Return to Eban Ch. 03

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Tom and Jay were working their usual night tending bar at what they called, “The West End Casino.” It was one of three casino’s on the resort Island where the clients could play their favorite game. They got to see a lot working the night shift. Black men would come in with beautiful women on each arm. They even got to know a few of the black clients and called them by name. One guy in particular was a regular at the resort. His name was Ernie. Ernie flew in and out of the resort once every couple weeks to checkout the new stock of women that were always arriving.

He was becoming good friends with Jay and Tom telling them stories of some of the women he fucked over the past three years he’d been coming to the resort. He even pointed out a few to the guys as each woman casually walked near the bar.

Tonight he pointed out a lovely redhead he’d fucked the last trip he’d made to the Island. She was marked for breeding now. Ernie wasn’t into breeding the ladies. There was too much money involved which is how the resort made all it’s money. He just wanted to bang’em than move onto something fresh.

Ernie was the typical client who loved to scoop out the new white men working the floor. He knew it wouldn’t be long before their ex’s would be turned out to work the floor once their training was complete. Ernie took notes from the new men. He’d write down names and appearance as the guys would spill their guts to him.

He knew everything about Chantal and Dawn. He checked the board everyday he was there looking for the usual photos they posted on all the new women that cam available. He’d ride the new guys without them even knowing. One of the guys who worked the bar early in the afternoon was named Denny. This was Denny’s third month at the resort.

Ernie couldn’t wait to fuck his ex. Her name is Monica. She has dark hair, large breasts with a perfect round Jay-Lo size ass and dark eyes. Ernie told Denny he was looking out for him by fucking Monica. He said he wanted to keep the other guys away from her. In reality that wasn’t possible at Eban but what the fuck did Ernie care.

He’d fuck with Denny’s head all the time telling him what a great fuck Monica was and how she could swallow his hot load licking her lips with a big smile. He knew he was breaking Denny’s heart each time he told a story about her.

As the evening progressed, Tom and Jay kept busy serving clients and watching the interaction between some of the black men they were getting to know and the divorcees’.

Tom was busy on his end of the bar carefully wiping the spots off glasses and lined them up behind the bar. Jay was serving drinks down at kütahya escort the other end when Tom heard a faint whisper coming from behind him. He turned and saw a redhead seated on the last stool.

Tom turned completely around and smiled at the gorgeous woman. “May I help you miss?”

She nervously shifted her eyes around making sure nobody was watching. Tom noticed the name on the charm bracelet. “Susan.”

Susan was extremely nervous as she sat on that bar stool. Tom waited for a reply for several moments until she finally uttered.

“I’d like to have a drink, please. Um…..a Pina Colada.”

Tom smiled. “I’ll have that ready in a moment for you Miss.” Tom wasn’t allowed to call the divorcees’ by name. He had to refer to them as Miss. Tom was getting good at making these tropical drinks. He prepared the drink for Susan and turned around and placed it on a napkin on the bar sliding it directly in front of the gorgeous redhead.

“Thank you.” Susan was being polite. Tom smiled and was about to turn around and continue wiping glasses when she hesitantly spoke again.

“Your name is Tom?”

Tom wore his name tag on his uniform. “Yes Miss, that’s correct.

Susan nervously looked around knowing she wasn’t supposed to continue a conversation with the servants.

“Um…….My husband….I mean my ex…husband works here at the bar.”

Tom waited for Susan to finish. He also noticed a black man seated not far from the bar keeping watch of the gorgeous redhead.

“Uh…..His name is Mike. Do you know him?”

Tom smiled. “Yes. Mike’s usually here in the afternoon. He came in about the same time as my friend and me.”

Susan took a sip of her drink still looking very nervous. “Tell him I said hello and I miss him. Can you do that for me? Tell him that Susan loves him very much.”

“I’d be very happy to relate that message to Mike for you Miss.”

Susan smiled feeling a bit of relief knowing that Tom was going to forward her message to her ex-husband. She sat nervously sipping her drink as Tom decided to wipe glasses facing in her direction.

Susan kept looking Tom’s way and finally added. “This is my first day working the floor.”

Tom took another look at her bracelet and noticed only her name appeared on the charm. That meant she couldn’t have been fucked yet. Tom carefully kept watch making sure nobody else was watching them other than that black guy seated a few feet away.

“Listen. Miss? Do you happen to know a blonde named Chantal?”

Susan smiled. “Yes. I know a Chantal. She shares an apartment with Dawn.”

Tom malatya escort started getting excited now. “Yes. That the one. We came into the resort with Dawn and her husband.”

Susan kept smiling and said. “That would be Jay. Dawn’s ex.”

Tom was really excited now. “Yes. That’s Jay down at the other end of the bar.” Tom started to think than said. “Hey. Uh. Miss. Do you think it might be possible to tell Chantal I love her and miss her very much?”

Susan giggled as she kept sipping that drink. “Looks like we can both do each other a favor, can’t we Tom?”

“Yes Miss. I would be very happy if you could pass that onto my wife.”

Susan quickly corrected Tom. :Your ex-wife.”

Tom nodded his head agreeing to the correction Susan just made. Susan sat her drink down on the bar and leaned forward saying.

“You know that Chantal and Dawn will be working the floor later this afternoon for their first time.”

Tom gulped as he heard what Susan just said. “Is that right Miss?”

Susan was about to reply when that black dude sat down next to Susan and started talking to her. Tom quickly moved away with the towel in one hand and the glass in the other. Tom noticed that Susan looked frightened although she was trying to smile as the black dude put his arm around her waist.

The black dude suddenly looked up at Tom. “Bartender. We’d like a couple drinks here.”

“What would you like sir?”

“Uh….Give us a couple, Sex on the beach.”

“Coming right up sir.” Tom turned on got busy making those drinks. 1-½ ounces of Peach Schnapps, 1 ½ ounces of Vodka, 2 ounces of Cranberry Juice, 2 ounces of Orange Juice 2 ounces of Pineapple Juice. Tom kept a note book with all these drinks on hand. Tom finished preparing the drinks and turned around to set them on the bar and noticed Susan was locked in a heated passionate kiss with this black dude.

“Here we are sir.”

The black dude barely acknowledged Tom with his hand and kept kissing Susan poking his tongue deep inside her mouth. His arm was circled completely around the petite redhead with huge breasts. Tom noticed his finger tips were gently caressing her breast from under her arm. The dudes other hand was down below the bar so Tom couldn’t see what was going on. Surely he must have had that other hand down on her naked thigh or even perhaps between her lovely legs.

Tom turned his back for just a few seconds and looked back only to see Susan and her new man walking together toward the gaming tables drinks in hand. Tom would at least forward Susan’s message to Mike when he saw him.

A bit later manisa escort that afternoon Tom saw Jay walking toward his end of the bar. Mike was with him. Mike was one of the men that would relieve them. It was almost time for their dinner break.

“What’s up buddy? You ready to break for dinner?”

Tom replied. “Yeah. I’ll be ready to leave in a second.” Tom smiled at Mike.

“How’s it hang-in Mike?”

Mike laughed. “Your funny pale.” The guys liked to joke around considering their situation.

“Hey. I spoke with a gorgeous redhead a couple hours ago. Her name was Susan.”

Mike’s eyes opened wide as he starred at Tom.

“Susan was here? She’s working the floor now? What did she say?…… How did she look?….. Is she alright?”

Mike smiled as he patted Mike on the shoulder. “She’s fine, Mike. She told me to tell you she loved you very much and she misses you.”

Mike was excited as he replied looking wide eyed and happy like he just won the lottery. “Susan told you that? What else did she say.”

Tom replied. “That’s about the extent of it except that today was her first day working the floor. She looked just fine.”

Tom didn’t want to mention how nervous and upset she appeared.

“How long did she stay? Was she right here at the bar?”

Tom replied. “Yes. I served her a drink. I think a couple as a matter of fact. I told her you were going to be working her this afternoon.”

Mike looked excited. “Oh my God. Maybe I’ll see her today. You think she might come back, Tom? Do you think my Susan will come back?”

Tom didn’t want to get Mike anymore excited than he was. “You have to remember Mike. Susan has to work the area they tell her to work. She really didn’t say if she was going to be in this area or not.”

Mike looked a little disappointed now as he faced the floor. Tom tried to cheer him up.

“Look Mike. Susan might return. You never know. It’ll give you something to watch out for tonight. Listen. Jay and I are going to dinner. We’ll see you shortly.”

“OK Tom. Hay…..Thanks for telling me what Susan said. You and Jay have a good dinner.”

Tom nodded at Jay letting him know he was ready to leave for dinner. They entered the servant passage directly behind the bar. They headed toward the servant dinning area.

“Mike’s ex told me that Dawn and Chantal were working the floor tonight.”

Tom had Jay’s attention now.

“She told you that?”

“Yeah. Susan told me tonight was there first day on the floor and that she came into the resort at the same time as us.”

Jay’s head started spinning as he thought about Dawn.

Tom kept looking at him as they slowly walked down the hallway toward the dinning room.

“Jay. What do you say we go and checkout the computer board after dinner and have a look at their profiles?”

Jay seemed upset now as he replied. “Yeah. Sure. That sounds like an excellent idea.”

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