Cody stared out the window as their driver sped down the highway to his new school. At the age of fifteen he was finally a freshman, while his sister was a junior, and his older brother was the senor of the group. The New York skyline painted the sky as Cody kept his excitement from showing. He knew the school had one of the best high school music programs in the country. He also knew if he could excel there then he could find his way into one of the art colleges that dotted the city proper.

“Andy, Stephanie,” his mother’s voice cut through the silence of the cab of their limo. Crossing her left leg over her right Cody played off the fact he caught a flash of his mother’s bright red panties not that his mother even noticed her eyes were always on his brother and sister. At least to him he always felt like the child they never wanted yet was forced to raise. “I want the two of you to keep an eye on your younger brother. I don’t want him getting into trouble his first week of school,” her bright red hair bounced against her chest as her hand rested on Andy’s mid-thigh which seemed odd to him. “If you do…” Whatever his mother said to his brother he never knew as his mother whispered into Andy’s ear.

“Sure Mom,” Andy said his sky-blue t-shirt stretched taut across his muscular chest due to his years of constant working out to stay on the football team as the school’s star quarterback. Not that Cody was envious of his older brother he was the jock of the family — the pride of his father — who also was the star football player when he was in his own youth. Cody knew how sought out his brother was given how scouts had been stealthy scouting out his brother in his junior year on the team. Then there was his sister paying no attention to him like always, yet she was attentive to their mother’s words. He had no idea how she had managed to secure the title of head cheerleader, however, Cody tried not to eye her cheerleading outfit which to his mind truly didn’t hide her alluring body to anyone’s eye. Nevertheless, he could care less for his sister’s attitude, though Cody suspected all cheerleaders had that snobby kind of attitude or it was just his sister. Who knows?

“Good. If nothing happens by Friday, you know,” his mother winked at his older brother again this Cody found strange. Then again, he didn’t really care as his violin case sat on his lap. His main concern was impressing the musical director of the school. Cody had spent all summer long improving his skills, all so he could make the schools orchestra. Earning his families ire due the constant hum of the strings of his Stradivarius. That earn him expulsion from their home to the shed his father had bought and placed on the farthest corner of their property surrounded by boxwood hedges. To his father’s thinking out of sight, out of mind. This Cody had no problem with. It gave him the ability to play to his fullest without incurring his families wrath. He even liked that little space with its window ac/heater unit, the mini refrigerator, the music stands that held sheets of music of his favorite music, to the cot he had placed in there when he wanted to practice into the early morning hours without waking his family when he grew to tired.

“Cody, now you don’t get in your brother’s and sister’s way, you hear?” his mother said arching an eyebrow looking pointedly at her youngest son.

“Okay,” Cody said bowing his head to hide from his mother’s gaze as the limo pulled into the drop off area of the school. Not that he need his siblings help to get around the school. Cody did have an eidetic memory and having toured the school the week before he was sure he wouldn’t have a problem. It was also one of the reasons he was such a good violin player. Once he saw any piece of music his mind was like a steel trap never letting anything go.

“Listen here pipsqueak,” Stephanie said with a sneer as she looked down at her younger brother, “I don’t care what Mom said don’t you dare think to come find me or Andy while we are in school. We so run in better groups than you do,” she said with the undertones of arrogance.

“Yeah, we have reputations to live up to,” Andy said shooting his sister a coy smile.

“Come on, we have people to see Andy,” Stephanie said flipping her flaming red hair over her shoulder. Looping her arm around her older brother’s their laughter filling the air as they walked off.

Two and a half years later…

“Mr. Warlick?” Cody’s music director said peering over the rim of her glasses. His heart raced as those soft brown eyes gazed at him. Ever since he had started high school he’s had a crush on his music teacher.

“Yes, Ms. Davis?”

“Please,” her slender finger beckoning him to her desk on the other side of that large auditorium style room, “I rather not speak across the room,” she said setting down her pen as the other students packed up their instruments. Quickly wiping down his violin before placing it gently into its case. Snapping the buckles into fetiş escort place before heading over to his teachers desk. “Cody, why haven’t you turned in your permission form yet?” Ms. Davis whispered low. She didn’t want him to miss out on this chance to visit one of the most prestigious music schools in the city. Ever since she had heard him play (hiding out in the shadows as he played by himself during the walkthrough two and half years ago), she knew Cody could be one of the best. That is why she had been pushing him so hard over the past two years. So that when the time came he could awe and astound all those that had the privilege to hear the sweet melodies that he could produce.

“Umm,” Cody rubbed the back of his neck as he felt his cheeks heat. Ever since starting high school he and his parents had drifted apart. Cody couldn’t put his finger on it, but something was off with his family. He found it odd that his full ride brother and sister still lived at home since they started college; and ever since his father banished him to the shed for his love of playing that awfully expensive violin. Cody lost interest in what happened in their private lives as they had done with him so long ago. “Ms. Davis do you really need it?” Cody asked dreading asking his mother or father.

“Of course I do! I can’t very well take one of my students off school grounds without his/hers parents approval. Now, I expect you to have the form on my desk tomorrow or I will take it that you must remain here next week,” Ms. Davis said sternly.

“Okay,” Cody sighed.

“Good. Because there is someone there I want you to meet, and I know if he hears you play just once you’ll be a shoe in for one of the limited spots at that school,” Ms. Davis said reaching over taking hold of his hand, “Cody, this school can launch your career. I know with that talent of yours every orchestra will be fighting just to get you.”

“Really?!” Cody said trying to keep his eyes focused on his teachers face and not on those lovely breasts of hers.

“Oh yes, I even sent him a recording of your solo you preformed last year when we went to competition. He was so ecstatic that you would be apart of the group that would be visiting his school. So please, get that form signed I want the best for you,” Ms. Davis said her eyes burning bright.

“Okay, I’ll see if they can be bothered to sign it,” Cody said not wishing to disappoint his music teacher.

Unbeknownst to Cody at that very moment at the Warlick household. What had been taking place since Andy turned eighteen was going full swing in Stephanie’s bedroom.

“God, this is one tight cunt,” Daniel grunting as he rammed his cock hard into his daughter’s cunt, “you like having us split roast you, don’t you?” he asked spanking his daughter’s ass.

“Mmmhmm,” Stephanie muttered around her brother’s cock.

“Yeah, take that cock,” Andy grunted hard as he face fucked his sister, “so Dad, how about we switch,” he said not overly fond of sloppy seconds.

“There you are!” Mariah huffed crossing her arms below her naked breasts. She would have thought her son would have been in her room by now not tag teaming his sister. She had been waiting for this day where she could spend the day in the arms of her strapping first born. “Andy, why don’t you leave your sister and come fuck me,” she cooed using that very same seductive voice she had first used to seduce her son.

“I think he wants a someone younger than you,” Stephanie smirked cruelly at her mother. Knowing this was what she had been after since they brought her into their little fun. She always had a grudge against her mother once she found out that she was able to experience both of the studs that inhabited their home.

“Don’t you dare speak to me in that tone!” Mariah growled.

“Mariah, why don’t you just go back to your room and play with that toy you always use,” Daniel said cruelly.

“Fuck you Daniel!” Mariah spat.

“There’s the woman I’ve had the pleasure to know for the past twenty years,” Daniel said rolling his eyes.

“Don’t worry Mom when I’m done with him I’ll be sure to send him to you once I drain every ounce of cum from my brother,” Stephanie said with a sinister smirk.

“God! How did you turn into such a bitch!” Mariah shouted slamming the door behind her.

“I learned from the best!” Stephanie yelled so her mother could hear her as Mariah stomped towards the room she had taken up since her and her husbands falling out.

Mariah and Daniel knew they both had far too much to lose with a divorce. So they continued on letting the world believe they had a happy marriage, yet all she wanted to do was strangle Daniel on the good days. Throwing open her walk-in closet door, snatching her light pink silk robe off of the hook. Shoving her arms into the sleeves, yet she couldn’t deny the fact she needed to be fucked. It was hard enough to sneak Andy into her room gaziantep fetiş escort at night when Cody was home. It was why they had taken to the days Andy was off from college so that Cody would never find out. However, now she wondered if her youngest child could ease her itch. She knew if she just showed an ounce of attention to her youngest son, that the boy would be so eager for her affection.

“Fine! If Andy wants to keep fucking her fine! That boy better not think he’s going to get off scoot free this time,” Mariah huffed angrily, “I’m not some whore he can just blow off and keep thinking he can keep fucking me and this wonderful pussy,” she said staring at her trimmed bush in the full-length mirror. A smirk graced her lips running her fingers through her ginger hair wondering how Cody would like the view of her body. Alternating lifting each of her breasts knowing while they sagged slightly they were still firm and eager for a man’s lips to be wrapped around them. To feel the warmth of his mouth soaking into her skin as he sucked on her nipples. Mariah began to salivate at the idea of having her youngest sucking on her breasts once again. “No sir. I do wonder how that ego of his is going to take it that he has been replaced by someone younger, although not as attractive but ten times smarter than he could ever hope to be.” Looking over at the clock knowing their driver should be arriving soon with her son in tow. Tying a knot in the belt of her robe before exiting her room. She wanted to be in position to welcome her son home.

“Thanks Greg,” Cody said as the sedan pulled to a stop, since it was only him that was still in private school it wasn’t cost affective to drive the limo into the city just for him. Plus, Cody wasn’t all that thrilled to show off the wealth that his family had, not that he had to worry about such things given the private school catered to the rich that dwelled within the city. Yet he wasn’t flashy maybe that was why he never truly got along with the other rich kids that went to that school.

“Not a problem Cody,” Greg said looking at his charge in the rear-view mirror, “so are you keeping up with your practice?”

“Of course,” Cody said smiling broadly.

“Good. So when’s the next concert?” Greg asked taking an interest in the young man. He had seen how his parents had treated the young man throughout his life. He found it wrong and reprehensible. Greg just couldn’t understand why have a child if you weren’t ever going to love them as they should be? So since his own parents couldn’t bother to bring themselves to take an interest in the boy. He and his wife made sure to fill that void underneath the nose of his employer. Not that he wanted to lose his cushy job, yet the risk was worth it.

“Next month. Oh! I almost forgot!” Cody said digging into his bookbag. Pulling out a cd he had made for Greg. “I know you and Mary might not be able to make it this time, so I thought I’d give you a recording of what we would be playing next month,” he said handing Greg the disk.

“Oh Mary will love this!” Greg said smiling at the boy.

“Sweet!” Cody said blushing at the only man that had praised him for his gift in music.

“Now you best run in,” Greg said opening up the case, “you eat something you hear?!”

“Yes sir,” Cody said flashing Greg a toothy smile as he exited the car, “Oh! I think Mary would like “Summer” when she hears it. It’s one of the three solos I’ll be preforming for the concert next month.”

“I be sure to tell her,” Greg said before Cody shut the door. Walking into his home Cody heard some strange noises coming from upstairs.

“What the fuck?!” Cody whispered low as he set down his bookbag and violin case. Wiggling out of his coat wondering what was going on up there as he hung up his coat in the side closet. If he didn’t know any better he would say someone was jumping on their bed, and he knew his mother would never allow such a thing to take place in her house. He himself had earned her scorn for daring to do such a childish thing when he was ten. Shaking his head at the noise he had things to do, a concert to prepare for Cody just didn’t have the time to be sidetracked about such things.

“Hello Cody,” Mariah said leaning against the marble counter sipping on her tea as her son walked into the kitchen. “How was school today?” she asked in her best motherly voice.

“Fine. Same as always,” Cody said arching an eyebrow as he placed his case on the counter of the island before heading towards the refrigerator. Opening up the door searching for the one thing he was looking forward to once he got home. Sighing when someone had eaten the last of the pudding cups. The door closed in a loud kiss knowing Andy had purposely ate the last one. His brother knew how he liked to indulge in that sweet snack once he got home from school. Sending his condolences to his stomach for his brother’s constant usurping of his gaziantep fetiş escort joy. “Jocks being jocks, snobs being snobs everyday life for a high schooler,” Cody said shooting his mother a look at the last part.

“You know,” Mariah said bring the steaming cup to her lips, “it has been some time since the last time I heard you play.”

“Yeah, eight years flies by don’t it?” Cody said rolling his eyes.

“That it does,” Mariah said nodding ignoring the vague insult. “How about you play your mother something, hmm?”

“I don’t know, I got a lot of stuff to do,” Cody said reaching for the handle of his violin case.

“Please baby, just one song,” Mariah said feigning interest. Hoping that some where in that mind of his Cody would fall for her ploy.

“One song, and I can go about my evening?” Cody asked unsure about his mother’s motives. Knowing how he could count the number of times she actually took a vested interest in his music on one hand.

“Of course,” Mariah said with a curt nod, “I know you hide out in the shed because of your father made you, so I’ve missed out on how you improved over the years.”

“And it’s not that far of a walk Mom, no one was keeping you from poking your head in every once in a while,” Cody said not entirely sure what his mother was playing at.

“I know sweetheart, humor me please?” Mariah said batting her eyelashes at him. “I promise from now on I’ll make it a habit of visiting you out there as often as I can,” she said laying on her charm.

“Alright,” Cody said plainly. Popping the latches on his case, his mind raced for a piece of music he could play and not keeping him there for minutes longer then need be. He wasn’t about to play her the song he had chosen for his audition he hoped to get to attend that school. No. His mother wasn’t that deserving to hear such a treat. He needed something quick and fast. A smile formed of his lips as the song popped into his mind as he gently lifted the bow and the violin from the velvet lining of the case. Backing away from the island to give him room for the rapid movements of Antonio Vivaldi’s “Summer.” Blowing out a steady breath as he brought his violin up to his chin, tapping his foot to set the tempo before the bow hummed across the strings.

Mariah’s eyes grew wide as she heard those crisp, clear notes. The masterful way he moved the bow, how quick his finger movements were as they flew across the fret board. Watching how her son moved as he struck certain notes. The way that melody made her heart quicken as if she herself was within that swirling storm of musical notes. She hadn’t prepared herself for how well her son was playing. It reminded her of the times when she and Daniel would visit the opera, or whichever visiting orchestra was in town before they had children.

“Well, would you look at that,” Stephanie said in awe with Andy and her father in tow behind her as the last notes died away.

“Finally good at something, huh?” Andy asked with a lopsided grin.

“As to what? Tossing a misshapen ball made from a pigskin from one end of a field to another,” Cody retorted. Cody stood on the tips of his toes as his brother lifted him up by his shirt Andy had balled in his fist while his other one was posed to bash his little brother’s nose in. “Do go on big man, show them how big and strong you are,” he said taunting his brother to act like the muscle-bound jock that he was.

“Yes,” Mariah said narrowing her eyes at her first born, “punch your brother in full view of your parents all because you don’t have the wit to counteract Cody’s words,” she said cutting Andy to the bone with that fork tongue of hers.

“Well, I think you don’t need to be out in that shed any more,” Daniel said pulling his eldest son off of his younger one, “this house could use some living up,” he said pushing his son behind him.

“Nah, I rather stay in the shed,” Cody said packing up his violin, “that was all you wanted right?” he asked looking up at his mother.

“Yes,” Mariah nodded, “thank you, for playing for me sweetheart I really enjoyed it. Maybe next time you’ll play me something a little longer and a tad bit slower. I want to experience this master that lives within this house,” she said shooting Andy a burning glare.

“So not going to happen,” Cody thought to himself as he closed up his case.

“Wait Cody!” Stephanie said racing out the door behind him. She knew her mother was up to something. Whatever it was she was determined to steal it from her.

“What now?!” Cody sighed heavily trying not to let the cold get to him.

“Why don’t you come back inside and play for me? I only got to hear the end of your song. Don’t you think it’s unfair that you let Mom watch you play and not your adorable sister,” Stephanie said flashing her brother a smile that made many a teenage boy bend to her will. Yet all the while feeling her father’s and brother’s cum leaking out of her cunt.

“Not interested,” Cody said coldly before continuing on his trek towards the shed.

“Crash and burn,” Mariah sneered from behind her daughter.

“Please,” Stephanie said flipping her hair over her shoulder as she turned towards her mother sticking her nose into the air as she sashayed back into the house. “I’m only just getting started. Cody will come around.”

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