The Girl of My Dreams Ch. 02

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This is a continuation of my first story The Girl of my Dreams.


The weekend after that Friday just seemed to drag on. I couldn’t wait till I could see Emily again on Monday. I kept replaying the events of Friday in my head over and over again. I got so caught up in my own mimed I forgot to tell Jackson about my night. Once I finally remembered I had a phone I had 20 new messages from him asking how it went and if I was still alive. I finally detached myself from the images of Emily in that nice skater dress with the pantyhose and peephole heels enough so I could answer the texts.

“Hey, yes I am still alive and just had the best day of my life! Started with the best outfit and ended with a foot massage.” I replied to Jackson’s texts.

Just remembering that got me hard again. How nice the sheer black pantyhose looked on her and how well they fit over every curve of her leg. Thinking about her feet and those cute toes of hers hiding themselves behind the pantyhose. Just the mental pictures of me licking her feet and toes had me turned on. I made a resolve with myself however to not have an orgasm until Emily gave me one. Just thinking about how intense that would be, helped me keep the impulses at bay. Maybe it would be her cute little feet rubbing me off that would be my first. Just thinking about it made me excited to see her again and made the weekend go slower.

“That’s awesome dude! Sounds like a good time, glad you enjoyed it ;)” Jackson sent back.

That wink face definitely had me thinking. Once again I lose myself thinking about what she was wearing. Just then I had a weird feeling. She was wearing pantyhose and peephole heels. I have a fetish for pantyhose that only Jackson knows about, he also knows about my foot fetish. Everything Emily was wearing was designed to turn me on. The realization hit me, my friend helped the girl of my dreams seduce me.

“You sneaky bastard! You talked to Emily before Friday and didn’t tell me anything about it!” I sent back after figuring it out.

I can’t say I was mad because I wasn’t. I was actually happy he would go out and do something like that. Getting the girl of my dreams to wear something out of my dreams was just too good to be true and it just happened to come true Friday. On the other hand Emily didn’t need to seduce me I was already wrapped around her little finger without her wearing my favorite clothing on a girl.

“Guilty as charged. I wanted it to be a surprise! How’d you figure it out?” Jackson sent back.

“You are the only person I have told about my fetish for pantyhose and feet! It was a very nice touch though. I must thank you!”

“You’re welcome. You needed some excitement in your life. She came up to me Thursday asking if there was anything you liked. I just had to tell her. :P”

“Well that was the best day of my life! Thanks.”

I was so distracted by Friday and wanting to see Emily again that I totally forgot that there was no school on Monday. That made things harder especially since I never got Emily’s phone number. I was so distracted Friday by what she was wearing and the kiss I forgot to ask. The only time we could keep in contact was through school. Monday finally passed and by the time Tuesday rolled around I was practically killing myself trying to get to school. I finally arrived and with a screech of my tires I turned the car off. Jackson was looking at me with a smug grin on his face.

“In a bit of a hurry?” Jackson asked me.

“No… you think?” Leaving my response dripping with sarcasm.

“Well you better go find her! I bet she is just dying to talk to you!”

“I just wish I knew where to look. She could be anywhere.” I said. With that we walked into the building. As we were walking I was looking everywhere high and low for Emily. I finally reached my locker with no sign of her. Feeling a little disappointed I exchanged my stuff for my books and let my mind wander a little bit.

“I wonder what she will be wearing today.” I think to myself. She usually wore dresses or skirts when it was spring and summer. Occasionally she would wear jeans, never any yoga pants and I respected her greatly for that. I am a bit of a hypocrite in that respect. I love the sight of a woman’s ass in yoga pants but having everybody see the girl of my dream’s ass just makes me want to kill someone. What can I say, I am a little possessive of the girl of my dreams.

Bringing myself back to reality and the present I closed my locker and headed to class. That was the harder class to pay attention in. I can’t help but think that Emily is avoiding me. Maybe all the stuff she said was just her saying stuff in the heat of the moment and now that she has had time to think about it… I quickly shake those feelings off. Can’t think like that, Friday was a great night. I got so distracted by my inner thoughts that I missed the teacher calling on me. Talk about an embarrassing moment.

After class with part of my dignity in tact I walk to History class. All the butterflies in my stomach start going Betturkey crazy, my hands start to sweat like crazy. I can’t wait to see her but at the same time I can. It’s one of those weird feelings where my feelings are contradicting each other.

I arrive about 5 minutes early and as I enter the classroom I notice that Emily is not there. I quickly take my seat and glue my eyes to the door. The seconds start ticking away and the 5 minutes are agonizing. Finally one by one the minutes pass and the teacher comes into the classroom. Emily is not usually this late to class, she usually beats the teacher in. It is during roll call of history class that I find out that Emily is sick. As soon as I hear this I get a little disappointed and a new thought pops into my head.

After history class I hurry over to Samantha, Emily’s best friend. Samantha is a very cute girl herself. Although to me nowhere near how beautiful Emily is. Maybe I’ll have to talk to Emily about hooking her and Jackson up. Brown hair and blue eyes, her face is just a little longer than Emily’s. She is a little taller than Emily, measuring at 5’6″. Samantha and Emily have been friends for quite a while. They teased by some of the other girls because the other girls are jealous of their beauty. Emily and Samantha hold their heads high and don’t let it get to them.

I finally make my way to Samantha and ask her if I can get Emily’s number.

“Had quite a night Friday I heard!” Samantha said with a wink as I approached.

“Oh she told you…” I responded, wondering how much she really knew.

“Of course! She is my best friend, didn’t spare any details!” With that she started giggling. Looking down at my hands she went on, “Heard you give a pretty good massage.”

“I have been told, Emily liked it quite a bit.” I replied.

“I am glad you two are partners, might lead to something good.”

“So, can I get her number from you? I heard she was sick and want to do something sweet.” I told her the plans I had in mind. At that she just gave me a smile and told me how sweet I was and how lucky Emily is. I got her number from Samantha, said my thanks, and headed to lunch. I took out my phone and started to text Emily when Jackson came up to me.

“Hey! Did you find Emily yet?” He asked me.

“No she is out sick today.” I replied while formulating a text.

“Oh what did you give her?” He asked me with a hint of sarcasm.

“Something I must have caught from you last week,” I return.

I tell him of the plan I have and he gives me a slap on the back.

“You do it man! Don’t screw it up!”

“I’ll try not to, if this goes well it should be the beginning of a beautiful thing. Speaking of beautiful things have you ever given any thought of going after Samantha?” I ask him.

“I have given thought to it. She is very pretty, just don’t know if she has any interest in me.” He answered.

At that I told him maybe he should take a chance. I finally was able to finish my text to Emily and I reviewed it one last time before I sent it to her.

“Sorry to hear you are sick. I hope you get better soon! ~Alexander”

I go through the rest of my classes feeling a little better she isn’t ignoring me. At least to the best of my knowledge she isn’t. When I get out of my last class I check my phone and notice I have a text message from Emily.

“Aw thank you so much! It’s nothing just wasn’t feeling well enough to go to school and deal with everything. Hope your day is going well!”

I hit the reply button and ask, “It has been going well. Would you be up for hanging out tonight?”

I walk over to my car and get in. On the drive home I think about my plan and hope it works. When I reach my house I notice my parent’s car is not in the driveway. “That’s odd” I think to myself. They are usually home before I get home. I walk into the house and notice a note on the fridge.

It reads: “We have gone out for a dinner date and don’t know when we’ll get back. May end up renting a hotel room for the night.”

“Okay just a little too much information I needed to know” I think. Just then my phone goes off. I check it and feel my heart rise as it’s a message from Emily.

“Yes I would like that a lot. I am feeling better than this morning.”

“This day is just really turning around and going well for me” I think to myself. Now I have a dilemma, I was going to set up this nice picnic for Emily and me but now that my parents are away I might have a candlelit dinner. I finally decided to have a picnic in the park and maybe we can come back here now that there will be no parents. I text her the location and go over to the computer to look up picnic food ideas. I have about two hours till we meet and it should be plenty warm outside still.

I decide on crackers and cheese to begin with. I am thinking a nice potato salad and bringing the fixings for sandwiches. A bowl of fruit, some kind of melon, and maybe a couple pieces of chocolate cake would be perfect. I leave my house and drive to the nearest Betturkey Giriş grocery store. There I find everything I need. I grab some roast beef and rolls for the sandwiches. I also grab some potato salad. The produce department had already made bowls of watermelon so I grab one of those. I decide to ditch the crackers and cheese. As I make my way to the bakery department I browse past the beverage aisle to grab a bottle of sparkling apple cider. Making my way to the bakery department I find some chocolate cake. Comparing the prices of whole cakes to slices I opt for a whole cake instead. Nearing the cash register I pick up some plates, napkins, and plastic forks and knives. I pay for the items and leave the store packing it all into the back.

Looking at my watch I realize that I have used up an hour, leaving me one left. I quickly find a department store and find a nice picnic basket and a red and white checkered picnic blanket. Cliché I know but I wanted it to be fun and special. I make my way home and take a quick glance at my phone, 30 minutes left. It takes about 10 minutes to get to the park so I have about 20 minutes to pack this basket and get it all ready. I pack the basket all nice and neat and I put it into my car. As I am about to leave I forget to grab some glasses for the sparkling cider so I quickly run back into the house and grab them.

Finally ready to go I drive to the park. I make it there with 2 minutes to spare. I go over to the field and unfold the picnic blanket I got and place the basket in the middle. I sit down on the blanket and wait for Emily to arrive.

I waited for a few minutes then I noticed somebody out of the corner of my eye. I looked up and saw Emily walking over towards me. She caught my eye and gave me a huge smile. She is wearing a teal sun dress that comes down to mid-thigh and she has sandals on. I am excited I can see her cute feet again. I notice that she redid the color on her nails and now they are a teal color. They match the color of her dress and they also match the color on her toes. Her feet look marvelous as always and I would give anything to taste them again. I really wish I could lick them right now. I am wearing a pair of grey pants, like khakis but dark grey. I have on a red performance T-shirt. I am just wearing a pair of sneakers.

“Awe is this for me?” She asked with a genuine smile.

“Yes it is, wanted to help brighten your day. I hope you haven’t eaten.” I replied back.

“It has brightened it already! I have not eaten yet, so excited to dig in though.”

“On today’s menu we have roast beef sandwiches, potato salad, watermelon, and a special dessert.” At the words “special dessert” her ears perked up and she started smiling again.

“OH sounds very good! Can’t wait to start eating.”

At that I invite Emily to sit down and I open the basket. She sits and folds her legs up underneath her. Her dress rises a little but not enough to see anything. I have already become turned on just by her presence and what she is wearing. I bring out the roast beef and rolls and make her a sandwich. Then I pull out the plates and forks and hand her one of each. After giving her the plates I open up the potato salad and scoop some onto her plate. I open up the watermelon and lay it down on the blanket. As I start eating we get to talking about our days and how they have been going. I tell her all about how I missed her over the weekend and couldn’t wait to see her again although I was a little nervous. She told me that she had missed me as well and was really sad she ended up not feeling well earlier in the day. It’s amazing how comfortable I feel around her now. There is still a touch of nervousness but I can control it a lot better than Friday night. Just being in her presence makes me feel at peace.

“Oh I almost forgot!” I exclaim as I reach into the basket and bring out the sparkling cider and two glasses. I pop the top off of the cider and pour each of us a glass.

“Wow, could you get any sweeter?” Emily asked me.

“I wanted to pull all the punches and make it special,” I replied to her.

“Well you certainly accomplished that! This is a perfect date.”

While we were talking I glance down to her feet and have flashbacks of her legs and feet in the pantyhose. I was starting to get hard and hope she wouldn’t notice while I was trying to pay attention to what she was saying. We were finishing up the main course and eating the watermelon and I just couldn’t believe that I was on a picnic date with the girl of my dreams. It was kind of a surreal moment but I was loving every minute of it.

“I have a Frisbee with me in my car, would you be interested in throwing while we make room for dessert?” I asked Emily when we finished our plates.

“I don’t really know how to throw a Frisbee though. Will you teach me?” She replied.

“Sure I can do that. It’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it.” I run over to my car and get a Frisbee out of the trunk. Running back I see Emily standing there looking at me lovingly Betturkey Güncel Giriş and it just makes me melt inside. I feel my knees start to buckle and try to regain myself. I make my way over to her and toss the disc her way. She tried to awkwardly catch it and bobbles it before finally dropping it. When she goes to throw it back she uses way too much arm and it dives into the ground. When I retrieve the disc Emily is telling me how sorry she is for the throw. I tell her not to worry about it and I go up to her and hand her the disc. After showing her how to hold it I get behind her and grab her arm and move it in the throwing motion, like a golfer shows the hot girl how to golf. Being this close to her and smelling her perfume really takes its effect. I start to get hard and I hope that she can’t feel my hard on. I don’t know if this was my mind playing tricks on me but I swear she wiggled her ass ever so slightly against my boner. I go through the motions while holding her from behind and she gets the hang of it pretty quick. I go back out in front of her and we toss the disc back and forth so till she is throwing pretty well. We throw for about 10 minutes then I suggest dessert.

“I think that would be lovely,” Emily says. “I can’t wait to see what it is!” I bring out the chocolate cake and Emily breaks out in a grin. “Chocolate cake?! That is one of my favorites. I can’t wait to dig in!”

I cut the cake and put a piece onto her plate and a piece onto mine. As we sit there and eat our cake she motions for me to sit closer to her. I got next to her so we were almost cuddling while eating our chocolate cake. Her legs were out in front of her and I could see her cute feet. Every once in awhile she would wiggle her toes and it turned me on so much. She tries to tell me something but I am too zoned out on her feet to notice. She notices this and gets a wicked look on her face.

What happened next left me speechless and in heaven. Here we are sitting next to each other on a blanket when she asks already knowing the answer, “Do you think I have pretty feet?”

“Yes I do, you have really pretty feet.” At that she took both of her sandals off and put her feet out in front of me and wiggled her toes. This had me really hard and I could barely contain myself. After torturing me like this for about half a minute she brought her feet to my lap to feel my hard on and outline it through my pants. I was in heaven, it felt so good. Next thing I know she took her feet away and she brought them down on top the rest of the chocolate cake. She mashed her feet all in the cake getting frosting and cake between her toes. Her teal nail polish provided a very nice contrast to the chocolate. This was the most erotic scene I had ever witnessed in my life. I was so hard it was trying to escape my pants.

“Do you think my feet are still pretty?” Emily asked me as she brought her feet away from the cake and put them back in my face.

“Y…ye…yes. Ev…even mo…more so.” I finally managed to get out. Her feet looked absolutely delicious with the chocolate cake all over them.

“Glad you think so, clean them for me. I don’t want any chocolate left on them.”

So mesmerized by her feet I did so as she asked. I started at the back wanting to save the toes for last. I started licking her right foot and started at her heel. I licked her heel and tasted the chocolate frosting off her foot. There was a bonus taste in there. I think it was a little of her sweat and it tasted salty and very nice with the frosting. She had the best soles I had ever seen. So silky and smooth and so erotic with the chocolate cake and frosting on them. Continuing with her foot I made it up to her arch which was smooth as ever. Once I made it to her arch she gave out a soft moan and started wiggling her foot a little.

“Sorry, guess I’m a little ticklish right there,” she said with a wink. She really took the time to take care of her feet and I was very thankful for that. After finishing with the arch of her right foot I moved up to the ball of her foot which didn’t contain one callous. Then finally to the best part, her toes. I couldn’t help myself so I took all her toes into my mouth at the same time. She started wiggling her toes in my mouth turning me on even more. Once I was content with all her toes I decided to take them one by one starting with the pinkie toe. There was quite a bit of frosting left between the toes. It was a treat for me as I was working on her middle toe now just licking away at the chocolate frosting. I finally made my way to her big toe and really took my time. Once finished I took a look over her foot to make sure all the frosting was gone. Once I was satisfied that all the frosting was gone I started on her left foot.

“That was a very good job you did. I’ll have to repay you for that,” she stated with a grin. As she finished she dropped her clean foot right on top of my boner. As I was licking the heel of her left foot she started rubbing my hard on with her right foot ever so slightly. As she was doing that I was getting more turned on and started licking her foot quicker and more forcefully. As I got more forceful so did Emily with her foot. I started to breathe heavier and she noticed so she slowed down keeping me from orgasm. She still kept her foot in my lap though.

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