeling herself growing wet at the same time. Rob ground back against her, his hips pushing upwards, making maximum contact, feeling the heat from her crotch.

Becky sat up and her hands went to her blouse. She started unfastening her buttons as Rob watched.

“Becky wait.” He said as he watched her.

But Becky ignored him and flung off her blouse as soon as the last button was free. She reached behind her and undid her bra then tossed it to the floor. She fell forward and rubbed her tits on her brother’s chest as she pushed his arms down with her hands then began to lick his muscular chest at the same time. From her position she looked up and saw Rob’s head raised as he watched her. She smiled as her tongue drew little paths on his chest and her crotch kept grinding against his. She kept this up for a short time before climbing off him. Becky stood topless in front of Rob allowing him to see every part of her beautiful tits. Then she reached down and undid his belt. Rob’s hands went for his belt pushing hers away then unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans on his own. Becky grabbed his jeans and pulled hard on them. Rob lifted up his butt a bit and they slid right off. Then Becky kicked off her shoes and quickly took off her own jeans revealing the white, lacy, thong panties underneath. She turned around and pushed them to her ankles bending over as she did. Rob had no such sense of subtlety and ripped his blue, striped boxers off, nearly tearing them in the process.

Becky bent forward and took her brother’s hard cock in her mouth and sucked it, using her left hand to jack it at the same time. Rob’s back and necked arched in pleasure as he lightly pushed his crotch up to meet her mouth with each stroke. Using her right hand, she began to rub her pussy and clit finding that she was dripping wet there. Her right middle finger found her clitoris and she began to rub it with light familiar strokes until she found that one most sensitive spot that caused her body to twitch and jerk every time she touched it.

Rob rose up and grabbed Becky’s arms then pulled her back on top of him. Becky immediately reached between her legs and found Rob’s hard cock then put it inside her. She started bucking up and down on top of him, fast and rough, as he put his hands on her hips to keep her properly positioned.

“Ahh! Ahh! Oh shit!” she exclaimed with each bounce. The sweat on her body shined in the dim light, her eyes were clenched shut and she bit her bottom lip in ecstasy as she kept on, faster and harder.

Then she noticed Rob’s strong hands on her shoulders. He took her firmly and rolled her underneath him. Now it was his turn to control the pace and he continued with the same intensity as his sister. She wrapped her legs around him and used her hips to pull him in with each hard thrust as their lips met yet again for the most frenzied kissing of the night. Muffled grunts escaped between breaths until finally Becky tore away from Rob’s lips and screamed.

“Ah yeah! Ah fuck yeah! Ahhhh!” With that last near shriek the threw her legs open wide as Rob came inside of her, his hot sperm streaming into her slippery pussy over and over. She held him tightly as the two of them shook on the bed, the near unbearable sensations of pleasure shooting through their bodies like little shocks of electricity until they both went limp. They could feel each others heart pounding in their chests and heard their rapid breathing gradually slow down as they recovered. After a time Rob rolled off Becky and lay on the bed beside her. Both of them were sweaty and some of Becky’s eye make-up had run down her cheeks. They both stared at the ceiling, focusing on the overhead light which was in their view, neither of them speaking for a time.

“That was very, very bad,” said Rob finally.

“Yeah. That was real bad,” she agreed.

They were quiet again for a bit until Rob spoke.

“I guess you’re not a virgin, huh.”

Becky reached over and gave him a punch on his chest for that comment.

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