My Subservient Cum Pig Ch. 01

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Once you’ve made what you know to be a kick-ass amateur porno. A movie you know is far superior to the regular fare available on the internet amateur sites, you feel the need to get it to the public and expose it a larger audience. You immediately balance off the risk of personal exposure and embarrassment with the desire to disseminate what you believe to be superior erotica to a wider audience. You want to know your fellow aficionados appreciate the finer arts of your movie making expertise and the efforts of your sweaty, cum-covered starlet. The danger of course, is public exposure leading to embarrassment and ridicule. This is the conundrum I was left with after filming an amazing cum swallowing home video involving a sweaty, greasy cum-smeared slut by the name of Jane.

Jane is a thirty year-old innocent-looking fuck machine, with librarian good looks hiding a subservient personality. She is petite with soft milky white skin, a narrow waist, a plump (not fat) ass that resembles a large peach and large heavy all natural breasts with large chewy nipples. She has the kind of body that makes you want to grab a fistful of flesh and plow a furrow. Jane had just finished an amazing video-taped cum chug and swallow session with me as swordsman not two weeks before. The session and resulting video was incredibly hot, featuring the sticky cum pig’s swallow talents on show, milking my cock and balls and augmenting the fresh load with a weeks worth of my masturbated ball slop; all of which she consumed with a cum-splattered smile. I converted the tape into a high quality amateur porn video via editing software on the laptop and burned it to disk, knowing the boys would get a kick out of it at our local poker session. Keen on their feedback, I was amazed and somewhat disturbed by the deafening silence in the room at the end of the showing. Breaking an awkward silence, I threw my cards on the table and asked collectively, ‘what do you think?’

There was a long pause until finally Stevie broke the awkward silence and said, ‘Dude, you’ve got a live one there!’ I could tell from the stunned silence and uncomfortable shuffling that the video tape had made a huge impact on the assembled crowd and was far superior to the murky hidden camera sessions displayed at our previous parties.

‘Is there any way we can meet this babe?’ Justin asked. In reply, I suggested that we convene the next poker party at my place. The response was a resounding ‘You’re on dude!’ which made me think the lads were expecting far more than the audio-visuals.

The next day, given the positive feedback from my poker mates, I resolved to continue the ‘degrading downward spiral’ of my naïve, trusting subservient cum slut. Planning the poker party for the following weekend, I was now committed to pushing the boundaries of my relationship with Jane. Basically, I resolved to see just how far I could make this cum bunny go. I wanted to breakdown the slut’s inhibitions and self-respect to such a point that she would fuck, suck and swallow the seed of any man I picked for her. With just over six days until show time, I needed to fully prep the slut, both physically and (more importantly) emotionally.

The physical part was easy; I purchased some ‘fuck me’ high heels from the local porn shop. With 6 inch heels, I calculated these shoes would accentuate her peach-shaped ass and would give the boys something to hold onto as they fucked her. As for lingerie, I thought about purchasing some and then dispensed with the idea thinking there was no reason to empower the slut, better to leave her fully exposed and vulnerable.

The emotional part was more difficult. I needed her to ‘jump’ that gap in our relationship between monogamy and subservience to my command. I wanted to farm this slut out, and in doing so, I needed her to willingly open her legs, mouth and labia for any man that I pointed to. Her emotional state was fragile (aren’t they all?), so I needed to tread lightly. I needed to tap into her basic carnal urges and totally smash any fragment of inhibition left.

On the positive side, I was sure this slut had a history. Based on her performance to date, I was sure she had a dark past that only needed to be exposed she always begged for cum in general; a subtle difference which made me think she had previous experience in group sex and gang bangs.

‘Well my little darling,’ I thought, ‘you’ve fallen out of the fry pan and into the fire.’

The first step was to arrange the male side of the equation. A series of phone calls and emails made it clear to the lads that it was on for the weekend. The twist however, was that entry to my house the following Saturday would require a full glass of cum. Expecting protests & questions, I explained my previous trick of masturbating daily into a glass in lead up to Bycasino the weekend to ensure a respectable volume of ball slop for the cum pig’s subsequent consumption. I was surprised by the quiet acceptance of the entry fee. Obviously, the DVD screening the previous weekend left a lasting impression.

The second step was the big one, convincing Jane. When you take a risk like I was proposing to do, you roll the dice. On the one hand it can result in the loss of a girlfriend. Any self-respecting woman would say, ‘fuck you!’ if told she was booked in to fuck however, once confronted with them, will beg, crawl naked and totally debase themselves to make it happen.

In order to get her agreement, I needed her verbal permission beforehand. I couldn’t risk setting up the scene only to have the starlet no-show on me. Lying in bed five days before the weekend, I softly licked her neck and whispered while spooning her, ‘Remember when I had you naked in my living room, nuzzling my crotch and I brought out the video camera?’

‘Mmm,’ she said, ‘That was nice’.

‘But when I said to you, “that’s not all…” You looked scared and shot a glance at the door, why?’ I asked, hoping for the right answer.

She paused, and whispered very faintly, ‘…because I thought you had invited your friends over to use me…’

Past the point of no return, I continued, ‘And if I had invited my friends to use you and they’d walked through the door, what would you have done?’

After a long pause, Jane replied in a barely perceptible whisper. ‘…. I would have fucked them…’

With that reply, I new I had my green light. Nothing more was said. I returned home the next day and phoned her that night. I indicated that she needed to come to my house on Saturday.

‘Isn’t it your poker night?’ She asked.

‘It is but you’re the special guest….’ I replied, with enough double meaning to send a clear message.

There was complete silence on the other end for what seemed an eternity, until finally Jane whispered quietly, ‘…is 8 o’clock OK?’

‘That’ll be fine.’ I said.

‘What should I wear?’ she asked, to which I replied abruptly, ‘Something you don’t mind getting stained & dirty.’ And I hung up the phone.

The next five days was spent in growing anticipation. I had no communication with Jane and the lump in my stomach grew larger and larger. With breathless anticipation, Saturday finally arrived. I had the high heel shoes laid out in the doorway, and the boys, all six of them, were noisily drinking beer and swapping stories around the kitchen table. The ‘entry’ fees were lined up on the table. Six glasses of milky spunk, some full, some not so full. A lot of banter over who had collected the most spunk rolled around the table until it was unanimously decided that Al won hands down. His glass easily contained over half a beer can of milky sperm. Eight o’clock came and went and a few of the boys were on their third and fourth beers when they began to shoot me nervous glances.

Finally Stevie said, ‘Dude, I think she is a no-show.’

As I was about to reply the door bell rang… You could have heard a pin drop in the place.

I unbolted the door and swung it open. Standing in the door way was Jane, dressed in a raincoat with a belt. ‘Come on in and take your coat off…’ I said.

‘I’d rather not.’ Jane replied, before squeezing past me and pecking me on the cheek. ‘Can I use your bathroom?’ She asked.

‘Sure, and put these on …’ I told her, handing her the high heel shoes.

Her eyes caught mine as she took the shoes and stopped. The guys laughter echoed from the kitchen as she stared into my eyes and after a long pause said, ‘Do you really want me to do this?’

‘Yes.’ I croaked in reply, for the first time in our relationship not sure if I had gone too far.

Gazing into my eyes with a pleading expression, the spell was suddenly broken when Al cracked a loud blathering fart in the next room. Jane swallowed, stared at the floor, tucked the shoes under her arm and shuffled into the bathroom. Minutes later, as I waited in the kitchen hallway and exchanged some banter with the boys, I heard the bathroom door open behind me. This was followed by the click-clack of high heel shoes on the tile floor. The chatter in the room suddenly stopped dead. I noticed wide-eyed expressions on the boys before turning around and beholding a sight which will stay with me forever.

There stood Jane, naked except for the high heels I had given her. Not one for much make-up, she had liberally applied lipstick and eye shadow which gave her a slutty wanton look. Her large pendulous breasts sat upright with rubbery extended nipples, her labia were aroused, fully swollen and clearly visible hanging like two fat flaps out of her shaved crotch. Bycasino giriş Her plump peach ass and thighs, accentuated by the high heels glowed alabaster white. Her whole body was covered by a slick, oily sheen of baby oil. Evidently, Jane brought a bottle with her and prepared her herself in the bathroom for the coming fuck and swallow session by pouring the oil all over her skin. I was amazed and incredibly turned on by the thought that this women had travelled across town dressed only in a raincoat with a bottle of baby oil in the pocket. It also reinforced to me that she was no first-timer at this kind of thing. Obviously, she had oiled up for gang bangs before knowing a horny group of guys would get turned on by the sight of an oil-covered cum slut.

She gazed at each guy in turn before spying the seven glasses of splooge on the table. Once she realized what it was, she let out a barely perceptible groan and her shoulders seemed to slump slightly. She stood still attempting to look sexy; however, she seemed unsure of where to put her hands, which she continually clenched and unclenched above her shaved, oil-soaked pussy.

Finally she turned to me and nervously said, ‘Well?’

‘Check out this fucking slut!’ Justin hissed, followed by murmurs from the remaining crowd.

‘Gentlemen, allow me to introduce CUM PIG!’ I exclaimed loudly.

The next sounds were the scrapes of the chairs as six guys rose in unison. Jason saddled up to her, grabbing one butt cheek and one tit in each hand, ‘Not bad dude!’ He said as he pinched her ass and looked her up and down as if he was assessing horseflesh.

Jane brushed him aside and click-clacked over to the table where the glasses of cum sat. ‘Is this for me?’ She asked to no-one in particular. Not waiting for an answer, she picked up the nearest glass and attempted to throw it back. Unfortunately, her attempt to gain control of the room embarrassingly failed as half way through she must have realized it was too much for one chug. She stopped, gulped and was about to finish the glass when the full funky taste of the slop overcame her. She gagged, spluttered and quickly drew her hand to her mouth. Sperm leaked from between her fingers as she placed the half-emptied glass back beside the other five and struggled to hold the slop down.

‘Sorry’ she spluttered, fixing me with a puppy-dog look. It was then I realized she was trying desperately hard for my approval. However, I was in no mood to let her off the hook, ‘Finish the spunk CUM PIG, and don’t spill any!’

She reacted like she had been slapped, and quickly turned back to the glasses lined up on the table. She licked the sperm off her palm and fingers before picking up the now half-empty glass. Wiping her greasy lower lip with the back of her hand, she obediently threw back the remaining slop. This time it all stayed down and Jane sheepishly scooped up the last remnants of spunk in the bottom of the glass with two fingers before putting them in her mouth and sucking them clean.

At this point, most of the guys were still dumb-founded by this plump, oiled, large breasted, high-heeled naked slut who had just walked into the kitchen and consumed a glass of sperm.

‘So, how did I taste?’ Al teased her.

‘Mmm, very yummy…’ She replied licking her greasy lips. ‘Try some?’ She said and eased toward Al in a clumsy attempt to french kiss him with her sticky tongue. Al was having no part of it and pushed the oily slut away. Embarrassed by the rejection, Jane stood in the middle of the room naked & blushing visibly despite the sheen on her cheeks, not sure of what to do next. She nervously looked at me for any cue.

I let her stew in the awkward silence that followed to break down any lasts shreds of self-respect before giving the lads the thumbs up and saying, ‘OK, boys, fuck the shit out of this cum pig!’

With that, it was on. Six guys moved in a coordinated scrum and cleared the chairs away. The cum glasses were moved aside and my naked subservient girlfriend was hoisted onto the table, and laid on her back, legs in the air. The lads began shedding clothes and positioning themselves around her. My idea of the high-heels seemed to work out as Callum grabbed a hold of both heels and wrenched her legs apart.

Jane lifted her arms, ran her fingers through her hair and seemed to steel herself for the coming storm as Justin’s cock, which was now conveniently freed from his pants plopped three-quarters erect on her forehead. Al reached around Callum and began lewdly pulling Jane’s fat labia apart to reveal her wet and glistening fuck hole and clit. The obvious wetness made a mockery of any attempt at shyness on her part.

At this point in the proceedings Jane locked eyes with me. It was hard to judge, but I’m sure I saw a pleading Bycasino deneme bonusu expression which suddenly made me stop and think, what the hell am I doing to this poor girl? Just as my conscience began to take over, I noticed the greasy sperm residue on her lips from the glass of spunk she had consumed. At the same time Callum began wet slapping his erect cock against Jane’s meaty labia. I shot a leering smile at her which made her look away, eyes watering. I was spared further trauma when Justin turned her face and stuffed his cock in her mouth causing her to momentarily gag and blow a chuff of air out her nostrils.

I could write four or five chapters on what transpired on that kitchen table. Suffice to say Jane endured an hour of hardcore fucking. The boys ploughed into her without respite, exchanging positions, laughing and high-fiving. I took my turn halfway through but most of the time stood back and directed traffic. Making sure the video camera, which I had dug out of my bag, captured all the action. Periodically, I bent over the greasy slut and horked a spit ball on her belly button; adding more slime to the baby oil and sweaty mess which pooled in the cleft around her belly button. Occasionally one of the lads would say ‘Feeding time!’, and Jane’s head and shoulders would be pulled up and supported so one of the lads could pour a cum-filled glass down her gullet. She struggled visibly with the stale, no doubt improperly stored ball mayo and seemed to dry heave on several occasions. However, like a trooper, she kept it all down. Most of the cock-fired cum shots were caught on her cup-shaped tongue; however, the inevitable misses and over spray soon made Jane’s face look like a glazed donut. In between the third and fourth glass of ball juice, I looked down at Jane and was fascinated to see three black curly pubic hairs plastered to her right cheek as she busily lathered Don’s balls in build up to his impending wet release. Don winked at me as he jacked his fat prick.

‘Aaah, that’s good!’ he grunted, then blurted out ‘FUCK!’ with a huge exhalation of air as Jane quickly released the suction on his balls and caught the thick white lumpy load on her slimy tongue. Playing the consummate cum slut for the video, Jane looked at the camera and blew frothy cum bubbles as part of a huge milk moustache before swallowing the mouthful in one gulp. Don patted her wet cheek before turning to me and saying, ‘Did you get that shot! This is one nasty pig!’ I nodded with a mixture of disgust and fascination.

At this point, Jane had swallowed multiple cock shots and four glasses of cum and was visibly struggling. The air in the kitchen had become oppressively hot and humid with seven guys and one girl working at a furious pace. Jane was now a cum splattered mess. It was getting very difficult for the boys to get a good grip on her for leverage due to the pool of sperm, baby oil and sweat. The smell of stale cum filled the air and I was reminded again of the primordial effect this smell had on sluts like Jane. In the midst of the scrum, Jane’s nostrils flared visibly as she inhaled and savored the pungent vapors emanating from the glasses of cum and sticky cocks.

Halfway through the fuck session, Simon caused a short delay in proceedings when he instructed Callum to pin her ankles behind her ears. Callum complied and Jane’s peach-shaped ass rose off the table, exposing her fat labia and wrinkled anus. Before I could click onto what he was trying to do, Simon had popped his swollen cock head through Jane’s oil-soaked brown button, well south of the hole allowed in the ground rules.

Jane’s reaction was immediate, she lifted her head off the table, pursed her lips in a big fleshy ‘O’ shape and began making a strange monkey sound as Simon eased the full length of his impressively thick, veiny club up her fundament. Callum kept her ankles pinned as Simon began pistoning his cock in and out of her poop chute. Jane’s neck arched and her monkey sound turned to more baboon grunts as she clawed at the slippery oil-soaked table screaming ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck!’ repeatedly. Eventually her grunts morphed into more guttural moans as her sphincter relaxed and Callum reached full penetration; his hips slapping against Jane’s inner thighs.

Anxious to keep some control of the proceedings, I interjected, ‘Whoa, big feller.’ ‘Get your cock out of my girlfriends ass or you’re going home, understand?’ With that, Simon shot me a ‘party pooper’ look and slowly withdrew his greasy pole. Once it was fully out, Jane’s anus gaped red and wide before quickly winking shut.

Jane took the opportunity to break free and clumsily slip and slide up onto her knees in the middle of the table. ‘Wow, I need a break.’ She blurted out to no-one in particular while wiping the leftover spunk from her greasy chin.

Now, it’s difficult to take a girl seriously with a face plastered in ball slop and pubic hairs. Nevertheless, I quickly encouraged her to see the session through by saying to her in a low determined voice, ‘Come on baby, just a couple more loads.’

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