Naughty Niece Naughty Niece


Playtime by The Pool

“Oh, G.C.. It gives me such pleasure to see you happy.”

“Jenny, it makes me happy that I can give you pleasure.”

“Well, with your tongue licking my pussy so incredibly, you don’t leave me any other course.”

As I looked up from between my nieces’ thighs I couldn’t argue with this logic. It was another beautiful day in the neighborhood and my niece was doing what she does best. Making her uncle come.

It had all started with my cell phone chirping four months ago. It seems my brother-in-law was getting posted immediately overseas for a top position to the US legation in Moscow. My younger sister would be leaving within a few weeks to join him but there was a Jenny problem. It was her second year at Orange County Community College and what with classes etc and all her friends etc. they didn’t want to totally disrupt her whole life. Would I take her in until graduation in June? She’s the only child of my only sister so how could I say no?

I am unattached and happily so. I have a contrarian streak and if someone says, “Jump” I do NOT answer how high. I might say what about walking or how about not jumping today or how about you jump in the lake!

For this reason I have my own one man company developing my own inventions. A one person inventor’s fund. And consequently, in a perfect position to be ‘Uncle’.

Well, I helped my sister as much as possible with her move. (Try moving to Moscow in two weeks and the things you never think about twice are suddenly very large) The State Department was going to pay the mortgage etc. but every thing else had to be shut down, closed up, shut off and otherwise handled.

Two weeks on and I was driving to LAX with my sister as she had her last person-to-person with Jenny. The usual be goods and be carefuls and study hards and listen to your uncle and here’s the numbers and a thousand other airport departing clichés.

We got my sister on the plane and as it was Saturday and no school I asked Jenny what she wanted to do. She replied that she was going to the movies later with two of her girlfriends so back to my house was fine.

My house. This was going to be tricky. I built a one level with pool and workshop and the usual amenities. Large library and media room. Medium sized kitchen and bedroom. Large bathroom with tub and shower and Jacuzzi. But the only guest room shared this bathroom. There was a toilet and vanity separated by a second door, but still. I only have one sister so who was going to stay over? Besides, out of towners wanted to be near the beach. Which is where I sent them if they showed up at the front door with a sad story and a suitcase.

So. Jenny and a common bathroom. Did I tell you what my niece looks like? No less an august publication than Sand and Surf named Jenny and the two future moviegoers as Hermosa Beaches’ #s 1, 2 and 3 in their poll of readers. The classic beach look. Blonde, tanned and curvy. More particularly, Jenny is 5′ 8″ with shoulder length hair and blue eyes. A lovely body, 34 C (I’ve checked), and the snarkey sense of humor that runs in our family. Did I tell you about the bathroom?

“Uncle Graham?”

“Yes, sweetheart?”

“Anne and Carlie are going to come over for a swim before we go out to dinner and the movie. I want to show them the house. O.K.?”

“Sure. I’ll be in the workshop any way.”

Numbers 1, 2 and 3 at my house. In my pool. In bikinis. This was going to make working on a new prototype of a cash register drawer interesting. While I’m working on gears and pulleys, three girls were having each and every inch of their epidermis caressed by my water. Concentrate, concentrate.

I was trying to work on a particular aspect of the opening protocol of the drawer when……

There was a knock on the door from the pool deck to the shop and Jenny poked her head in.

‘Uncle Graham, I want you to come and meet my friends.”

I walk out to the pool and see across the way heaven-in-a-two-piece. Anne and Carlie were twenty car pile-up gorgeous. As Jenny introduced me to them, I could tell they were some weird combination of shy, nervous, excited, happy?

“I’m glad to meet you. I hope you all can help Jenny the rest of the year while her parents are away. I’m just her bachelor uncle and don’t know all the ways around her school and everything.”

The three of them giggled and bounced on their toes, glanced at each other and generally did the ‘Aw shucks’ routine. Something was going on but I didn’t have a clue.

“Glad to meet you. Feel at home. Fridge, sodas etc. There’s a music system over by the pool house. iPod ready. Just dock it and hit ?.”

I walked back across the deck and went back into the shop but not before looking over my shoulder for a quick second. I shuddered.

Next morning. I’m taking a shower and trying to remember who poisoned my Absolute. Oh yea. I guess I was over served while watching Liverpool vs. Wolverhampton last night. Trying so hard not to think about pools and water and skin. Trying not to think of elephants. You know how that works.

I’m bursa escort bayan a little groggy while toweling off when Mr. Happy wakes up too. One thing leads to another and I’m sitting on the Jacuzzi deck flipping through my girlie mags. Now let me just state right here that I am unattached, not unconscious. I have FWBs too, but my right hand never asked me to buy a $450 pair of shoes! Or buy $1000 plane tickets for a second cousin twice removed out of town across the country five-day wedding!

Mr. Happy is getting happier by the second when I hear something in the half bath leading to Jenny’s room. The door opens just before I ‘m able to put the towel to good use.

“Sorry. I was just going to take a shower. I’m so used to having my own bathroom and everything.”

“Yea. We’ll have to work out some signal. Like on a plane. You know, Occupado. I’ll be done in a minute Sweetheart.”

This was going to be more difficult than I thought.

Well, it’s Sunday and all. The NYT and a strong cup of coffee and a nice English muffin. Ah, lovely. Meanwhile, I am going to have to change some of the basics at 2235 Hubbard Ave. No more smoking in the house (sue me). Mr. Happy can only visit when Jenny is at school. And general ship shaping up.

I also decided to redo Jenny’s room. New sheets etc. A new TV and a new desk and bookshelf. A new wireless printer/copier for her Mac Book. A new wireless upgrade for the house as a whole. (And you lot thought I was a cheap bastard. I’m not constitutionally opposed to expenditures.)

A whirlwind of stores and parking lots and malls later, we were well on the way to redoing her room. Some things would be shipped later in the week so it was going to be a project. It gave some Jenny to her own room and gave her some things to keep her busy to ease the transition.

“Jenny, what do you want to do for dinner?”

“I don’t know. How about you?”

“Well, we could do Italian. A place over on Escondido does great eggplant Parm. And they deliver too, so no hassle. With their house salad.”

“Could Anne and Carlie come for dinner too?”

Right. I’m going to say no?

“Sure. It’s six o’clock now. I’ll call for delivery at eight.”

There is a breezeway that leads from the driveway to the pool so I didn’t see Anne and Carlie arrive. It was getting dark and the lights over the deck are muted for the neighbor’s sake. I’m drinking some red and watching the EPL and all is right with the world. Through the window behind my chair I could look out at the pool. I see three shadowy figures and a lot of leaning in to whisper in ears and looks at the house and standing up to walk around and come back to whisper again.

Delivery is approaching so I get up to set the table and generally put on my feast provider hat. The food arrives. I call out the window to “Let’s eat.” The screen slides open and in walks Jenny, followed by Anne and Carlie. It’s going to be hard to chew my eggplant Parm because my jaw dropped open ten inches.

All are in shorts and Ts but I think the bra store was closed. If there was a dime sitting on top of any of the six breasts in the house I could have told you which side was up. I wondered how respiration was possible.

We sit down to eat and I am eyeballing my plate to keep from crying. I make sure that when I look up to return pleasantries, as this torture session progresses, that my gaze is an uninterrupted path from plate to face with no stops along the way to admire the scenery.

Dinner is eaten, though I would be hard pressed to tell you what I ate. I know what it was but my taste buds had been overridden by my dick. I gulp red wine and try not to act too much like a total moron. I think I get away with it as no one tells me I’m drooling.

After what seems like a few geological eras, maybe just the Cretaceous, we finish and everyone gets up. Everyone but me. I’m going to need a minute to ‘relax’. Everyone is bustling about. Filling the dishwasher, putting things away. Cleaning up. I sit there smiling.

Finally, the girls finish and go back out to the pool while I stumble back to my library. I fix a drink and fall into my chair. The TV is on to God knows what while I try to compose. Over my shoulder the conspiracy continues. Whispers and looks. Jenny gets up and comes into the house. I hear her coming down the hall. She walks into the library.


“What’s up Jen?”

“We’ve always been able to talk about anything, right?”


“Mom said you and her were like the Three Musketeers, only two. She said that she never felt as close to someone until Dad. The two of you against the world. Mom said you guys talked about everything, no secrets.”

“That’s right Jenny. No secrets.”

” No secrets and I want to make you happy now that I’m with you.”

” Thank you Jenny. I’ll always try to make you happy.”

“O.K. then. Now I’m going to make you happy. I know you don’t have a girlfriend or anything. I also saw what you were doing this morning.”

This is where I turn red and blue and purple.

“Don’t be ashamed.”

Jenny görükle escort then called out the window to Anne and Carlie.

“Come in the house. It’s down the hall from the kitchen.”

What the fuck? She wants her friends to see me squirming. A thousand feelings ran in my head. Anne and Carlie walk in smiling and holding hands.

“Anne and Carlie want to tell you something.”

Anne spoke first.

“Uncle Graham? Can I call you Uncle Graham? Mr. Collins is too formal for an uncle of Jens’. We tell each other everything and we, Carlie and I, have always thought that you were an UILF.”

I look at Jenny with a “Wha…”

“Uncle I’d Like to Fuck.”

I would not have been more shocked if Ed McMahon had risen from the grave and presented me with a check for Ten Million Dollars!

Anne walked toward my chair while she lifted her T-shirt over her head and tossed it aside. She was massaging her tits as she stood in front of me. Licking her fingers and then squeezing her nipples between her thumb and forefinger, pulling up one nipple, then the other. Letting one, then the other drop back. She put her hands on the chair back so she could raise her right leg to place it on the arm. Her breasts were in my face and I tried to look cool as she adjusted her position. She lifted her left leg in turn so that her legs were folded up and pressing into my sides. ( Note to self. Congratulate yourself in the morning for buying a VERY sturdy leather lowback club model.) Her breasts now seemed to need some kind of assistance. As Anne held my shoulders I gently, almost hesitatingly, touched her breasts. Anne pushed her chest forward asking for a little more horsepower. I increased the pressure and rubbed my palms around her nipples and areola. I pressed her breasts together so I could lick the nipples in turn. Nipping with my teeth. Sucking them whole into my mouth. She was breathing more rapidly and as I rubbed and sucked I could hear her heart thumping away. She threw her hair back and pushed into me harder, demanding. Her breasts, at least 34D, were now covered in my saliva as I sucked on her nipples like a South Seas grouper fish.

Mean while, back at the Ranch. What are Jen and Carlie doing as Anne is rearranging my back molars? My niece and Carlie are standing off to my left side holding each other around the waist, watching and smiling. Smiling. Like watching a puppy get a bath. My cock is so hard a cat couldn’t scratch it and they’re smiling. O.K. Anne, I’m back.

Anne is now mashing my face into her tits and moaning. Rubbing her pussy into my chest and bucking like a Fort Worth bronco. I am so occupied that all I can do is hang on. I shake my head to clear my cock and know it’s time that I take over this rodeo. I tell her to stand up and take her shorts off. She flicks them into the corner and faces me. I pull down her panties and I lift my right hand to cup her pussy and run my middle finger along the crease. She is so wet that my hand can hardly hold on. I push my finger into her pussy and she whimpers and pushes back. She wants my finger to go further. I tell her to turn around and sit on my lap and put her legs over the arms of the chair. I start to plunge my right hand into her pussy while holding onto her stomach with my left hand.

“Oh! Oh! Don’t stop! I want your hand! Let me come! Make me come!!

“I’ll make you come Annie. Hold on. Hold on!”

I’ve now got three fingers in her pussy while my thumb is banging up against her clit. Her vagina muscles are trying to suck my hand into her stomach as she rocks up and down trying to increase the sensation. She’s on the verge and I’m doing my best. This workout is better than the gym any day.

“Please lick my pussy! Pleeeaaasee!!!”

So, I pick her up, turn around and place her on the arms of the chair. Her legs hanging over, her pussy now pointing up to the sky and I drop down and cover her clit with a thousand kisses. She is pushing again, demanding again, and I love it. A girl who wants what she wants and wants me to supply it!

I push my tongue into her pussy, in and out. Fucking her with my tongue. She is into the rhythm, matching me as her hips buck. I could do this all night. I kiss and lick and probe and cover her with my open mouth. She is close and I decide to “motorboat’. Cover her clit with my open mouth and blow air while applying slight pressure. It made her clit almost flutter in the wind. She raised her hips two feet off the chair and let out….


I was afraid 911 was next. She was moaning and whining (as Muddy Waters used to sing) for the next minute while I sat back and watched the best orgasm in the most gorgeous pussy. I wiped her smile off my lips and looked over at Jen and Carlie. They were still smiling but a new look of delight spread over their faces as they watched Anne finish getting off. Now that they had started this, I was going to see how far it would go.

“Who’s next?’

Anne looked at me.

“Wait a minute. That was only one time. I want more. I most certainly, you bet want more if that’s the daily bursa escort bayan menu.”

“Don’t hog him. Let someone else have a turn.”

And with that Carlie was taking off her shorts and thong and walking over to my new ‘Love Chair’. She pulled off her T-shirt so fast she ripped it up the back. She motioned for Anne to get up. I kissed Annes’ hand as she stood and winked. There would be more all right.

Carlie sat down but stayed on the front edge of the cushion. She held her arms wide, silently asking for a kiss. This was so cute I almost blushed again. I scrunched over on my knees and wrapped my arms around her. The first touch was soft, tilting our heads. The next kiss was full on Arc de Triumphe. Our tongues dueled as I was holding her hips, kneeling my way between her thighs. She stopped for a second and pulled my shirt off. She flicked my right nipple with her middle finger and I was startled at how good it felt. These girls were just full of surprises. She crept up the front of the chair until she was stting on the back with one foot on each arm. Her legs were spread and I could see her pussy was wet already. I leaned forward and put my arms under her thighs. Her feet pushed back into the chair so she could maintain her balance.

“Would you like a serving of the same?”

“Oh, yes please.”

“Carlie? You want to know what helps me to serve you?”


“Talk to me. Talk to me while I cover your pussy with kisses. Tell me what to do. Keep me informed.”

“Do you promise that I’ll get the same as Anne?”

“Motorboat and all.”

“I will give you directions like Rand McNally!”

Carlies’ pussy was prfect. Shaven and, well to use a word, pert.

I leaned my head forard and gently kissed the inside of her right thigh. Her left thigh. Moving from side to side, rubbing across her pussy lips as I went back and forth. I put my tongue inside her and flicked up pushing the slit open…. Eh, where’s the soundtrack? I stopped and looked up at Carlie.

“Sorry. I was enjoying you so much I forgot. Now?”

I nodded.

“Yes oh yes very much yes right there push your tongue deeper up up yeaaa flick my clit back now up back up fuck my pussyeeee oooo stick your finger ahh yes circle it around push down now your tongue on top yes yes ahh mynipples mynipples aahhhhh squeeze hard HARD my clitttt yes oooooo don’t o don’t my ass hold tight TIGHTTT put your hand under my ass rub my crack my asshole around around lick oohhh I’m ready getting ready please make me oohhh like Anne likeAnne please I’m ready ready (at this point I give her the Evinrude) EEEEHHHHAAAAAHHHHOO fuck fuck ……. darwin darwin oohhh …………… AAHHHhh..hh.hhh.. Oops!”

She tumbles over the back of the chair. A second later she peeks over the back with a grin like X-Mas.

Now I have a problem. Anne then Carlie but Jen? What about Jen? She should have a chance but she’s my niece. That wouldn’t be right would it?

“Anne, Carlie? What about Jen?”

They lift their chins over my right shoulder. I half turn. My niece is sitting on the front edge of the matching ottoman with her left arm extended behind her gripping the back edge. She’s leaning back naked with her feet on the floor and her legs spread like a Russian gymnast. She’s pumping a combo vibrator-dildo in her pussy. Her head is thrown back and she’s gasping for air as it looks like she’s going to come. At the last second she looks me right in the eye and lets out a little yelp as she shakes her whole body. I had been so oblivious with Carlie that I never realized she was behind me!

It was then that I understood that Jenny had set the whole thing up! Enlisted her friends to give me the night of my life. And it wasn’t over yet! I turned around as Jenny got up and walked around to join Anne and Carlie. They stood together with their arms around each other’s waists and looked like three cats that had just eaten the canary. Three beautiful naked girls were smiling at ME!

“Now it’s our turn. Since this seems to be dancers choice, you tell us what you want us to do.”

“Since I gave at the office twice, I think I should get two choices. Especially since my first time won’t last twenty seconds with the way my cock is.”

“That’s fair. But of course Jen can only watch.”

That’s right. Jenny can only watch. Even in the midst of paradise the Gods throw the occasional spanner in the works. Ah well. My cock broke off this reverie to get back to the show.

” Anne, are you left handed?”

“No, but Carlie is.”

I stood up and took off my shorts and briefs. My cock was aching after being hard for so long and pressed in. The head was coated in pre-come and twitching for release. I sat down on the ottoman. I asked Jenny to go in the bathroom and look in the sliding drawer under the Jacuzzi deck. I told her to look for a little clear bottle with a blue cap and bring it back. She returned with it and gave it to me. The three girls all looked knowingly at each other. KY Liquid. Can’t stroke a dry cock with dry hands. I told Anne to kneel on the right side of me and put her left arm around my waist. I told Lefty to do the mirror image on her side. I asked Jenny to bring a towel from the kitchen so the carpet wouldn’t get soiled. She said that wasn’t needed. ……. Wait for it!!!! She said she was going to sit in front of me with her legs spread and that I was going to come on her tits! Oh sweet Huxley and Hoyle.

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