Incest, Jean’s Song

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~ Ya just never know what emotions a writing will produce. Apparently many of you have found favor in the short story Incest and would like it to continue. Such was not my intention but the gauntlet has been dropped and I would rise to the occasion if for no other reasons than the challenge and the encouragement ~

“I’ll tell mom you just want to rest.” Abby said softly, after she cleaned the last vestiges of cum from my loins and cock. Following a soft, sucking, kiss on my cock head she gentle lowered my spent cock to my belly and pulled up the sheet. The last vision I saw was Abby’s firm muscular ass moving away from my bed. I welcomed the darkness, solitude and exhaustion that would send me into deep and much needed sleep.


Soft, early morning rays of sunlight filtered into my room, threw partially opened curtains and my eyes fluttered open. I felt rested and yawned widely, having no conscience thought of the back problem until I started to move. My first attempt at rising from the bed brought a quick reminder of the pain felt the day before.

On the third attempt I finally managed, with great effort, to sit up by doing a sideways roll and using my arm for leverage. This was my first strained back and I prayed to God it would be my last, thinking about how incredibly heavy I felt, as my upper body weighed down on the strained muscles. Relaxing wasn’t possible and I closed my eyes, tightening my lips in a grimace, waiting for the pain to ease.

When I finally opened my eyes I saw Abby’s gift lying on the night stand – a glass of water and two small pills. “Bless you Abby – bless you.” I thought reaching over carefully to grab the pills and water. Swallowing the muscle relaxants I heard the soft voice of my mother, as she hummed a song and a smile came to my lips. The song was from Watermark, an Enya album, one of mom’s favorites. Although a bit prejudice, I couldn’t deny the feeling that had time and circumstances been different mom could have had a career as a singer.

I sat listening, waiting for the relaxer to take affect and recalled the help she gave me the day before. I felt it odd that the pain had completely overshadowed the sexual act my mother, Jean, had performed on me and even odder that I had welcomed and embraced her touch. As my mind replayed the soft and tender way she brought me to climax my penis stiffened slightly and rolled to the side.

Enya’s song had faded away when I finally shook my head, clearing the avalanche of thoughts and emotions and I stood up, gingerly, and walked off towards the bath. I disregarded my nudity, my subconscious telling me I had no need of embarrassment or fear, and entered the hallway with a semi-rigid penis. The bath door was partially open and the steam from my mother’s shower was slowly escaping, like fog rolling in from the ocean.

“Good morning sweet heart – feeling any better?” Jean’s soft voice cooed out, as I stepped into the warm, damp room.

With one look she could tell I wasn’t exactly 100 percent and small frown formed, as she stood in the shower doorway toweling off. I eased myself towards the stool and gave her a half hearted smile. I was still flaccid enough to easily aim and soon felt the relief wash through me, as my mother stepped out of the shower.

I felt her hand gently rest on my upper buttock and she pressed in giving me a wet kiss on the cheek. “A hot shower will help Joey – and then I’ll rub you down again. I think you’d better just stay home today.”

I shuddered once, shaking the last of the piss droplets off, and then immediately cringed feeling the sudden back pain and groaned out, “No argument – oh God no argument at all!”

Pushing away from the wall, I stood and watched Jean’s graceful nude body turn and bend over to restart the shower. My mother was gorgeous. Her, medium length, strawberry blonde hair was tousled from the towel rubbing and gave her a very youthful appearance.

Her figure was very tight for a woman that had given birth to two children and only her slightly widened hips gave away her age. She wasn’t a red-head, but nature had given her a small patch of breast freckles, that high lighted their firm up-lifted fullness and as she stood to face me I saw her pink nipples standing erect.

I smiled at her and dropped my eyes taking in her bare mound and gasped at seeing (really) for the first time her labia, with the thick heavy inner lips protruding out, flaring like rose petals leaving an exclamation point opening at the top where her clit waited.

Returning my eyes to her face, Jean must have understood the question I was about to ask and I saw the blush form as she commented, “Yes honey – they’ve always been that way. Your father loved the way they stuck out…I guess you do too?”

I nodded slowly, as Jean moved off to the side and reached to help me into the shower. “If you need anything – anything at all, just yell.” She said, releasing me and closed the shower door.

As bitlis escort the door slid closed, I turned and moaned out when the hot water hit my back. It felt heaven sent and I stood, half bent over, enjoying the water massage and my rising erection. This time it had nothing to do with peeing. The soft humming started again, as Jean returned to the Enya tune, even singing a few words to the haunting melody of “On Your Shore”, as she finished her morning ritual.

My eyes closed, my cock stiffened and the water beat my back into temporary submission, as one thought clearly formed in my mind – I wanted to watch my cock slip past those protruding lips.

“Joey…I’ll be back in a minute” her voice broke the erotic thought and I sighed heavily, leaning more into the shower wall, moving the water spray lower on my back.

“Don’t hurry.” I called back and heard the bath door close.

True to her word, the door reopened a short time later and Jean call out to me, “Are you finished?”

I groaned out a yes and the shower door slid open. The water stopped and I stood up-right and turned to look into the beautiful face of my, still nude, mother. I had lost the hard erection, but my cock was still thick, hanging low with the weight of blood and Jean smiled at me, holding up a towel.

Once again she helped me and when I emerged from the shower she busied herself with toweling me off. “Abby told me how wonderful you were last night. She’s very excited about pleasing you and so am I.” She commented, in a matter of fact sort of way, toweling my back off and working her way down my ass and legs.

I said nothing to the comment. It was pointless as my penis made its own statement. When Jean walked in front of me I was on the rise again. I blushed as Jean’s bright blue eyes sparkled, taking in my growing erection. Gently she moved in, pressing her breasts against my chest and raised the towel to cover my head and rub. Her soft red lips touched mine and I closed my eyes. Playfully she toweled my hair and played with my lips, kissing, sucking and licking them.

When she finished, I was standing tall and she did a slow drop, toweling off my chest and belly. Her head stopped at my erect cock, even as her hands went lower toweling my legs. I shuddered feeling her tongue dance around my cock head and her hot breath as she talked, sending waves over my sensitive knob.

“Yes – pleasing you – will be very exciting Joey. I’ll be here any time you have the need…Abby too.” She cooed softly and planted a kiss on my oozing cock head.

Suddenly I could understand dad’s “problem”. Jean’s words had deeply implanted the notion I would never be sexually frustrated again. All I had to do was ask – hell not even that, just an indication of being hard would be enough. Jean’s lips left my throbbing head as the thoughts of my father’s excitement raced through my mind. Oh he may well have had some sort of physical ailment, but as time went on I was quite sure the prospect of having his wife and daughter easily available for his desires must have been a real driving force.

“My God what must he have thought when Abby reached to stroke his cock, to climax, the first time?” The mental image of that first time raced through my mind, just as Jean broke my concentration once again.

“Lets get you rubbed down and then I’ll make you something to eat.” And she started to turn away. I stopped her, gabbing her arm and pulling her in tight. There was no resistance and Jean willingly melted into my body when I wrapped my arm around her waist. We kissed softly – then hard and passionately, as she pressed her firm belly into my stiff member, crushing it between us. Our lips parted, leaving us breathless, and without a word she slid her bare ass onto the vanity and opened her legs.

Her eyes closed and lower lip trembled as I held my rigid cock out and lightly touched the exposed, wet, inner lips of her pussy. I rubbed those fantastic lips softly with my cock head and Jean bit down on her lip and moaned, “Oh God Joey it’s been so long.”

I wanted to enjoy this moment – had to enjoy it. I reveled in the moment with an excitement I could hardly explain, watching my cock head being enveloped by her wet petals and then my thick shaft, as it disappeared slowly – excruciatingly slowly – between her engorged petals. I backed out with equal slowness and nearly came as I watched my cock emerge soaked with Jean’s vagina juices. I rubbed her lips harder and pushed against her clit causing a moan, before pushing in again.

“Joey – Oh Joey…Abby was so right. You have no idea how good you feel. Any time Joey…God any time!” She moaned louder, as I started to thrust slowly, forgetting about my back.

My mother’s hands grasped my waist and she helped push and pull me in and out of her sexually raging body. I quickly figured out I could rock on my feet, not using my back at all and sank my shaft deeper with each push. Jean’s breath was bolu escort rapidly growing ragged, her tight tummy heaving with every deep insertion and I loved watching my cock disappear and reappear, wetter than before.

I put my hand on her belly, feeling the small quakes rocking her pelvis, as she lifted her shaking legs higher and moaned louder. “Ah…Ah God – that feels so…Ah – Ohhhhh Joey – yes Joey…Oh God Joey, there – right there baby!” and clutched my ass cheeks tight, pulling in. Suddenly her eyes sprang open wide, a delicious grin formed on her face and she looked down, catching my immerging cock for the last time – she was ready to climax. Her mouth opened and puckered to a near perfect circle as she cried out,

“Oh God…Ohhhhhhhh Jooooooey I’m cumming – cumming hard Joey!” and she shook hard once sending a tight spray of pussy cum out. The spray blasted past my buried cock and soaked my groin and then another equally intense burst came from her beautiful love hole and another.

I groaned loudly, reared my head back and felt my load release. I leaned in, forcing my cock deep and held it there pulsing wave after wave of cum into Jean’s pussy, as she writhed beneath me. Spent or so I thought, I pulled out slowly and watched the river of cum ooze out and laid my still throbbing cock on her mound resting it between her engorged lips. My legs shook and back ached, but God how good I felt. Suddenly with out warning a final burst of cum shot out, leaving a sticky, cream colored, trail up her mound and Jean cried out with laughter and then tears, as she pulled me down and sought my lips.

When our lips parted she whispered to me, “Joey I haven’t squirted like that in years! I hope you didn’t mind…” and she trailed off looking deep into my eyes.

“It was wonderful mom – I loved it.” I sighed and reached to draw my fingers through her wet slit, tasting the mixture of semen and pussy juice. With ease, Jean sat up and slid off the vanity, as long strings of my cum dripped from her love hole. In a final act of love making she squatted, spreading her legs wide, and sucked in my cock, cleaning the remaining cum off of my semi-flaccid penis.

“Umm Joey…Remember any time Joey. Ummm, God yes, anywhere you desire – I’m yours for the asking, any part of me Joey.”

There is it was again – a clear offer of sex, any time I wanted it and I shivered lightly thinking of how many times I’d spent jerking off in my room, afraid of being caught. Jean stood and I embraced her once again before we re-entered the shower to wash away the sticky love making from our lower bodies. This time she hummed “I Wanna Sunday Kind of Love” by Etta James and I felt the pangs of love, deep in my chest and smiled at the woman I called mother and would now also call my lover.

Jean left the bathroom after I assured her I could towel off myself and when I entered my room she was waiting, dressed in a silk teddy and bottle of massage oil in her hand. I eased down on the bed and with her help got positioned for the rub down. I felt like a sultan, being taken care of by one of his concubines and openly moaned as she worked my lower back. “Come down when you’re ready – I’ll make us something to eat.” She whispered and left me there naked and satisfied.

I never made it.

Some fours hours later I woke up and rolled over before realizing my back wasn’t in quite as much pain and that I might yet live. Feeling slightly better, I had no desire to rekindle the back pain and as such, took it very easy getting out of bed. Dressing was another matter and I opted to wear a pair of boxer shorts, the wide legs making it easy to get into and pull on.

The trip down stairs was a slow one and I found Jean sitting quietly at the kitchen table, a coffee cup in front of her and the last vestige of a Camel cigarette smoldering in an ash tray, next to the cup. She was either lost in thought or intently staring out the patio doors, as my presence gave her shock and she quickly turned smiling at me.

“Rested? Feeling a little better?” Were her first words and I replied yes to both questions and walked up taking a seat.

“Mom I’m sorry I guess I just…”

“Nonsense Joey – I know you’re hurting yet! Besides that wonderful gift you started my day with, in the bath – must have strained you something awful!” She commented stopping my apology, grinning, as her words brought out a slight blush on my face.


“Please – I’d love a cup. So – what were you thinking about when I walked in?” I asked as she got up. There was a long pause before she answered and I grabbed one of her Camels and lit it, letting the first exhale out in a tight smoke ring.

“Oh…Life I guess, you, your father, Abby – all of us really. It’s a wonder to me how things have turned out.” She commented, her words coming out dreamily, as she turned with the cup of coffee.

My curiosity was high but I opted to let her speak and took the burdur escort cup, giving her a knowing nod of my head. I was dying to know how she had felt when Abby first joined in and even more so when the masturbation games turned to full on sex. I sipped the coffee and waited, seeing a far off look take over my mother’s eyes.

Without warning Jean started to talk, breaking the silence. “We’re a “special” family Joey – you know that right? It drives me crazy sometimes knowing I can’t talk about any of this to outsiders.”

I suppose “special” was a good word for it and I completely understood what she was saying. The mere thought of trying to explain to others how great it had felt having sex with my sister and mother gave me the chills. I knew instantly I could never…”

“I was shocked you know…The day when Abby first gave your father a hand job. I was there and it was almost surreal.” She went on.

“The day in the car?”

“You know? Abby told you?” My mother questioned looking up surprised, staring directly into my eyes.

I simply nodded my head and sipped on my coffee, knowing silence was the best thing and that she would continue to elaborate over the past years.

“I wanted to stop her…But what was the sense? Your sister had watched me perform so many times – you know – relieving your father and the look on her face when she finally had his penis in her hands was…”

“Priceless?” I quipped, recalling the TV commercial that ran for so long.

“Yes – yes Joey, priceless might just be the best word. Your father was shocked I can tell you that! He came quickly that day and it took us all by surprise – Abby had turned to look at me, a grin on her face, and when she looked back she got it square in the face! Oh God Joey we laughed and laughed…” and Jean’s look told me she was recalling the vivid memories in detail, as her voice trailed off.

“So that’s how it started with Abby – and then what? Did you two just start helping dad together or sharing or what?”

“Oh God Joey, it was amazing. Your father changed that day…He used to be fairly regular with his erections and after Abby’s first time I just never knew. Abby and I, eventually, turned it into a game wondering when the next time would be. Your sister turned out to be pretty good at guessing – at least that’s what I thought at first.”

“What? Wadda you mean mom – at first?”

“Well dear it took a little while but I started to notice changes in Abby. She was more…Suggestive – I guess would be the word. I mean it was little things at first. You know, not quite closing the bathroom door – leaving her bedroom door slightly open when she changed, that sort of thing.”

“No shit!” I exclaimed and finished the cigarette.

“Oh ya and later she enjoyed, or seemed to anyway, wearing the skimpiest clothing. She was always ready to give your father a hand job, but she always looked at me – asking permission in a silent sort of way.”

“Whoa…But what about the “guessing” thing?” I asked, as I got up to refill my coffee cup.

“Oh ya – that. It didn’t take me too long to figure out that many of your father’s erections were timed with something your sister had managed to pull off. She excited him to no end, you know. Anyway she’d make a guess and sure enough he’d show up hard and ready.”

“The little minx! She was stacking the deck mom!”

“Ya well be that as it may – one day your father decided Abby should know what a blow job was all about. Of course I protested some, but he won out…I never could deny him anything. We were all sitting in the living room, you were in bed – out like a light – and I could feel the sexual charge in the air. Abby must have felt it to and looked at me but I shook my head at her. Abby pouted some but then her expression changed and I turned to see your father’s penis shoot out of his shorts and I knew exactly what he wanted me to do. I got down on the floor between his legs and started to suck on him and heard Abby gasp and then giggle.”

I choked on my coffee and grabbed another cigarette, lighting it quickly. As the smoke ring cleared I begged mom to go on. “And? What happened mom?”

“Your sister got up and sat on the couch, she was intent on seeing everything as close as she could get – and I showed her. She was hardly breathing when your father finally came in my mouth. I showed her the cum, letting it ooze out on my lips and quickly sucked it back in and swallowed…Your father loved it when I did that.”

Mesmerized was the only word for me at that point. I was speechless and that was apparently okay for mom, as she went on with barely a pause. I took another drag from the Camel and then rested my chin on my hand and listened with rapt attention.

“Your father upped the ante that night. I knew something was up when I pulled off him and he was still hard. Abby was awe struck, licking her lips with a far away look in her eyes. Your father caught me before I could fully rise and undid my house coat. When I stood up my breasts were bare to Abby and she caught her breath watching your father slide my panties down.”

“God…Dad wanted to fu…”

“Oh ya – he was bent on completing her sexual education in one evening.” Jean sighed and lit a cigarette.

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