Meetup IRL Pt. 01

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**Well hello there 🙂

I’m so happy to be able to upload again, and I want to thank you all for your kind encouragement with the ‘Birthday Party’ series!

This story is going to be a little more mellow, at least to begin with, and focuses more on ‘futa on male’ romance, rather than futadom (although that may or may not be a story tag later on 😉 ). Also, if the spelling is a little weird, that might be because Australia uses British English, which has some spelling variations to US English 😛

I really hope you enjoy it <3

Story tags include, but not limited to: futanari, futa on male, romance, anal, deepthroat, cumflation, feels

All characters are over the age of 18**


“Get behind cover!”

Gideon used all his agility to fling himself behind a boulder as a deafening wave of flames roared around him. The searing tongues of fire flicked and curled around the weather worn rock that took the brunt of the searing blast, and he should slowly feel his mana draining as his flame resistance spell absorbed what was still able to reach him. He knew that one unimpeded blast would have burned him to a cinder.

Sweat poured down his face from heat and fear as the wall of flame went on for a few more seconds, before finally dying down. Dragons still needed to breathe, too, after all. The boulder he’d been behind glowed red hot in the aftermath of the attack as he peeked his head over, heat distorting his vision slightly as he watched Sir Gildredd, shield up and blade drawn, squaring off in front of the 20 foot tall red monstrosity.

Behind the knight stood Shadara the cleric, the stout woman keeping a constant stream of fortifying and healing magics upon him to keep him standing in the face of the dragon’s onslaught. She looked like she was on her last legs herself, her magic was beginning to wane and she was down on one knee as the physical and magical strain took its toll on her. This battle had taken a toll on everyone. He quickly scanned the battlefield to see who else besides those two and himself were still standing.

Bliggin had been the first down. The rouge’s nimble feet and reflexes not quite enough to stop the magical creature from swallowing him whole in the first few seconds. Dammit! She’d always been too reckless! Rofulo had gone down a few minutes after that, the jovial quips and comments that normally lent them inspiration in the heat of battle only seeming to aggravate the dragon and draw its ire. Gideon could still the bard’s broken body on the field behind it, trampled under its enormous clawed feet as it had rushed him.

Terranna was still up on a ledge about 40 feet to the drake’s left, firing arrows down at it as fast as she could and slowing it down with her ranger’s magic. The elf might be the only one to survive this fight if things kept going the way they were, and if the dragon didn’t just chase her down and burn her to a crisp along with the rest of them.

Far over to his left their other fighters, Ulysses and Rhiannon, were being healed slowly by the druid Fanyssia. Both the sword fighter and axe wielding barbarian had been slowly beaten down during the fight, and while their attackers had done a serious amount of damage, the consequence had been putting themselves in harm’s way. And lastly, was himself. As a wizard his job had been to pepper and harry their quarry with ranged magic, keeping it somewhat distracted so the fighters could dive in and do the brunt of the work. Problem was, no one knew that this particular dragon seemed to be immune to not just fire attacks, but lightning and ice elemental attacks, too. Which put him and consequently the rest of the team into the dire situation they had found themselves in.

Whispering a few arcane words he threw out a clap of deafening thunder up around the dragons head just as it was about to make a swipe at the knight in front of it, one of the only spells he had prepared that weren’t one of the elements it seemed to be immune to. The creature flinched and wavered in its attack at his strike, giving the knight an opportunity to strike, which he took great advantage of. Recoiling back from the bite of his blades the dragon reared up on its hinds and brought its front claws down, shaking the ground violently and unbalancing the knight before snaking its neck down and striking at him with its teeth.

The knight howled in pain as its teeth ripped through his leg armour like wet parchment, crippling him and bringing him down to one knee. The cleric’s magic was waning even more now as she fought to put everything in to healing his crippling wound.

Gideon’s hands flew back again as the dragons head reared up again, liquid fire gurgling up through its long serpentine neck as it prepared another searing fire breath. Eating into the depths of his mana he cast the strongest fire protection spell he could on the knight. If he went down now, everything was over.

“RROOOOAAAAGGHHHHHH!!” a mighty roar cut through even the loud crackling Kartal Sınırsız Escort of flames as Rhiannon came flying through the air at the creatures neck, her great barbarians axe hewing into the scaled neck of the beast. Its roar shook the ground as one of its twin steel crescents bit deeply into its flesh.

Dear gods! Was there a chance? His elation was short lived, though, as despite her blood rage l, the haft of her weapon slipped from her fingers as she fell the ground before the creature, and collapsed. Gravely Wounded though it was, the dragon quickly recovered, searching for its sudden attacker and, upon seeing her sprawled, reared on its hinds again and brought its front claws down onto her with a sickening crunch.

“NOOOOO!” Gideon looked around for the source if the scream before realizing it had come from him. He sucked dry the last of his mana pool, and then some, his lungs burning as he began sacrificing his own lifeblood to power a godly thunder crack that split the air near the creatures head, deafening and disorienting it, and shaking the axe loose from its neck, leaving a huge gash that spit blood onto the dusty ground below. The wizard was not a front line fighter, not by any means, but he found himself sprinting out across the field as the huge adult red dragon stumbled about in its few moments of confusion.

Ignoring his own pain, the knight leapt downward as well, pressing the attack despite his leg on being half healed before the cleric ran out of stamina and collapsed behind him. Gideon knew this was it. Their main fighting force was pretty much all down now, their cleric down, their druid waning behind them, the archer still loosing arrows that the dragon ignored like flies, and him with a freshly tapped out mana pool.

Somehow he managed to dodge the dragons tree trunk like legs and sweeping tail as it moved forward to return the knights attacks, sliding across the ground as he came upon the crushed barbarian.

She was still alive, he knew that much, as he hadn’t seen her spirit leave her, as it had the bard and the rogue, but he wondered how she could be. Her legs were cracked and bent in several wrong ways, one arm was only hanging on by a few strings of sinew, and her chest was caved in. her rage must have helped her resist the bone crunching weight of the dragons mass bearing down on her. He moved carefully, trying to stabilize her and coax her back to consciousness. Eventually, slowly, her purple eyes weakly opened.

“G…gid…eooonn” He could hear the blood pooling in her lungs already. He didn’t have much time.

“Shhhh, you’re going to be okay Rhia. We need you, you must live!” Reaching into his robe he brought forth a small vial containing a brilliantly slivered fluid that radiated soft light around it.

‘The tears of Bahamut’. An item most rare, gifted to him by the high priests of the platinum dragon god after ensuring his twisted twin Tiamat wasn’t reborn into the physical plane. The tears not only healed the drinker of any and all wounds or illness, including lost limbs, it granted them increased strength, speed, and resistance, making them near invulnerable for a short while.

“N…no, Giddy…it’s…too precious…what about…your sister?” She gurgled out, her voice rasping through the slashed and crushed tissues.

He popped the wax sealed cork off the vial and held it to her lips.

“She would want you to have it! Drink it Rhiannon, you must! Let’s finish this, and when we’re done here…we’ll travel the continent, just you and me. We’ll find another way to cure her…together.” He gently stroked her bloodied cheek with his thumb as he upended the vial and watched the platinum pour into the back of her throat.

He held her mouth and nose closed as she swallowed, triggering a hacking cough that threatened to spew the precious nostrum, but after that brief second she settled and he saw her throat contract. She shuddered as the fluid finally went down her throat, as he idly wondered if such a healing liquid would be palatable or not.

His brief musing, however, was cut short as another roar issued from the injured dragon. Gideon looked in horror as Gildredd was crunched in the jaws of the dragon, screaming as its razor shape teeth shredded the rest of his armour as easily as it had on his leg. Glancing down he could see Rhiannon’s body rapidly recovering, wounds closing, bones snapping back together and realigning, her eyes becoming more alert and aware. A few more seconds. He just had to buy a few more seconds, and keep the thing’s gaze off of Rhiannon.

He leapt to his feet and drew the short dagger out of his ankle sheathe, holding it shakily in both hands as he raced towards the chewing head of the dragon. With a desperate cry he sprang forward and drove the weapon forward with all his might, aiming for its large yellow eye. As if in slow motion he watched as the glowing eye rolled to face him, before he felt a crushing blow to the side Kartal Suriyeli Escort of his body. The creature’s tail whipped at him and hit him hard, sending his frail body hurtling through the air before he was stopped by an outcropping of rock, much like the one he’d hidden behind earlier.

Gideon was surprised with how little it hurt. Really, shouldn’t something like that hurt a lot? Stunned, he looked down to find the left side of his body completely smashed in, and his legs twisted and mangled. He tried to move, but realised he couldn’t. Oh…his head…his head had smashed itself against the stone hadn’t it? His eyes being the only thing he could move now, looked over to his shoulder. Sure enough, blood was seeping into the fabric of his rode, saturating the thick woollen fabric in his lifeblood…but, had it worked? Had he bought enough time for her?

He looked up to see Rhiannon on her feet, looking even more powerful than when they’d started this fight. She launched herself forward and caught the haft of her great axe in both hands, before rolling and launching herself into the air behind the dragon as it dropped the knight in his jaws to the ground, making to incinerate the knight once more as the yellow orange flames travelled up through its throat and lit the back of it mouth.

Rhiannon’s eyes crackled with primal rage as lightning of the old gods ran through her, her muscle packed body bulging even more as she brought the electrified axe-blade right back down on the spot she’d cut into earlier.

“Of course…” He thought silently to himself.

The dragon’s immunity came from its magical hide, find a chink in that armour and…


Her thunderous blow rang out across the field as the blade shore through more than a foot of muscle and cut deeply into its spine, severing the vital cords just as the beast sensed her presence above it, turning its head to try and counter the attacker with its blazing breath. Too late. The mass of the creature collapsed to the ground behind the point of her intrusion in its neck as its fire spewed to the side of the mortally Gildredd, its jaw snapping open and shut as it spasmed in its death throes.

Thank…the gods…at least his death…would mean something. She was alive, and that was all that mattered to him.

As if Bahamut himself had heard his dying thoughts, she was suddenly there in front of him, kneeling down in front of him. Most people, especially fellow wizards, thought of barbarians as nothing but brutish savages, and even Gideon had been one of them at first. It was only as he’d gotten to know the warrior over their travels that he’d come to realize she wasn’t an ignorant savage, quite the opposite in fact, she was just more honest and blunt with how she felt and what she wanted. Not one to play politics of mind games. She was much too pure than that kind of chicanery.

He watched her as his vision began to grow weak now. Her thick hair in braids, dark as the night except for a swathe of blood red that ran down her right. Her large hands held out in front of her, usually so strong and sure, now trembled with uncertainty as she foundered about what could possibly be done to hold the life in his broken body. Her lips opened and closed with her mouth as she shouted something at him that he could barely hear.

“Well done, Giddy! Hold on…Well done, Giddy!…” She was so close to him, but sounded so far away…

‘What a strange creature she is…’ He thought absently as his view tunnelled, the void swarming all around him, all he could see was her.

She brought her hands up to his cold face and cupped it gently as tears began rolling down her cheeks.

‘Such a strong warrior…shouldn’t cry about someone as weak as me…’ He thought as he felt the last of his life ebbing away…

[Congratulations! Krothmuss the Bloody Scourge has been defeated!]

“Y-YES!” Gideon jumped up from his chair as the mission cleared message popped up on his screen, immediately regretting his decision as his knees hit the edge of his desk and toppled over his monitor.

“Shit!” He shouted in surprise and pain as the edge of the desk gouged his knees.

“What was that?” Rhia’s voice came through the team chat at his second exclamation.

“Never mind! Heal me, heal me! Inventory should be unlocked!” He shouted back as he hurriedly picked the monitor back up and sat himself back down in his gaming chair.

His health bar was almost at zero from bleed damage out before it suddenly stopped and began to rapidly rise. His screen view came back from being black and white to colour as his health regenerated from the potions the barbarian was using on his character.

“Pheewww! I thought I was a goner there! I hate the penalties they hit you with when you KO, and – Yes! Level up! Woooo, got me some level 7 spell slots now!”

“Ha ha! Don’t worry, Boo, I got you. Pick something good!” Rhia laughed back as Kartal İranlı Escort she finished healing him with their reserve potions. “Alright, HP should recover fine on its own now. Let’s try to save some of the others before they kick it.” She said as she un-crouched and sprinted to Gildredd.

Gideon picked up his mouse and rested his hand back onto its gel cushion over his keyboard, and clicked his way over to Shadara, dumping stamina and mana potions on her to get her up, since they needed her to res the others before they got KO penalised.

Once they were all back on their feet, including the newly resurrected Bliggin and Rofulo, Gildredd brought them all over in front of Krothmuss’ digital corpse.

“Alright everyone, I know that didn’t go exactly the way we had planned, but we did it! Well done to Shadara and Fanyssia for keeping everyone healed and buffed right up until the end there! Ulysses, you had some damn good DPS before you got taken out, we wouldn’t have been able to take the dragon out without it. Bliggin and Rofulo, don’t get too down, you played to our characters, and that’s what our little RP guild is all about. Bliggin would have absolutely thrown caution to the wind, considering her family was slaughtered by red dragons. Terranna,” He tuned to the elven ranger who was idling near the outskirt of the group using an ’embarrassed’ emote.

“I know it didn’t seem like you were doing much, but the aggro you were drawing kept him from focusing for most of that, so thank you.” once the rest of the group was done he turned to him and the hulking barbarian next to him. “Rhiannon and Gideon are the MVP’s of this fight though. Gideon, it’s my fault you had the wrong spells prepared, I didn’t think it would have two more elemental immunities! No wonder they said this boss was janked. Good improvising, and good work healing up Rhia, who got the last hit with that massive shank right at the end there. That damage must have been huge! All in all, great work team! That fight took a lot longer than we all though, 3 hours can take it out of you, so with that said, I’m hitting the hay! I’ll sort out my loot next week. See ya’ peeps.”

One by one the other members logged off as Gideon sorted through his loot, their mics popping off as they left the game. He was pretty tired, too, but preferred to organise his stuff immediately so he didn’t forget what he had, and so he could trash the junk to make a little extra coin. He was just about finished up when Rhiannon’s voice came through his headset unexpectedly.

“Hey, Giddy. Thanks for healing me like that. I can’t believe you used your ‘Tears of Bahamut’ on me, that’s such a rare drop for the quest.” Her voice sounded genuinely thankful through his headphones.

“Uhhhh, yeah whatever like 1 in 1000 no big deal don’t worry about it ha ha ha ha ha!” He blurted out in a rush before stopping himself and cringing.

‘Way to go you fucking dweeb…’ He thought angrily to himself as he tried to calm down. ‘Nothing’s more attractive than a desperate sounding idiot.’

“Anyway, *ehem*” He cleared his throat as he took a deep breath. “I’m glad I did! It was definitely worth it, I couldn’t just let you die like that, Rhia… For the fight! We- we needed you in the fight! To help win it…the fight, that is.” Gods, what was he doing!? Stumbling over his words like some level 1 pleb ogling his first tavern wench.

He blushed as he fiddled with his mouse. He’d been part of the guild for almost 3 years now, joining the RP-Life Guild soon after he started playing ‘Dragons&Dungeoneering: Online’. Rhiannon had already been part of the guild then, and he’d been immediately enamoured with her voice and tall, powerful looking futanari barbarian avatar. Over the course of their gaming and adventuring they’d gotten to know each other a lot, and had developed a nice little online friendship through their shared digital trials and tribulations.

He’d tried to keep a lid on his inexplicable attraction to this person he’d never met IRL, after all he didn’t want to come across as some kind of creep, but more than once he’d let slip some comments here and there that had made him more than a little embarrassed. For the most part though, Rhia seemed to take his slip ups all in stride, laughing them off as she slapped him heartily on the back and easing his jittery nerves. Much like she was doing now.

“Hah hah!” Her voice sounded like smoky old world English gold in his ears, and he loved it. “Well anyway, thanks, I really mean it. I know that took a lot of grinding and luck to get that drop, those things go for like $400 in the market place?… Hey,” Her jovial tone suddenly getting more serious. “Did you mean what you said in the battle? That you wanted us to quest alone together and find another cure for your sister?”

“Oh! Oh, uhm…I was, you know, PR-ing… I mean if you want to that would be super cool too I just don’t want to make you do anything it was my choice to give you the tears I knew you could defeat the boss if you were all healed up!” He blurted out before quickly realising he was digging his hole deeper by verbally gushing again.

“I mean…yes,” He took another breath to calm himself. “Yes, I would lo-like!…To quest together with you…if you’d like to…”

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