It was a particularly hot summer day and she was having an extremely tiresome morning. Holidays are exceptionally tough in her household; admidst unsaid tears that are shed in memory of the lives the family had lost that year, there erupt a series of challenging arguments and debates. After an especially heated argument over the issue of her marriage and the latest groom she had rejected, she left her house in a huff only too glad to have a peaceful place where she could escape to.

Since it was the holidays, nobody would be at work today and she was looking forward to a quiet and relaxing day, reading in a corner of the office, and doing her work in an entirely chaos free environment.

‘Its too hot to wear a bra today, underneath my saree.’ She decided as her dainty little fingers skillfully wrapped, tied and fastened her saree around herself. She brushed her hair hurridly and ran a flawless winged liner over her eyelids, smeared red lipstick on a perfect pout before rushing out through the front door.

She drove into work, listening to loud metal and rock music to quieten the screams inside her.

Inundated by her thoughts and ticking off a few 100 mental to-do lists, she entered the elevator, unaware of the heads she turned as she walked past. The elevator bell dinged on her floor, and she strode into the tall glass walls that were her office.

She is surprised to see her boss, sitting at his desk tapping away on his computer, in an otherwise empty office. Today, he wears a charcoal gray shirt and seemed so completely consumed by his work, that he didnt even notice her additional presence in the office.

‘Why is he in today? Isnt it a holiday?’ she questions herself.

She stood at the door of his cabin and said, ‘Hey, good morning. I didn’t expect to see you in today.’

He looks up at the unexpected sight, and does a double take. She had walked into the office, wearing a striking peacock blue saree, a stunning contrast to her alabaster white skin. He has never before seen her in a saree because she chose only to wear western formals to work. The saree is incomparably beautiful on this Indian woman; it is exactly designed to cling to all the right curves of her figure, exposing just the exact amount of skin to drive the viewer mad with desire. Against her soft wavy shoulder-length brown hair, her kohl rimmed chocolate brown eyes stand out beautifully. As she blushes a deep crimson under his probing gaze, the luscious lips of this beauty part in surprise.

It is instant electicity when his raven black eyes meet her deep dark browns.

His gaze travels down to a long neck, and her heaving breasts under her neatly pinned saree. Her silver necklace dips just inside the pleats of her saree, disappearing mysteriously into the cleft between her breasts, a tantalising enigma to him.

The softly tucked pleats draw focus to the woman’s shapely waist, her slender belly and tiny navel as they taper off to more pleats, barely concealing voluptious but slim hips but hide all the rest of her except the tips of her freshly painted toes.

“Red, what a remarkable contrast to her milky white skin.” he muses.

It is as though he devours her with his gaze.

‘God, she is so dammingly sexy.’ He thought to himself as he felt cock stirring in his pants.

‘All she has to do, is walk in and I’m hard for her.’

An entire moment has passed between the couple, no words have been uttered but the static electricity of sexual tension is utterly and completely palpable.

She breathes heavily and leans on the glass door for support, her saree moving ever so slightly to reveal her flawlessly round umbilicus. That did it for him and Porno in two long strides he crossed the room, he reached for her and grabbed her by her waist pulling her in close.

She inhaled in his aroma, the room instantly filling with the smell of sex and desire. Consumed by passion, the two locked lips with an increasing appetite that could only be satiated by them.

‘I thought we werent going to do this! You are married and I’m in a committed relationship with my work. We decided this was one time only, right?’ She asks, unable to keep her hands from him, her hands weaving themselves into his curly mop of hair. Her body doesnt seem to react to her brain at all around him; they seem to do at his bidding – working towards onky one goal : Absolute ecstasy.

‘No, I dont think I can stop myself. Im sorry but I want you.’ He draws her in closer. ‘I ache for you.’ His arms encircle her timy waist pulling her against his hardness.

She returns his verbal passion with what she knows best – raw physical energy. Her hands move freely over the back of his neck, tickling and testing.

Their tongues caressed each other, exploring, seeking and craving more, and he felt his pants becoming too tight for him.

He lifted her up in his powerful arms in one strong swift motion and she clung to his strong neck as they continued to kiss each other deeply. He laid her down tenderly on the floor of his cabin.

‘What if someone walks in?’ she asked suddenly cautious, pushing him away gently.

The cabin had an open floor plan, with large floor to ceiling windows on one side, opening up to the outside. And the other 3 walls made entirely of see through glass open to the view of the rest if the of office.

‘If someone wanted to come, they would have come already or they will come post lunch.’ he replied, a carefully calculated guess.

‘Eh, What about the CCTV?’ she asks.

‘Oh, you ask so many questions! you are maddening, do you know that? I want you this minute. I want you so bad.’ He pinned her down on the floor, pushing himself on top of her, kissing her with new found mirth.

In the midst of their fevoured kissing, they giggle as they revel in their adventurous selves.

‘We are really doing this?’

‘Yes, we are. We are actually having sex in the office.’

He unwrapped the gorgeous silk from her silky smooth limbs, detangling the knotted coccoon of cloth of her outfit over her navel, lingering over each part of her body as his fingers revealed them to his gaze and hungry lips; she moaned deeply unable to contain her pleasure as his lips moved over her gracefully arched ankles only after nibbling and sucking each of her toes.

Her toes curled in delight as he moved upwards worshipping her sinewy thighs, teasing her ever so gently.

Umable to contain herself any longer, she pulled him up roughly by his chin, pressing her lips to his, delving into a deeply impassioned and wet kiss.

They lay together on the office floor, her 6 yards of silk pooled around them, their limbs interleaved and bodies in a tangle. He looked down at her partial nakedness, taking in this raw exotic beauty, relishing in her slowly conjured nakedness – her lovely, iridescent eyes, rimmed with blue kohl and thick lashes seemed to be seducing him on their own, summoning him to her in their own language.

Her breasts encased in a dark blue blouse, the colour of an angry and stormy ocean, seemed to be struggling under the tight fabric. Her fair skin above the neck line of her blouse was bunched tightly together, as demure half moons, forming the deep crevice of her cleavage.

‘You arent wearing a bra today! No bra Altyazılı Porno to work! tsk tsk. Is this how an employee turns up to work?’ He looks down at her laughing playfully, knowing full well this comment would anger her.

Instantly riled up by his irritating comment, th feminist in her speaks up.’Oh please! Like anyone would know. I wear what I like and what I want. What I wear or dont wear isnt any of the office people’s concerns, is it?’

‘Oh, this definitely concerns me. And I definitely like this.’ He shuts her up, kissing her wildly, smiling to himself.

He likes her, for her sharp tongue and even sharper wit. Her ability to turn him on reached far more than just her looks. Her brain, quick to reply wit and strong opinions attracted him even before he saw her in person.

He unhooked her blouse, slowly, his fingers teasing the delicate, translucent skin under his touch as she reacted sighing and whimpering in gratification under him.

His face found the soothing upswell of her breasts and he buried himself in the soft flesh, deeply inhaling her womanly scent. His tongue traced circles on her already hardened nipples, causing her to writhe in contentment under him.

His eyes roved to the curves of her hips and the slow rise and fall of her stomach.

He unties the knot of her inskirt, sliding the cotton garment over her sensous thighs to reveal red lace panties. The very same she had stuffed in his pockets at work a few weeks back.

‘Oh! my favourite!!!’ he exclaims. ‘But i like whats under more.’ His long fingers found the downy softness of her mound, freshly waxed and ready for him. His hands were slick with her excitement and he sharply inserted two fingers causing her to gasp loudly, grabbing his hair.

Unable to bear the slow sexual torture inflicted by him, she pushed him off, unbuttoning his shirt and in a hurry to lose all clothing between them, he unzipped his black pants and let them fall to the floor.

She bent towards his stomach, leaving trails of kisses from his navel, to the dark hair that reached down to form the triangle of her desires. She pulled his boxer shorts down with her teeth, gently scraping the skin under causing him agonizing pleasure.

They take a minute of their precious time to appreciate the beauty of the naked human form of the opposite gender.

His maleness, tough around the edges, long limbs, broad shoulders and his hard dick and big balls an absolute contrast to her delicate frame, huge knockers, softness of her skin, her freshly waxed vagina, its wetness gleaming and glistening against her pristine skin.

And then, when every shred of clothing had been peeled away from both their bodies, they started their love making – long, languid and lasting.

She mounted him as he lay flat on the floor of his cabin.

Her wet and wanting vagina found his raging hard on. But instead of entering her, like she wanted him to, he teased and tormented by moving around her labia and clitoris but not moving inside her.

‘Tell me what you want.’ he said.

‘You know what I want, man! Just give it to me.’ She bit his lip in asking.

She tried lowering herself on him but his iron grip on her waist prevented her from doing so.

He gripped her tighter,

‘No. I dont know. Tell me.’ He replied.

‘Why should I?’ she pouted, her lips a curvaeously sensual contour.

‘Because, I’m telling you to and you WILL listen to me.’ he commands as he spanks her her butt.

She realised that she found certain exhilaration in being commanded that day. An unsual turn to this rebellious female, she found herself growing wetter and wetter as Brazzers she submitted to his verbal and physical mastery.

In between nibbling her ear, he breaths hotly in her right ear, ‘Tell. me. what. you. want.’

‘Oh, A. I want you. I want your big dick inside me, filling me up until I cant breathe. Fuck me, please.’

‘so you want me as much I want you.’


He relaxes his grip on her waist and she lowers herself on to him as he suddenly thrust upward, sharp and deep. Shocked by the sudden sensation, they both gasped in delectable joy.

Together, they find their rhythm, increasing their pace and intensity.

‘Oh, faster!’ she screams

The office reverberates with the sounds of this couple, who in are in the absolute heat of the moment, unaware and unknowing of anything else that surrounds them. Raw animal lust, that, to them was pure bliss.

‘Your pupils! They are dilated!’ she announced.

‘Yes, this feels good!.’ he said.

‘What? can you repeat that?’ She asked in between bouncing on his dick.

‘You. You feel so good. This. Feel. so. ficking. good.’ He pants in between thrusts.

‘I know. I heard you the first time.’ She laughs.

‘You just wanted me to say that twice, didnt you?’ A asks, a deep throaty sound.

His hands are drawn to her breasts like they are magnets and as he rolls her left nipple between his index and thumb whilst pinching her right nipple, she convulsed on him as waves and waves of pleasure overcome her and she falls to his chest, gripping his shoulder hard, scratching his broad chest unable to bear the throes of her excitement.

‘Oh, Im coming. oh my god. Fuck. Fuck. FUUUUCK.’ She screams as she collapses in contentment.

She moves slightly to steady herself and he uses that opportunity to sit upright with his long legs stretched out, back to the glass door of his cabin and pulled her on to him, his dick never for a second leaving her tight cunt.

In practiced poise, she wrapped her bare and luminous thighs around his hips as he held on to her slim waist, squeezing her love handles in ecstasy as she moved up and down on his erect rod.

‘Hey, look at me.’ she calls out, putting a single finger in her mouth and sucking on it prettily.

The added zeal to his already raptured self was what it took. He pushed her off roughly crying out that he was close! Her panties lay on the floor, she grabed them and wrapped the soft silky material around his rock hard maleness and he disintegrated onto it, her small hand wrapped around his large dick, slowly pumping out every single last drop of cum.

Completely sated, the couple shared an ardent smooch, still on the floor.

They share a fist bump on successfully doing it in the office without getting caught before dressing.


30 minutes later, three other employees stroll in to find the boss and their pretty coworker chatting in the boss’ cabin. It comes as no surprise to them that they both are working on a holiday because they are notoriously known for being workaholics.

She smiles innocently, as her toes moved up his legs under his pants, knowing full well that the other people could catch them in the act.

She looked so delicious that he became hard again, in spite of the highly satisfying orgasm he already poured into her panties.

He fields a phone call from swiggy delivery partner who has phoned to say his order has arrived.

He stands up to collect his food order, hands in pocket to hide his evident boner.

She looks up in amusement, eyes widening in surprise;

He returns her look sheepishly, ”This is embarrassing! he exclaims.

‘Oh, why? Im absolutely flattered.’ she giggles.

“Maybe you shouldn’t dress like that.” he grumbles

“This is just a saree. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

‘can you please leave my cabin? My dick refuses to cooperate with you in it! You’re driving me mad with desire.’

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