My Reward Ch. 02

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My breath was ragged. I was utterly overwhelmed by the power of the orgasm I’d been brought to at his hands. I felt more than a little dazed. He loosened the bonds on my arms, which had developed needles and pins and had long since gone completely numb.

Free again, the blood began to circulate through the veins of my arms, pulsing in time with the throbbing that continued between my legs. I was completely surprised when he took me in his arms and held me close to his long, lithe body. His breath was deep and loud next to my own. He cradled my head against his chest and spoke softly in my ear.

“Now that you are mine,” he said, “you must learn to trust me completely.” His left arm snaked around my waist and drew my hips close against his, and I felt his cock against me – hot, hard and ready for more action. “In time, you will come to understand exactly how I wish you to please me. And in doing this, you will learn that total submission will always lead to your own satisfaction. You have nothing to fear from me. You are my pet, and your wellbeing is of the utmost importance to me. Even in fear you will trust me without question. Do you understand?” I nodded my head against his chest. His arms tightened against my skin.

“From now on, you will always answer me verbally, and you will address me as Master. Understand?” he said. I went to nod my head again, but caught myself.

“Yes Master,” I acceded.

“Good,” he said. “Now little slave, I am going to fuck you.” And with that, he turned me in his arms so that I faced away from him. “Get on your knees,” he said. I raised myself to a kneeling position, my arms hanging loosely by my side. He placed his hands on my hips, then ran them both up the bare skin of my back and around to my breasts which were swinging free like heavy pendulums. I felt his body move against mine as he cupped both breasts with his hands, then moved his fingers deftly to my already erect nipples. He rolled them gently, then took them between his thumbs and fingers and began to slowly squeeze, increasing the pressure until Bycasino my mouth dropped open and I gasped at the pain. Yet he did not release me, but maintained his grip until I felt aflame all over again.

I dragged in a jagged breath and arched my back, pushing my butt out and plunging forward to my hands. He released my nipples. “Excellent,” he said, returning his hands to my shoulder blades. His right hand moved forward to the base of my neck. His left dawdled down to my hip, and gradually I realized he was forcing my face downwards to the bed. I bent my arms to bend to his wishes and as if in approval he reached up and grabbed my loose hair, wrenching my head back to examine my face. He began to grind his hips against my ass, his hard cock barely touching my slit, yet driving me mad with anticipation. A moan escaped my lips, so he turned my face and forced me to bury it amongst the pillows.

He drew his body away from me momentarily then thrust his hot hard cock deep within my cunt with such force, my face scraped forward against the cotton slips. Yet I could not cry out because he continued to hold my head down. The feeling of his rod driving into me, in and out, slowly at first then with an increasing speed felt like being rammed with a red, hot poker. With each thrust he drove himself deeper, the head of his cock scraping across my g-spot with every jab. I was sure I had stopped breathing in order to surrender totally to this man who I hardly knew yet had accepted as my master. Just as I began to feel my climax building within my loins, he withdrew and I wondered if I had done something to displease him. I felt his hand between my legs rubbing back and forth, not to please me but to collect the juices overflowing there. He parted my butt cheeks with one hand, and lubricated my tightly puckered ass with my own juices dripping from the fingers of his other hand. In a split second I realised what was what going to happen and in the next he had thrust his cock up my virgin ass, not even bothering to allow my body to decline the invasion.

Pain Bycasino giriş seared my body as he began to pump furiously at my ass. I couldn’t believe how excruciating it was, and yet I felt my body surrender to the sensation as I began to push back against his hips involuntarily begging for more. He reached his left hand around to my burning clit and began to rub it with his fingers. He pumped and rubbed alternately and I felt the growing sensation of my climax return to my body.

“Do not come until I say,” he said with the utmost control in his voice. He was truly a master at work. I was incapable of saying anything at that point – my body had taken over and I was at his mercy. I felt a sharp crack against my right butt cheek as he said, “do you hear me?” all the while continuing to pump his cock in and out of my hole. I turned my head from the pillows and snatched a breath of air.

“Yes,” I said, and felt the hot sting of his hand against my ass again.

“Yes, what, you insolent slave?” he demanded.

“Yes, Master,” I replied, my eyes rolling back in my head as I desperately struggled to maintain control over my climax.

He pumped harder and harder into my ass until I thought surely I would split in two. Yet he maintained the same rhythm, his fingers still rubbing my clit relentlessly. Every muscle in my body was tensed in anticipation of the rocking orgasm I knew was approaching. Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly take any more, the speed of his thrusts dramatically increased and he began to cry out in pain.

“Now, my slave, now,” he exclaimed. “Come for me slave!” And with his fingers still on my red clit I allowed my body to give in to his administrations and was overtaken with an orgasm, the power of which I had never experienced before. As I did he released his hot load deep within my ass, placing both his hands on my hips, and holding my body to him while he felt the full force of his own climax. We were frozen together for a moment, lost in ecstasy. Then I felt his arms circle my waist, his torso leaning Bycasino deneme bonusu forward against my body and he allowed me to relax my pose, his cock still buried in my ass. We lay there for what seemed like an eternity, our breathing returning to normal, my senses in total overload.

His body was hot and wet against mine. We lay there together, and I felt completely possessed.

“Come,” he said quietly in my ear. “You may bathe me now.” His arms released me and he stood up from the bed. He held his hand out to me and I took and allowed him to lead me to the bathroom.

“Turn on the shower,” he said and I obeyed his command. He stepped under the powerful water jets and handed me the soapy sponge. I rubbed it lovingly all over every square inch of his chiseled body, familiarising myself with him intimately. I found myself on my knees, my face buried in his crotch, my arms wrapped around his legs, and I began to sob with gratitude as his stroked my hair under the streaming water.

“You have done very well for an initiate,” he said. “But this is only a little taste of what it will take to truly serve me. I have no doubt that you are capable,” he said, and when I heard those words, I wanted nothing more than to submit myself to his every whim.

We left the shower and I toweled him dry. He honoured me by doing the same for me. He wrapped a robe around himself then led me back to the bedroom where my dress still lay abandoned on the floor. He picked it up and lowered it over my head, fastening the ties at my neck. He retrieved my shoes and held them out for me to slip my feet into. He came back to me and lifted the skirt of my dress. He slid two fingers between my slit then pushed them directly into my pussy.

“This belongs to me now,” he said. “Share it with another and you will be punished. Understand?”

“Yes Master,” I said, my body beginning to become aroused again by his touch. He withdrew his fingers, then inserted them in mouth and allowed me to lick them clean.

“When I call you, be prepared to do exactly as I say,” he said.

“Yes Master,” I replied. And with that, he escorted me to the door.

As I rode the lift to the lobby, then walked out of the hotel and stepped into a cab, I wondered how long it would be before he summoned me to serve him again.

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