As Meera jogged back towards the house (her every morning ritual) she saw her son Raj running out towards his motorcycle, he was again going to be late for school she thought as she waved him goodbye.

Despite the jogging her mind kept drifting back to yesterday’s event’s, as it was still sinking into her what an whore she’d been but also how happy she felt being one.

Entering the house she headed straight to the kitchen to get a bottle of water from the refrigerator. As she was sipping on the water, Spank and a squeeze she turned around to see who had dared to spank and squeeze her thin yoga pants clad ass so hard that she almost dropped the water bottle, only to see the old part time cook now staring down the cleavage which was visible in her sweaty and revealing sports bra.

If this had happened 24 hours ago she probably would have slapped him thinking how dare he, but things were different now, she saw the wicked smile on his face and figured that asshole Ramu (Sid’s cook) must have told all the servants in the neighbourhood about yesterday.

“Yeh kya kar rahe Ho Shyam?” (what do you think you are doing Shyam)? Is all Meera could ask, without realising she was checking out this 50 year old man. She didn’t mind what she saw, he was rugged looking and dark 6 feet tall, broad shoulders with a slight paunch.

With him still staring at her boobs Shyam said, “lund hi chahiye tha, woh toh ghar pe mil sakta hai randi.”(if all you wanted was a dick, you can have that at home slut). With a sly smile on his face as he whipped out his semi hard dick.

Meera couldn’t believe that just a couple of days ago while she was checking out Shyam she felt disgusted by her actions and here she was checking out his massive semi hard cock thinking how much bigger it would get. Also no one had dared called her a slut on her face let alone a servant, but here she was getting turned on by it.

She was just about to grab his cock when the bell rang, as she walked towards the door to see who it was she smiled to herself thinking, saved by the bell.

Sid at the door, “good morning aunty, just saw you jogging back home thought we could have a cup of coffee together.” He said with a sly smile.

“Definitely Sid, no school?” Meera said with a wink, while giving him a hug as he walked through the door.

As Meera turned around she could sense Sid checking her out, but was surprisingly disappointed when he didn’t even tap her inviting ass forget spanking or squeezing it. Specially after yesterday.

As they sat down she called for Shyam to get them 2 cups of coffee.

Shyam came out with the coffee, “Sid Bhaiya kaise ho .” (How are you doing Sid). He said as he served him the coffee.

“Sab theek, tum kaise ho?” (All good, how are you)? Inquired Sid.

Before Shyam could answer an inquisitive Meera asked Sid, “how do you know him?”

“Oh he’s Ramu’s dad.” Replied Sid and then carried on to say, “he lives with his son and nephew Chotu in the quarter’s behind my house, they’ve all been working around this area for some time now.”

Immediately Meera started thinking if Ramu has told Shyam about her sexcapade, then the 18 year old Chotu the sweeper would definitely know too, as they all lived together. And if that’s true then there was no way he hasn’t already bragged about it to everyone he knows around this area.

Suddenly she felt a sinking feeling, thinking she might have taken things a bit too far yesterday in her horny ness. She really didn’t want all the servants in this area thinking she was an easy target.

Sid noticed the sudden change in her expression and asked, “what’s wrong aunty, you okay?”

“Oh, Sid I think I’ve fucked up by letting Ramu fuck me.” Meera paused took a deep breath, surprised at herself how comfortable she was with Sid to tell him what she felt, then carrying on, “I’m worried he’s bragging about it to everyone.”

“Why do you say that aunty?” Sid asked.

She told him what had transpired between Shyam and her just before he rang the bell.

Sid getting excited asked her, “so if I hadn’t turned up what would you have done?”

Sliding close to him Meera whispered in his ears, “I was just about to grab his cock Sid.” In a very sultry tone.

“You truly are a slut!” Said a smiling and turned on Sid.

He then shouted for Shyam.

“Ki kis ko pata hai memsahib ke baare mein?” (Who all know about madam)? Sid asked Shyam as soon as he walked in.

“Sirf hum teen saab.”(Just the 3 of us sir). Then looking at Meera he said, “ghabrahiye mat hum kisse ko bhi nahi bataye ge.”(don’t worry your secret is safe with us).

As Meera sighed a breath of relief she noticed how lustfully they both were staring at her, as she looked at Sid and said, “so what now Sid?” Hoping he’ll grab her, kiss her, take her into the bedroom, do something.

But Sid had something else in mind seeing a tall, dark, big built Shyam and a fair, petite Meera reminded him of all the interracial Antalya travesti porn he loved to watch and he told Meera, “I think you should carry on doing whatever you were planning to with Shyam.” Giving her a light playful slap on her face. “I want to see the slut you truly are aunty.”

“Won’t you be joining in Sid?” She asked sounding really turned on. Surprising herself how comfortable she felt, ready to fuck another servant in front of Sid and how she hoped he’d join in again.

Sid then slapping her face again this time hard enough to sting her said, “only if you’re slutty enough bitch.” Then squeezing her cheeks together making her pouty lips even poutier, “do your job slut.” He demanded.

Meera couldn’t believe how turned on she had gotten, getting slapped around and how she wanted to submit to her sons best friends every order like his personal slut, she’d never felt like this before.

Shyam during this time had made himself comfortable on the sofa opposite them and hadn’t taken his eyes of Meera’s breasts even for a second. He was surprised and turned on to see that she didn’t mind being treated like trash. He’d always fantasied about treating a rich sophisticated good looking lady like a whore.

As Meera got up to walk towards Shyam , Sid shouted, “take of your clothes first.”

Obeying she took of her sports bra first exposing her pointy pink nipples and her 36c breasts that still defied gravity. Then sliding her yoga pants and panties of together she stepped out of them. Exposing her perfectly sculpted round ass to Sid and her shaved pussy to Shyam as they both enjoyed their respective views.

As she took her first step butt naked towards Shyam she heard Sid in a loud voice almost scolding her, “who allowed you to walk bitch.” Then spanking her ass really hard, “bitches don’t walk.”

She got down on all fours and as she made her way crawling towards Shyam, she could feel her pussy getting soaking wet in fact her thighs were making squishy noises with all the pussy juice dripping out of her soaking cunt. She’d never been so turned on and was loving being treated like a whore.

By the time she reached the edge of the sofa, Shyam had slid of his trousers and underwear exposing his semi hard monster of a black cock.

Even Sid was impressed by that thing thinking how well it fitted his interracial fantasy.

Meera still on her knees took Shyam’s cock in her hands and while stroking it put her mouth around its head stretching her lips to the maximum.

She then let her one hand slip of his cock and started messaging his balls, as his cock started to grow even bigger and getting harder with every stroke and suck.

All this while Shyam was squeezing her boobs and pinching her nipples.

Fully erect Shyam was 9 inches long and as thick as Meera’s wrists and she’d thought she’d hit the jackpot with Sid’s monster yesterday.

He then took his cock out her mouth and started cock slapping her face really hard with his monster, shouting “kuttiya yeh leh.” (Take that Bitch).

Shyam had always wanted to do that to a pretty face. Then he proceeded to shove his cock back in her waiting mouth.

As her mouth got used to the size she started swallowing his cock till it hit the back of her throat. Every time her head bobbed up and down his shaft, Shyam would push her head down a little further. He loved seeing her mouth stretching to its limit while she kept staring it him with her big brown eyes.

Sid on the other hand was hard as hell seeing her perfectly round ass pointed towards him, with her thin arched back and her head bobbing up and down.

Sid had never in his wildest dreams imagined that he’d ever end up having a threesome with any woman and a servant, let alone a second time in a row. She was as slutty as they come he thought and was loving the fact how submissive she was.

As he walked up to her stripping of his clothes, he got down on his knees behind her and without warning proceeded to penetrate her pussy from behind while spanking her ass with one hand.

As Meera felt his thick cock slide into her tight wet pussy, she tightened her pussy further and shoved her ass back towards him.

“You really want it bad don’t you slut.” Groaned Sid spanking her ass hard.

“Hmmm,” said Meera pushing her ass back again with every stroke of his while she kept sucking on Shyam’s cock.

Soon all three had found a rhythm and to Meera’s surprise she found herself taking more and more of Shyam massive cock into her mouth, she had never deep throated a cock in her life as she’d always end up gagging but here she was, mouth stretched wide with her throat opening up as she felt his cock slip in and out of her throat.

Shyam loved the feeling of being deep down her throat as he shut his eyes and laid his head back.

Sid could tell what was happening but wanted a better view.

Sid then pulling out of her, pulled her of Shyam’s cock too, turning her around İstanbul travesti made her lie down on the sofa on her back with her head hanging off the corner of the sofa upside down.

As he went on his knees in front of her to fuck her, he looked at Shyam and said, “ab iski mooh ki leh.” (Now fuck her face).

They both didn’t waste anytime penetrating her simultaneously.

With Meera’s neck stretching of the sofa she actually found it easier to deep throat him, as she felt him go all the way down her throat till his ball’s slapped her eyes and nose.

Both Sid and Shyam were surprised to see how easily she took it all the way in as they saw her throat bulging with Shyam’s monster cock. They both had never seen a sight like that.

“Fuck Aunty, you really are something else!” Grunted Sid as he picked up pace and started fucking her as hard as he could.

Meera while getting pounded like a bitch couldn’t even moan with Shyam’s monster slipping up and down her throat till she ended up gagging on it.

Shyam on the other hand didn’t care and was going in and out of her with ease, despite her gagging on and of, as her nose and eyes got covered by her spit.

After 10 minutes of this Sid wanted to exchange places with Shyam and coming out of her said, ” tooh iski phudi ke mazey leh.” (now enjoy her pussy).

As they both pulled out of her she gave a loud moan while fingering her clit and started shaking like crazy, as her pussy squirted all over the sofa. She’d never felt an orgasm like that before, she’d always had an extremely wet pussy when horny but had never squirted in her life.

As soon as she calmed down from her orgasm, Shyam being an ass man wanted to fuck her doggie style and he turned her around lining himself behind her. Sid came and kneeled in front of her, she had both her hands on the sofa, with her right knee bent on the sofa and the left leg straight on the ground ready to be spit roasted.

She knew that she was nothing but a couple of holes for them to use, but was loving every second of it.

She couldn’t wait to feel Shyam’s monster in her pussy when the door bell rang again.

As a naked Shyam started to walk towards the door Meera tried to get up and cover herself when Sid held her hand and said, “where the fuck do you think you are going, you stay the way you are.” And he shoved his cock in her mouth.

Meera was on all fours on the sofa getting her face fucked by Sid when in walked Shyam’s son Ramu(who she had fucked yesterday with Sid) and Chotu his nephew who was also Meera’s part time house cleaner.

Meera felt a little ashamed and a little naughty at the same time thinking about how she looked in front of the two young fellows but Shyam wasted no time and before she knew it she felt his massive hands holding her hips as his monster cock penetrated her pussy.

Meera gave out a loud scream as Shyam shoved his cock into her soaking wet pussy, all the way with brute force and started jackhammering her immediately.

Her mouth let go of Sid’s cock while she screamed but was sucking him again as soon as she got used to Shyam’s size.

Sid could feel his cock going down her throat and his balls banging her chin with every thrust, while he saw Shyam opposite him staring at her jiggling ass and arched back as he kept pounding her harder and faster.

Five minutes of them fucking her from both ends with Meera moaning nonstop “aaaaaahhhhhh”,”aaaaaahhhhhhhh”, “aaaaaaaahhhhhhh”, despite Sid’s cock down her throat.

Then they heard Chotu, “Bhaiya hamara turn kub ayega?” (Big brother when will our turn come)? While looking at Sid.

Fuck Meera thought, she’d forgotten about them completely, then it suddenly hit her were they going to gangbang or take her two at a time. Both the prospects only made her feel hornier and sluttier, she then realised that she was up for anything they’d throw at her, surprising herself in the process.

Sid then pulled Meera by her hair of his cock and as she looked up at him he asked, “do you want them to join in too bitch?”

With Meera still moaning with Shyam fucking her relentlessly, she managed to say, “what…ever you…want…Sid.” In the most submissive way in between her seductive moans.

Shyam in the meantime had reached his end as he took his cock out of her pussy and started to spray wad after wad of cum all over her ass cheeks and arched back.

Between Meera’s moaning and talk and now seeing cum all over her withering back, it was all Sid could take as he shoved his cock back in Meera’s mouth and started to cum immediately.

Grunting loud he demanded, “swallow every drop cunt.” Grunting loudly again he continued, “don’t you dare waist a fucking drop.”

Meera hadn’t stopped cumming from Shyam’s pounding, as she started to swallow the stream of cum flowing into her mouth, “glug…glug…glug…glug,” not only did she not waist a drop but made sure to lick Sid’s cock absolutely clean.


By İzmir travesti now Chotu and Ramu had stripped naked holding their hard cocks leching at her like to horny 18 year olds (which they were) would.

They both didn’t have the guts too approach her without a signal from either Sid or her, despite Ramu fucking her yesterday.

Meera on the other hand sat back on the sofa rubbing the cum on her ass and back onto the sofa as she got her breath back.

Meera then looking at Sid, who was standing next to the sofa, asked, “what would you like me to do with these boys?” Winking and smiling at him as she spoke with deep breaths in the middle.

Was she asking for instructions or permission, before Sid could decipher, Meera had gotten up and as she walked towards the two boys she said, “Sid I think I’ll let them do whatever they want to with me, what say?” As she saw both these young guys with hairless dark and zero fat chiseled bodies, with cocks so hard and straight you could hang a wet towel to dry.

Sid didn’t say a word and sat back on the sofa, thinking god knows what these two horny, pervy teens would do with her.

Meera standing in front of the two boys grabbed both their cocks in each hand and went on her toes bent forward towards them and whispered, “mujhe apni randi samjho, aur jo karna hai karo.”(think of me as your slut and do as you please).

Meera couldn’t believe she just said what she said, she hadn’t given Chotu her house cleaner a second look in the past weeks she’d been here, and now she was ready to be used by him and his cousin together.

Sid just hearing Meera talk like that was getting turned on again and Shyam the old cook just sat on the opposite side of the living room smoking a bidi (local cigarette) and watching them.

Ramu hadn’t stopped thinking about her since after fucking her yesterday and Chotu had been checking out her lingerie draw every chance he got imagining her in those skimpy thongs and lacy bras, and here she was naked holding their cocks and asking them to treat her like a slut.

They both literally pounced on her, standing on each side of her kissing her all over her face and neck and their hands grabbing and feeling her whole body, from her firm ass to her boobs.

Meera was loving the feel of 4 hands and 2 faces all over her as she kept stroking both their cocks and playing with their balls.

Soon the two of them were sucking on each of her boobs, Ramu with one hand started playing with her clit as she felt Chotu’s two fingers penetrating her dripping pussy, with both their other hands squeezing her ass.

The sensation of getting both her boobs sucked, with one hand playing with her clit as the other fingered her and feeling both her ass cheeks being squeezed and spanked all together.

Meera had never felt anything like this and couldn’t believe these two kids could give her so much pleasure as she started to shake and scream “aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhaaaa…fuck,” uncontrollably having one of the best orgasms she’d experienced.

They both didn’t let go and kept sucking, fingering and squeezing her till her orgasm didn’t subside.

Meera wanting to collapse on her knees after the orgasm, thought she’d give them both a thank you blowjob, but the boys had other plans.

Instead Chotu went down on his knees in front of her and started kissing her flat stomach and soon was licking her leaking pussy, “slurp…slurp…slurp.” As he started playing with her clit with his thumb.

Ramu now standing behind her started kissing her from behind her earlobe’s all the way down her arched spine till he reached her ass.

Meera just rolled her eyes back biting her lower lips moaning softly, standing with her legs spread holding onto both their heads as she felt Chotu start to finger her pussy again and licking her clit while Ramu spreading her ass cheeks with both his hands started rimming her asshole with his tongue.

What were these boys doing to her? Where had they learned to do these things? What porn were they watching or erotica they reading? Thinking of all this Meera started to orgasm again.

Screaming, moaning, shuddering holding on to their heads for dear life, she couldn’t believe she just had the most amazing back to back orgasms.

As she let go of their heads Chotu and Ramu both stood up as Chotu started kissing her lips while Ramu started kissing the back her neck and shoulders still standing behind her.

Meera could taste her pussy juices as Chotu kissed her and could feel both their hard dicks poking her back and stomach.

Chotu suddenly lifted her of the ground as Meera wrapped her legs around his waist and hands around his broad shoulders, he penetrated her pussy.

Ramu lined himself behind her and started to penetrate her ass hole.

Meera had only been butt fucked once in her life before and hadn’t really enjoyed it, here she was getting double penetrated!

Surprised herself how easily she could take both of them together and within seconds she was enjoying it.

Soon she was moaning with Ramu and Chotu finding their rhythm fucking her with Chotu holding onto her ass and Ramu her waist as they kept rocking a sandwiched Meera up and down their poles.

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