From Bus to Park

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So anyway, I hate crowded buses and I always go right down the back to try to keep away from the crowd. But at this stop a bunch of folks get on and all squash up together in the aisle. You’re one of them, on your way to get a few groceries and leaving the car behind. I can see by the look on your face now that you realise you’ve made a big mistake, and would kill to have the space and a comfortable seat in your car. So we stand next to each other, both unhappy about our personal space being invaded.

But it doesn’t take long for me to cheer up. As the bus travels over the bumpy road, the back of you gets pressed up against the front of me, and it isn’t long before my dick gets stiff from rubbing up and down against you. At first I’m a little embarrassed and this is made worse by the fact that I can see you become a little bit tense, obviously not wanting such close contact. You’re clearly the conservative type, at least on the surface, and prefer to maintain a ‘proper’ exterior. But the bus is so crowded you’ve got no escape. And then after a while I notice that you don’t seem to be getting out of the way – in fact, I sometimes feel you pushing back against me, kind of pretending you’ve lost a bit of balance – and so I hold my ground.

As the bumpy ride progresses I see you stretch your neck out a bit to feel my breath. And we bounce and we rub, and I’m getting more and more excited. I realise that you’re now undoubtedly wet. I bend down and pretend to fish something out of my bag….my head is very close to your legs, with only your thin summer skirt separating them from my face. I can feel the warmth, and allow my arms to brush against your legs, and my shoulders to bump into your arse. My cock throbs knowing now that you’re horny too. I stand and place my hands gently on your hips, and you allow me to guide you back up against me so we can enjoy our frottage.

Now I can feel your heavy breathing too, and suddenly I want to see your face, and see if I can see in your eyes how horny you’re getting. With my hand I gently guide you around so that you’re now facing me, and the bus does its work and bumps us around so that now your big bouncing tits are pressed against my chest, rubbing up and down, and I can feel your hard nipples poking out. We’ve nearly forgotten that we’re on a bus in public, but it’s getting harder and harder to resist. Your face is flushed, we are breathing on each others necks, I can smell your shampoo and soap from your morning shower, and I can see in your eyes that you want nothing more right now than to have that soaking wet hole between your legs filled with cock.

Again I bend down and pretend to fish something out of my bag. This time as I play with the bags zipper, my other hand slides up your leg from your calf muscle, behind your knee and then over the warm curve of your thigh. Soon it’s wandering over your arse cheeks, unseen by the other passengers, and my fingers slide over the fabric of your underwear and my fingertips trace the crack of your arse, slowly moving toward your ever warmer crotch. I feel how soaking wet your undies are; you must be dying to get them off. I push the fabric to one side and expose your hot wet flaps to my fingers. I first rub over your lips, feeling how swollen and tender they are, and I rub from clit to arsehole and back, and again, and gently slide two fingers into your hole as I rub your slit.

Your legs involuntarily part a little further. I untangle my thumb from your damp pubic hair and rotate it over your stiff clit, in a circling motion. As I do this, I slide first two and then a third finger as deep as I can up you, and listen to the squelch as your cunt hole stretches to accommodate them. Your hips roll back and forward slightly as I finger fuck you and I imagine Side escort soon you’ll start moaning. Can’t have that on a public bus! I pull my fingers out of you and stand up to face you again. You’re clearly as horny as hell, and look desperate to be fucked. Your cheeks are flushed and you are panting as quietly and discreetly as you can. As you look at me I put my two fingers, still glistening with your sweet smelling juice, into my mouth and suck the juice off them just inches from your face.

You watch me lick them clean and see my look of contentment as I stand on this public bus with the taste of you still on my tongue. And then with a rush the bus stops, you grab me by the hand and lead me through the crowd to get off. This isn’t even my stop, but I don’t care….all I, and my swollen cock, care about is letting you take me where you want so you can do what you want with me.

I’m surprised when you lead me, wordlessly, to a park. You seem to know your way around and take me across the grassed area to a small clearing surrounded by a circle of thick bushes. In a park full of people I’m amazed that this clearing is unoccupied. We’re both so horny we can’t be bothered with any pleasantries. You stand and face me and we come together and kiss, our hands wandering over each others bodies. Memories of the bus flood back to me and my blood starts coursing through my veins again. I rotate my hands firmly over your arse cheeks and feel you exhale a little on my neck. I grasp firmly and allow my hand to probe through your dress into your arse crack. I can feel you squirm against me in response and I know you must be getting wet once again.

As I lean down and kiss your neck gently my hand runs up over your hips and along your side, finally resting on the fabric that covers your huge tits. Again I rotate and feel you respond and then I squeeze your nipple between my fingers while continuing to kiss your face and neck. Your hands clasp my back tighter, pulling me closer to you so you can feel my hard cock pressed against your lower belly. You rest your forehead on my shoulder while you enjoy the feelings and I see your legs part involuntarily in response.

We’ve forgotten about any other people in the park. We could be caught out at any time but our desire has taken over and become our primary focus. I’m now so turned on by feeling you up that I want more. I lead you over to a picnic table on the edge of the clearing and have you step up on the seat and sit on the table top, facing me. I push your knees apart and slide your skirt up to your hips, exposing your thighs to me. My eyes take in every centimetre of you. I can see a damp patch on the crotch of your undies. I lean forward and grab them and yank them down over your knees and then off completely. I stuff them in my pocket; I want to save them for later. You giggle, glad to be rid of them and content to have the gentle breeze caress your lips.

I stare at your hairless, exposed slit, your flaps gently folding out and your clit poking out at the top of your moist folds. We kiss passionately and again I take your clit between my fingers and gently squeeze and then rubbing up and down as if fucking your clit with my fingertips. You groan as my fingers are covered in your juice.

You lean back and expose yourself further as I kneel down with my mouth just millimetres away from your soaking pussy. I watch your eyes as you watch me get close and as I slide my tongue first deep into your wet cunt to see your reaction. You close your eyes and your head rolls back while I lift the intensity of my licking. I pull your flaps apart while I lap in long strokes the length of your slit and then probe deeper with my tongue. Soon I respond to your reactions and realise you want Escort side more attention on your clit. I slide first one, then two, then a third finger into you while my mouth fixes firmly over your swollen clit. I suck you while finger fucking you and listen to you grunt and groan. If we’re being watched we don’t care as your juice washes over my chin.

I spread your lips and lick the length of your pink, exposed clit, bottom to top, all the while sucking on the moist surrounds. You taste magnificent! You plant your hands behind you and your hips forward, thrusting your cunt into my face, and I in turn press harder into your folds. Soon you lay on your back on the tabletop and I have both my hands behind your knees, pointing your feet at the sky.

Your slit is exposed for anyone in the park to see, if they can see past my mouth that is still locked onto you. The tongue fucking causes your breathing to increase, and your body to start twitching with pleasure. I feel your body tense as your orgasm washes through you and the long, telling moan that accompanies the release. You pant and smile and pant and smile while I continue to lap up your juices.

You sit up and pull me close so you can kiss me again, our tongues locking and my cock throbbing as I feel you enjoying the taste of yourself from my tongue. You slide down onto the seat and undo my pants. You yank them down past my knees and haul out my stiff cock. While you cup my balls and gently rotate them in one hand, you lean forward and take the full length of my dick into your throat. You clasp your other hand around my arse cheek and pull me closer. I’m surprised by your vigour given that you’ve already cum…clearly you love sucking dick. My hands are drawn to the top of your head and, responding to your sucking, I start fucking your mouth. My balls slap your chin as your spit covers both my cock and balls.

I don’t want to cum in your mouth….yet. I get you to stand and, abandoning any pretence at embarrassment, unclip your skirt and let it fall to the ground. While you stand there with your soaking slit exposed, I unbutton your shirt and reach around and unclip your bra, allowing your massive tits to spill out in front of me. While I play with them you haul my t-shirt off and I step out of my jeans so that now we’re both naked and aroused and at the mercy of anyone who happens to come along.

You turn you around and kneel on the seat, spreading your knees apart so I have access to your soaking cunt. I pull your hips toward me as I slide my cock between your flaps. You’re so wet we can both hear the squelch of your juice as I fuck you from behind. Your hands are spread across the table and your tits are dangling onto the table top, pleasing you as they gently brush the surface of the table. I finger your clit as I fuck you and watch your arse cheeks shake with every thrust. With the slap of flesh on flesh we are making quite a noise but I can still hear a stirring in the bushes behind me.

Whilst continuing to fuck you I turn around and see two figures crouched in the bushes, a girl and a guy, watching us. I see them only quickly but judge them to be 18, and probably come to the park for some time out themselves. What they would be able to see if my arse cheeks clenching and unclenching as I drive my cock in and out of your soaking pussy. I glance again and see that they haven’t moved, they are simply stopped where they are and apparently enjoying the show. I consider whether to tell you or not, but decide not to in case you get nervous.

Instead I continue to fuck you, pulling your hips back onto my cock as I thrust. Soon we are tired and I withdraw and stand to one side, my cock glistening with your juice, so our viewers can get a good look at your Side escort bayan soaking cunt. I spread your cheeks and flaps as wide as I can and they can see your glistening pink folds nice and exposed. I lean down and once again lick your slit, allowing the slurping sounds to reach the young couple. I can only imagine that your spread wet pussy has made our audience incredibly horny too.

I sit on the seat, my stiff dick pointing at the sky and grab you by the hips to guide you around in front of me. You squat over me and point your arse at me while you grab my cock and guide it into you. I’m now smiling in the direction of the couple, even though I can’t see their faces or reactions. They haven’t moved, though. You slide down onto my shaft and plant a foot on each side of me. You are now completely and utterly exposed to the couple, bouncing up and down on my cock, your huge tits wobbling around and with a hard, throbbing dick sliding in and out of your bald, squelching cunt. I hold your hips firmly while you continue to fuck me and wait for the moment you realise we’re being watched.

You’re now covered in sweat and panting loudly and we’re both close to cumming. It’s then that you open your eyes and catch sight of the couple in the bushes. You squeal slightly and instinctively cover up your tits with your hands and squeeze your knees together modestly. But then I notice a change in you and I realise your excitement is overcoming your shock and you might actually like the idea of being watched fucking. I lean down and whisper in your ear to encourage you to start again and you do, hesitantly at first, but with a steadily quickening pace. We are now both looking into the bushes as we fuck and can see the two figures and their limbs moving. Who knows what they’re doing?

You continue to relax and quickly return to our fucking rhythm. I can tell from your deeper and more guttural moaning that you are almost losing control and close to cumming again. I want the people in the bushes to see us both cum hard. I allow you to dictate your rhythm as you squat down on my cock, and before long you’re leaning back onto me in a sweaty heap and panting and groaning in the direction of our audience. And as they watch, a blood curdling orgasm rips through your body. You buck, heave and squirm as you cum, and I’m unable to hold back and squirt a load into your swollen cunt.

As you collapse over me in relief, I gently rub your now very sensitive tits for our visitors to enjoy. You slide off my cock with an audible pop and slide two fingers into yourself, now clearly playing up to our crowd. You step off me and sit on the seat while I stand next to you. You pounce on my slippery dick and suck harder than you even did before. You run your tongue over the sensitive tip and it doesn’t take me long to start trembling on the way to cumming. You tilt your face so that our friends can see, open your mouth and stick out your tongue. You pull my juicy cock harder and harder until I reach orgasm. A load of thick white cum shoots out the end of my cock and over your tongue, you smile and giggle at the taste, and then I shoot two more thick bolts of cum into your mouth.

I watch you there with a mouthful of cum and suddenly have an idea. I whisper to you what I want you to do and I grab your hand and lead you over to the bushes toward our voyeurs. There is a rustling as they react to our approach. We press through the trees until we’re face to face with them, a guy of about 19 and a blonde of about 18. They both have their hands down their pants from masturbating as they watch us fuck, but may not be prepared for what I have in mind. Obeying my instructions you crouch down in front of them with your mouth still open and, while they watch in awe, you close your mouth and take two huge gulps, so that my hot cum slides down your throat as they watch. They are rendered speechless with your performance!

I can’t believe what I’ve seen, and what you’ve done, but I’m so very glad to have caught the bus that day…

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