Club 35 – The Second Visit

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It had been four weeks since Jennifer Lowe, a mid thirties owner of a medium sized advertising company, had returned from Club 35. She investigated and visited the club at the suggestion of her Personal Assistant, Mark. She had discovered that the club catered to fantasies of any type, but was best suited to satisfy those fantasies that incorporated bondage and domination. She had given herself completely to her fantasy of being bound and paddled and being taken sexually by both men and women.

True to their promise, Mark, and another employee of Jennifer’s, Christine, never brought up the subject of Jennifer’s submission. The were no winks, no sly smirks or knowing looks. Work continued at a hectic pace during those four very successful weeks. But toward the end of the fourth week, Jennifer found her mind, particularly at night, returning to the club. Was she desiring a repeat performance? No. That took too much planning, too much help from Mark and Christine. A new fantasy was taking over her thoughts. A fantasy that caused Jennifer to reach between her legs and feel a growing wetness. A strong climax would shortly follow. Could she actually do what her mind imagined?

She had visited the club two weeks after her scene had taken place; not to participate, but to observe and perhaps get a few ideas of what she wanted to experience. Although there were numerous scenes taking place, most did not appeal to her. She did find something of interest happening in the orgy room, as Jennifer called it. A woman, perhaps in her early thirties, was on her hands and knees sucking on one man while another male was fucking her from behind. This wasn’t ground breaking sexual activity, thought Jennifer, until she saw the man fucking the woman from behind finish and another took his place, this time entering her ass. When the man she was sucking had filled her mouth with cum, which the woman swallowed, he, too, was replaced by another cock.

Jennifer watched mesmerized by the scene in front of her. She did not even notice the man who sat next to her.

“The gang bang fantasy. Fairly common. Sometimes the woman wants three in her at once, she only wants two.”

Jennifer turned to see Andrew, the man she had met who had given her a tour of the club before she joined. The two sat in silence and watched for a while as the woman took another load in her mouth and ass.

“I think that’s 14 loads so far. She said she wanted to do 20. Want a drink?” Andrew asked.

“Yes, please.” Jennifer replied.

As they sipped their wine Andrew asked if Jennifer was going to indulge in any activity this evening. Jennifer replied that she was trying to get ideas for a fantasy that had been growing in her mind.

“Please tell me. I know from staff what took part on your first visit and I was sorry not to be here for that.” Andrew covered her hand with his and Jennifer not only felt a tingle of excitement but a feeling of calm. She told him of her fantasy.

There was silence for a moment. “I would be delighted to help you experience that fantasy, if you would allow me.”

Jennifer nodded, but said she wanted to think about it some more. She thanked Andrew and left.

The thought of that fantasy stayed with her the next few days and became more focused. Things that she had fantasized about a few days ago were replaced by other activities until she had come to a final vision of what she wanted. But, could this be done within the confines of the club? Would there still be a measure of safety even if she was in a private room with the door closed? There was no problem with the sex that she would want after the first part. She had fantasized about that before and actually acted on it the first time she made herself available at the club. She would have to talk with Mark.

That afternoon, Jennifer asked Mark to stay after work for a few moments. Dutifully, Mark came to her office after most people had gone for the day.

“Busy day today. Three accounts finished and another should be done tomorrow. We should be ready to start the Williams project on Monday. But, I don’t think you want to talk about work.”

Mark was very intuitive. He knew her moods and quite a bit more about his boss than most PA’s knew about theirs.

Jennifer laughed. “Yes. I have a question about the club. If I had a fantasy I wished to act out, maybe with one person in a private room and one I had not met before, how safe would I be?”

Mark, who was gay and submissive, was also a Dungeon Guard on certain nights at Club 35, overseeing activities and making sure the rules of the club and limits of the players were respected.

“I have never heard of any type of scene progressing past the limits of those involved. I have never had to stop anything like that. Can I ask what it is you would like to do?”

Jennifer thought a moment and said, “Last time, I decided before hand what I would allow to happen; what devices I would be bound in, what implements would be used on me. I don’t want to make those decisions istanbul escort in this fantasy. After that portion is finished, I want the sex to be…” Here, Jennifer faltered. She didn’t know how to say it. Mark did.

“Available to anyone who wanted to use any part of you.”

“Yes, that’s it,” Jennifer said quietly.

“There is always risk involved when you have a scene with a door closed in a private room but much less if it’s public. The Dungeon Guards are reluctant to go into a private room if the door is shut. They would, if they thought someone was in trouble and needed help. I know of a person who I would trust and I think you know who that is.”

“Andrew.” Jennifer said.

“Yes.” Mark replied.

The conversation concluded and Jennifer left for home.

That night as she lay in bed, Jennifer thought that she had spent enough time fantasizing and decided that it was time to indulge her needs for humiliation and submission. The following weekend would be the time that she would act. She spent the week preparing; a waxing, long baths each night, working a medium size dildo she bought discreetly on line into her ass to prepare for the cocks that would soon be inside her. She called Andrew at the club and asked him to guide her through this experience. He readily agreed.

At the end of work on Friday, Mark came into her office to say goodnight.

“Good week,” he said.

“Yes, very good. The new clients seem very happy. Any plans for the weekend?”

“Not really,” Mark said. “You?”

“Maybe.” Jennifer said but she couldn’t hide a sly grin.

“So, it’s tomorrow, then.”

“I think so. Better call me Sunday and make sure I’m not held captive somewhere.”

“No, won’t have to. Dungeon Guard tomorrow.”

Looking past Mark toward the door to see if anyone was nearby, Jennifer said, “Then you’ll get to see for yourself.”

“Is your submission fantasy going to be public or private?”

“I will leave that up to Andrew. I called him last night and asked him to oversee everything and he agreed. If I decide then I am the one planning and I don’t want to do that, remember.”

“In that case, I will watch from a distance.” Mark got up and left.

The next day passed slowly. Jennifer debated with herself on what time to leave for the club finally settling on 10:30. She thought that would be best and after doing her hair and a bit of make up, she dressed, opting for a very comfortable outfit, covering a black bra and panty set.

Jennifer arrived and checked in, showing her membership card and when asked by the attendant what type of identifier she wanted, she said, “Black collar,” indicating a submissive player. She then headed straight for the lockers. She undressed a bit nervously. Several other people were in the locker room. Finally, she reached behind her back to unclasped her bra and slid her panties down and off. She put the collar on and walked out into the club area.

She walked to the open area to be seen, rather than to watch. People were watching a woman being paddled by a couple that Jennifer recognized from her first visit. As she watched, she felt a hand on her shoulder and a voice ask, “Are you ready?”

Jennifer turned and looked into the face of Andrew. Embarrassed that this very good looking man was now staring at her totally naked body caused Jennifer to blush and not to look at Andrew.

“You have a very intense fantasy. Tell me what happens after the bondage and impact play?”

“The person or persons dominating me use my body in anyway they wish and they take me to the orgy room when they are finished with me.”

“I must tell you that I am very glad you joined. I hoped that one day I would have the opportunity to spend time with you. I will try to give you what you want. I also have a female acquaintance who could join, if that is your desire.”

Jennifer was beginning to tremble with nerves. She knew that he was looking at her small but perky tits, flat stomach and bald pussy. She had been attracted to Andrew from the moment she first saw him all those weeks ago. She nodded her head and Andrew took a leather leash from his pocket and attached it to her collar. Letting herself be led by Andrew, she walked submissively behind him as they moved toward the private rooms.

Her nudity did not matter. The leash attached to her collar did not matter. She only looked down, not lifting her eyes until they were inside a room Jennifer had never seen. It was bigger than the other private rooms. Various implements and devices lined the walls. Jennifer noticed also that a spanking bench, a metal frame and a curious device made of wood that looked like a two by four turned on its edge and attached to supports that rested on the floor. Leather straps were attached at various points on each of the pieces.

“When we begin, I will leave the door open so that anyone who wants to watch or play with you, may do so. Do you understand?”

Without being told escort bayan to answer, or how to answer, Jennifer replied, “Yes, Master.”

Andrew approached Jennifer and placed his fingers under her chin, lifting her face so that they looked in each other’s eyes. He bent and kissed her, Jennifer returning the gesture.

Andrew led her to the metal frame. He raised her left hand and placed it in the the leather cuff hanging from the top cross bar. He did the same with her right hand. Jennifer felt his hands trace along the outside of her body from under her arms across the sides of her tits to her waist. He rolled her nipples not to hurt, but to excite. Jennifer’s mouth emitted a low moan and Andrew seized the opportunity to drive his tongue deep into Jennifer’s mouth.

When Andrew was done with his kiss, he took Jennifer’s ankles and pulled them toward the corners of the frame. First the right ankle was cuffed to the corner, then the left. Jennifer was now spread eagled on the frame. Again, he pulled gently on her nipples, pulling her body toward him only to let go as she got close. He moved behind her and ran his finger down her back not stopping until his finger was between her ass cheeks.

“Have you been taken in your ass?”

Jennifer replied, “Yes.”

She felt a sharp slap on her right butt cheek. “Yes what?” Andrew asked.

“Yes, Master.”

“That’s better.” Andrew again was running his finger over her nipples and down past her navel. He dipped his fingers between her pussy lips and smiled.

“You are very wet. I must ask you, do you want to see those who are going to watch you or play with you or do you want to be blindfolded? It is the last decision you will make why we are together.”

Jennifer thought for a moment. “Blindfold, Master. Take it off if you wish.”

Andrew pulled a blindfold from his pocket and slid it quickly over Jennifer’s eyes. She felt a slight tugging on her nipples and felt her nipples being pulled. The hands moved behind her and cupped her ass cheeks as she was pulled into Andrew’s chest. She felt strangely safe as she breathed in the scent of Andrew’s cologne. He broke away from her. She sensed that there were others watching as she felt a strap strike her ass. The strap struck her other cheek and repeated.

“How many was that?” Andrew asked.

“Four, Master.”

“Yes. Four. But you want more than four, don’t you?”

“Yes, Master.”

Jennifer felt a flicking on her nipples. The flicks came to quickly to count. She knew that her nipples and now her tits were being struck by a crop. For a moment the cropping of her tits stopped but began again almost immediately. But the force of the blows was different. The crop stung as it landed on her tits. She sensed that her tormenter wasn’t Andrew but someone else. Jennifer couldn’t tell by the blows if it was a man or a woman, but the cropping had stopped.

Jennifer heard giggling from in front of her. Being blindfolded, she had no idea who it was. What she was sure of was that someone, probably female Jennifer thought, was pulling on her pussy lips. Jennifer felt the pinch of a clip being attached to her pussy and whoever attached them was now pulling on them to reveal her clit.

What came next was not expected. Jennifer could hear something being attached to each of the clips and when the unseen person let go, weights pulled her pussy lips down, causing Jennifer to moan.

“Her tits need the same decoration, don’t you think, Doris?” Andrew said.

“I believe they do.”

Jennifer felt her nipples being gently pulled by the woman who Jennifer thought was older by the sound of her voice. The sharp pinch of the clamps being put on her nipples stopped Jennifer from wondering how old Doris was or what she looked like. She wondered if Doris was going to attach weights to her nipple clips. Jennifer did not have to wait long to find out as she felt her nipples pulled down by two weights, one on each nipple clip.

“Thank you, Doris. How much do they weigh?”

“Two pounds on each of her tits and four on each pussy lip.”

“Let me see if we can get those swinging.” Andrew said.

Jennifer felt a paddle slap into her ass. The force of the stroke drove her ass forward and set the weights on her pussy lips in motion. The paddle struck again and the weights swung like a pair of pendulums. Four more strokes of the paddle and Jennifer was crying.

Andrew was rubbing his hand over Jennifer’s ass. She felt the weights on her tits being pulled away from her body as her nipples stretched and then the pulling stopped and the weights were removed. Andrew was still rubbing her ass as a pair of hands, female hands, rubbed the feeling back into her tits. Moments later, the clips were removed from her pussy.

Jennifer felt a fingertip trace over her lips as she tried to catch her breath. Despite Andrew’s rubbing, her ass felt as if it was on fire. The finger on her lips pushed into her mouth and instinctively Jennifer sucked Kartal escort on it.

The unseen female, Doris, said to Jennifer, “Should we stop?”

Jennifer shook her head no. Andrew kissed her neck.

Still wearing the blindfold, Jennifer’s hands and ankles were removed from the metal frame. Allowing her a moment to get the feeling back in her arms, Andrew drew Jennifer’s hands behind her back and placed wrist cuffs on her hands and clipped the cuffs together. Once secured, Jennifer felt Andrew move away from her.

Doris was in front of Jennifer, slowly teasing her nipples; gently rubbing, then pulling slightly on them. Doris pulled down on Jennifer’s nipples causing her to sink to her knees.

“I am laying down. Find my pussy and make me cum with your mouth,” Doris said.

Jennifer lowered her head as she sought the pussy of the female who had dominated her. With her hands bound, Jennifer had her ass in the air as she bent to lick and suck on Doris’s pussy.

Jennifer could feel that the older women had clean shaven pussy lips but a landing strip of pubic hair above. Jennifer was also aware that Doris was very wet as she continued to lick her pussy. She could also hear voices coming from behind her. She thought she knew the two people talking. One was definitely Andrew and the other was Christine, who worked for Jennifer.

Hands were now on Jennifer’s ass and she felt a warm liquid squirting onto her ass and fingers spreading the liquid over and into her asshole. She felt her ass cheeks spread apart by strong hands and Jennifer knew that Andrew was the one spreading. A third hand was now on her ass and the tip of something hard was being slowly pushed into her ass.

“Keep sucking on Doris. I think you have her close to cumming. I am putting a very large dildo in you ass and you are going to take all 12 inches of it and the only way it comes out is if you make Doris cum. Do you understand?” Christine said.


Jennifer intensified her pussy licking as three inches of the large dildo was now inside her. Christine withdrew an inch or two of the dildo and pushed back in, sinking 5 inches into Jennifer’s ass.

Doris was moaning louder as her orgasm approached. Jennifer traced her tongue slowly around Doris’s pussy lips and flicked her tongue across her clit. She could feel the dildo slide deeper into her ass and with a bit of pressure, all of it was now inside her.

Doris came, holding Jennifer’s head to her pussy as she did. Andrew lifted Jennifer up by the elbow into a kneeling position and spoke softly into her ear. “You’re to keep the dildo in your ass. If it falls out, you will be punished severely. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

Jennifer remained kneeling, squeezing her ass around the dildo that was firmly seated in her ass. She heard the rustle of clothing being removed coming from behind her and felt a finger run across her lips. The fingers left and Jennifer felt the head of a cock brush over her lips. She opened her mouth and the cock slid in. She heard Andrew sigh as she took him into her mouth. He was larger than most but she soon was taking his entire length down her throat.

“You do like to suck cock, don’t you?” said Doris as Jennifer heard Doris and Christine laugh.

Jennifer was sucking on Andrew with complete abandon, as if showing the two women that this was how you suck cock. Andrew pulled out of Jennifer’s mouth and pushed her forward. Her dildo filled ass was now sticking up and an inch or two of the plastic cock slipped out. Christine saw this and pushed the dildo back in.

Andrew was behind Jennifer and she felt his cock enter her pussy. In two thrusts he had sunk his cock deep into her pussy. The urgency of Andrew’s stroking caused Jennifer to gasp. Andrew pulled back almost all the way out of her pussy then plunged back in. But, as his orgasm approached he pulled out and told Jennifer to take him in her mouth. Jennifer turned around and found his cock with her mouth just as Andrew began to cum. Three times he filled her mouth with his cum and each time Jennifer swallowed. Christine or Doris, Jennifer wasn’t sure, was pulling on the dildo and Jennifer could feel it begin to slide out of her ass.

“Well, you’re nice and open.” Doris said. Andrew had stood up and slapped Jennifer’s ass.

“Stand, Jennifer.”

“Yes, Master.”

Somewhat shakily, Jennifer stood. Andrew removed the blindfold. Despite the relative darkness of the room, it took her a moment to focus. She saw Christine smiling and Doris, who Jennifer though was in her mid forties now that she had seen her, came up to Jennifer and kissed her, driving her tongue into her mouth.

When she finished she gently pulled on Jennifer’s nipples and said, “I hope we can play again soon.”

Doris put on a robe and left.

“I am going to take you to the play area, or orgy room as you call it. You will service anyone any way they want to be serviced. Christine and I will supervise but when we get there, the first thing you are to do is go down on Christine and make her cum. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

Jennifer’s hands were still cuffed behind her back. Andrew attached a leash to Jennifer’s collar and gave the lead to Christine.

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