Asa Akira

Author’s note: All participants are 18 and up.


The queen had gone to her son then, afterward in his quarters, admonishing him for defying the king, and in public no less! Patiently, he had listened, not once interrupting, even when she held him tight, whispering in his ear, the heat of his anger still coursing through his young body, his skin hot to the touch, his heart thumping against hers.

“Oh my sweet sweet boy, how I love thee so,” she’d crooned, stroking his long black hair, smelling deeply of his masculine scent (for at eighteen he was fast becoming a man) and holding on for dear life, knowing soon there would be an end to the holding of his lithe young body in her arms and crooning to him so, for he would be a man soon and off to battle he would go, and when he would return or if he did (No! Ye gods protect him!, she prayed) she knew not.

Tenderly, cupping his chin in her palms, she looked deeply into his eyes, hard icy mirrors of her own, and asked, “Why anger thy father so, did thou not know he would hit thee?”

“Aye, I did and he does… as he pleases,” the prince answered gaziantep bayan eskort indifferently.

“And what of it? No one defies the king, not even his own sons.”

“It matters not who defies him, he’s the king and I am not.”

“Why speak in riddles? Say what you mean.”

“Mother, when I am king, any who dare defy me would be lucky to get away with a cuff in the mouth, be they kin or no.”

She paused, surprised at the vehemence in his voice. “Thou art a hard one my son.”

“And thou art soft mother, the softest and sweetest of all.” Crushing her to him, he buried his face in her neck, sighing deeply, knowing too that this time of sweet soft kisses and hugs from mother would soon pass into the bygone days of his boyhood. Slowly, softly, his firm young lips parted, and achingly, longingly, he kissed the tender hollow of her throat, her pulse humming gently against his lips.

“OOHHH!” The queen jerked, the sudden cold wet tip of the prince’s tongue delving deeply into the hollow of her throat sending a shock wave down her gaziantep eskort bayan spine. “Ahhh-ohhh… son… oh my sweet strong strapping son, what art thou doing?” She squeezed him tighter, closing her eyes, lost in the shivering sensation of his fleshy wet tongue as it pushed and probed into the soft silky hollow of her throat.

“Mother… oh motherrr… oooh… how I love thee so…” He suckled at the hollow, his tongue softly fluttering in time with the fluttering of her pulse against his lips. Roughly, possessively, his callused palms began kneading her buttocks through the thin material of her dress.

“Aaah… son-oooh… you must not…” She panted, the soft skin of her butt cheeks prickling against the rough feel of his fingers, as the coarse little bumps of the calluses rubbed and rasped through the material of her dress.

Gently, he began nibbling at the soft satiny skin of her throat, his teeth softly nipping, briefly gripping, slowly sucking then releasing.

“Uhhh,” she grunted, instinctively grinding her pelvis against his, eskort gaziantep bayan the hard ridge of his swollen manhood insistently poking between her thighs. Moaning loudly now, her tongue lolled out, her fingers cupping the firm cheeks of his buttocks under his tunic, frantically gripping, kneading, squeezing, sliding up and down the smooth downy slopes.

“OOOH!” He yelped, her finger suddenly sliding into the dark cleft between his buttocks, causing him to surge forward, the purple tip slipping free from his loincloth.

“Nooo… oooh my son… please-aaahhh… we mu-must-oooaaahhhh…” And suddenly, his tongue was on her nipple, licking and lathering at the pert little nub, which twitched in his mouth as he suckled at the delicious silky flesh. Ye godddss! Never had she felt so wanton, not even on her wedding night, the flames of desire driving all thoughts from her mind, making her dizzy as she swayed woozily on her feet. Every nerve ending in her body contracted to the point of her breast, his suckling lips sending electric jolts radiating through her chest. Putting her hands through the loops, she let the dress fall to her waist, completely exposing luscious ivory soft skin from navel to neck. Hands clawing at his hair, she jutted her chest, mashing the creamy mound into his face, her tongue frenziedly licking her lips, in time with his frantic, flicking tongue as it lathered at her nipple, the squishy wet sounds of his lips suckling and suckling-OOOHHH!

to be continued.

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