Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 03

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I had a most unusual set of relationships for the next eight weeks. I was dating Ally, doing similar things to what I’d done with her sisters up until that fateful Saturday night when The Discovery was made. I was also sleeping and making love with her sisters on a nightly basis. We proved to be an oversexed lot. I thought our sex would taper off as some of the NRE wore off, but if anything we got hornier and made love more often as we got more comfortable with each other and more spontaneous.

I had started to workout again, and after talking to my doctor I started to take some supplements that he thought would give me greater stamina and endurance in a sexual way. He laughed at my suggestions about Viagra or Cialis; he explained I didn’t have the problem of ED that they solved. Anyway, after a month on that regime, I was pleasing Fran and Sheila more frequently.

The triad did their second and third monthly reviews about how we were doing at living together. We had a few minor suggestions here and there, but most of the things that bugged us we were addressing on the spot rather than waiting for the monthly sit down. We invited Ally to be present for our third meeting so she could see how we were running the triad. She was impressed and told us so after we broke up to go to dinner.

By the end of the third month living with Fran and Sheila, I had also progressed quite far in getting to know Ally, both intellectually and physically. I had succumbed to one of her world-record breaking blowjobs, and Fran was right, Ally should be in porn. I tried to duplicate her feat in a return match when I displayed my cunnilingus skills over an entire evening in her apartment.

So it was at the end of October, when we prepared for our fourth monthly ‘How Goes It’ meeting, that I talked to Sheila and Fran ahead of time. We unanimously and enthusiastically agreed that Ally should join us.

We’d invited Ally to be with us again for the relationship review meeting, and we also planned a little stage play just for her benefit. Ally arrived right a five-thirty on Friday as planned, and we sat around in a circle in the living room. As before, I sort of emceed the meeting asking what we all liked about the past month or more of living together, and what we’d change.

Fran picked up her role nicely, “I want to address something that needs changing. I think you two fuck too much.” She pointed at Sheila and me. “Morning, noon, and night you always have your prick in her pussy – you’re like fucking rabbits. I know she’s a slut and loves cock, but why couldn’t you at least share some dick with me. Maybe I should just go trolling on the street to see what strange cock I could find and bring him back here to show you what you two look like. Or, maybe I should talk to that lesbian couple upstairs; maybe one of them will come down while you’re fucking and give me a few orgasms. One way or another though, things have got to change. I want my share of the orgasms around here.”

Sheila spat at her sister, “Who’re you calling a slut? You’d spread your legs for any two-bit tomboy that happened to walk by. I watched you do it in high school and college, and now you’re wanting to do it again. Now, who’s the slut? I was the goody-goody then so I deserve my share the cock being shared around this place. You have that huge collection of vibrators and dildos beside the bed, why don’t you shove a couple of those up your cunt and jill off, Miss Holier Than Thou?”

I acted to calm the waters (as agreed), “Please let’s not get into the argument about who’s getting more sex. I thought we agreed to be spontaneous about when and with whom we made love. When I’ve been ready, Sheila just happens to have been available. How about the two of you kiss and make up?”

I cast a sideways glance at Ally. Her mouth was hanging open at the lengthy diatribes each sister made about the other.

Sheila and Fran both stood up. Sheila said in a voice dripping with sarcasm, “You want orgasms, you’ve got orgasms.” She leaned forward and ripped the skirt off of Fran, and as Fran started to feign surprise also jerked her thong down her legs. As Fran tried to walk, the underwear impeded her stride; she fell backwards onto the sofa.

Sheila had shed her skirt too, and was naked from the waist down. She moved next to Fran, tossed one leg over Fran’s head and lowered her pussy to Fran’s mouth, and she brought her mouth to Fran’s cunt. The two started to munch on each other in a noisy but sexually satisfying way. The apparent anger of a moment ago had turned into an arousing sixty-nine.

Ally’s jaw was dragging on the floor she was so astounded by what had happened in less than two minutes.

I was rapping on the table, as a good moderator would do. “Ladies. Ladies. We have a meeting to conduct. Couldn’t you do that later?”

Fran’s voice rang out, “Oh, hell no, I’m almost there.” She paused and added, “Will you get undressed and bring me some cock. This time I get your cum.”

On that note, I stood and maraş escort started to peel off my shirt and slacks.

Ally stood and backed up almost all the way to the front door. I didn’t want her to leave.

As the last of my clothing hit the floor, I turned to Ally, “Well, get out of those clothes. You’re never going to fit into this foursome from today on, if you’re dressed all the time.”

The words took a moment to register. “Huh?” Some color came back in Ally’s cheeks, “Did you mean that?” She panted in anticipation of what she hoped would be the words she wanted to hear.

I went and held her, my cock poking her in the side. I kissed her tenderly. “Ally, we want you with us all the time. Please don’t leave from here on out. This is now your home … with us. We were just play acting to get your attention. We want you.”

Tears flowed down Ally’s cheeks and she clutched onto me for dear life. “OH GOD! I’m so glad.” She pulled away and looked at her sisters who were now sitting side by side on the sofa looking very pleased with themselves. Ally asked, “That was all an act, right?”

Fran and Sheila both nodded.

Ally laughed. “I actually believed that … and then it just seemed incredulous that you’d say those things that way to each other. I’ve heard you be mad, but never like that.”

Both rose and came to Ally. Each girl kissed Ally with a sense of love and passion.

Fran said, “Ally, you are a dear sister to us, and we want you to be more. We want you as a sister and as a lover. We want you to share in the joy we find with each other and the happiness we feel here in each other’s arms and in each other’s company.”

Sheila continued, “I second that. I have so wanted to hold you and make love to you in a physical way since we started to think about this group situation. I know that’ll be another leap for you, but all in good time. We love you dearly and I hope you’ll be part of our family.”

Ally was crying in joy. I had a few tears too. I hugged and kissed Ally, and then I started to laugh. I was naked. Fran and Sheila wore nothing from the waist down, and scant clothing on top.

I took Ally’s hand. “May I make love to you?”

“OH GOD, YES,” Ally practically shouted as she pushed deeper into my arms.

I winked at Fran and Sheila, and then led Ally to our bedroom. I removed her clothing in seconds, and after a modicum of foreplay I moved to really make love to her without hesitation, conditions, or reservations.

Neither of us lasted very long before our orgasms claimed our bodies. We lay together with me still inside her quim, kissing and cooing words of love at each other.

Fran’s naked body snuggled in behind me, and Sheila spooned in behind Ally. I smiled at Ally and asked, “I bet you never felt a woman’s breasts against your back, have you?”

Ally smiled back, “No, and it is something that will make this day so special the rest of my life.” She looked over her shoulder at Sheila; “Thank you. I love you.” She pulled one of Sheila’s hands across her body so it could cup one of her breasts. I watched and felt her writhe in joy.

Sheila slithered down the bed, and I then felt her hand remove my flaccid member from Ally’s pussy. Ally rolled onto her back, and Sheila started to feast on her pussy using both tongue and fingers. Fran left my side to join in the treats her sister offered. Ally started to moan, and after only a few minutes she came for the first time from sapphic attention to her sex.

Fran moved so she could kiss Ally, and the pair embraced, with Fran’s hands rubbing and pinching at Ally’s full breasts and nipples, as Sheila continued to lap and tongue her pussy.

Ally told Fran, “You taste of pussy. I guess of my pussy. That sort of grosses me out, but at the same time … my God, I’m so aroused that I never want any of you to stop making love to me.”

After inducing another orgasm, Sheila came up to also kiss Ally. Fran and Sheila surrounded her with love.

Ally asked, “Is Steve going to make love to you two tonight?”

Fran answered, “No, tonight is all about you and your pleasure. Consider it your initiation into our circle of love. After this, as we explained, we share as best we can. No one keeps score, except to say how they feel or express what they want from one of the others.”

Ally leaned up and kissed Fran. “Thank you, dear sister. This is so decadent. I love it. I love you guys – all of you.” She extended her arm past Fran to where I lay on the bed watching the trio.

I had been idly stroking myself as I watched the incestuous sapphic loving. I had hardened, so I offered my services.

Ally said, “Oh, please. Can I be on top this time? I want to watch you cum, and be able to watch whatever my sisters are doing.” She mounted me, and we slowly began the oscillations of our bodies that signaled our love and connection to each other.

Beside us, Fran and Sheila kissed and made out, their hands busy with mardin escort each other’s cunts. After a few minutes, the pair sixty-nined again, and we had a ringside seat as they brought pleasure to each other. I seen them before, so I knew they were putting on a sex show for the two of us, but I’d let Ally figure that out for herself.

After another round of orgasms, we went to dinner to celebrate our newest arrival. After dinner we came back home, I made love to Ally again as Fran and Sheila fucked each other with some of the toys. We then straightened out the bedding, turned out the light, and went to sleep. I held Ally in my arms. In the middle of the night, I slipped my cock into her quim again and slowly pumped another load into her about twenty minutes later, amid her groans and whispered words of love.

* * * * *

“Oh, come on, let’s do it. It’s only for one weekend. I’ll even pay for us all to go.” Fran tried to be very convincing.

‘It’ was a couples’ retreat about Conscious Relationships and Tantric Sex. I was skeptical about the value of an autumn weekend with daytimes spent in a hotel conference room out on Cape Cod. I had sort of thought about taking a late fall foliage drive with the girls out of the city towards the western mountains in the state or down to Mystic Seaport.

As a last ditch effort to not go, I said, “Well, we’re not a ‘couple,’ were a group or crowd or something else.”

Fran said, “I talked to Dee, the woman who runs part of the retreat, and I explained our relationships to her. She is very enthusiastic about our attending, particularly because it sends messages to the other attendees about getting out of their rut and doing something unusual like we do living and loving together.”

I got outvoted, so the following weekend, we braved Friday rush hour traffic and headed to the hotel on the Cape where we’d stay two nights. I probably would have gone anyway despite the vote. I worried that our relationships were too peaceful and sanguine, at least compared to those of the work colleagues I knew well enough to have a peek into their marriages or partnerships.

As a circle of four people, we were a pretty loving and affectionate group of people. One of us might get scolded by the others for forgetting to let them know they’d miss dinner, or telling us they were going to join up with friends on the spur of the moment. Other than that the four of us motored along, day by day, without discord. That state of affairs bothered me, partly because I recalled my parents constantly bickering.

We checked into the hotel where we had a single room with a king-size bed, just like home. We joined up with the group in a corner of the hotel’s dining room, spending a few minutes with introductions as we got a glass of wine. We shared a late dinner with the about twenty others attending the workshop, and also enjoyed an hour lecture on the presenter’s interpretation of Tantrism and Tantric sex. I got lost in some of the Indian or eastern religious terminology, but Dee and Roger, the workshop facilitators, then simplified and westernized the practice, explicitly adding in their own findings, experiments, and practices to what they taught. Despite being a little tired from work, I paid rapt attention, maybe because the topic was about sex and the topic was well and openly presented.

Repeatedly, Roger stressed the point about making multi-dimensional connections with your partner – mind, body, and spirit, at all levels of consciousness. He also talked about chakras and the flow of the body’s love energy between two lovers. Dee then talked about using yoga, meditation, and breathing to control our earth-bound bodies in the lovemaking process. They both stressed that we’d get deeper into these concepts the following day and Sunday morning.

I made love to my three partners back in the room, at least mentally devoting a portion of my thinking to our connections. After finishing, I did feel a greater closeness to each of them.

Saturday morning our class started with a stark meal of fruit and juices. We were purifying ourselves as part of the Tantric process. We then did some yoga, working with our partner, and then went through a guided meditation for twenty minutes. I paired with Sheila, and Fran and Ally worked together. After a short break, I had Ally, and after another break Fran. The others in the workshop studied us carefully as we interacted; I felt on display but not uncomfortable. There was good mojo in the room. We were all trying to learn how to improve our relationships and sexuality.

Roger then taught us about touch and gestures during the lovemaking, and Dee talked about using words and phrases to elevate each other’s thinking. She bluntly talked about what I call ‘dirty talk,’ and its place in the bedroom, encouraging its use. Roger then talked about the forces that act on us when we make love, teaching us how to use simple meditation and centering to purge the negative forces and vibrations mersin escort from our consciousness so we can focus on our loved one.

Dee taught us two forms of meditation, and I really got into each of them and felt myself transported to a higher plane or dimension of consciousness. She then talked specifically about consciousness, emphasizing that we use consciousness to manifest our reality. I found purity in the way she talked about the subject. Throughout all the talks we were doing short exercises together: touching, whispering to each other, or just being inside the other’s personal space.

After a purifying vegetarian lunch we broke into groups of men and women. Roger took the men to a breakout room. In that room he led us in meditation again, and then taught us how to control the way we have sex.

At first, I couldn’t believe what Roger promised: the ability to orgasm repeatedly without ejaculation, and thus end a lovemaking session; the ability to make love for indefinite periods of time; and the ability to deliver countless orgasms to one’s partner, even propelling her to a state of near constant bliss. He also talked about the female body and key erogenous zones we should understand, including the G-spot and A-spot.

For another hour, Roger led us through various exercises and taught us mindsets dealing with mind over matter – our conscious thought controlling our bodies to do exactly what we want them to do. I felt dramatically empowered when we rejoined the women back in the original conference room.

Dee and Roger explained to the overall group what had transpired in each group while we’d been apart. The women had been learning the importance of sexual union in a ritual context, about paired polarity, and of harmony during and around a divine joining of bodies. We did a few more exercises to emphasize certain parts of what had been covered.

At this point, Roger and Dee talked specifically about how to have intercourse. The discussion was not clinical, but it wasn’t bawdy either. They tried to pull much of what we’d talked about together in a coherent lesson. Many of us asked questions. They talked of erogenous zones again, this time having us touch and stimulate each other in class, at least for those zones that didn’t require significant under clothing stimulation. The more we did, the more the class members relaxed with each other.

We were then sent off to our rooms to make love with our partner. Of course, I had three partners to please so had the extra task of extending the workshop material to a group setting.

I got into the physical union with Fran to begin with. We used the techniques and felt the ebb and flow of energy between our bodies, and the closeness it brought to us. After I had brought Fran to a climax, Ally took her place and we repeated the techniques and rituals we’d been taught. I came to the edge of a climax repeatedly, but could back away from ejaculating just the way Roger taught.

After Ally climaxed, Sheila and I made love at a new level of union and consciousness. This time I allowed myself to climax in her body as she climaxed, as the final wave of ritual and union swept over both of us.

The four of us were a little late for dinner, and we all blushed when we caught up with the others. The reason for our delay had been obvious because of my extra workload.

The Saturday evening part of the workshop was spent going around the room as each couple commented or asked questions about the time they had spent together. I found it strangely erotic to know and hear about each couple making love, and then openly talking about their experiences with the workshop techniques.

Of course, when it came to the four of us everyone in the room leaned forward to hear what we would have to say. I commented on success in holding off my real climax to the end with Sheila, but how I didn’t feel any intervening orgasms. Several other men nodded indicating they were having a similar experience. Roger spoke about the techniques again, and how to re-experience the orgasm process within a short time.

Ally commented on the intensity of her orgasm, a truly peak experience for her. Several other women nodded in agreement. Fran had gotten a little lost in the ritual and lost sight several times of the union. Sheila talked of the metaphysical experience she’d had, mentioning an out of body experience at one point. Dee and Roger commented on each of their remarks.

We broke at nine-thirty and were urged to repeat our lovemaking before sleep. I liked that idea, and that’s exactly what we did.

Sunday morning, we did another round of yoga and meditation, followed by more questions and discussion. We learned a few new techniques, talked about the Kama Sutra, and flirting with other partners. Then to my surprise, Roger and Dee suggested that we join with someone in the group who we didn’t know and try some of the techniques.

People in the group were caught off guard with the idea, and I could see some of the other men and women bristling at the idea of open sex. Roger and Dee explained that each couple could go as far as they wanted, and that there were no preconceived limits or limitations on us. They suggested that we talk openly with our partners before we went off with a relative stranger.

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