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It was hard to concentrate on the financial model displayed on my laptop. At any moment, I was expecting the arrival of Aimee to my hotel room and my cock was already hard; the pre-cum creating a wet spot on my tented jeans.

We had begun communications following a story she had posted here on Literotica. She and her husband Will were clearly going through a difficult patch in their marriage and our early emails focused on my helping them to heal.

There was, however, an undertone of submissiveness to Aimee’s emails. Her Husband had sought to meet this need of her but it had proved difficult while still maintaining a happy and balanced relationship. I began to realize that I could be of help to them both……. And I could have a great deal of fun doing so.

I began to display dominance to Aimee in our emails. I began by asking questions, which, over time, began to be instructions. I played on her sexual reaction to both my posted stories as well as my revelations to her concerning the various sluts I kept online.

My emails grew to occasional chat’s; each one becoming more lurid until they were soon feeding Aimee’s and Will’s fantasies. Their sex life, good even at the worst times, was now exploding each evening and frequently extended to early mornings with Aimee sucking Will’s cock prior to waking the children for school.

I also was enjoying the emails and chats….. as I did with all my sluts and other female friends online.

Then I happened to mention in an email that I was traveling on business and would be spending a few days in Cleveland. Unbeknownst to me, Will and Aimee lived in a suburb of Cleveland and the thought of actually submitting to me quickly sprang to Aimee’s mind. Her submission to me had become the subject of Will and Aimee’s fantasies for awhile and the thought of it actually coming true was intensely erotic for them both.

I was surprised to read the email where Aimee proposed meeting me. Since my wild days in Russia, I had actually limited myself to online playing…….

But, I am, after all, only a man. The thought of this 30-something submissive woman becoming my sexual toy for an evening…. Well that certainly sounded better than the hotel “Adult Movie” selections.

And so it was….

It was still early in the evening when I heard someone knocking at my door.

I walked slowly to the door and peered through the peep hole at a beautiful woman looking nervously around.

I opened the door and could not help but smile at the vision before me. A short, beautiful blonde with absolutely massive breasts swelling beneath a thin, attractive blouse and “fashion” jeans stood before me. She looked distinctly apprehensive as she smiled nervously in return to my own warm expression. .

“You look lovely A… come in” I said motioning her to enter.

“G-g- good to see you…. Oliver……… “Aimee stammered, clearly nervous even as she entered the room.

I closed the door behind me and turned to see Aimee standing there looking anxiously around.

“Go on…” I said shooing her into the living room area of the suite.

I brushed past her and sat in the stuffed chair, leaving her standing nervously in the room.

“I-I-I don’t think I can do this Oliver” Aimee said looking at me pleadingly.

I smiled and stood up in front of her. Her eyes went to the floor but I raised her chin until she was looking directly up at me.

“You don’t want to disappoint Will, do you?” I said softly.

I moved her chin in a negative response.

“You don’t want to disappoint yourself, do you?” I said, again moving her chin gently back and forth again.

“You certainly don’t want to disappoint me, do you?”

“No, but its just that….” My fingers suddenly tightening on her chin cause her to pause.

“Sir, A” I murmured.

“No, I-I-I ….”

“Sir! ” I repeated more darkly this time, my fingers turning her chin white.

“No, Sir…” Aimee said meekly.

I moved my mouth next to her ear…. “Louder” I almost whispered.

“No, Sir!” she said louder this time.

I released her chin and gently caressed her face, my fingers trailing across her face as I walked behind her, admiring the woman before me. My fingers played in her blonde hair.

Standing so that her ass was now pressed against me, I leaned in, my breath hot on her neck.

“Are you wet?” I murmured into her ear even as my hands caressed her shoulders and arms and moved down to her waist.

“I- I-I don’t know Sir, I’m so nervous…” she almost squeaked.

Now my hands roamed over her huge breasts, “Double D’s” as she had promised. I let my hot breath caress her neck.

“Oh..oh..” she began.

“I think we should find out, don’t you A?”

“Yes Sir” Aimee replied quickly her breathing deepening…….

My hand slid down her belly and un-buckled the fashion belt and just as quickly the jean’s button; even as my other hand caressed a large, firm breast over her blouse.

I slide my hand down her abdomen… she wasn’t wearing panties as I had instructed.

My finger slid across Kartal Grup Escort her trimmed pussy over her clit and into her obviously moist pussy. My fingers curled deeply into her pussy as I almost lifted her up with my hand.

“Oh I would say you are wet, Aimee” I muttered… my fingers curling in and out of her.

I pulled my hand out and put my fingers on her lips…… “Taste yourself…” I instructed.

Aimee’s tongue began to tentatively lick at me fingers but I jammed them into her mouth.

“Suck my fingers clean….”

Her lips closed on my hand as I slowly withdrew it from her mouth.

“How do you taste tonight?” I asked.

“G-g-good Sir…” Aimee answered.

“Hmmmmm…. I wonder….” I said plunging my hand back down and into her pussy, my curling fingers scooping her wet up.

As I pulled my hand out, I released her breast and walked around until I was standing close to her and staring down into her eyes.

I brought my fingers up to my mouth and touched the tip of them to my tongue. “Mmmmm…. Yes, quite tasty…. I do love the taste of a woman in heat”, I said, a smirk crossing my face.

My eyes locked on hers, I slowly wiped my pussy juice covered fingers across her face and over her mouth……. Her tongue reflexively licked the juice from her lips….

“Yes….. Quite tasty….” I repeated.

I returned to my chair and sat back studying her as she stood there breathing heavily but still shifting nervously.

“Take your clothes off” I ordered firmly.

With only the slightest hesitation, Aimee placed her large purse on the table and began unbuttoning her blouse, taking it off and laying it also on the table.

She wiggled her jeans down, stepping out of them before folding them next to her blouse.

She stood and looked at me……. Now wearing only the bra holding in her heavy breasts.

I said nothing, just continued to stare at her.

Aimee reached behind and un-snapped her bra, catching it in her hands as it slide down off her breasts. Her tits sagged under their own weight, but tipped with pink nipples set on large areolas, they were magnificent.

“Suck your tit…” I instructed.

Her eyes locked on mine, Aimee used both hands to lift her right breast up and noisily sucked the nipple…

I watched, my cock now achingly hard in my jeans. I couldn’t help but rub it as I watched her perform.

“Now the other….” I said, watching as she repeated the effort with her left breast.

Hardly skinny, she had a beautiful, womanly body…… which my eyes continued to admire and my cock continued to desire.

But she needed more from me than my admiration or even my lust.

“That’s enough…..” I instructed.

“Get down on your hands and knees and come here……. Slut”. I said slowly and distinctly.

Her eyes flared at the word “slut”. In our earlier emails, she had expressed to me her objections to the derisive term.

I met her angry eyes with my own raised eyebrows.

“Do we have a problem, A”? I asked.

“I thought we had uhhh t-t-talked about that…” she said her eyes wavering.

“Come here A” I said motioning over to lap.

She slowly walked over to my chair and began to sit on my lap.

“No!” I said sharply. “Lay across it”

Aimee looked shocked but followed my instructions, awkwardly positioning herself face down across my lap and the arms of the chair.

I allowed myself a soft caress of her full ass displayed before me. I could feel her body shaking as my fingers grazed her pussy and caressed the back of her thighs.

My open hand came down hard on her ass cheek with a loud “THWAAK”

Her hands reflexively moved to protect her butt, but I roughly pulled them away.




The spanks came down repeatedly on her quivering ass cheeks. I could hear her begin to whimper softly as my hand reddened her round ass cheeks.

“Do you know why you are being punished, A?” I said, resting my hand on her now glowing ass.

“N-n-no sir….” Aimee moaned.

“Well…. There are several reasons, actually……” I replied.

“First….. if I want to call you Slut…..”




My hand came down, stinging the reddest part of her ass.

“I will………. Do you understand?”

“Y-y-yes Sir….” She whined.


“What are you A?” I asked sweetly.

“THWAAK” My hand encouraged her after a brief delay.

“OUGHHHH……. I-I –I’m a slut sir……”


“Yes you are A, A nasty fucking slut!” I intoned.


“Now the second reason you are being punished…….” I continued.


“…is because you forgot to address me as Sir and we simply cannot have that”




Aimee was beginning to sob now…

“P-p-please Sir, I-I-I’ll be good…..” She whimpered again.

I caressed her head, wiping her tears away with my hand.

“There, there, A, none of that…”

“There’s Kartal Manken Escort another reason…. Do you know what that is?”

Her body tensed expecting another hard spank…. But it did not come.

My hand caressed her ass and my fingers began teasing and exploring her pussy, soaking with her arousal.

“Because you enjoy it don’t you? ” I let my fingers, wet from her pussy slide down over and around her clit.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh” was all Aimee could moan, as I began to sensuously masturbate her; sliding my fingers around her hood, occasionally flicking at her clit now swollen and eager.

My cock was aching to get out as it reacted to her body grinding against it.

Her legs spread apart, one falling to the floor as I played in her wet crotch.

She began to hump against my hand….

“My, my, Slut… DO enjoy it..” I said quietly, the only sound in the room her squishing cunt as my fingers plunged in and around it.


Her body jumped even as my fingers slide back to her pussy and her hips gyrated against my cock even more.

“OOOOOHHHHHHhhhhh Oliver…….” Aimee moaned.

“I think you are going to cum, aren’t you?” I murmured.


“Oohhoohhoohhoohhoohhoohh” Aimee’s voice modulated with the rhythm of my hand now fucking her cunt hard and repeatedly.


Aimme looked up at me in startled surprise from the floor where I had just shoved her.

“I don’t want you to cum yet, slut” I said quietly.

Tears began to spring from Aimee’s eyes in frustration.

“Now come and suck my cock” I said.

Her eyes darted to the outline of my swollen cock in my jeans. Licking her lips instinctively, Aimee sat up on her knees and reached for my zipper.

“Carefully, Slut” I warned.

Her hands quickly unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my jeans. As she un-zippered me, my cock, free at last from restraint, sprung up, the head glistening with the pre-cum oozing from it.

I reached down and gently grabbed her hair, guiding her face to my cock. I rubbed her face back and forth across it, as her tongue darted out to lick it with each pass.

I slowly released her hair and Aimee pulled my cock to her mouth, she kissed and sucked on the head, then the sides and finally on my balls, which she licked and gently played with.

“You may finger yourself Slut” I said.

Aimee quickly moved a hand down to her pussy and began to quickly rub it….

“But don’t cum!” I said grabbing her hair to make the point.

Her voice was muffled by my cock now being sucked slowly by her mouth and lips.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth off my cock…. A string of pre-cum and saliva extending from it’s head to her lips.

“Now use your tits…..” I said

Aimee lifted her breasts to my wet cock… and began rubbing them up and down.

The sensations were exquisite as her big, fat tits and pink hardened nipples rubbed up and down.

I put my hands on her tits and took over their motion on my cock.

“Put your hands behind your back A” I ordered.

Aimee put her hands behind her back but winced as I pulled and gripped her tits on my cock….

“Fuccccck yeah…… That feels good slut” I mumbled as much to myself as her.

I released her tits and stood up over her, my erect cock obscenely over her head and face.

I smiled as I slapped her face with my cock, as I let my jeans fall to the floor and stepping out of them.

“Crawl over to the bed and lean on it face down….. Slut”

Aimee’s face blanched but she began shuffling the 8 or 9 feet over to the king size bed. I followed behind her, slowly stroking my cock as I watched her bright red butt wiggling as she shuffled along on her hands and knees. It was hard not to notice the look of annoyance on her face; I guess she didn’t like the crawling on her hands and knees.

“Well too bad” I thought to myself, “It’s what I enjoy doing with sluts”

Standing up, she leaned over the edge of the bed as instructed, leaning on her elbows. She looked back over her shoulder, her eyes dropping quickly down to my cock as I slowly stroked it.

I walked up behind her and slapped her ass on the left side.


“Move down to the corner….. Slut”

Aimee shuffled down the bed until she was lying at the corner, her legs splayed on each side.

I walked up behind her, kneeling slightly and placed my cock on her pussy, rubbing its head along her soaking slit.

Aimee jerked her head around as she felt my cock touch her cunt lips.

“You promised to use a cond…”


Her cry was interrupted as my hand came down hard on her ass.

“Do you want my cock or not, Slut?” I said in a matter of fact voice.

Aimee paused, her eyes wide; staring at me.



Her face winced as my hand stung her ass again.

“Answer me……. A”

“Y-y-yes Sir” The resignation was clear in her voice.

“What do you want, Slut?” I said more loudly.

“THWAAK” Kartal Masöz Escort

“Ouuu…. Your cock Sir….. I want your cock!” Aimee cried out.

“Then you shall have it….” I said, my teeth clenched, as I thrust my cock hard and deep into her wet and throbbing pussy.

I slowly withdrew it and then slammed my cock into her again, holding it in her deep as I enjoyed the warm, wet feel of her.

I withdrew it and stepped away. The night was young….

Aimee moaned again in frustration as she waited in vain for the next thrust.

“Place your hands behind your back, A” I said softly, calming myself with a couple of deep breaths.

I gently stroked my cock, slippery with her pussy juice, as I considered what I would do next.

Laying her head down on the bed, her eyes watching me, Aimee did as she was told.

The more I looked at her laying there, her breathing deep and rapid, her ass a deepening red… The more things sprang to my mind. She was mine for the evening, I intended to enjoy her.

Using a handmade silk tie which had suffered an encounter with some local spaghetti sauce, I tied her hands snuggly behind her.

A sudden look of panic crossed Aimee’s face as I stood back, stroking my cock.

“Stand up Slut” I ordered.

Aimee struggled to slide off the bed and onto her feet, no easy feat to accomplish gracefully with her hands tied. I reached over pulled her the rest of the way up with her hair, her face grimaced in pain.

I stepped up behind her until my cock was poking against her back.

“You may play with my cock Slut” I said quietly into her ear.

She lowered her tied hands until she found my cock and began fingering and stroking it.

I pushed even closer to her, my hands moving around her and onto her heavy breasts. My fingers found her nipples. I pinched them sharply and then stretched them before groping her tits again.

Her head sank back against my shoulder, her eyes closed as I played with her breasts and she fondled my cock. My hand slid down and cupped her mons, my fingers curling into her wet cunt, the palm of my hand against her swollen clit.

I stepped around her, my hand moving more deeply into her pussy. I bent over and took a beautiful pink nipple in my mouth and sucked hard.

I was now fucking her with all four fingers, my thumb gliding on and around her clit with each stroke. I spread my fingers inside her, fingering and touching her deeply while my hand rotated back and forth… then in and out.

My mouth moved to her other breast, nipping at it as my mouth found her other nipple and noisily sucked.

I sat on the bed as my hand intensified its fucking of her, my thumb rubbing ever harder on her engorged tiny clit.

Aimee was moaning now, her legs shaking and weakening….. she was so close.

I jammed my hand deep inside her as she began to cum. I pulled it out and slapped her breasts as they flopped back and forth in front of my face. I then jammed my hand roughly back inside her.

There was a sharp intake of breath from Aimee.

Biting her lip, her eyes opened wide, Aimee’s cum caused her to bend over in contraction. I was holding her up with my hand in her cunt, her own hands straining to halt the almost painful touch of my thumb on her clit as she climaxed………..

Leaving my fingers curling in her gushing pussy, I moved my thumb off her clit…. And blew softly on her pleasure point.

Aimee’s body jerked back and forth, as she tried to calm the flood of sensations ebbing through her.

I bent over and took a nipple in my teeth and bit down.

“OWWWWwwwweeeeee” she moaned. …..

I removed my hand, now covered in her cum, and rubbed it on her face; her tongue licked my hand as it moved her mouth….

I stood up and pulled her on to the bed, rolling her panting body over onto her back and tied hands. She squirmed in discomfort even as she took deep breaths, her legs rubbing together as she tried to quiet the feelings from her cunt and clit.

I sat on the bed next her, my cock still hard. I soothed her face, now as red as her ass with a blush that covered her neck and chest…….

“How was that, A?” I asked softly.

“Ohhhhhhhh “was all she could say but her smile blossomed on her face in short laughter as she caught her breath.

“I have a gift for you…”, I said smiling.

The smile on Aimee’s face only dimmed slightly as she looked at me with anticipation.

I reached over to the bed stand and opened the drawer.

I pulled out the shiny black dog collar and dangled it before her eyes.

“I think you have earned this, don’t you think?” I said calmly.

Aimee eyes flicked from the dog collar to my eyes and back. She swallowed nervously as she considered this new development.

“Haven’t you?” I repeated.

“Y-y-yes Sir” she said nervously.

I held it up before her eyes. “Can you read the name engraved on it?”

” Uh uh “A” Sir”

“Yes….. A, that’s you….. “A” ” I said, showing her the collar proudly.

“As in Slut A, isn’t it?” I said smiling.

“Y-y-yes Sir” Aimee answered meekly.

“What is it?” I said cocking my ear to her.

Her eyes darted back and forth.

“S-s-slut A, Sir”

“Yes, that’s right! Slut A!” I said beaming. I leaned forward and fastened the collar around her neck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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