Jack had been taking out Jo’s daughter Kay for eight months. It was a relationship of convenience, Jack was in his second year at University, he was studying law and was doing very well. Jack was a wealthy young man, thanks to May, his mum, who had inherited a substantial business which had been in her family for three generations.

Jack lived with his mum, she doted on him, he drove a Golf Convertible and ate in the best restaurants. Jack’s father was a Tanker Captain and spent a long time at sea. Jack knew that he hardly spent any time at home.

Jack’s friend John, they had been to school together. John had left school and done a hairdressing course which he had just finished. His mum Sue had three hairdressing salons, Sue was happy that John had done this course as he could now help her in her business.

Kay was four years older than Jack, she was like her mother, a beautiful woman. Kay was Jack’s friend John’s cousin; Kay’s mother Jo and John’s mother Sue were sisters. Kay used Jack for the lovely places that he took her to, Jack used Kay for the hot sex that he had with her. Kay loved it in every hole, Jack soon realised that Kay was only interested in herself.

Kay had an Aunt and Uncle living in California. She told Jack four weeks before she went, that she was going, there was also a strong possibility that she would get a teaching job in America. Jack had then realised that there would be no future with Kay.

Jo was the Practice Manageress of a Doctors surgery with seven doctors, it was an excellent position. Three weeks before Kay left Jo was on a weekend conference, this meant that they had a bed for the weekend. May had a Penthouse down the coast with fantastic sea views which they used a lot, but that was a forty-minute drive away.

Kay had invited Val, the headmistress of the school she was working in out for a meal to say thanks for all she had done for her. In reality, it was Jack that paid for the meal and wine. The only good thing about it was that Jack was attracted to Val. Over dinner, Jack and Val were flirting a lot. Kay didn’t realise what was happening.

Kay’s phone rang, and she took it outside to answer it. Val whispered, “Let her go to America, you are better off without her.”

Jack replied, “Thanks Val, I am aware of that, I have enjoyed chatting with you. I think that I will drop Kay home first, are you comfortable with that?”

Val took Jack’s hand and squeezed it antep escort bayan then said, “I’m very comfortable with that, I also have some nice Chablis in the fridge.”

Kay came back, she said, “I can’t see you on Thursday night, in fact, I’m running out of nights, I’ll have to look at my diary to see when I can fit you in.”

Jack didn’t say a word; he saw that Val had given him a wink and a big smile. Jack was now admiring Val’s voluptuous body; she was tall and dignified with massive tits. Jack asked for the bill then they left. Kay was just gabbling on, saying nothing meaningful. They arrived at Jo’s house, “I hope it goes well for you in America, and you find what you’re looking for, I’d better get Val home now.”

Kay got out of the car, she didn’t say a word, she slammed the door. Jack drove off but stopped three hundred yards down the road to let Val into the front passenger seat, Jack said, “When we picked you up, Kay should have shown you some respect and appreciation for what you have done for her, I didn’t like that she didn’t let you sit in the front seat.”

Val said, “I’m so happy that you saw through her, she is one of the most self-centred people that I’ve ever met, her mother is a charming lady, you’re intelligent, I can’t work out what you saw in her, what did you see in her?”

Jack smiled, then said, “She was a good fuck.”

Val grinned then said, “I doubt that tonight, you will know what a great fuck is like.”

They arrived at Val’s apartment; Jack was impressed with the Antiques that Val had. Val got the Chablis, two glasses and a wine cooler. Val said, “Forget about Kay, you’re far to nice for her. Let’s have some wine, to be honest, I’m a little nervous, I was widowed six years ago, and I haven’t been in a relationship. My husband was eight years older than me. In the last five years of his life, he wasn’t sexually active. Your studying Law, I believe?”

Jack answered after topping up their glasses, “Yes, I am, you surprise me, Val, you’re a beautiful woman, do you enjoy sex?”

Val answered, “I fucking love sex, I need sex, I haven’t met the right man, I’m very picky, there must be chemistry. I’m also lucky to have Bob, he satisfies me regularly.”

Jack said, “Bob?”

Val grinned then said, “Battery Operated Boyfriend.”

Jack took her in his arms, they kissed, their tongues were exploring each other’s mouth. araban escort bayan Their hands were also investigating, they caressed and touched for several minutes then Val said, “We would be far more comfortable in bed, can you stay the night?”

Val led him into her bedroom, Jack said, “I would love to.”

Within a minute they were both naked, Val said when she saw Jack’s massive cock, “Now I know that Kay is not right, she will never find another cock like that, and that’s for sure.”

Val’s tongue was teasing the bulbous tip of Jack’s massive cock then he felt the warmth of her mouth taking the full length of his cock, her lips were now wrapped around the base of his cock. Val’s blue eyes were looking straight into Jacks eyes as she deep throated him, Jack’s precum was now tickling the back of Val’s throat.

Val said, “You’re really hard now, it feels so fucking nice.”

Val then got into the missionary position with her legs spread wide open. Jack looked at the beautiful sight of Val’s flat, smooth, swollen and glistening pussy. Val said, “Jack, it’s all yours.”

Jack guided his cock to the middle of her long sex slit then watched his cock slide up her until his balls were hitting the cheeks of her ass, Val said, “I’ve never been filled like this before, it feels fantastic.”

Jack was now holding her legs in a v-position at the ankles. Every minute he was picking up speed as he thrust into her, Val’s strong cunt muscles were gripping his cock at the base and tip of each prod of his cock. Val’s massive tits were bouncing everywhere, one of her hands was playing with her clit, the other was playing with her tits.

A couple of minutes later Val changed her position, she got on to all fours and moved into a doggy style position. Jack then spread her ass cheeks and kissed and tongued her ass hole.

Jack then slid inside her pussy doggy style, he started to pound her hard, he was now going in so deep, Val loved it. Jack began to massage Val’s ass with his thumb, she was taking the full length of his thumb, Val said, “I’m going to cum, fuck me, baby, go deep and fuck me.”

A stream of cunt juice was now coming out of her hot pussy. Jack was happy that he had made her cum, he just kept pounding her then he exploded inside her. Val said, “You’re incredible, that was amazing, I want to see more of you, Jack.”

Jack replied, “I want to gaziantep arap escort bayan see more of you too, you are a great ride, I don’t have that much experience, I now know what a great fuck is, Kay is a third-rate fuck.”

Val answered, “Thanks for the compliment, you are something else, I think that I’ll be able to look after all your sexual needs urges until you find an alternative for Kay. She is quite immature for her age, I wouldn’t be surprised if she had been cheating on you. At school, she was always on her smartphone.”

Jack looked at Val’s enormous tits, then her inviting sex slit, he felt his cock harden. Val was aware that he was getting aroused before she went down on him, Val said, “Darling, let me make your big boy hard, then I want you to lie down and let me go on top of you, I want to do so many things with you.”

Val then went down on him, her tongue teasing his enormous cock. Then the warmth of the inside of her mouth as she wrapped her lips around his erect cock. Val’s head was now bobbing up and down in a determined way.

Val was enjoying what she was doing to Jack’s cock, one-minute deep throating him, then teasing his cock and balls with her tongue. Then Val squatted over Jack, teasing her hard clit with the bulbous tip of his cock. Val then centred the crown of his cock in the middle of her sex slit, she pushed down, Jack’s cock vanished inside her hungry pussy. As Val started to ride Jack, Val said, “It feels so good, you’re stimulating my cervix, baby, I want to feel you squirt inside me.”

Val soon had a powerful rhythm going, she was in complete control, gripping his cock at the base and tip of his cock on each downward thrust. Jack was rubbing her huge clit as Val was riding him. Val’s massive tits were wobbling seductively as Val went up and down on him. Val was holding eye contact with Jack as she sexily moved up and down. She then started to lick and suck her nipples, bringing one of her massive breasts to her mouth, sucking and licking on it then doing the same with the other.

Val started to go harder and faster, still keeping Jack in her eyes, this was arousing Jack, Jack could feel her cunt juice dripping onto his balls. They both climaxed within seconds of each other, Val was gripping Jack’s cock at the base, holding him inside her, she had powerful cunt muscles. Val leaned forward and kissed Jack for several minutes then said, “That was unbelievable, I felt your hot cum hitting my cervix, it felt wonderful. I’m so happy that you came home with me tonight, I am also happy that you have seen through Kay, you were wasting your time with her. There’s a lot of mature women out there that would love a twenty-year-old lover, every one of them would love the pleasure and gratification that your magnificent cock can give them.”

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