The Smile Did It

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Just a couple of months ago, I was involved in a hot sexual experience that I would like to share. I am twenty two years old with dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes and a fit figure. I consider myself straight, have a boyfriend but have on occasion, hooked up with some wild girl on girl sex with my friends. I guess technically, I’m bisexual, but I only have an emotional attachment to guys even though my girl sexual encounters were very steamy and erotic.

It was a Saturday and girls night out for me and a few friends before I was to meet my boyfriend, Shane, later in the evening. Krista, Kelly, her sister Marley and I were dressed up in our skirts and high heels while blinged out in enough jewelry to make any rapper look plain. Our first stop was a large club with music so loud we couldn’t hear ourselves think. We left very early and settled on a smaller, well known club. We had a nice booth while we sipped on our drinks, talking before eventually dancing to some great music.

When we arrived back at our seats, there were a few drinks waiting on us, complimentary of a few guys. We scanned the area and thanked each and every one of them for their hospitality. When the next round of drinks followed, I once again looked for some cute guy to thank but the waitress pointed to a girl sitting with her friends. She and her friends were obvious lesbians and even though I had never had another girl buy me a drink, I was appreciative nonetheless. I thanked her by waving and she immediately came over.

The girl was bi-racial with a very pretty, dark complexion. She had buzzed hair on the sides and styled on top. She was very pretty with straight white teeth and reminded me of the singer Alicia Keys. That smile was very cute and it made her glow when she presented it.

“Hi, I’m A’esha,” she introduced herself while standing at our table in front of all of us.

We all shook her hand, returned the introduction as she looked directly at me and asked, “Would you like to dance?”

The song was slow and couples were dancing cheek to cheek. That seemed a little strange to me so I respectfully thanked A’esha but declined. She went back with her friends and me with mine.

Marley giggled, “Oh my God, I can’t believe she asked you to dance. Do you think she thinks you are lesbian?”

Not really sure but I played it off, “No, I don’t think so. She is just having some fun.”

We talked about it more while drinking and I looked over at A’esha a few times and each time she would smile at me. The more tipsy I became, the more I thought about going over. I got to the point where I didn’t care any longer who was what. I had to pee and when I when I returned, I went over to A’esha’s booth. Her friends got up and went to the dance floor and let us two talk.

She looked up at me and smiled, “Hi again. Would you like to sit down a minute?”

I smiled back and said, “Sure,” and sat down next to her on the same side of the booth.

“What made you come over here?” A’esha asked.

I shrugged, “I don’t know. You seem nice and I love your smile. I’m not a lesbian though.”

A’esha giggled, “I know that. That is pretty obvious but I was hoping you were curious.”

“I’m here aren’t I,” I playfully smirked.

“You are and you are so pretty,” A’esha grinned as she used her middle finger to rake a few strands of hair out of my eyes.

We talked and sipped on our drinks when out of Betturkey nowhere A’esha leans in and plants a large kiss on my lips before pulling back to see my reaction. I have to admit, I was aroused by the entire situation. I tilted my head and went back in for a longer, more passionate kiss. Our lips were open as we used our tongues to probe each other’s mouth. A’esha’s breath was fruity from her alcohol consumption and eventually she was sucking my tongue deep into her mouth. Our hands were moving all around each other’s head and the make out session got very steamy. I felt my pussy tingle and get wet.

After breaking our lengthy lip lock, A’esha asked, “Hey, you wanna get out of here. I only live a few miles away?”

Not wanting to leave my friends behind and not really knowing much about her, I, for the second time, respectfully declined, “I’m sorry, I can’t but we could go out to your vehicle and talk if you want.”

After texting my friends that I would be outside and back in a few minutes, I walked out to A’esha’s vehicle which was a nice SUV. We both hopped into the back seat and talked. She told me that she worked with a law firm and evidently made good money while I shared some details about myself. We were learning about each other when she put her palm onto my cheek and went in for a long, wet kiss. I was very tipsy and was not worried about being spotted by passersby in the street lighted parking lot. I knew what was probably about to happen and the funny thing was, I didn’t care. It was exciting and fresh and my attitude was “whatever happens, happens.”

With her left hand now on my breast, A’esha was giving me little kisses on my neck and just under my earlobe as she whispered in between pecks, “Mmmm, you’re so beautiful, Britt. I want you. I want you so bad.”

I moaned, closed my eyes and my head tilted back in enjoyment. A’esha’s hand slide down my blouse and dipped under my skirt. I spread my legs to give her easier access. My pussy was dripping with anticipation. Her finger made its way inside my panties and began rubbing my clit. The moment her digit found its destination, my eyes momentarily popped open and I jumped from the pleasurable sensation.

I felt like I was with an old high school boyfriend in the backseat of his car, yet I was enjoying the same experience with a girl. At that moment, A’esha’s middle finger dipped inside my vagina, and she began thrusting it in and out of me. Our lips met for a long, passionate kiss, causing me to grunt while my pussy twitched in orgasm around her finger. I couldn’t believe how quickly I came. Now I was like a girl in heat. I needed more.

I smiled, “Do you want to go down on me?”

“I thought you would never ask,” A’esha quickly and excitedly replied.

I turned her direction and leaned against the back door. My knees were bent and legs were spread as I lifted my high heel covered feet in the air to allow A’esha to pull my panties off. Even though it was a small thong with not much visible material, she put them to her nose and inhaled deeply.

“Mmmm! You smell just like I imagined,” A’esha sighed.

I sighed as she laid down on her stomach with one leg on the floor, and placed her mouth directly on my wet labia. First, her warm breath, then her tongue sent shock-waves through me. It felt amazing! Her head was nodding while she licked my pussy better than it had been licked in a Betturkey Giriş long time. The tip of her tongue, would probe my asshole, before the flat part would perform a nice strong upward lick and finish at my clit where she would suck then vibrate. I was squirming and moaning but when she inserted two fingers and started pumping them in and out…I started cumming. A’esha didn’t stop after my first orgasm, she continued until I had two more!

I was screaming as I eventually grabbed the back of her head, “Eat my pussy! Lick it! Oh…don’t stop! Ohh! Ohhhh!”

She was amazing. Had I not stopped her, I was building up to a messy squirt all over her leather seats. I was so worked up, I wanted to taste her.

I was panting, “Let me do you now. Take off your pants.”

As A’esha removed her slacks, panties and loafers, she was wearing only her shirt and knee high, gray, lycra trouser socks. She turned around, showing her sexy ass to me while putting one leg up over the front seat. It was a good thing the windows were steamed up or anybody could see in if they were walking along the vehicle.

A’esha’s pussy was spread and ready for me to attack it from underneath. The small amount of light shining in, allowed me to see that her vagina was large with huge meaty lips around it. Her clit was also larger than most and I immediately could smell her scent. Her opened pussy smelled strong but a good strong like she was giving off her clean yet sweaty aroma from the dancing.

I scooted toward her and then raised up as my mouth met her large hanging labia lips. She was moaning as she watched me through her legs. I reached from under her thighs to hold myself up and I felt like my entire face was covered by her opening. Her smell was intoxicating as I licked inside her pussy. When I would suck on her large lips, she would moan just a little louder.

When I would move my face around to lick the lower part of her slit, I didn’t even mind that my nose was going into her asshole. A’esha was enjoying herself when she took her finger and started rubbing my clit while I ate her out. Eventually, I put my thumb on her clit and we were massaging each other’s simultaneously. I tongue fucked her hole until we both started shaking. I don’t remember which one went first but I do know that when the first one of us started orgasming, the other one went about 30 seconds afterward. It was hot! We did see a group of people out in the parking lot and we decided we didn’t need to get arrested so we stopped.

A’esha put her leg down and started putting her slacks back on as she asked, “Was it good? You say you’re not gay but that was pretty hot. Don’t ya think?”

I was trying to recover and gasped as I was slipping my panties back on, “Yes it was. You made me cum so hard. Did I make you feel good too?”

She responded, “Hell yes. Maybe we can do it again sometime.”

After we exchanged numbers, I was the first one to exit. I went back into the club with my hair a mess, lip gloss gone, and my face smelling like pussy. I immediately went to the bathroom to freshen up and when I met my friends at our booth, they laughed and we talked about what had just happened.

About an hour later, I arrived at my boyfriend Shane’s house. When I went in, he had already showered and was sitting in his robe. After receiving my text about my ETA, he had timed it just right. I knew we were Betturkey Güncel Giriş going to fuck like wild animals but after what I had been through at the club, I couldn’t keep the smirk off my face.

He looked at me, grinned and said, “What?”

“Oh nothing,” was my response as my smirk got wider.

“Tell me. I can’t stand it,” Shane chuckled.

I smiled, “Let’s just put it this way, you aren’t the only person in the room who will have gotten pussy tonight.”

“What?! No way! That is so fucking hot. Just saying that has me rock hard,” Shane exclaimed.

He stood up and dropped his robe. He wasn’t lying. He was so hard, his eight inch cock pointed upward toward his stomach. As I began to tell him the entire experience, he was on his knees kissing my neck. He was loving every second of my experience while I stroked his concrete erection. There was no messing around, he wanted me now.

I quickly got undressed and found myself in bed on my back. Shane wasted no time putting his dong inside my wet, swollen pussy and he began to pump like he was trying to pound me through the mattress. In no time, the bed was thumping and banging against the wall.

I whispered, “Can you smell her pussy on my face? She tasted so good.”

“Augh fuck! I’m cummin! I’m cummin!” Shane screamed as I could feel the warmth of his sperm spray deep inside me in only minutes after he started fucking.

I rubbed his shoulders as I thought he would never stop shooting. His mouth was contorted and his eyes glazed over as he emptied his nuts inside me. He was so turned on by my girl on girl action, he never went soft. Shane rested on top of me for a moment but never pulled his cock out. He gathered himself and got up on his hands in a pushup position and started fucking once again. He would ask me questions as he thrusted.

“What did her pussy look like?” He asked and I would answer, “It was big and had huge lips.”

Shane would groan in pleasure before he would ask his next question. We continued this exchange of questioning and answering which was getting me just as lustful, reminiscing about the events of the evening. I needed that penetration orgasm! I was building up again and craved that downward thrust.

I ordered Shane, “Put my legs behind my head.”

As my legs went up over his shoulders, then further back, my feet danced in the air as Shane resumed his pounding.

I was screaming, “That’s it! Fuck me harder! Fuck the pussy that she ate better than you can! Oh, she licked it so great! She made me cum harder than you do! You can never make me cum like that!”

My words were a challenge to Shane and they made him pump harder and harder until my orgasm hit me and I squirted all over.

“Oh my God! I’m…I’m…cumming! Ooooo!” I screamed louder as my stream of ejaculate shot out and splashed Shane’s abdomen, soaking the bed.

Not long after, Shane yelled as his second orgasm hit him like a ton of bricks. He collapsed on top of me, pinning my legs so far back that my clenched toes were touching the sheets behind my head. He was filling my gooey pussy with his second load in less than twenty minutes.

When he was finished, Shane rolled off me and landed on his back, gasping for air. He was sweating profusely and mumbling to himself. I already had his slime running down my ass crack while lying in my own juices. Both of us and the bed were a mess.

After taking a few minutes to recover, we got up and showered together. I don’t think Shane minded at all taking his second shower in less than an hour. To this day, A’esha and I have texted a few times but haven’t hooked up even though Shane has pleaded many times for me to have round two.

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