Friendly Neighbor

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Sometimes I forget to watch what I am wearing (or not wearing) when walking by open windows. I hate clothing, and especially in the confines of my own home I strip the moment I walk in the door. My husband loves it, as I am a short, have 42 F cup breasts, and have huge blue eyes and red hair. Usually I remember to shut the blinds, but my husband forgets, and in the summer heat, the breeze is necessary.

I was sitting near a window reading one evening, when I thought I heard an odd sound outside. I pushed my chair back, causing a loud scraping noise, to look outside, but I saw nothing. I sat back down to read, and this time I definitely heard something. It made me nervous, because my husband was out for the night. The noises got louder, and I could now clearly make out the sound of a man moaning in the throes of passion. I assumed that it is one of my neighbors getting friendly with their spouse, and tried to ignore it.

As the sounds got louder, I felt my stomach clench, and I could feel my pussy begin to grow wet. At that moment I looked up and saw some movement outside the window. There was a man standing out there, looking at me and slowly stroking his cock. I was shocked, and a bit scared. Though I could not help but get more wet and excited, as he was very well endowed. At that moment his eyes met mine, and I was surprised to note that he was actually quite attractive. Not necessarily GQ or Calvin Clein model material, but the rugged, long-haired muscular variety. I always thought it was only teenage Manavgat Escort boys and creepy men who would do such things.

He froze when he realized I was watching him, I think he was afraid I would scream or call the police. I myself was not sure what I was going to do. On one hand, I was scared, and it is pretty creepy to stand in a window masturbating; on the other hand, he was attractive, and his moaning had made me really horny. My libido got the better of me, looking him in the eye; I slowly trailed my fingers from my lips to my hard nipples pinching them. My other hand wandered equally slowly to my pussy, and I drop my other hand as well, so I could hold it open, to make sure my mystery man can see exactly what I am doing. I began to circle my finger slowly and teasingly around my clit, my pussy shining with my juices.

His eyes followed every movement of my hand; his cock grew larger with his excitement. He began stroking it again, letting loose the occasional moan. I licked my lips as I watched his head bob up and down, curious as to what it would taste like, debating if I should find out, and also wondering if I could get away with it before my husband came home and caught us.

I stood up and went to the window, turning the chair so I could sit right there. I propped my legs on either side of the window and resumed teasing my clit, softly whimpering as my body strained for release. His moans grew louder in response, alternating with gasps as he grew closer Escort Manavgat to his own orgasm. Finally with a sharp cry, he climaxed, thick streams of semen coating his hand. The sight pushed me over the edge and my own orgasm followed quickly after. We stood there catching our breath as we recovered from our exertions.

Finally he spoke to me, ribs still heaving as he gasps out a sentence. He told me that he was surprised that I didn’t cause a fuss. I had no idea why I didn’t either. He introduced himself and explained that he had just moved in next door, and as he walked home, he caught site of me, and lost control of his own reaction. I could tell he was really embarrassed, and asked if he was more embarrassed about getting caught, or just the fact that he did something like that in the first place.

We got to talking a bit, after I invited him in to clean up. I was pleasantly surprised to find that he was a transfer student to my college and in the history department no less. I told him I was also a history major and we began talking about our favorite periods. His speech stumbled at times, and I look over to see him staring at my still nude body. I gazed downward, and saw the tell tale bulge in his pants. I was having my own problems, as masturbation has never been really satisfying for me.

I bit my lip as my desire intensified, and he caught the movement. He leaned forward and startled me by shyly brushing his lips across mine. When I gasped, he gently slipped his tongue Manavgat Escort bayan inside my mouth. All of this is very tentative, as he is unsure of my response would be. I couldn’t help myself; I whimpered and returned the kiss passionately. Encouraged, he firmly grasped my hair and made the kiss a lot more aggressive.

He pulls me up into his lap and I began to writhe against him, tugging urgently at his zipper to gain access to his engorged member. It is even larger at close range, and I began to lightly caress it with my finger tips. He roughly pushed me backwards, and latched onto my nipple with his teeth and lips, as his hands eagerly sought my wet core.

I nearly screamed as I felt him glide a few fingers in, and begin pumping them urgently. It felt so good, and yet so wrong, that I could not help screaming, as I reached climax in a remarkably short period of time. He met my eyes and told me how much he loved the sounds I made. He then kissed his way down my body, burying his face in my wet pussy. He kept pumping his fingers while his tongue danced teasingly over my clit. After a few more orgasms, he pulled me up and ordered me on my knees.

Knowing what was coming, I started worrying about my husband arriving home to catch me like this, but before I can protest he had driven himself inside me to the hilt. I screamed as I felt my entrance tear a bit. I am not accustomed to so large a cock. I missed that pain, and I rocked back hard against him. Before long, we were both lost in our passions, completely unaware of anything other than the friction, the pleasure, the feel of his balls striking my flesh at every thrust, and the waves of orgasm that hit me time and time again. Lost to the world that is, until I heard my husband yell “What the fuck is going on here!”

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