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Will dreaded going to the gym. It wasn’t that he was ashamed of his physique, far from it. He had worked hard over the past couple of months to sculpt his out of shape form into a lean, mean sex magnet machine. After a bitter break up left Will shaken and full of self doubt, he became determined to look and feel his best, and to take care of Will for a change.

With the help of a sensible diet and his beloved personal trainer, Molly, he had accomplished just that, but now Molly was leaving on maternity leave and that meant disaster for Will. The only other personal trainers at the gym were Ronnie, a bubble headed blonde who constantly talked about her kids and vacations with a voice that sounded like she just sucked in helium, and Lou, a wizened troll of a man who looked like he would be more at home in front of a buffet table than a weight bench.

If he didn’t still have 2 months left on his contract, Will would have high tailed it out of there, but he loved the laid back atmosphere and non-judgmental feel of the gym, so he guessed he would just have to suck it up. He took a final glance at himself in the mirror. Chocolate brown eyes gleamed back at him and his dark, bronze skin glowed with good health. Will had taken to keeping his scalp clean-shaven, but allowed a neatly trimmed goatee to accent his chiseled face. At 5’10 he wasn’t the tallest of men, but his body was well toned and defined. Since becoming what his friends referred to as a “Stud Puppy,” he was constantly getting checked out, especially when he was wearing his gym shorts and tight muscle T-shirt.

“Time to face the music and see who I’m stuck with,” Will sighed. If it had to be one of the two he hoped it was Lou. He may have looked like the living embodiment of a garden gnome, but at least he was businesslike and not too chatty. Will grabbed his gym bag and keys and headed out the door.

When he got to the gym, he was surprised to see it wasn’t slam packed. He went to the front desk, signed in, then hit the bell since Kristina, the perky receptionist, was nowhere in sight. As he waited, he glanced around. Over in the corner, Ronnie was chirping away with a frazzled housewife who looked ready to hurl the medicine ball she was working with at Ronnie’s head. Lou was making a b-line to the men’s room with a magazine under his arm. His bathroom breaks were legendary and Will let out a groan. It looked like he was going to get stuck with Blabber Mouth.

“Can I help you?” came a deep voice from in back of him. Will turned toward the sound and caught his breath. Standing at the counter was a hulk of a man. He had to be at least 6’6″ and it looked as if he was carved out of marble. He stood there shirtless with a towel draped over his neck. Huge shoulders and arms sat atop a rock hard torso and if there was such a thing as an 8-pack, then this guy had it. Muscular thighs and calves completed the package, but it was the guy’s face that drew Will’s attention. Spiked black hair, golden toned skin and almond shaped eyes bespoke of Asian descent, but it was the actual color of the eyes that had Will mesmerized. They were the color of summer grass and framed with thick, dark lashes. It was almost criminal for a man to have eyes like that. In the back of Will’s mind he could almost picture Ronnie plotting this man’s demise.

When no sound came forth from Will, the Adonis spoke again.

“You must be Will. I’m Lex. I’ll be filling in for Molly while she’s out on leave. I’m your new personal trainer for the next couple of months.

“Cool,” Will managed to stammer.

Lex arched an eyebrow at Will, then turned and picked up a file.

“Molly left your workout regiment for me to look out. I must say that from what I see she’s pretty much whipped you into shape.”

Lex reached out a hand and rubbed it up and down Will’s arms and chest. Will stood there dumbfounded. It seemed his voice had totally abandoned him and all he could do was nod.

“Since she’s pretty much covered the basics, are you ready to take on something more challenging?”

Will snapped out of his stupor. “Sure man, I’m up for anything.”

“Anything huh,” Lex replied. “Well we’ll just have to see about that.” Lex turned and headed towards the weights with Will trailing behind.

For the next hour, Lex pushed Will to the limit. The intense lifting and cardio session had Will on the verge of collapse. He had never felt such exhaustion, but at the same time he was exhilarated at the thought of working out with Lex, and of getting his body into even better shape.

“That’s enough for tonight Will,” said Lex. “You did good man, REAL good. I’m going to have to whip up something new to see just how much you can handle.”

“Bring it on,” laughed Will. “I can take it.”

Lex stared at Will with a strange expression on his handsome face.

“How about this,” he said. “I’m supposed to close up on Tuesday. Why don’t you plan on being here at quitting time, and then we can see how far you’re willing to go? It’ll be our own special ‘training session’ with Betturkey no interruptions. What do you say?”

Will stared into Lex’s eyes for what seemed like an eternity.

Finally, Will shook his head.

“Tuesday it is.”

“Good,” said Lex as he flashed Will a wicked grin. “I just hope you don’t have anything too important to do on Wednesday. You may be….a little sore.”

Will again stared at Lex.

“Like I said before, bring it.”

With that, Will turned and left the gym, but not without a slight shiver of anticipation racing down his spine.

Tuesday arrived and Will was a wreck. He had no clue what Lex had planned for him and he spent the morning in nervous disquiet.

“Snap out of it,” he told himself. “It’s just a workout. The worst that can happen is I’ll be tired as hell tomorrow.”

But another part of Will’s anxiety was Lex himself. Will could have sworn he was sending him signals, but what if he was wrong? He didn’t want to do anything to make himself look stupid, and he sure as hell wasn’t about to let on he felt an attraction to Lex. If he gave in to an overactive imagination that didn’t come to fruition, he would never be able to show his face at the gym again.

Despite his misgivings Will took extra care grooming, although he didn’t know why he should care. He was only going to get sweaty and smelly, but for some reason it mattered that he look sharp when he met with Lex.

Dressed in tight, spandex bike shorts and a cut off tee, Will headed for his date with destiny.

When he got to the gym, Lex met him at the door and then locked it behind him.

Lex looked Will up and down with a slight smirk on his face.

“Glad you decided to show,” he said. “I thought you were going to chicken out on me.”

“Not a chance,” said Will. “I’m pretty tough. I can hang. Just lead the way my man.”

Lex snickered and motioned for Will to follow. Will stopped by his usual weight bench, but Lex kept going.

“Where are you going,” Will queried? “The equipment is here.”

“I told you we were going to see how far you’re willing to go. ARE you willing? If so, get your sweet ass moving and follow me. If not, well then we can just stop here.”

The air left Will’s lungs in a rush. He took a deep breath, shrugged his shoulders, and told Lex to lead on.

Lex led Will down a back hallway to a locked door. He took out a key, clicked it open, and with a flourish motioned Will inside.

“After you,” Lex leered. Will felt like a lamb being led to the slaughter, but his curiosity was beginning to kick in and he was willing to let Lex lead the way…for now.

Will stepped into the room and Lex entered behind him. Will was vaguely aware of the key turning and locking them in. Most of his attention was focused on the room around him.

It was dark inside. The only overhead light had black fabric stretched across it and the room was awash in shadows. Will could barely make out a bench and some weights in the center of the room, and there was a shape that looked like a couch to the side. Will thought he spied a medicine ball or two, and there were some items under the bench he couldn’t really see, but that was pretty much it.

Will felt Lex looming over him from behind and Lex’s hot breath tickled the back of his neck. “Let the fun begin,” Lex growled.

Will spun to face him and Lex slowly pushed Will back until his knees hit the bench. Will was forced to sit and then Lex gave a gentle thrust to Will’s shoulder, indicating he wanted him to lay back.

As Will complied, Lex came around to the head of the bench. He, too, was wearing bike shorts, and from this angle Will could clearly see the outline of Lex’s package.

“What the hell am I doing?” Will thought, but before he could contemplate any further action Lex started to lower a weight bar toward him.

“You lift, I’ll spot,” he said. “Remember to take it nice and slow. Really get those muscles going.”

Will started to do the reps as Lex stood above him. He wondered what game Lex was playing at, as the weight wasn’t nearly as heavy as he was used to. It soon became apparent, however, that spotting wasn’t really what Lex had in mind.

Every time Will lowered the bar, Lex’s groin would thrust toward Will’s face. The aroma of male musk caught Will’s nostrils as Lex rocked back and forth, his fabric-clad crotch just barely grazing Will’s face.

Will inhaled deeply, savoring the offering that was literally right in front of his face. As he did his last set and Lex helped him set the bar in place on the bench, their eyes locked.

“Are you ready,” Lex asked?

“Am I ready for what?”

“I ASKED…are you ready,” Lex growled softly.

“Uh…yes?” came Will’s hesitant reply.

In a flash, Lex grabbed Wills hands and pulled them together. In a move that would have made a rodeo cowboy proud, he produced the end of a jump rope and deftly tied Will’s wrists to the weight bar.

Will attempted to squirm, but Betturkey Giriş he was firmly bound and if he truly struggled, he was in danger of possibly bringing the bar down on him.

“Do you trust me Will,” Lex asked? “I promise we won’t do anything you don’t want to do.”

“I trust you,” Will whispered.

Lex leaned over and gently brushed his lips against Will’s. It was the softest kiss he had ever received, yet strangely the sexiest.

“Let the games begin,” Lex breathed.

Lex stood up and rubbed one hand across his chest while grabbing his crotch with the other. From the angle Will was in his bulge looked enormous. Lex then pulled off his shirt and pulled down his shorts. Will was right, he WAS huge. Thick and uncut, Lex’s cock jutted proudly from a nest of tightly clipped pubes. Will could see a gorgeous, mushroom shaped head peeping out of the foreskin and his mouth actually began to water. Lex’s balls were beautiful too — pink orbs that hung down and begged to be sucked.

Lex leaned into Will and Will did just that, taking each of Lex’s nuts in his mouth and gently sucking, rolling them around on his tongue and laving them for all he was worth.

“Suck my dick man,” Lex growled. “Take it down your throat.”

Will opened wide. Lex inserted his penis and began to pump in and out of Will’s mouth. From the laid back position, Will’s eyes began to water and he moaned around the big piece of meat.

“That’s it baby,” Lex chuckled. “Take that dick…yeah…take it my sweet little bitch.”

Will turned his head dislodging Lex’s dick.

“I’m NOBODY’S bitch!”

“Ah…but tonight you are…you’re MY bitch…all mine,” Lex said as he leaned over and kissed Will hard.

He pushed his tongue into Will’s mouth where they dueled for supremacy.

Lex’s hands were all over Will now. They tore at his shirt, ripping it down the center where Lex plucked Will’s hardening nipples. Lex’s tongue made a trail down the side of Will’s throat and licked it’s way to his pecs. From there, Lex’s mouth and teeth set a course of sucking and nipping on Will while Lex’s hands set a course for Will’s shorts. In a flash, they were pulled down and Will’s own hardening erection sprung free.

Now Lex was in a frenzy. His hands were rubbing all over Will’s crotch while his mouth was wreaking havoc on Will’s torso. All Will could do was thrash his head from side to side and make little mewling noises deep in his throat.

“Please,” Will pleaded.

“Please what,” Lex snickered.

“Suck me,” begged Will. “I want to feel your mouth on me. Please, suck my cock.”

“Look at you giving orders,” Lex laughed, but he came around the bench to fulfill Will’s desire.

Lex lifted Will’s lower half off the bench, spread his legs, and laid each one across one of his brawny shoulders.

Will’s wrists were still restrained and with Lex holding him up he was totally at his mercy.

Again he pleaded, “Please!”

Lex just smirked and lowered his head. He began to lick Will in long, hard strokes, not sucking his cock but working his way from his crack up to the underside of Will’s balls.

“Just look at that tight fucking hole,” Lex growled.

“Yeah this tight fucking hole looks SO good.”

Lex’s tongue began to push its way inside. Will could do nothing but respond to the sensations that were being paid to his ass.

Lex used his mouth like a penis, spreading Will even further and driving his tongue in and out of Will. Every once in a while he would stop, gaze at Will’s opening, then send a gob of spit flying onto Will’s winking rosebud.

“Oh the things I am going to do to you baby,” Lex whispered.

Will shivered and squirmed. Not being able to reciprocate or touch Lex was driving him crazy. Lex must have sensed this because he set Will’s butt back down on the bench and then straddled Will as he lay there, bringing his cock up to Will’s face.

Will obediently opened for Lex and began to suck him deep inside. In this position, he was able to take Lex more fully into him and elicited grunts and groans from the big man.

Lex reached back and began to jerk Will’s cock as Will blew him.

“Yeah baby…that’s it…suck that big ole cock. Yeah…”

Will was in heaven. Lex was so powerful and in control, yet somehow it felt right. He got totally into fellating him and gave Will his full attention.

Through an oral haze, he was dimly aware of Lex spitting onto something and then he felt something press against his anus.

His eyes looked into Lex’s as Lex continued to pump into Will’s mouth while his hands were reaching back between Will’s legs.

“I told you I won’t do anything to hurt you,” Lex whispered. “Trust me babe…this is going to feel so good.”

Will sighed around Lex’s wood and closed his eyes. Again he felt something hard begin to work its way into him. With a pop, it passed his sphincter and lodged itself inside. Will realized it was the handle on the end of the jump rope that Betturkey Güncel Giriş Lex was using to hold his wrists in place.

He whimpered with pleasure as his mouth was filled with Lex and the handle began to fill his ass.

Lex stopped fucking Will’s face and slid down to the end of the bench. He then turned all his attention to working Will’s hole.

“Untie me,” Will said. “I want to touch you.”

“But if I untie you I’ll have to stop playing with this hot little hole,” Lex replied.


“Well, since you asked me so nicely I guess I could.”

Lex left the handle in Will’s ass and came around to untie him. As soon as his hands were free Will shot up and pulled the handle out.

“Now it’s YOUR turn BITCH,” he growled.

Will turned on Lex and began pushing him around the room. Lex was surprised at Will’s attack, but eagerly anticipated the pay back.

Will finally maneuvered Lex to the couch where he pushed him down. He was now free to run his hands over Lex’s body like he longed to do all night.

Will’s hands wandered while he got to his knees and settled in between Lex’s legs.

Will lapped Lex’s balls and cock like a starving man. He just could not seem to get enough. Lex gripped Will’s head and held him in place as Will gobbled down the entire length of him. Will slapped his hands away and reached up to tweak a nipple.

“Fuck me,” Lex cried.

Will sat up.

“Excuse me,” he asked? Did he hear Lex correctly? With the way things had gone earlier Will was sure Lex wanted to be on top.

Lex got down on the floor and crawled over to a medicine ball. He placed his body, stomach down, and rolled his ass into the air.

“Fuck me,” he whined.

Will needed no second urging. He got behind Lex and pulled his cheeks apart. He was so hard it was almost painful, but he still wanted to do a few more things to Lex.

Will bent down and blew directly onto Lex’s hole. Lex clenched his glute muscles and it winked up invitingly at Will. Will then darted his tongue straight into Lex’s hole, orally invading him like Lex had done to him earlier. Will then alternated spreading Lex’s bud open with his fingers and screwing him with his tongue.

Lex gasped and tried to reach around for Will’s cock, but Will would roll Lex forward forcing him to put his hands on the floor for balance. Will was now totally in control and loving it. The big man was now HIS!

“If you’re not inside me in the next few seconds I’m gonna die,” Lex complained.

“Poor baby,” Will replied.

“Come on man and GIVE IT TO ME,” Lex screeched. “There’s condoms and lube under the bench.”

“Sneaky whore,” Will laughed.

“Just get ’em and plow my ass dammit,” Lex demanded.

“Man, you are ONE greedy bitch,” Will laughed.

“Honey, you have NO idea,” Lex chuckled.

Will retrieved the condoms, wrapped it up, and then squirted a generous amount of lube onto his prick. He pressed himself up against Lex and with a quick thrust was buried to the hilt.

Lex’s muscles gripped and massaged Will’s cock. He was warm and tight and felt incredible. Will began to piston in and out, pulling out until just the tip of his cock was inserted then slamming all the way home.

Will tried to grab Lex by his hair but had to content himself with grasping his shoulders to try and get even deeper.

“Let me roll over,” Lex said. “I want to watch you fuck me.”

Will pulled his cock out and Lex laid back on the ball. Will again pushed his dick into Lex’s ass as Lex wrapped his muscular legs around Will’s waist.

They stared into each other’s eyes as their love fest continued. Will could feel a familiar pressure building deep inside. He drove himself even harder into Lex. Lex was grunting loudly with each wild thrust.

“Fuck man I’m gonna shoot,” Lex cried.


Lex’s uttering corresponded with each spurt of hot cum as it splashed up onto his belly. Will was still buried deep inside and he felt the walls of Lex’s sheath tighten with each orgasmic spasm.

“Holy crap,” Will screamed.

He thrust crazily into Lex, feeling his climax building.

“FUCK ME,” Will yelled as he emptied himself inside Lex.

Will collapsed on top of Lex who tenderly kissed his forehead.

“That was incredible my man,” he said.

They laid together for a few moment more, reveling in what just happened while trying to catch their breaths and return their heart rates to normal.

“Let’s go hit the showers,” Lex suggested.

They trotted off to the locker room and washed each other’s bodies. Will could feel himself getting hard again.

“Let me take care of that,” Lex said.

Lex dropped down and took Will into his mouth. His tongue expertly traced every ridge and vein before he clamped down and suckled hard. Lex jerked his own cock as he brought Will to the brink of ecstasy once more.

“I’m going to blow,” Will warned.

Lex’s only reply was to bob even harder on Will’s knob.

Will was aware of incoherent words leaving his mouth as he came, spewing gob after gob of wet jizz down Lex’s throat. Lex jerked himself furiously and let out a hoarse cry and he, too, orgasmed.

Lex stood up and embraced Will. It felt so good to have someone hold him again.

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