Firstly, this is my first story and everyone in this tale is above the age of consent being over 18.

This story is about a young girl discovering her sexuality with 2 old men. It includes some rough sex and submissive behaviour from all parties but mainly the young girl as she bends to the older gentlemen’s will. So if the thought of that offends you PLEASE STOP NOW!

It is hopefully the first of many, depending on its reception, about the adventures of the fictitious young Jessica.

As it is my first story I feel it’s important to listen to any notes or thoughts so feedback is most welcome.


Jessica looked in the mirror and sighed, she hated her long brown hair. It cascaded down to just below her shoulders, still smooth and shiny from her shower this morning. Jess grabbed her yellow scarf, which she had slung over her chair on her return from college that afternoon, and draped it over her head. Pulling it down with her hands either side of her head covering her awful brown hair. She posed and pouted like she had seen the movie stars she idolise do, imagining her hair was a golden blonde.

At 18 Jess had never dyed her hair, her mother was very strict and wouldn’t allow this. As her mother would say, “I will not have you dying your hair like the other Harlots in your class.”

As Jess stood there in front of the mirror looking quite ridiculous with this bright yellow scarf on her head she sighed again. Suddenly her peace and quiet was interrupted by the voice of her father calling up to her.

“Hun, what was the name of the film you and Kim are watching again.”

“Shit.” Jess murmured “Uh, The Hunger Games dad, it’s based on the books I read last summer.”

“That’s the one.” Her dad hollered back. It was Friday night which meant Jess was off to the movies. One of the few pass times her parents permitted.

Jessica’s parents were very strict and she knew if she was honest with them over the real film the girls were going to see this evening they would never let her out of the house. Jessica was a blossoming young woman, exploring her sexuality and she had a bit of a crush on Channing Tatum. Jess would often think about his ripped body while in the shower, he really turned her on, and tonight the girls would be going to see the male stripper film Magic Mike. But before Jess could go to the cinema she needed to choose an outfit and quick. She wanted to be the one greeting Kim not her prudish parents.

Kim had been Jessica’s best friend since primary school. They stayed best friends when they moved up to secondary school even a brief falling out over Kyle Golding in year 9 couldn’t derail their friendship. When Kim left school at 16 Jess feared they would drift apart. Luckily for Jess, Kim put a lot of effort into their friendship, Kim would even sometimes be waiting for Jess when he came back from college.

Checking the clock on her dressing table Jess realised Kim would be pulling up her drive shortly. Instead of choosing an outfit, Jess was day dreaming about changing her hair colour. Jess still hadn’t picked out an outfit, she moved to her wardrobe and stood looking at her frumpy outfits. None of these would do and Jess grabbed her neck in frustration and started to massage herself hoping inspiration would strike.

As Jess stood there in her white lacy bra, which pushed her 34DD round globes together creating a mouth-watering cleavage. Her matching white thong disappeared into the crack of her pert tight ass. Jess took one last look in her wardrobe hoping her clothes would miraculously change into something a normal girl would wear. As Jess scanned her wardrobe a large plastic bag on the floor of her wardrobe caught her eye, she swore it wasn’t there this morning. As Jess pulled the bag out and started to rummage through it, Jess realised she has her hands on a goldmine of revealing outfits.

When Jessica was younger she went through a typical teenage rebellious phase, which only lasted a summer. Jess would go out with Kim, buy skimpy outfits and hide them at the back of her wardrobe. Realising the change in Jessica’s attitude her mother would monitor Jessica’s wardrobe and remove any clothes she didn’t think were suitable. After clothes started to disappear from her wardrobe the arguments started. Jess felt her privacy was being invaded. A few groundings later and Jessica’s rebellious side disappeared. She realised fighting her mother on her wardrobe was fruitless and expensive.

But now as If by magic the clothes had reappeared. Jess had grown up a fair bit recently, filling out in some noticeable areas, it just meant the clothes would be even more revealing. The thought of her body being on display coupled with the knowledge these outfits were forbidden excited Jess. Her right hand instinctively reached up and cupped her firm left breast. The gentle pressure her fingers placed on her boob comforted Jess like only her security blanket could when she was a child. Jess also started to pinch her nipple through the bayan escort gaziantep thin fabric on her lacy bra.

In the bag Jess saw short skirts, tight shorts, revealing 2 piece bikinis, skimpy tops… It was a smorgasbord of outfits but knowing she was pressed for time Jess settled for a pair of bright blue jeans and a white tank top. Jess pulled the tank top over her head. Being 3 years old the top was tight and it was a bit of a stretch getting it down over her tits. Jess would not be denied though and pulled hard as the material expanded and clung to her body. The bottom of the tank top came down to just above Jessica’s flat navel and the bottom of the tank top hung loose away from her body. Jess glanced in the mirror, the top had stretched nicely over her firm breasts showing a good eyeful of cleavage.

Next came the jeans and Jess quickly realised these were the £200 Versace jeans her dad bought for her birthday a few years ago. She actually got to wear them a few times as being Versace and costing over £200 trumped any comment Jessica’s mother could make against them.

“Only a Harlot would wear such tight jeans!” Her mother said when she saw them for the first time.

“A Harlot wouldn’t be able to afford such expensive jeans.” Jess retorted. For a time this was enough for Jess to keep the Jeans. However Jessica’s mother wasn’t stupid and she knew Jess only wanted them because they almost looked painted on and soon they too disappeared from her wardrobe.

As Jess poured herself into the tight jeans she glanced in the mirror her hour glass figure was quite a sight. At 5, 7″ and being a size 10, Jess would catch the eye of most men in bin bag. These tight form fitting jeans nicely accentuated her thin legs and tight pert round ass. They were low cut and left plenty of stomach on show. Unfortunately Jess would have to cover her stomach for now so she could leave the house.

Jess grabbed a pink shirt to cover tight body and firm tits. The shirt was a little loose so didn’t show off Jessica’s fantasting cleavage, which was fine for now. Jess had a plan to alter her outfit later. She knew how to show off her body and planned to untuck the shirt and tie it off exposing her newly pierced belly button. While at the same time undoing the top 3 buttons of her shirt to ensure her fantastic 34DD tits were on display for anyone to see.

Just as the doorbell rang, letting Jessica know Kim had arrived, Jess finished applying a hint of makeup. She had only just been allowed to have a small makeup kit since she turned 18, little did her mother know Jess had been applying makeup for years. Jess would steal and borrowing what she needed from shops, friends and her own mother. The light eyeshadow and pink bubble-gum flavoured lip-gloss Jess applied didn’t do a lot. She still looked younger than her years, but it gave her a small boost in confidence.

Jess grabbed her pink Gucci purse and slipped her black velvet choker in the inside pocket. Another small change Jess would be making to her current outfit when she was out of the view of her parents. She slipped on a pair of flats, heeled shoes where strictly forbidden. Finally after one last quick glance back in the mirror Jess was bouncing down the stairs to open the door for her waiting friend.

Kim was a bit smaller than Jess at 5, 5″ with equally round mouth-watering breasts, they were also 34DD’s. Kim had a toned, stomach and round ass which she worked hard on to keep tight. Kim could be a bit of a fitness freak at times. Jess knew Kim didn’t have the same dress code set by her parents so wanted to reach the door before Jessica’s parents could see what Kim was wearing. No doubt it was much sluttier than Jessica’s current outfit.

Jessica’s heart sank when she saw her father had not only beaten her too it but was in quiet conversation with Kim. While her father wasn’t as strict as her mother he was no fool. He knew girls matured faster than boys. So letting his little girl out with another, acting older than she was, wouldn’t be permitted. Jess couldn’t make out what was being discussed but from her view on the stairs it looked intense. Suddenly Kim’s face came into view over her father’s shoulder “Hey Jess!” Kim Shouted.

Kim’s had golden blonde shoulder length hair and while Jess had an angelic face, largely owning to her sparse makeup, Kim’s face was much sexier. This in part was due to her naturally thick red lips and Cindy Crawford style mole. Kim also used more makeup than Jess often wearing too much eyeshadow in Jessica’s opinion.

As Jessica’s father moved aside Kim’s outfit came into view and Jess suddenly had a pit forming in her stomach. Kim had black knee high boots, black stockings (Even though Jess couldn’t see the stocking tops Kim never wore tights). A flared black skirt stopping halfway down her thigh, with a tight blue boob tube, which barely contained her large cleavage. A short black leather jacket rounded out the outfit. cim cif gaziantep escort bayan Jess figured the jacket was new, as she had never seen it before. Fear crept across Jessica’s face and she felt panicked, there was no way Jess’s father would let her out with Kim dressed like this.

“Hi pumpkin.” Jess’s father said smiling at his daughter. Jess moved next to her father, he was 6ft and kept in good shape, this owed to the fact he was only in his late thirties. He and Jessica’s mother had Jess when they were quite young. Kim noticed the panicked look on Jessica’s face but her father was seemingly oblivious.

Jessica’s dad threw his arm around her shoulder “You kids enjoy the Hungry Games movie tonight.” Jess was in shock that her father had no opinion on Kim’s clothes. Deciding a quick exit was the best option, she didn’t even correct her father about the name of the movie, they weren’t even going to see.

As her father bent over to kiss Jess on the forehead Kim grabbed Jessica’s arm pulling her away from her father’s embrace. Leading her down the path and into her car. Jessica’s father stood in the door way beaming and waving to his little girl. Jess was in shock, it was only 3 months ago that her father had forbidden Jess from ever seeing Kim again. The row erupted over the way Kim dressed and acted.

It was decided Kim acted far to grown up and Jessica’s father believed Kim was a bad influence. While her father relented in the last month Jess was sure Kim’s current outfit would send him round the bend, but it didn’t.

“How are you Jess.” Kim’s words snapped Jess back to reality. She dragged her eyes away from her father, now disappearing as the car reversed off the driveway into the street. The look of panic had disappeared and was replaced by a smile on the teenagers beautiful face.

“I’m great now I’m out of the house.” Came the jubilant response from Jess. It’s not that she hated her parents but with all the rules Jess felt a sense of freedom every time she was out with Kim.

Both girls laughed and chatted on the drive into town. On the way Jess modified her outfit. Untucking the pink shirt and undoing the top three buttons. Jess then took the bottom of the shirt and lifted it up so she could pull it through her neckline. This caused the material on her shirt to pull tight against her firm chest. Jess tied the shirt off showing plenty of cleavage and stomach, giving her a schoolgirl style look. Next came the black choker from her purse. The choker always made her feel sexy. There was a slight tingle in her panties after she finished changing her clothes.

“Tadah! What do you think Kim.” Jess was very pleased with herself and wanted the adulation which normally followed an outfit change.

“No no no that won’t do at all.” Came Kim’s response. Jess felt let down by this as she put a lot of weight in Kim’s opinions.

Kim continued, “Don’t get me wrong you look hot as hell but we need to change a couple of things. Don’t worry I brought my makeup kit and a spare pair of pink pumps for you.” Jess was confused, makeup and high heeled shoes? They were only going to the cinema, who would see them?

That’s when Jess realized they missed the turn to the high rise carpark by the multiplex cinema and where headed back out of town. “Kim you missed the turn!” Exclaimed Jess.

A wicked smile crept across Kim’s ruby lips, “sorry Jess, Magic Mike will have to wait. I have other plans for you tonight.”

“Awwww but I was looking forward to that movie.” Whined Jess.

“The only reason you wanted to see that film is you have a crush on Channing Tatum.” Scolded Kim. “They aren’t real men, how many six packs did you see in Blackpool last summer?”

Jess looked down and meekly responded “None.”

Kim was always more adventurous and strong willed than Jess. Whatever Kim said went, so if she said they weren’t seeing Magic Mike they weren’t. Also as Kim was driving Jess had little say in the matter.

“Your 18 now Jess and I’m going to take you to a real bar, with real men!” exclaimed Kim.

The thought of going to a bar scared Jess a little, she had been to a few pubs and a couple of cocktail bars but they were all in the centre of town. Jess hadn’t ventured north out of town which is precisely where Kim was taking them. There was a tension in the air, both girls could feel it.

The journey continued in silence, the tension between the girls increased the further outside of town they went. Jess was nervous at the thought of going somewhere she didn’t know, but also excited. That familiar tingle in Jessica’s panties happened again as Kim pulled up to ‘The Broken Skull Saloon. From the outside it looked like a southern American bikers bar. Jess could only imagine what it looked like on the inside. This was definitely not a place for little girls.

There was a row of Harley’s parked outside the bar and the music was blaring, it sounded pretty cinsel bilgiler rowdy inside. Unfortunately with the dirty Windows Jess couldn’t see inside the saloon, which at this stage was probably a good thing. As the car rolled to a stop Kim pulled up the hand break and put her hand on Jessica’s arm.

“Don’t worry Jess, your safe with me, my boyfriend is a member of the Three Colour Demons.” The biker gang which frequent this bar. “You’re safe with me.” Kim continued.

Boyfriend? Kim never mentioned a boyfriend. As Jess was processing this new information she felt hot, Kim started talking again. “Look Hun, when we go in here it’s up to you how these guys see you. If you’re meek and shy you WILL get eaten alive by them. However if your confident and lay down the rules firmly they will respect you!”

Lay down the rules?! This statement confused Jess even more. “I know you’re a strong woman Jess, I’ve seen the way you handle the boys in the local pubs. If you are confident and strong it’s up to you how far things go tonight, if not, it’s up to them.” Kim pointed at the bar for added effect, adding a sense for foreboding to Jess about the saloon. “Once inside I can only protect you so much.” Kim added.

What the hell had Kim gotten them into, why was she taking her to this seedy bar… Questions raced through Jessica’s mind and Kim could see the panic on Jessica’s face. Jessica started to breath heavy, her chest rose and fell with every breath. She felt panicked again, this time it was going to turn into a full panic attack.

Kim watched her friend allowing the panic to go on longer than she should. Kim was mesmerised by Jessica’s large rack barely contained by the now tight pink shirt and white tank top underneath. Some sweat formed on Jessica’s forehead and dripped down into her cavernous cleavage.

Seeing Jess panicked excited Kim’s Wild side. She knew what was on the other side of those doors. The anticipation Kim felt of taking innocent Jess in to the saloon would normally have been enough for her to hike up her skirt. Pull her thong to one side and rub her clit with her thumb, while forcing her fingers deep inside her pussy. However she didn’t want to scare Jess anymore than she had, so she put her dark thoughts to one side for now.

Kim reached into her bag and grabbed her hip flask, she thrust it into Jessica’s hand and said “Jess, tonight I need you to become Delia.” This snapped Jess back to reality, Delia was Jessica’s alter ego.

Jess developed Delia one summer while the girls were away at Camp. It was at this camp that Jess first noticed boys and their camp councillor Dillon. Dillon was only a couple of years older than the girls. He was your typical motorbike riding bad boy.

At first Jess couldn’t get Dillon’s attention, so after some late night gossiping with Kim, Jess came up with Delia. Delia was confident and outspoken. A complete 180 for Jess. Delia wore shorter and tighter clothes, exposing more flesh than demure Jess. Delia was also seemingly uninterested in boys, Delia wanted men. It was this change which peaked Dillon’s interest, he barely noticed Jess but couldn’t my get enough of Delia.

This new persona was the start of a summer romance for Delia. The two tried to keep it going after summer had finished but living in different cities proved a sticking point and they broke up. However Jess was a lot more confident now and every so often, when the girls were out, Delia would make an appearance. Normally to get rid of some unwanted attention from the local lads, or scam drinks off the older geezers in the pub. However these weren’t boys or harmless old men inside the Broken Skull Saloon. They were harden men, who had seen and heard it all.

Jess took the flask and had a mighty swig, of what she thought was peach schnapps, the usual drink of choice for the girls. However as the back of her throat began to burn and her gag reflex took hold Jess realised this wasn’t peach schnapps. It was maybe vodka, certainly a strong spirit with a foul aftertaste. “What the hell Kim!” Jess exclaimed as she spluttered and spat out some of the clear liquid on to the inside of Kim’s car.

Kim just cackled and started wiping down the dash board. “If I want Delia to make an appearance we both know you’re going to need something stronger than Peach Schnapps.”

Jessica wasn’t a lightweight, she had been drunk many times before. However a lack of food combined with the excitement and fear of this new location caused her head to start swimming. The strong alcohol taking hold quickly.

Jess didn’t realise she was swaying, just a little, so Kim told her to hold still. She needed to remove some of the lip-gloss before adding any make up. Kim planted her full lips on Jessica’s. It was a passionate lip kiss, no tongues, but the excitement and sexual energy filling the car was palpable.

Kim was still feeling quite aroused and needed some small release. Even in her slightly inebriated state Jess knew this wasn’t the normal way of removing lip-gloss, but then this wasn’t a normal night. With her head lightly swimming, and knowing the dominant Kim well, Jess did she didn’t object to the sudden intimacy. She too had started feeling a bit turned on so it was actually welcomed. Also It wasn’t like this was the first time they had kissed. They had practiced kissing before, but Jess did find Kim’s behaviour tonight odd.

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