Like every other night in Los Angeles, the temperature was comfortable at a summertime low of ninety degrees. I was spending the night alone again; a queen sized bed seems rather empty when yourself and an oversized pillow are the only occupants. Jake, my rottweiler, had taken to sleeping by the back door lately, where the cool draft lulled him to sleep.

I fidgeted, sweaty and uncomfortable. I couldn’t seem to get any rest the past few days, quite possibly because of the warmth. I crawled out of my shirt and panties and dropped them off the edge of the bed. I lay nude, still overwhelmed by the excessive California heat.

A flamenco lovesong was suddenly audible; it must have been the neighbors upstairs again; the three silly-looking elderly Mexican men. The volume grew, and I considered asking them to turn it down, but laziness overcame me. Besides, the music seemed to fill the emptiness that I’d been feeling for so many nights…

I was hardly even aware of my sight growing dim and my eyelids growing heavy, or that the unbareable west coast heat had become almost soothing. I had relaxed and was on the verge of slumber when I heard rhythmic footsteps within the room. I opened my eyes and looked around, frightened.

Figures of smoke took human shapes, one of a woman dancing in time with the rich, melodic energies that a young man plucked out on a classical guitar strung with steel. My companions gradually solidified until they nearly appeared opaque.

The girl was young, she seemed barely an adult, but her curves were far too pronounced for her to be a child. Her flesh was delicate and tan; a wilted red flower accented the hair that was ebony strands of silk flowing with her steps. A floral dress clung to bursa escort her hips and breasts, and its layers of fabric danced around her ankles elegantly.

The girl seemed to have grown weary of my attention, and directed my gaze towards her instrumentalist. He was a bit darker than she, and his hair was accented with a few grey strands. He smiled as he played – a warm, soft smile that seemed to draw me in…

My concentration returned to the dancer, who had discreetly found her way onto the bed. She crept along my body until she was balanced on her hands and knees, eye level with me. “Me llamo Anjelica,” she said, in a voice that must have thrown the Sirens into a stupor. Only now did I notice she was no longer clothed. She seated herself on my stomach and whispered to me words that I didn’t know, but understood.

She smiled and placed her hands on my breasts. I should have been startled, but her beauty overcame and overwhelmed me. Clutching them for balance, she leaned forward and kissed me. I was still for a moment, allowing her tongue to explore. Once I’d overcome my initial intimidation, I returned the oral intimacy and found myself falling into her very existence…

I could feel myself growing wet and I whimpered a bit, still locked in a passionate embrace. I put my hands on her waist and held her close. Gently, I slid my fingers along her satin flesh, down to the small of her back and then up again, holding her behind her neck.

We pulled away from the kiss and I became fixated on her eyes, which were a brown darker and richer and more soulful than anything else that had ever bothered to exist. Her breasts were suspended above mine; large, delicate and round. Nipples of velvet brown protruded escort bursa sharply and drew my desire.

Anjelica set an example for me, by kneading my chest. I shivered with the unbareable waves of passion that ran through my veins. My hands found themselves sliding down from her neck, around her torso and to her breasts. They were even softer than they’d looked. She gripped me as I massaged her, and we kissed again.

She backed away from the kiss and let go. She kneeled above me and looked down. My mind raced to my highschool spanish class. “Mas,” I whimpered. She turned around, almost as if to leave. I panicked. “No. Please, no. Por favor? No…”

She crawled backwards and placed her dripping pussy above my mouth. I was relieved and overjoyed and only knew how to express this by indulgence.

I closed my eyes and nuzzled her soft pubic hair. She was warm and delicious, sweeter than any girl I’d known. I licked her lips and briefly slipped my tongue in between. She was having trouble balancing, and repositioned herself so that her hands were once again on my breasts. She focused on my hardened pink nipples this time, gently at first, just caressing them and occasionally pinching, but as I licked her, she grew more aggressive; twisting, pulling, squeezing.

She couldn’t take the teasing any longer and pressed her vagina into my face, enveloping me in her musk and flavour. I slid my tongue along her and to her clitoris. It felt so tender, and I couldn’t resist surrounding it with my lips and sucking gently. She began to buck against my face, and I began to shudder with emptiness underneath her.

I lifted my hips and she tried to reach to finger me with one hand but couldn’t quite make it without bursa escort bayan slipping away from my tongue, something she was very reluctant to do. Instead, she focused more attention on my breasts, hoping to satisfy me. She was able to come close, but never succeeded, and I whimpered. Within a few moments, she was unable to contain herself and couldn’t concentrate on massaging me, instead clutching my tits and holding on, trying desperately to maintain balance.

She moaned in harmony with the fading guitar, and I realized that she had begun to fade as well. I was on the verge of tears and I sucked harder. I slid one hand along her stomach and up to her breast and I gripped her nipple and rubbed. With my other, I thrust two fingers inside of her, sliding them in an out. She nearly screamed as she came, and I licked as much from her as I could; I was completely absorbed in her delectable juices…

I gently guided her off of my face with my fingers. She wanted to keep them inside, so she followed. She had a bit of trouble turning around and keeping them pressed within her, but she managed, and she leaned over me, for a kiss that I rejected. Instead, I led her a bit closer, studying her growing transparency, and placed my free hand on her back, pulling her down. With my tongue, I caressed one of the nipples that stood before me. She gave a breathy moan. Anxious to occupy my mouth, I took it in and sucked aggressively.

I felt her slipping away, her existence fading…

I blinked, and she was gone. Her accompanist was gone as well. I realized my thumb was in my mouth and I was curled into a ball. There was no music, there was no girl. My clothes were on again, and the heat had returned to being savage.

I rolled over and sucked the thumb of my other hand… but something smelled familiar. It was the musk of Anjelica, spread across my middle and index fingers. I licked them and I knew her taste again…

And then I cried myself to sleep…

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