Mystery Master

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This is a depiction of my unique experience. It contains some graphic accounts of strangers learning about themselves and a little of each other.

My phone rang one fall evening here in Seattle and I answered. The call was from a lab partner to discuss some missed material from class that morning. Two minutes into the call, my cordless phone picked up an entirely different conversation. I said ‘hello’ but no one seemed to hear my voice. They continued talking clearly as if they were in the next unit. My lab partner was long gone and as I went to hang up and call him back, I heard the word ‘punishment’ from the gentleman. I brought the phone back to my ear and listened to the discourse.

Girl: “What will happen to me?”

Man: “You’re going to be stripped naked and whipped.”

There was a long pause.

Man: “Would you like that, Kelly?”

Girl: “I… I would, sir.

Man: “I want you to drop what you’re doing…”

The phone went into static and then a dial tone.

I nearly panicked. I stood there looking at the phone wondering how I could tap into the call again but there was no way.

The call must have been nearby so I ran to the window of my apartment. It was almost dark with only one or two people in view. I shut the lights off and looked at the buildings up and down the street. Just as I realized the odds against actually seeing this person, a young woman walked out of her building and toward the bus stop. It was a girl I recognized from the bus ride to the university. She was a very cute but quiet and never seemed to notice me in spite of the many times we’d waited at the stop.

I had to follow and see where she was going. I ran to the alley to get my Honda but she was no where to be seen when I pulled out on to the street. I drove in the direction of the university and did not see a bus. There were many stops on that route and I would have caught up with it if that were indeed her bus. She must have gone toward the city.

I parked my car at an available spot at the curb and walked up to her building. It was an old place with eight units and I noticed the lobby door was propped open with a rolled up newspaper. This seemed like an open invitation to go in and take a look. I scanned the mail boxes and saw only one with the initial ‘K’ preceding the last name. Unit three must be hers.

The girl had left in a hurry and the door to her apartment was locked but not completely engaged and with a slight push, I was in.

The apartment looked like any other. She was tidy and there were several books and a notepad with pens. I picked up the phone and hit the re-dial button. After four rings, a recorder picked up and a man’s voice very similar to the one I’d heard earlier instructed me to leave my name and number. I hung up.

While I snooped around a little more, I saw a local independent newspaper and began to thumb through it. By the time I came across the personal ads, the phone rang. I let it ring and the call went into voice mail. At that moment I saw that an ad had been circled and cut from the section that deals with alternative lifestyles. Perhaps I was on to something. I called *69 and retrieved the number of the last incoming call. I wrote it down and left the apartment just as I found it.

My next line of business was to get to a nearby coffee shop and pick up the same edition of that newspaper.

Fortunately, there were a couple copies left and I quickly turned to the back to find the ad I was looking for. My heart pounded as I read the ad over and over.

“Master seeks slave for punishment and sex”

The phone number was the same, but of course there was no address. Unless I could find a reverse directory, I would have to wait to follow her again (if there was to be a second session).

I returned to my apartment and called my lab partner. I kept an eye across the street the entire time but saw no one enter that building. I shut the lights off and waited. It was like a scene from ‘Rear Window’ as I waited for her to return. By 11:00 that night Kelly returned to her apartment building. I watched her go in and disappear into the darkness. Her unit was in the back corner and I would have to run down to her window to see anything – which is what I did.

I watched her walk from the bathroom into the bedroom and back again. I stood against a tree and out of the light so could see her in either window. She shut the bathroom light off and went into her dimly lit room and turned the blinds. I scrambled to the window and could see a sliver of her room as she proceeded to undress. She turned away from the mirror to examine her back side.

That is the moment I realized it was for real.

She had lash marks up and down her beautiful curves. I stood staring Bycasino and growing harder by the minute. She didn’t seem to lament over the whip marks but savored them and caressed the welts. She reached up and shut the lights off as I scurried back to my apartment.

The next morning I was alone at the bus stop. Kelly probably had a later class that day but I hurried home and kept a watch on her place. I tried to study but became preoccupied with my neighbor’s little secret. I was agonizing over it, in fact. I did not see her for two days.

I decided to give the Master a call.

There was a brief pause after he picked up his phone.

“Yes?” he asked.

“Master?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said in the same tone.

I hung up. It occurred to me I had not blocked my number but he did not call back fortunately.

As the sun was setting, I saw her leave her building. This time my car was ready and I managed to follow her. Her bus route led her closer into town and I saw her walking away from it. I let her walk a block before almost catching up to her and then parking. Soon, she walked up to a small brick tudor.

I parked my car at the curb away from the house and sat. A man let Kelly in and glanced directly toward me before closing the door.

Well, I was right where I wanted to be but didn’t know what to do now. I didn’t have the nerve to go peak in the window so I sat.

I was watching the house intently and didn’t realize someone had approached my driver’s door from behind. The man rapped my window with a ringed finger.

I rolled my window down an inch or two to see what he wanted.

“Wont you join us?” he asked.

It was the same man with a recognizable voice.

“Join?” was all that I could utter.

“Come with me,” he said as he opened my door.

I got out and he shut my door behind me. I felt very unsure as we made our way up his walk.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“Carl,” I replied.

“You shouldn’t hang up on people, Carl. I’m going to punish you for that.”

My face grew hot and I remained silent.

I want you to keep quiet once we’re inside. Do you understand?” he said.

I nodded.

We walked into his house and he took my coat for me.

“Please remove your shirt, “ he said as he patted me down.

His hand rubbed my inner thighs then gripped the knot in front. I gasped slightly but remained stoic.

Once my shirt was removed he grabbed my wrist and swiftly locked a set of handcuffs around it. I pulled my free hand away until he held out his hand waiting for the other. I obliged and soon was bound by the arms. He gave me a tug and guided me downstairs. His basement was unfinished and less like a dungeon than I envisioned. The man led me into another room where Kelly was standing and handcuffed to the ceiling by a rope. She had been stripped to her panties and a latex hood covered her head.

Master pointed to a chair that was surrounded by hair trimmings. There were long and short strands of dark hair that had obviously been shorn from Kelly’s head.

The master removed his coat and pulled a whip from his selection. He was shirtless and wore tight latex pants with a removable codpiece.

I was scared for myself but mostly for Kelly. The Master looked serious as he arranged his grip on the whip’s handle.

“Are you ready for the whip, slave?” he asked politely.

“I am, Master,” she said surprisingly calm.

The man wound up and laid into her back. This whip had three or four cords and the pain was apparent even with the hood on. She drew a hard breath and held it for several more blows. Finally she shrieked from the pain and danced in place. Her black panties did nothing to prevent the sting as the whip crossed the shiny fabric.

“Hold still, bitch!” he said as he moved around in front of her.

“Spread your legs!”

Kelly reluctantly widened her stance about two feet.

He took his position and began with a strike to her front left thigh. She screamed and brought her knee up a little. She straightened her leg as her other thigh was whipped. He then surprised her with a minute of continuous whips to her small breasts that rippled with each lash. Her hard nipples took the blows and remained erect despite the intense burning.

Master stopped momentarily and wound up like a windmill for a direct shot between her legs.

She buckled and shrieked while throwing her head back

I was extremely aroused and covered my crotch to suppress my erection.

Master set the whip aside and released Kelly from the ceiling. Her beaten body swaggered as he led her to a padded coffee table of sorts. He caressed her tiny waist and felt the globes of her buttocks Bycasino giriş before announcing his next move.

“You took your punishment well, Slave. I’m going to reward you now. Bend over, slut.”

I watched him unsnap his pouch from his black latex pants.

She stared straight ahead as he bent her over the table. Her butt was perfect as he slowly eased her panties down her thighs. She instinctively raised each foot as he removed them completely. She couldn’t have been more accommodating. He gently wadded the panties up and looked for a place to set them.

He glanced my direction and looked again to see me with my cock in my hands. He smirked and tossed the panties my direction as if giving me a consolation prize; a second place ribbon. I picked them up from the floor as he proceeded to line his member up with her ass end.

I pulled the furrowed panties open and could see and smell the product of her arousal. The sweat soaked sides were irresistible as I brought the fabric to my face.

Master wasted no time in fucking her. Her response was horrible as she screamed in pain. To my shock, Master was giving her an anal penetration that was slow but determined. I was relieved to hear her words of encouragement as she let him know the pain was wanted and deserved.

I used the fluids from her panties to lubricate my busy hand and brought myself to orgasm immediately.

After releasing myself on the floor, I stood wondering about my next move. My thinking became clearer as I decided I should probably make a hasty exit. I stuffed the panties into my pocket and began to leave. My pace increased as I headed toward the door. Master was oblivious to my departure since I could still hear Kelly’s shrieks from his continued pounding. I grabbed my coat but forgot my shirt there. I was grateful my hands were bound in front of me instead of behind. Driving was challenging enough.

I was left with a strange feeling about the entire episode. There was nothing about the scenario that didn’t turn me on: The pain, dominance and submission, the hot coed and the well-hung master. The man was going to punish me and I was oddly aroused by that. It was too much for me for one night so I returned home and sat by the window awaiting Kelly’s return. I worked on the cuffs for several hours before releasing one side and then the other. I sat in the dark with her panties clutched to my face as I drifted off.

A shadow caught my attention around midnight as Kelly approached her building and unlocked the door. I had carnal knowledge of that evening and was privy to the fact that at that moment she wore no panties. The panties were in my hand and you can guess what was in my other.

Friday morning arrived and instead of leaving at my usual time, I waited for Kelly and followed her to the bus stop. She wore loose fitting clothes and a baseball cap. I said ‘hello’ to her and when she turned to respond, I could see her eyebrows had been shaved off, too. She was such a beautiful creature with a perfect nose and petite features that made me want to propose to her right there.

“Hi. How are you?” she asked.

I was astonished she said anything at all. We continued talking all the way to campus and then parted ways.

My life had suddenly taken a turn for the better, albeit a strange turn.

I had to say something to her. I went to her apartment and rang the buzzer. She was on the phone when I walked in and held her finger up to let me know she’d be done in a moment. I looked at the familiar room and stared out the window at the tree beneath which I’d hid.

“Hi. Carl, right?”

“Yes,” I said but then went blank.

“How are you?” she asked with a playful but unsure look.

“I have something of yours.”

Kelly smiled and looked to my hands and pockets.

“Something of mine? What?”

I pulled out her panties and handed them to her.

Her face turned white.

“How did you get these?” she asked.

“I thought you were in some sort of trouble so I followed you to Master’s home. He pulled me inside where I saw everything.


“Mostly. Do you pay him?” I asked.

“Pay him? No…no. I was just experimenting; just curious,” Kelly explained.

“But why would you follow me?” she asked

“Was the experiment a success?” I asked.

“Why are you grilling me?”

“Were you satisfied?” I pressed on.

“Satisfied? No.”

Kelly looked away and paused.

“You’re addicted, aren’t you? You’re going to return to him?”

Kelly was embarrassed and losing her patience.

“Yes. Why?! Who are you to judge…?”

“I want to join you. I want to be a sex slave.” I interrupted.

Kelly bit her lips to suppress a smile. Bycasino deneme bonusu

“Do you have any idea what you’re in for? He’ll whip you until you bleed and then fuck you hard. He doesn’t discriminate between women and men.”

“I realize that and it’s half the allure,” I said. “ I’ve been craving a heavy hand for a long time and at any cost.”

“There’s a cost, all right. Have you considered a dominatrix?” asked Kelly.

“Not really. Isn’t that just for show? I need someone who will overtake me from the start; inflexible and unsympathetic,” I said.

“Some women could kick your butt!”

“I know I’ll reconsider at the last moment. Then, I’ll get home and wish I was in submission again. That man wouldn’t stand for it. He’ll shut me up but quick!” I insisted.

“Carl, I can hardly sit since my last session,” she warned.

“And it serves as a constant reminder,” I said as I moved a little closer.

“It…it does,” she replied as she looked down.

“Is it a turn on? Do you masturbate often?” I asked.

Kelly looked up with wide eyes before beaming with a smile.

“That’s just a little personal! What do you think?” she whispered.

“I think I’m coming,” I said with urgency.

Kelly’s eyes darted between both of mine before looking down to see the bulge in my slacks.

Kelly paused then placed her open palm against my cock as it peaked out.

“On your knees, bitch!” I said half-jokingly.

Kelly let out a laugh as she kneeled and removed my cock from its confines.

I pulled her cap off and held her newly shaven head in my hands as she took in my entire length.

My pulsating member lasted a minute before Kelly removed it clean from her lips.

“See?” she said and swallowed again. “I’m a total whore! I could do this day and night. Shouldn’t I be punished?”

“Would you take off your clothes?” I asked.

“Okay. I guess you’ve already seen me naked once.”

She removed her top and set it on a chair. She shimmied out of her sweatpants and put her fingers under her panty’s waistband.

“These, too?” she smiled.

“No. I only want to see the whip marks.”

“There’s more under here, too,” she said as the panties fell to the floor.

Her beautiful petite body was crisscrossed with fading lines from a whip. Her face was red with embarrassment as I examined her curves. The whip had made its way around her tiny waist a number of times and her hips were adorned with the lines of direct shots.

Half of her arousal was the humiliation of being examined as I circled her.

“Humans are animals, you know. Animals are sexual creatures. Sex isn’t something of an anomaly. It’s what we’re about. Don’t be ashamed,” I told her.

“I need more than just sex, Carl,” she said with a sigh.

“I know,” I said as I walked behind her. Her butt was nice and round and I grazed her with my hand.

Kelly took a deep breath.

“Bend over.”

She leaned over and brought her elbows to her knees.

Her inner labia was unusually long and hung from her completely shaven pussy. I reached up and rubbed it between my fingers.

“You should have this pierced,” I suggested.

“Tonight…Master says so…he will,” she uttered breathlessly.

I began to stimulate her with my tongue and pinched her nipples.

“Are you close?”

“Almost,” she said. “Keep talking naughty.”

I felt odd and didn’t know what to say other than what I already knew.

“I’m a slave,” she said. “What happens to slaves?”

Kelly began strumming her genitalia as I reminded her what was in store.

“We’re going to strip you naked. You will be collared and leashed and led to a room where you’ll be whipped repeatedly before having your nipples and pussy pierced. Then you’ll be bent over and…”

“OH!” she shrieked as she buckled her knees and fell onto me.

“That was it?” I laughed.

“That was great! That’s what it’s all for,” she said as she picked up her clothes.

“Can I go with you tonight?”

“No, but I’ll mention your interest to Master. It’s up to him.”

I was about to leave when she tossed her panties to me. Then she tossed me the ones that I brought to her originally.

Wear them tonight,” she said with a wink.

“Please come over to my place when you return. No matter what time,” I begged.

“Maybe. We’ll see,” she said with a smile.

I went home and tried in vain to study for an hour.

Then my phone rang.

“You shouldn’t have left,” the voice said.

I hung up the phone. A strange sense of regret came over me as I stared at the phone.

A minute later it rang again and I answered.

“Sorry, master,” I whispered.

“You will be punished,” he said.

“What’s going to happen to me?” I asked

“You will be stripped naked and whipped.”

I grabbed my growing cock from within Kelly’s panties.

“Would you like that, Carl?”

“ I…I would sir.”


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