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That night as Sarah undressed she prepared herself for the visit of her father, before getting into bed she showered and then slipped naked into her bed. Lying there in the dark the time seamed to drag, until finally she heard her parents come to bed.

She waited another hour, allowing them to fall asleep, before pushing her bedding from her bed and entangling her legs in the sheets. Sitting up she positioned herself for the best effect and then at the top of her voice cried out as though awaking from a nightmare.

Footsteps came down the landing and her door opened, the light was switched on and her parents stood in the doorway. They both crossed to the bed and enfolded her in their arms.

“What is it honey, a bad dream?”

“I guess Mom, I don’t really remember”

John appeared in the doorway, a robe loosely fastened around him.

“What’s going on? is everything OK?”

Their Mother stood and walked over to John

“Come on honey, Sarah had a bad dream that’s all”

Taking John’s arm she led him from the room back to his own.

Sarah looked at her Dad as he spoke

“Are you sure your OK baby, it’s not that jerk of a boyfriend is it love? He’s not making you do things you don’t want is he? or got you in trouble?”

“No Dad it’s nothing like that, I guess it was just a bad dream. Could you hold me please?”

“Of course baby”

As her father hugged her close she allowed a hand to drop into his lap, she felt his cock jerk slightly as her fingers brushed it through his boxers. Her naked breasts pressed into his hairy chest and she felt her nipples harden as she became aroused at the thoughts of what she was doing. Gently she pushed her hand into the opening of her father’s boxers and closed her fingers around his cock feeling it harden under her touch.

“Baby what do you think your gaziantep bayan escort doing?”

“I’m sorry daddy don’t you like it?”

“Whether I like it or not is beside the point, you’re my daughter”

“I’m also a woman and you’re a very attractive man”

“Honey please”

Taking one of her father’s hands she lifted it to her naked breast

“Don’t you want to Daddy”

Bill couldn’t believe what was happening, he’d dreamt about this since Sarah had been sixteen, but hadn’t expected anything to happen; that was until last night when his wife had made love to their son.

“Sarah honey, I’m not sure about this”

“But Daddy, I want you feel!”

With that Sarah took her father’s free hand and placed it between her legs on her dripping pussy.

“O baby, if you’re sure”

With that Bill stood up from the bed and pushed his boxers down his legs and stepped out of them. Stepping towards his daughter he pushed his erect cock towards her mouth.

“OK honey why don’t you show your daddy how well you suck cock”

Sarah closed her mouth over the head of her dad’s cock, licking her tongue over it before she allowed it to slip from her mouth. Then she slid her tongue around the shaft, running it up and down before once more allowing the head to slip between her lips.

Bill moaned as his daughter’s lips closed around his cock head, reaching down he wrapped his hands in her hair. Holding her head he started to fuck his cock into her mouth.

Outside the bedroom door John and his mom watched as Sarah sucked her dad’s cock, John slipped his hands around his mom’s waist, sliding it through the opening of her robe. Kelly moaned at the feel of her son’s hands as they moved over her belly and breasts, she pushed back against him feeling gaziantep escort bayan his hard cock press into her arse.

“Mmmm John you make me so hot”

Their robes fell to the floor as turned to kiss deeply,

“My room mom”

“No let’s stay here and watch your sister and father”

Kelly slid to the floor in the doorway of her daughter’s room, she felt John’s tongue slid along her pussy lips before his mouth closed upon her clitoris. Turning her head she watched her husband fuck her daughter’s mouth as her son licked her cunt.

Bill was oblivious to his wife and son as his daughter sucked his thrusting cock, he could feel his balls tighten as his cum started to rise. Holding Sarah’s head he pushed his cock into her throat as his cum shot forth.

Sarah gagged on her dad’s cock as he pushed it into her mouth, then she felt the hot salty cum flood her mouth and she tried to swallow as much as she could. Cum dribbled from the corner of her lips as her throat worked filling her stomach with her dad’s jism.

As his orgasm subsided Bill pulled his cock from his daughter’s mouth in a flood of jism. He watched as Sarah scooped up the cum that had escaped and massaged it into her pert breasts and hard nipples. Gently he pushed her back onto the bed, easing her thighs apart his slid a hand over her hot wet pussy. Lowering his mouth to it he slid his tongue along her slit from the crinkled rosebud of her anus to her hard erect clitoris.

Sarah thrust her hips as her dad’s talented tongue slid over her hot pussy, she cried out in pleasure as he pushed it like a small cock between her pussy lips. Her juices were running freely from her pussy down between her arse cheeks, her dad’s tongue moved down lapping it up. She cried out in a mixture of surprise escort gaziantep bayan and pleasure as she felt his tongue push into her arse before it moved back to her dripping pussy.

Sarah could feel her body tighten as her orgasm approached, what pushed her over the edge was the feel of a finger pushing into the rosebud of her anus.

“O yes daddy I’m cuming suck my cunt, Mmmmm I’m cuuummmiiiiinnnnnggggg”

Bill drank the juices that flowed from his daughter’s hot snatch, before moving up her body. Grasping his cock he guided it to the opening of Sarah’s waiting pussy and with one thrust buried it entirely in her cunt. As he started to fuck his daughter she wrapped her legs around his back; thrusting her hips to meet his downward strokes.

Kelly watched her husband bring Sarah to orgasm with his talented mouth as her son did the same to her. As Bill moved up to fuck Sarah, Kelly turned onto her hands and knees.

“Mmmm fuck me John, I want you to fuck me while your dad fucks Sarah”

John needed no further encouragement, moving up behind his mom he slowly slid his cock into her inviting pussy. As he slid his cock into his mom’s cunt John reached around to play with her swinging tits, massaging the hard erect nipples.

Sarah was in a sexual frenzy as her father sucked her breasts and pounded her pussy with his hard cock. Her body was being racked by a series of orgasm all building in intensity towards a massive release.

“Mmmm that’s it baby take daddy’s cock I your tight pussy, uhhh daddy’s gonna cum baby. I’m gonna fill my little girl’s pussy with daddy cum. O ye baby here it comes, O god yes yes arrgghhhhhh”

With that cry Bill rammed his cock deep into his daughter’s pussy as his cum pumped deep into her womb.

As her dad’s cum shot deep into her waiting womb Sarah’s orgasm rocked through her body. Her mind seemed to explode, as her ears filled to the sound of her screams and her father’s cries.

When Sarah finally came too she was lying on her bed cradled in her parent’s arms with her brother sitting naked beside her.

John lent forward and kissed her full on the lips,

“I guess that should put an end to the nightmares, don’t you?”

– The End –

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