I just wanted to fuck. Uncomplicated, no strings attached. I’d been feeling the need brewing in me for several weeks but work kept me busy. Finally a break came and I was sent on a business trip to California for a week. I decided to head up the weekend before the conference I was there to attend began. I arrived late Friday afternoon and checked into my hotel.

The accommodations held a four star rating and was beautiful. My room looked out over the pool and it was as I stood at the window enjoying the view that I saw her. A perfect specimen of womanhood from head to toe. She wore a bright blue and white bikini, showing off the luscious curves of her body. Not one of these stick women that seem so prevalent in southern California. Hips, ass, thighs, breasts, all of it waiting for me to explore it.

She looked up as though she could feel me looking at her and our eyes met. I stepped out onto the balcony and she smiled at me. I returned the smile. She moved her head as though signaling me to come down. I nodded to let her know I understood. I returned to my room, jumped in the shower and dressed in a pair of white swim trunks and a blue wife beater. My short hair was still wet when I left the room and headed down to the lobby.

She was waiting for me on a lounge chair with an empty one next to her. “Afternoon.” She greeted. Up close she was even more beautiful. Smooth caramel skin, large full round breasts, a flat stomach and an ass I could see even from the front.

“Good afternoon to you as well. My name is Javon.” I introduced myself.

“Nice to meet you Javon. I’m Cecilia.” She said. Her voice was smooth and honeyed like the rest of her. There was a hint of accent that I couldn’t place. I sat on the lounge chair next to her after moving it as close as I could and still have enough room for us to be able to stand.

“Are you vacationing Cecilia?” I asked. She smiled and it was brilliant.

“I’m here for business and yourself?” She asked. A waiter strolled by and I stopped him to order drinks. She was sipping on an Amaretto sour. I got a fresh one for her and a Vodka Tonic for myself. The way she was watching me, let me know we were looking for the same thing. Still, even when it comes to flings, I’ve never been the type to not show a woman a good time and treat her like a lady.

“I have a conference starting on Monday. Decided to come down a couple of days early and get a little breather. I haven’t been to Cali in years. It’s beautiful.” I replied. I was giving her heavy eye contact to let her know I wasn’t just referring to the terrain.

“Indeed.” She said. She took the fresh drink when the handsome young man returned. I tipped generously because I could still remember busting tables and putting up with the shit that the rich and pretentious put out. He winked at me as he walked away in that way that some men will when they know what you’re up to and have enough cool to not be raucous in their approval.

“Would you be interested in joining me for dinner tonight?” I invited. She smiled.

“In your room or mine?” She returned.

“Wherever you’ll feel more comfortable of course.” I answered. Her chocolate brown eyes moved down the length of my five foot six inch frame slowly. I consider myself an average looking woman. I’m dark skinned, slim and toned, small breasts, not too much ass but not extended back. My lovers are generally pleased with my physique. My eyes are a medium brown, my hair short, black and very curly. My nose is straight speaking to my mixed heritage, my lips full, soft and brown. My hands are pretty big for my size but they match my feet and somehow the rest of me.

“I’m in room 323.” She said.

“Okay. And what time should I be there?”


“Would you like me to bring anything?” I asked.

“Whatever you’d like to use.” She answered. Yeah we were looking for exactly the same thing.

“I’ll see you at seven.”

I dressed to impress even though we’d probably never leave the room. My suit was cream colored; the silk shirt beneath the jacket was a honey color that brought out my eyes. My shoes matched the shirt and the belt. I was already strapped as I prefer to be prepared. Having to stop to strap up can ruin the mood at some of the most unexpected and unappreciated times.

I knocked on her door promptly at seven. A woman after my own libido, she’d dressed as though we were going to a restaurant to eat as well. The dress she wore was killer red and clung to her body like a second skin. The neckline was a deep V that showed off her cleavage and made my mouth water. Her long dark hair was piled atop her head and my fingers itched to delve into the mass and send it tumbling down. “Hi there.” She greeted. There was a warmth in her voice that matched the anticipation I was feeling.

“Good evening. You looked positively ravishing.” I told her. It wasn’t a line, simply the truth. She smiled softly and I was pleased to see she recognized the sincerity in the compliment as she blushed.

“Thank you. You look quite bursa eskort delectable yourself.” She returned. She blushed but she didn’t back down and I really liked that. She stepped back to allow me entrance. As I said, I’m an average sized woman, but even with her heels, I was two inches taller than her. I have such a weakness for petite women. I watched the plump roundness of her ass as she sashayed farther into the room and wondered if she’d already ordered.

There was a knock on the door before I’d gotten halfway across the spacious suite and my question was answered. I returned to the door and opened it to find the same waiter from earlier. “Evening.” He said with that same knowing smile. “Where would you like it?” He asked. Cecilia spoke before I could.

“In the bedroom.” She said. He moved the tray into the bedroom without another word and returned a moment later. I started to reach for some cash but he shook his head.

“It’s already been taken care of.” He said. I raised my eyebrows. “Enjoy.”

I closed the door and turned to find her leaning in the doorway of the bedroom. When she was sure I was following her every movement with my eyes, she slipped the tip of her finger between the full softness of her lips and sucked gently before sliding it down over the swell of her breasts. I bit my lower lip and tried to remember how to breathe. Her hands moved over her stomach and came to rest at the junction of her legs. “You look real good in that suit. I want to see what you look like out of it.” She said.

I crossed the room to her and followed the same path down her body with my hands that hers had traveled. She shivered beneath my fingertips when they caressed her breasts and I could see her pulse beating rapidly. I kissed her neck just below her ear, flicking my tongue over the area and enjoying the way her breath shuddered from her body. Her hands moved over my arms, up around my neck supporting herself. There’s nothing like making a woman’s knees weak. I scooped her up in my arms and carried her into the bedroom. There were already candles set up around the room burning softly.

I set her on her feet next to the bed and kissed her gently. Her eyes closed and she surrendered herself to me. I slid the zipper down on the back of her dress and the material loosened and then slid down to pool at her feet. She stepped out of the silky material and I stepped back to admire what had been revealed to me. She wore a matching bra and panty set in black silk. Her breasts seemed to strain against the confines of the brassiere. I turned her around and caught my breath at the sight of her ass. If I have a weakness for petite women, I’m a fool over a petite woman with a big ass. “Damn.” I whispered. I undid the clasp of her bra and slid the straps off her shoulders. Her breasts were perky on her chest as the bra fell away. I kissed the back of her neck, biting gently, making her moan. The helplessly aroused sound translated into a current of electricity that staggered down my spine and pooled in my clit. I was suddenly viciously turned on and throbbing. My hands cupped her breasts, feeling the pebble hard nipples pressed against my palms.

“Take off your clothes.” She requested breathlessly. I turned her so she faced me and once again stepped back, this time so she could see. I removed the suit jacket and tossed it behind me. My shirt followed suit. I wore no bra and my nipples were already rigid with my arousal beneath the thin wife beater I wore. She licked her lips when I reached for the buckle of my belt and released it. I kicked off my loafers and unzipped the pants. I let them drop to the floor much as her dress had and stepped out of them. Her eyes widened when they got to the bulge between my legs. I will joke with my friends that had I been a man, given the size of my hands and feet, I’d have been well endowed. Since I wasn’t born with a penis, I equip myself with what I’m sure God would have given me had it been meant for me to be a man. My dick was an eight inch python. A thickly veined shaft and a pair of heavy balls gave it a very realistic look and feel.

I moved back up to her, pressing our bodies together. My hands gripped her ass, my need becoming overwhelming. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could keep it soft and slow. She didn’t mind. Her own hands started at my breasts and eventually she pulled at the undershirt signaling she wanted it gone. Her skin was heated when our flesh met. I lifted her up onto the bed and followed her, kicking off my socks as I went. She lay back allowing me to have my way. We left her heels on and I knelt between her legs touching her with my hands and my eyes. I squeezed her breasts and she cried out. She moaned again and I bent down to capture her nipple with my mouth. I sucked on her, taking as much of the soft flesh into my mouth as I could. Her hands dove into my hair, pressing me closer, tighter. I used my teeth lightly and she writhed beneath me. Her nails dragged down my back making me hiss and urging me on.

I moved between those luscious bursa bayan escort mounds, sucking the nipple into my mouth, laving my tongue over and around it. I moved my hand down between her legs, feeling the heat and wetness that had gathered there. The panties were soaked. I sat back long enough to rip them off and she cried out at the display of force. Her pussy was thick, juicy and naked before me. The hair was completely removed allowing me to see her hard clit. “Eat my pussy.” She requested. The need in her eyes matched my own and she didn’t have to tell me twice. I moved down until I knelt on the side of the bed with her creamy thighs on either side of my head. My hands gripped her hips pulling her roughly toward my hungry mouth. I dove in. She smelled divine and tasted even better! My tongue pushed its way between the slickness of her full outer lips, into the soaked inner folds. I drank her down, loving the spicy sweet flavor of her. My tongue felt acrobatic as it danced inside of her, licking up all the juices that had accumulated there. “Oh God!” She gasped. I hadn’t even gotten to her clit yet. I pushed my tongue as far into her as it would go, stimulating her. She gripped my hair and I could feel her pussy spasm in my mouth. I knew she was going to cum. Her hands fluttered back and forth between my hair, my shoulders and gripping the sheets as the sensation built in her. The closer she got to completion, the tighter my own pussy grew. The throbbing was a delicious reminder of what I was making this woman feel.

I wanted to feel her reach the flash point. I slipped two fingers deep inside of her at the same moment I moved my tongue up to slither over her engorged clit. She gripped the sheets tightly and screamed. I suckled her clit as she rode the orgasm out. My fingers which has been pressing rhythmically against her G-spot, were gripped so tightly by her walls, I could do no more than press up slightly to try and prolong the climax. When it finally crested, she collapsed back to the bed. I continued to lick on her. Her nectar had grown even more sweetly pungent as she flooded my hand and I couldn’t seem to get enough of the taste of her. I moved my fingers deeper inside of her and added a third to make sure she would be ready for me. She was wet and open but her pussy was still very tight and I didn’t want to hurt her.

After she achieved another shattering peak, I withdrew from her and flipped her over. I pulled her shoes off and then spread the heavy globes of her ass so I could push my tongue into her wet puckered hole. She’d leaked so copiously, my tongue slid into her ass as easily as it had into her pussy. “Oh shit!” She cried not having expected the sensation. I held her in place, showing her ass as much attention as I’d given her pussy. I sucked on the sensitive hole and pushed my fingers back into her still convulsing cunt. “Yes, Jesus, that feels so good!” She cried out.

I could hardly stand it. My clit was like a rock beneath the strap and I wanted to watch the dick sliding in and out of her wetness. I forced myself to wait. I wanted to plunder her ass with the dick too and I wanted to make sure she was good and open when the time came. “Please, please. Fuck me Javon.” She begged. I could never refuse a begging woman. I pulled the dick out and knelt behind her positioning the bulbous head at the angry red opening of her pussy. She watched from underneath herself as I pushed into her. “Oh, fuuuuccck!” She groaned as she was stretched to accommodate the monster. I got half way in and withdrew until only the head remained then slammed back into her. She thrashed on the bed but pressed herself back against me taking the rest of it. “Yes, yes, fuck me.” She panted.

I pulled back and slammed into her again. My rhythm was ruthless. Each time I pushed into her she cried out. Her hips pistoned back against me, meeting me thrust for thrust. I slapped her ass and she screamed my name. I watched the shudders run through her small frame as she beat her fists against the bed. I spread her ass cheeks, allowing the dick to slide even deeper inside of her. I gripped a fistful of her hair which had begun to tumble with her movements. Her head came up and I pulled until it was as far back as I was comfortable making her neck bend. “Scream for me bitch!” I commanded. My hips continued their steady pounding into her yielding pussy and she did as I asked. She screamed as she came and my own orgasm could not be prolonged any longer. I grunted as it shivered through me.

“Yeah, cum for me Big Daddy.” She encouraged. She ground herself back against me expertly as though we’d done this many times before.

When I had regained my composure I pulled out of her and was pleasantly surprised when she pushed me onto my back and climbed on top of me. She gripped the thick black phallus and eased herself down on it. She hissed slightly as it filled her once again. The angle was different, deeper. She squatted over me, the dick half way inside of her. “Watch.” She instructed. bursa ucuz escort Her fingers moved down so she could separate the lips of her swollen sex. Her clit was hard and pulsing. I put my hands behind my head and watched her sink the rest of the way down. She lifted herself up and then slid back down again. The visual was delicious. I watched those thick lips swallow my dick and spit it back out. Each time it slid back out of her, it glistened with her wetness.

I put my feet flat on the bed and began thrusting my hips up into her. She cried out in surprise at first then we found our rhythm and every time I thrust up, she slammed herself down onto me. Her hair was a sex tousled mass spilling down her back and over her shoulders. Her head was thrown back and her eyes closed as she lost herself. It remains one of the most erotic images I’ve ever seen. I slid my hands up to cup her breasts. My thumb and forefinger squeezed her nipples to just this side of real pain and she looked down at me with those intense brown eyes of hers. She took one of my hands and drew my fingertips between her lips. She sucked her essence off my fingers and continued to ride herself to orgasm. “Oh, yes. Oh, shit, I’m going to come. Oh, fuck me, I’m coming!” She cried. She collapsed forward onto me and passed out.

We lay there for countless minutes half in and out of slumber. Our hearts pounded together. I caressed her back gently, calming her. Some unknown amount of time later, she eased off of me. I pulled her against my chest and we slept until late in the night.

I woke to the feeling of her slowly rubbing her clit back and forth across my lips. My eyes fluttered open and she grinned down at me. My hands moved up to clasp her hips and steady her as my tongue came out to find it’s way once more inside of her. Her eyes closed and her head rolled back. “Oh, yes.” She moaned softly. I licked slowly, rolling her clit with my tongue, savoring her. “God, I thought I’d dreamed you being this good.” She said. I grinned against her and her eyes opened and smiled down at me.

My hands moved over her ass, up along her back and around to the front of her body so I could caress her breasts. I could feel her shivering as my tongue flickered rapidly back and forth over her clit. I pulled back just before she reached critical mass and she groaned in frustration. I like to tease sometimes. I moved suddenly flipping her over onto her back. She gasped at the unexpected movement then giggled. I lifted myself up into a push up position above her lower body and gazed down at her. “We didn’t get to the food.”

“It’s chocolate and whipped cream. I figured we’d order real food when we were done.” She advised me.

“Sweetheart, the way you taste I could spend this entire week eating just you and still not be done.” I said. She flushed attractively and I found it endearing. “Let’s see about that chocolate.” I said then bounded off the bed. I could feel her eyes on me as I walked over to the tray and lifted the top. The whipped cream had long since melted but the chocolate would be just fine. I grabbed the bottle and turned back to the bed.

“How do you want me?” She inquired. I grinned devilishly.

“First, I’m going to put chocolate on your nipples and suck it off. Then I’m going trail the syrup down your stomach, between your legs and I’m going to lick and suck you clean. And when you’ve come for me a few times and your pussy is soaking wet, I’m going to shove my fat ass dick inside of you again. I’m going to fuck you til your eyes cross and your toes curl and you’re crying because it feels so good. Then I’m going to pull my dick out of your pussy and ease it into your tight ass. I’m going to show you pleasure like you’ve never known it before.” I informed her. Her breathing had grown labored at my forward words. Her dark eyes sparkled with anticipation.

I climbed onto the bed and knelt between her legs. As promised I started with her breasts, letting a small stream of chocolate coat her breasts. I bent and licked the sugary treat off of her in long catlike strokes of my tongue. I suckled her breasts, pulled her nipples into my mouth and bit gently. I poured more chocolate down the flat plane of her stomach and repeated the process all the way down to the plump mound of her pussy. She writhed beneath the onslaught of my warm mouth as I devoured her and the chocolate that coated her. She was so wet by time I was done, my tool slid into her easily when I finally position it at her entrance and pushed forward.

“Damn your pussy is soaked.” I commented as she took my length effortlessly.

“Jesus, stop teasing me and fuck this pussy.” She commanded. I smiled but did as told and began pounding into her. I lifted her hips and held them in place while I slid in and out of her in a powerful driving rhythm. Her body glistened with the sweat of our exertion and my fingers dug into her skin to keep my grip. “Oh my God, oh my God, right there. Don’t stop boo, keep fucking me.” I gritted my teeth, ignored the protesting of my thigh muscles and continued to drill her pussy until finally her body seized up and she screamed. Her pussy pulsed twice and then released her orgasm. My stomach was coated with her juices and the knowledge that she had shot off for me (something I had never experienced) had me cumming all over myself.

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