Renter Pt. 04

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Lisa was enjoying the last couple of months with the new arrangement of having 4 sexually charged black men living in her house. They ranged in age from mid twenties to early fifties, all had large cocks, some thicker, some longer, but all big. One or two could last forever, others could cum and get hard again very quickly. She liked knowing that the cocks got hard for HER, and that she made them cum and that all their lust was for her and she was the reason for that lust. There was certainly no shortage of lust in the house. Every time she fucked someone, whoever was around would get hard and want to fuck her too. Eventually that would mean that all the guys would end up wherever she was, and all of them would take turns and would get hard again watching her get fucked. Her pussy was insatiable and was always wanting more cock. Well, more black cock. She never would have imagined sex could be this way and that she could be such a slut for black cock. She was even enjoying sex with Jason more too, which was a surprise.

Her husband, Jason, seemed to be adapting well, he was getting more sex from her than ever. She was worried that they weren’t spending enough alone time together, and offered to do date nights, but Jason insisted that he was enjoying the fact that Lisa was getting all her fantasies fulfilled. He figured that there was plenty of time for date nights, right now he was preferring the sex nights. He was getting one on one sex every morning, and then more sex at night and a whole lot more on weekends.

Lisa had to admit the sex nights were awesome! Actually she considered the sex nights were the weekend nights, the weekday nights were filled with sex, as were the mornings, but the weekend nights went most the night and it was with all the men. She had sex with each of the men about twice each day, mostly one on one in the morning, but usually with all of them at night. Now she and Jason were planning on a new house which would accommodate all them and the house design would have sex as the focus. They had a black architect who was familiar with the lifestyle and promised a design which would promote the lifestyle. Plus he knew a few all black construction companies to build the house.

Lisa was to meet with the Architect today, his name was Robert. Her and the men had all decided on a floor plan for the house already, Robert wanted to meet with her to find out a few detail s and help him decide which construction company he should select. She was to meet him downtown in his office late morning, after the guys had all left. All morning when she was with the each of the guys she couldn’t help but wonder what was in store for her that day. Her mind was racing with the possibilities, and even though she was completely distracted by the thoughts, she came as hard as ever for each of the guys.

She always ended the morning with Jerome, who worked a second shift and slept until she had had the others. She started each morning with her husband, Jason, then moved on to the cousins Jarvis and Marvin who tagged teamed her for a couple of hours each morning. After they had each cum twice (usually) she moved on to Garland, who had the biggest cock and lasted the longest. In fact it was Garland who was the impetuous for her current situation. Garland was her favorite, he had the biggest cock, lasted the longest and had the biggest load. Plus, and a big plus, he was the most attractive and had the most muscular body.

After Garland was done fucking her, she moved on to Jerome, who was the oldest and had the longest cock of the group. He always wanted sex that was more sensual and more intimate. Fucking always involved a lot of kissing, a lot of body contact and a lot of talk about how she was the best thing to ever happen to his big black cock. Once Jerome was done, she had been fucked for a couple of hours and had usually taken 7 loads. The first couple of weeks it was all she could handle, but now it was beginning to feel like it was just a warm up. She was getting more cock and cum each day than most woman got in a whole week or even a whole month

More sex was the reason they all were looking at building this house which they could all share, one that promoted and encouraged sexual activity.

She got to Robert’s kırşehir escort office and was invited in. Robert was a tall stately black man, shaved bald, with broad shoulders. She knew a little of his background, knew that he was a long time bull for many hot wives. He frequently commented that he was going to have her and once she had his cock it was going to introduce her to a reality of black cock that she had never known. She couldn’t imagine being more horny for black cock than she already was. She was tingling and wet already by the time she entered his office. Robert rose from behind his desk to greet her and gave her a warm lingering hug. She could feel his semi erect cock as he hugged her, it reached more than half way down his thigh.

Robert let her go and asked, “Lisa, you have just started your journey in the hot wife lifestyle, specifically a very special part of being a hot wife, and that is a hot wife for big black cock.”

He continued, “The further you take your journey, the more pleasurable it will be, but it also means the further you go, the less likely you will be to stop, ever. Before you continue your journey, I want to find out if you are willing to go to and stay at the next stage of your journey. In order to build this house, and have my name on the design, I need to know how dedicated you are.”

With that, he pushed her down into a chair and unzipped is pants. He proceeded to pull out the biggest semi erect cock she had ever seen.

Robert spoke again, “You are going to deep throat my cock until I cum, if you can’t deep throat my cock, we are done here. If you can, and take all my load down your throat, then you will take my entire cock in your pussy and I will fuck you until I cum. I expect you to orgasm each time you take my load, that is, when I pump my cum down your throat, I expect you to cum. When I pump your pussy full of my seed, I expect you to cum. You have to be able to take all of my cock and all of my cum. If you can do that you will have turned a corner, and there will be no going back. Once you have done what I ask, you will always be insatiably horny for big black cock, you will always cum from big black cock and you will always cum from making a big black cock cum.”

With that he moved his cock to her face. She grabbed his cock and with some difficulty, took his semi erect cock down her throat. She could feel it begin to stiffen, she wanted to prove to him that she handle him and show him how good she was. His cock started to swell and grow. It was getting to a size she had never handled before and she wasn’t sure she could do it. She started to freak out at the thought that this whole house thing might be over. She felt bad because she thought she really was experienced at pleasuring big black cock. She thought living with 4 bbcs and getting fucked by them every day proved she was ready for this new level of a black cock slut, she couldn’t imagine not being ready for it. She couldn’t guess what woman who were ready for it were like.

As if reading her thoughts, Robert commented, “Lisa, not every woman can do this, and not every woman is cut out for this lifestyle, if you really want this you will figure it out. It’s about letting your desires control your body, using your desire to make your body do things it normally can’t.”

She relaxed her mouth and throat, pulled his cock almost all the way out and got a breath of air. She sucked his cock head for a bit until he was throbbing hard. His enormous cock head filled her mouth and stretched her jaw wide open. She relaxed and took as much as she could only getting about half his huge cock in her. She imagined her nose pressing against him and his balls on her chin, she focused on what that would feel like as she tried once more, sliding his cock deeper and deeper down her throat eventually feeling his balls against her chin. She held his cock in her throat, marveling at her accomplishment.

She needed air and just before she slid him out, Robert grabbed her head and pressed his cock down her throat.

“There you go bitch, you are on your way, feel the length of my cock down your throat, think about the only thing you want to do is to make it shoot and fill your belly with cum” kocaeli escort He said

He let go of her head and she slid him out to get a breath of air. The second time down her throat was easier and she held him deep for a bit and then began to slowly slide him out and all the way in. It got easier and easier to take his huge cock down her throat and the more she slid his cock balls deep down her throat the wetter she got. Soon her clit was tingling so hard it was starting to distract her.

Seeing that she was taking his cock with ease, Robert grabbed her head and took control of the pace, slowly sliding his cock all the way in, holding it deep, then bumping it with short thrusts as her teeth pressed against his pubic bone. Every 30 seconds he pulled out so she could get air. He started to pick up his pace sliding all the way in and almost all the way out in regular strokes. Lisa was clearly turned on as she started moaning the entire time, she grabbed his ass and pulled him in at the end of each thrust. She began to feel like she just couldn’t get enough of his cock. She knew for a fact she was at her limit for size, she just felt she couldn’t get enough contact with his cock. She felt like she wanted to absorb his cock into her whole being and have it there forever.

“That’s it bitch, take my black nigger dick down your throat. I could tell you were meant for this cock, I knew it the first time I saw you that my cock would be resting all the way down your throat. Soon you feel it pump a load of black seed in you.”

Lisa moaned as she sucked hard on his cock head to get a good taste of pre-cum. The taste and feel of it on her tongue made her groan in anticipation of what was to come.

“You are a good cock sucker! I was hoping that was the case, I want this cock to bring you further on your journey, just cum for me as I shoot my load, then we will fuck.” He exclaimed

All Lisa wanted was to feel him shoot his load, she was so horny, she desperately wanted to feel his cock start to spasm. She grabbed his balls with her left hand and began foundling their huge size. They were so big and she couldn’t wait to take what they had stored in them. The thought of Robert’s balls emptying themselves in her almost made her cum, she felt she was on the edge and was confident that she would pass the first part of Robert’s requirements. She felt Robert’s cock swell and get even harder, she knew he was ready.

Robert cried out “AH YES! You fucking slut! Take my load! Take it! AHHHHHHHHHHH!”

With that his cock started to spasm as he pressed his cock deep. Lisa felt his cock spasm and her own orgasm started. She came as he shot spurt after spurt of cum down her throat, his balls emptying their enormous volume of cum in her.

She had never cum from just sucking cock, she was always turned on by it, but never thought she could cum that way. She felt different somehow, almost like Robert’s cock had some kind of power over her. She loved the fact that she came just by giving him pleasure, knowing that she made him cum and that he expected her to make him cum.

Robert pulled his cock out, turned her around and lifted her skirt. His cock still 3/4 hard, he grabbed the base of it to make it hard enough to stuff its way into her aching pussy. As he slid his cock into her, she felt that that too was different. As he began to fuck her his cock got fully hard again. This is what she loved, she always felt her pussy could never get enough fucking, but again, this felt different. It felt like this is what she was supposed to do. Robert was touching something deep in her, something physical, something mental and something emotional all at the same time. She had this feeling of completeness, and with that feeling she began to orgasm.

Robert said, “That’s it baby, that’s it. Once I cum this way, you will be a changed woman. You think you liked fucking big black cock before, things are about to become much different for you!”

Robert began fucking her in earnest with a quick pace, burying his cock deep in her. Each thrust touched those deep places of her entire being. She became lost in the feeling of his huge cock sliding in and out of her. After what must have been a 1/2 hour, konya escort Robert turned her over, raised her legs and smacked her opening with his enormous cock head. She watched his cock head smack her and marveled at his size and the beauty of his manhood. She swiveled her hips, aching to have him back inside her. Robert kept teasing her until she thought she would actually cry from the desire she had for his cock, the desire she had to be filled by him.

Robert thrust his cock inside her and her body stiffened as another orgasm racked her body. Robert began to pound his cock in and out of her, fucking her relentlessly.

“There you go bitch! You will NEVER get used to this because you are about to have a constant ache for big black dick. Your life is going to be about fucking and making black dick cum. Is that what you want? I need to hear that is what you want!” he cried.

Lisa shouted, “YES! YES! That is what I want! Give me your cum! Please, please cum in me and make me cum again!”

Robert began to stiffen as his cock began pumping another load into her. As soon as she felt his cock spasm, another orgasm took control of her body. Robert held his cock deep inside her as he continued emptying his balls. Each of his spurts squirting out of her since she was so filled with his cock. He was pleased that she had cum and was now on the next stage of her journey. Lisa knew something had changed in her, she felt things were different, almost like the world had changed and she was seeing it for the first time.

Robert pulled out, leaving an aching emptiness in Lisa, she was already missing the feeling of his cock.

“Lisa, that was very good. Very good! Now this is the first day of the rest of your life. We have work to do now and we have a house to build. Your job today is to help me select which company is going to build your house. The crew needs to put all of their sexual energy into this construction and to do that, they need to work together to focus all that energy. Your job is to figure out which crew has the right energy to match you, so you are going to meet with each crew and decide which one you like best. Since time is short we need to make a decision today. I have all three crews waiting to meet you. I have scheduled each crew to meet with you for 2 hours. There will be no breaks.” He said.

Robert continued, “Once we have selected the crew, your job then will be about managing and focusing their sexual energy. You will need to go to the build site each Monday morning and start the crew’s week by fucking all of them. Then you will end the week again by having all of them fuck you again. This will keep them horny and create a level of sexual energy to go into your house. The more sexual energy you create, the better the results for your new house. The goal for your house is for it to be a sexual haven, a way and means to make your lives about sex and create your own sexual energy to fill all of your lives. Lisa worried that her new self was going to take the crew away from completing the house, as she desperately wanted this house built.

She asked, “Is it possible to have two crews build the house? One crew to create sexual energy and one to work while we create sexual energy?” She continued, “I think I should be out there every day, but I don’t want it to delay building the house!”

Robert smiled, it was plain that she had turned a corner and he really liked what he was hearing.

He said, “Lisa, what you just said demonstrates your commitment to this lifestyle, and I think it is an excellent way to add the most sexual energy to make this house a success! Two crews is going to double the labor cost, but I think the investment will be worth it. You will have to be out there each day and each day one of the crews will gang bang you at the build site while the other crew works. Be aware that if this is what you want, you will be satisfying a crew of 8 to 10 guys each day every day for the entire work day, and remember you still have duties to perform each morning and evening at home.

Lisa smiled and glowed inwardly, knowing it would be no problem for her new self, in fact her new self couldn’t wait to get started.

Lisa spoke, “Since this is about sexual energy, it only makes sense to have my men at the work site throughout the week so they add their sexual energy too.” Robert thought that was an excellent idea and mentioned that she should do whatever seemed best.

Lisa got dressed and anticipated the remainder of the day which was the start of the rest of her life.

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