Sabrina sat at her desk marking papers when Joel, opened the door and leant up against it waiting patiently for her to look up. When she finally gazed over she saw him holding a long stem, red rose up to his nose. She could tell by the way he stared at her from behind the rose, with those piercing blue eyes of his, exactly what he had come for.

Joel had finished work early to surprise her for a little afternoon delight, and she pushed back her chair to get up to meet him at the door. He smiled at her approach, and lightly touched her nose with the tip of the fragrant, velvety petals when she was within reach.

‘Why didn’t you call first? I’m very busy.’ Sabrina sighed, as she took him by the hand, and led him inside the door. It closed behind them with a soft click as they walked back over to her cluttered desk. She wrapped her arms around his neck standing on her tiptoes to kiss his lips softly; the way she usually greeted him.

He groaned, encircling her in his embrace with his strong masculine arms. Pressing his body against hers, he kissed her with fervent passion, causing every hair on the back on her neck to stand on end. She pulled away to catch her breath, and gazed up into his eyes before dropping her arms from around his neck. His kisses left her feeling energized, and she hungered for much more.

‘I wanted to surprise my girl,’ he grinned, and gripped the fragrant long stem rose between his teeth. She smiled as he slid her cream, angora-wool cardigan off her slender shoulders. The item of clothing fell to the floor, exposing her flawless white-skin, and heaving bosom concealed beneath a pale blue, A-line dress.

While he used the rose petals to lightly caress her naked shoulders, she reached up to release her hair from its ponytail, letting it fall in soft waves about her shoulders, and he sat back on the edge of her desk. He placed the long stem rose beside him before she stepped closer. Eyeing him like a predator, which could pounce at any moment, she ran her hands under his suit coat, over his chest, and up to his shoulders. She slipped it off his broad shoulders, making it fall behind him in a crumpled heap on the desk.

He drew her between his open legs as she entwined her fingers through his thin, black-necktie where she pulled it apart, before she slowly dragged it from around his neck. His bold hands roved appreciatively over her shoulders, and down her arms as next she unbuttoned his white-collared business shirt. Pulling it out of his trousers, he took a deep breath as she hungrily gazed down at his belt, making him smile.

She leant down to kiss his mouth, and unbuckled his belt, while he wrapped his hands around her back to find the zip of her dress. She ran her fingers slowly along the zipper of his trousers, while he also performed the same task for her by unzipping her dress.

Her dress fell to the floor exposing her soft, luscious breasts. He reached for the long-stem rose one more time before tracing the delicate petals over her erect nipples, while she tugged at his trousers; pulling them down around his ankles.

She knows what he wants. She can see his hard cock poking up beneath his underwear. Sabrina hungrily reached for the waistband of his pants. Joel dropped the rose to slowly tug at her black lace panties. She can’t wait to free his love rod from is pants.

Sabrina kicked off her shoes to get comfortable, but Joel whispered hotly in her ear to put them back on. She wriggled her polished toes back inside the pale blue, satin, high-heel shoes while standing completely naked in front of him. He noticed the hot blush colour her cheeks before he urgently pulled her into his embrace, locking lips with her.

Kissing her passionately, and running his fingers through her hair, he stood up from the edge of her desk to step out of his pants that were dangling around his ankles. She caressed his chest with her soft hands to slide his shirt from his broad shoulders, and his moaning kisses sent a shudder through her soul.

She stood so close to his body that she could feel his engorged, throbbing cock, rubbing against the soft inner part of her thigh.

‘Joel, I want you inside me,’ she whispered passionately in his ear, as his kisses move down the side of her neck.

After his shirt fell to the floor, he casually twisted around to clear her desk with one sweeping motion of his hand, sending all the paperwork flying across the room. Joel took her hands in his, stretching her arms high above her head, and he turned her around to face the desk.

Joel stood behind her with a deft touch, so light, that she thought she had imagined it. He slowly ran his fingertips from her wrists down her forearms, and under the pit of her arm. Sabrina shivered with delight as he continued seducing her supple body in his skilled hands by tracing the edge of both her breasts. She gasped out of sheer delight as his hands proceeded to glide further down her body to her voluptuous hips before pausing to squeeze her soft bum. He spread apart bursa yabancı escort her tight cheeks to lightly kiss the top of her crack, and she shivered; tilting her hips further up in the air. Her perfectly shaved pussy glistened with her sweet juices, dripping from the folds of her smooth lips.

Joel grinned as he teased her pussy by running his fingers through her juices to feel how wet she was. His fingertips retained her musky smelling scent while he ran them down her quivering thighs, and back up to her hips. His mouth briefly lingered below her soft, plump, fleshy bum to playfully nip at her arse cheeks with his teeth. Sabrina jumped at the unexpected sensation of his teeth grazing beneath her left bum cheek, before his hot tongue licked, and flicked its way down behind her ticklish, creamy white thighs.

‘Oh God! Joel,’ she exclaimed feeling the goose bumps pop up across her skin, and her stomach tightened as she groaned, ‘…Mmm yesss!’

Joel nudged her legs apart with his knees, forcing her to spread her legs wider. He stood up pressing his fleshy organ against her thigh so that she could feel, not only how hard his throbbing cock was, but also how sticky and wet his head had become.

Sabrina panted breathlessly with delight knowing he would enter her at any moment. Every touch of his made the sultry desire from the woman within her come alive. His hands slid across her hips to the front of her belly, and dipped down to sensually explore her mound.

Joel’s fingers brushed her delicate feminine sheath, and he began softly stroking her.

Sabrina pushed her body down on his fingers, rocking her hips while he gently parted her outer lips with his fingers. She was hoping for any kind of penetration to ease her dizzying, gut-wrenching, pussy-pounding frustration but instead, he briefly stroked – but did not linger at her engorged clitoris. His hands roved around to her back, and she could feel him gently pushing her body forward as he bent her over the desk.

‘You’re nice and wet for me now, aren’t you baby?’ Sabrina heard his hoarse, sexy, gruff voice hot against her back, as their sweating bodies erotically rubbed skin to skin. Sabrina was so turned on by his soft, sensual touch, teasing her for all this time, and exciting her to the point of insanity that she now begged him to enter and slam her dripping cunt hard. Standing on her toes with her soft bum arched high off the desk, the perfect invitation for his velvety rod to dive inside, she moaned as her knees trembled. He kept delaying the inevitable, taking pleasure listening to each and every frustrated moaning groan from her luscious, parted lips. Joel took his time to fondle and grope her full, fleshy breasts as he kissed up her spine to her neck.

Sabrina felt as though she would explode from all the built up sexual tension he caused to build within her. She reached out to grab a hold of the edge of the desk as his large masculine hands firmly griped her hips. With his own breathing becoming laboured, he grasped his purple-headed, throbbing-shaft in one hand to probe and poke her pussy a little more. Joel gently teased her by coating her snatch with the copious amounts of pre-cum leaking from his organ. The denial exciting him to the point where he knew his final release would be an explosion of mind blowing, mammoth proportion.

Sabrina pushed her quivering arse against his body by rolling her hips in the hope he would slide into her tight pussy right at this moment. She felt so utterly open, exposed, throbbing for him, wanting to be stuffed tightly by his meat. She is so consumed thinking about the expected moment of his entry, that when he suddenly thrusts inside her, she lets out a loud gasp of suprised delight.

Joel tilts his hips to thrust deeply inside her gaping wet snatch, completely sliding all the way in her; the way a sword glides snugly inside a sheath. He listens to her groan with pleasure screwing her hips onto his cock feeling her powerful vaginal wall clamp around him tightly as his thighs bang against the back of her own as he thrusts harder over and over again. She could feel him probing her smooth ridged pleasure palace walls, and then he changed his angle of penetration. His grin widened, hearing her sighs and breathless pants begging him to perform harder, faster and deeper.

She arches her back, tilting her pelvis trying to push him deeper inside her at an altered angle to hit her gem, the crown jewel, her girlie spot, and she screams with delight as he hits the jackpot.

‘Oh God! Yes!’ Sabrina gasped, grinding down on Joel’s cock, while he keeps up the powerful thrusting in and out of her, until finally while holding her hips still so that she can’t move, he shudders inside her to expel his seed, grunting and groaning like a wild man. Her pussy mercilessly grips his cock to keep him deep inside her.

‘Fuck! Yes Sabrina!’ Joel cried out engulfed by ecstasy, as his eruption continued coating her inner walls with bursa sınırsız escort his warm, sticky cum. Their pleasurable grunts, groans, sighs, and cries of passion, echoed their herald of joy throughout the classroom. Sabrina felt every hot explosion shoot inside her trembling pussy, and panted breathlessly coming down from her own intense orgasm. Exhausted from the exertion of his delayed eruption, Joel collapsed onto her sweaty back to hold her until their quaking bodies returned to normal.

He tenderly kissed her shoulder while still laying on top of her for a moment in the afterglow of their passionate lovemaking; she could still feel him planted deeply inside her, and wondered wether he was truly spent or if he was simply playing with her.

She tried raising her chest from her desk with his warm weight on top of her, and he slowly shifted his weight to the side of her. He dreamily stroked her back with his hands as he very softly kissed her neck. As much as she enjoyed having him stuffed so deeply inside her, the shear size of his cock was beginning to hurt, and she squirmed, trying to get comfortable on it.

‘Shh,’ he whispered hotly against her ear. ‘Don’t move just yet,’ and he nuzzled her neck with his lips; the way a horse does when looking for a sugar cube in the palm of your hand. Sabrina giggled as his lips tickled her with his kiss before he reached down to yank his love lizard out of her. The expulsion of his meat causes some of their mixed juices to dribble down her thighs, and she can feel it running down her legs.

Her smooth long legs, perfectly shaped with the aid of her heels, accentuate the small of her back where her bum had a habit of sticking out, and the mere sight of her stirs his desire to be encased my her fertile feminine centre once again. When she turned around to face him, she gazed down to see he was still quite hard, and knew he wanted some more too.

Lustfully reaching out for him, she laced her fingers around the back of his neck to pull him to her mouth. She kissed him passionately, as though she had found a renewed urgency to have him on top of her, inside her, and he lovingly took her in his arms to lower her back onto the desk. Kissing her mouth so deeply, their tongues colliding to dance across each other so that he can almost taste what she had for lunch that day and his strong, bold yet surprisingly gentle hands, raise her legs around his waist.

Lying there on her back as he coupled his body to hers once more; she could still feel his slippery cum dribbled down between her bum cheeks to squelch and excite her. He slid inside her briefly, before pulling out to tease her, and her pussy is still throbbing with wanton fire from being fucked long and hard. Sabrina clutches at his back digging in her fingernails as they continue passionately sucking each other’s lips off.

He effortlessly penetrates her gaping raw pussy, as she crosses her feet behind his back to tilt her hips and grind him balls deep. His powerful thrusting motion sends choking explosions through her entire body, causing her head to tilt back. He ploughs sure, firm, deep strokes into her, but this time he can enjoy watching the look of delightful strain on her pretty face mingled with a hint of pain when she groans and moans while he pushes her toward another climax.

Suddenly the door flies open and he looks up….

Startled by the sound, Joel forcefully jerks inside Sabrina, causing her to let out a small squeal of delight. He tried to focus on the figure at the door as he kept thrusting inside his bombshell beauty, only to see a reflection of his lover standing in the doorway. Joel closed his eyes tightly while shaking his head to clear his vision, but when he opens them, the image has not changed.

The woman standing in the doorway looks just like his lover who he was at present buried balls deep inside. When the other woman closes the door, she locks it behind her, and pulls down the shade. As she casually strolls over to the lovers deeply engaged in their passionate union, she begins removing her librarian, black-rimmed glasses, and casually tossing them to the floor. She tears apart her blouse revealing a white, see-through, lace bra before she unzips her short skirt and it falls to the floor.

He can’t take his eyes off this woman as he continues pumping his lover full of his pearly white cum, and he realises the other woman isn’t wearing panties. She unclips her bra from the back, freeing her large round breasts just like the ones under his hands that belong to Sabrina. He keeps squeezing, kneading, and rubbing her breasts while thrusting his hips, digging deeper inside his lover causing her to sigh, groan, and pant as he pushes her to yet another dizzying climax.

Beneath him his lover’s throaty groans distract him from the naked siren that had just walked into the room.

‘Oh fuck yes!’ Sabrina moaned, and Joel’s eyes roll into his head with blinding ecstasy, giving his lover more hot görükle escort injections of his love juice. Distracted by Sabrina’s vibrating moans, Joel doesn’t notice the other woman standing at his back, and uncrosses, Sabrina’s feet. This mesmerizing siren at his back is completely naked wearing only a pair of plain black, high-heal shoes.

She squats behind him at his feet pressing her hot, pouting lips lightly behind his knees to kiss his hairy flesh. She sensually runs her manicured fingertips up the back of his legs as she slowly kisses, and mouths her way to his muscular bum. She slips her hand between his legs to caress his balls, kissing his arse as he thrusts in and out of Sabrina’s slippery pussy.

He groans with delight as the siren standing behind him presses her body against his, feeling his rock hard buns against the short prickly hair of her wet pussy. She rests her head on his back while her hands slide around the front of his chest. Her soft fingers pass across his ribs to thumb his nipples while she rubs her full round breasts in a sensual figure eight, writhing against his sweaty back.

She kisses up his spine and out across his shoulders while running her fingertips up the back of his neck, and through his hair. Every touch this siren employs on his body heightens his desire to continue fucking, Sabrina, harder and harder under him. He turns his head to the side to come face to face with the strange vixen that grins wickedly at him. She speaks for the first time, and he hears the same familiar tone in her voice; the low, sexy, and a little hoarse with desire tone — the same that Sabrina uses.

‘You’ve been a bad boy fucking with the teacher. You’d better come to the principal’s office,’ her voice trailed off as she traced his lips with her fingertip. She seductively stared him in the eye before she took a hold of his hand. Joel was still pumping away inside Sabrina, and he couldn’t decide where to look.

Joel’s slamming trusting vibrations rocket through Sabrina, causing her to moan in exquisite, excited delight, and she blissfully closes her eyes to listen to his grunting climactic exertions.

The siren takes Joel’s hand, and holds it firmly down at her slippery pussy. His fingers slide along her slit, parting the outer lips of her mound to stroke at and dip into her throbbing flower. He was curious to know wether or not, her sweet nectar would be flowing as freely as Sabrina’s tight cunt did. He groaned as Sabrina, clamped her pussy around his cock while he firmly stroked the siren’s clit; his fingers periodically slipping inside her tight wet pussy, causing her to throw her head back exposing her long white-neck, and she joins in with the harmonious moans and groans of the two lovers.

He desperately wants to know what she’d be like to fuck as he swallows hard trying to keep focused while having an orgasm of his own. He pulls his fingers out of the siren’s pussy only to have her grab his hand firmly, placing them in her mouth. Joel can immediately feel the strong suction of her lips around his fingers, as she tastes her own juices, and sucks his fingers clean. Her magical, long, firm tongue caresses them one by one, and he imagines what it would be like if she were to go down on him.

He slips his dripping cock out of Sabrina’s stretched cunt, and he turns to face the siren. She glances up at him, and knowingly gets to her knees while, Sabrina, wraps her hands around his chest, pulling him back to rest against her ample heaving breasts. The siren wears a lewd smile as she wraps her fingers around his dripping-wet cock, and lightly begins stroking him.

She squeezed just below the purple head of his knob, rubbing her fingertips through the silky lubricating juices from his lover that had been left behind on its velvety skin. She squelches the mixture of cum as her palm pulses with every squeeze on his cock, gliding her slippery hand up and over the eye of his juicy hardened cock. She brings her head closer to his throbbing member before her breath, ever so hot against his skin, sends a shiver up his spine, and then plunges it into her mouth. She sucks with such a gentle yet firm force while flicking her tongue across the top of his mushroom-shaped head.

Joel groaned with delight as she swirled her tongue just under the popping winged head, and carefully grazed her teeth up the sides of his shaft. His sensitive male gland contained in a vice-like pleasurable overloaded grip within her warm, wet mouth, sent shimmying spasms up through his abs as though he would die from the full body sensory stimulation.

While the siren continued to go down on him, drinking in the scent of his body, and that of his lover from the juices coating his balls, Sabrina lovingly supports him in her arms, and using long strokes with her fingertips, caresses his chest to playfully tweak at his hardened nipples.

Sabrina’s full round breasts jiggled almost on top of his head, from the transferred rocking his body was doing into the siren’s mouth. Overcome with desire, Joel reached up to fondle both of Sabrina’s breasts in his hands, nestling his head between them. Taking delight in the soft, fleshy, mammary jugs flanking the sides of his face, he turned his head to the left to mouth at her luscious, erect pink nipple that was just begging to be drawn into his mouth.

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