Female Ejaculation

Her name was Dani. I hadn’t noticed her too much before because in my lofty office high above my company, I rarely interacted with staff other than my leadership team. Dani was the personal assistant to my Vice President Jayne Osgood and was coming along on a business trip with us to help take care of details. And as we entered the corporate jet, I suddenly noticed Dani – in a very big way.

This was the trip of my professional career, we were about to purchase one of our largest rivals and many of the leaders of the two companies were attending a trade conference in Florida where we would go deep into hammering out the details of the deal. The deal would make me the

man in a Fortune 500 company, the

man being Christopher Fielding, the company founder, who now rarely came by the office other than to show me pictures from his latest world travels. I was about to break into a new level of big time and become a very rich man.

That should have made me one of the happiest guys in the world, but like many men in my position, the success in the professional world had its impact on my home life. My wife was my high school sweetheart and was what every man would love – a great homemaker, cook, hostess for the best parties and had recently gotten deep into yoga and was hot as hell. But we had not been able to have children and we seemed to be growing apart. Heck, she doesn’t even bother to drive me to the airport for business trips anymore. And sex? Well, let’s just say it had been quite a while since our last, monotonous, get-it-out-of-the-way interaction.

That’s why it’s not surprising that, as Dani sat in the chair straight across from me, facing my way in the lavish corporate Airstream, my eyes strayed up from my Wall Street Journal to catch a better look at what my eyes had glimpsed in the airport terminal. Dani was a big girl, a kind I had fancied in college and fantasized about now. Not fat at all, just a big girl who carried her body well and knew how to dress to accentuate the best of her attributes. The best word to describe her would be ‘curvy’, and for me she was perfectly curved.

As I glanced around my paper I first noticed her black leather boots that hugged her calves tightly and lead up to a muscular, hose-covered thigh that was crossing over her other leg as she sat. She smoothed out a short, pleated blue plaid skirt that gave ample view of those legs and tucked into that skirt was a a white silk blouse with a blue blazer over it fully encasing her large, perfectly proportioned chest. I couldn’t help but stare at the mounds in front of me. They Ataşehir Escort were held fast by a lace bra that was slightly visible through the silk blouse and pressed her chest upward to form an amazing chasm of cleavage. My mind wondered as to what my eyes would see with that blouse and blazer removed, but I quickly caught myself in my lecherous behavior and raised my eyes to meet hers – eyes that were staring directly at me with a coy grin.

“Good Morning, Mr. St. Pierre,” She said, breaking the awkward moment, “my name is Danielle, everyone calls me ‘Dani’ and I’m here to help you in any way you need on this trip.” She reached forward with her right hand in greeting to shake mine. Her self-confidence was sexy, too, as well as the new view that was given to me as she leaned forward to grasp my hand. This created an even better angle for me to see down that blouse into those luscious breasts and my eyes could not avoid taking a chance look.

“Dani’s the best, Ron,” said Jayne, my VP sitting to my left. Her statement broke me out of my breast-induced trance and I quickly took Dani’s hand to shake it and returned my eyes to their proper position.

“Yes, Dani, I heard you were coming and am sure you’ll be a valuable asset on this trip,” I responded. Her eyes looked at me with a knowing look as if she could read my mind – knowing I was processing my response to her appearance. Those eyes were amazing, a bright green encased by a beautiful round face and over a cute turned up nose. Add in the professional quaffed blonde hair, brushed to the side but still lightly resting just over her right eye and I truly had a vision of loveliness before me.

“Please do not hesitate to let me know of ANYTHING you need,” she responded, “I’m here to serve in any way that I can.”


That brief opening encounter and our small talk about the trip upon takeoff soon faded as we got farther into our 5 hour flight. Dani and Jayne both grabbed blankets and pillows to take naps in ready for a long few days while I perused some of the files of information for our business dealings. The information was detailed and soon had my eyes fading, as well.

“I’m sorry!” I awakened with a start as Jayne bumped into my leg. “Sorry Ron, I just need to go to the bathroom,” said my VP as she passed by me into the aisle. I collected my bearings then realized now was a short of window of time to view this new assistant and collect mental images for any fantasy I might undertake in my hotel room.

She was fast asleep and leaning Kadıköy Escort towards the left side of her seat. The blanket had slid down a bit at the top and was slightly bunched up around her waist, giving me a good view of the best parts. Her feet were on the floor with her left leg slightly leaning in the same direction of her head. This allowed my eyes to trail far up her plump but muscular thighs. The mesh of the black hose was stretched tightly around those legs, giving them a sheen that pleased my eyes all the way up until they disappeared in the darkness of her most private parts which were barely covered by that short skirt.

Dani’s blouse had fallen slightly open, as well (she had removed the jacket) and I could look directly upon the bra covering the curve of her left breast. I could scarcely breath as I slid forward in my chair for a better look. The flesh of her breast just above that bra was milky white and it was all I could to keep from sliding a knuckle across it and caressing those large breasts into my hand.

My mind (and other body parts) were way ahead of me and formulating a plan. Almost before I knew it I had pulled a blanket out of the overhead compartment and covered myself as I leaned back in my seat. I grabbed the $120 silk handkerchief out of my jacket pocket and surreptitiously slid it under the blanket as well. Staring straight at Dani, I reached under the covers and unzipped my slacks, I reached in and found my raging hard cock and slipped it through the hole in my boxers and the open zipper. I would have to be careful to not get semen on my slacks or let me VP catch me in the act. I had but a few moments before she would return.

As my left hand secured itself around my still-hardening mast, i stared at those beautiful leather boots. It is my one, true, can’t-resist fetish – not to lick like some crazed submissive, but I just could never look away from leather boots. Boots like these accentuate a woman’s calves in an amazing way making them look taught and sexy. I imagined myself taking a boot in my hands and sliding my hands up the boot onto Dani’s hose and up under her skirt. My fist started it’s work under my blanket and I sighed lightly. I closed my eyes for a moment and pictured those eyes beckoning me to move my hands onward and upwards.

My masturbatory pace quickened as my eyes opened to stare at her chest. I could picture her hands cupping those beautiful breasts for me in erotic fashion, her eyes pleading with excitement, her breath quickening with her arousal. What if she were sitting next to me, what if Ümraniye Escort it was her hand on my cock right now? So forbidden – I am her boss’s boss. She is so much younger than me. It all made me amazingly thrilled and soon I knew I would not be able to contain myself much longer.

I slid the silk handkerchief over the top of my cock and my faithful left hand and held it in place with my right, a heavy breath escaping my lips as my arousal peeked. I slightly opened my eyes to make sure Dani was still asleep as my climax occurred.

I felt my balls release my first deposit of cum up the shaft and into my handkerchief as my eyes focused in on the young girl across from me. Her beauty filled me with pleasure as my body experienced ecstasy in unloading a second and third time. My hand continued to work furiously to enjoy every last moment of this forbidden pleasure.

I heard the bathroom open back down the aisle and prepared to very quickly wipe myself down and repair myself to a normal condition, but I didn’t count on the door click awakening Dani. As I stared at her, her eyes open groggily and then looked directly into mine. I wondered if there was any way she could know I was holding my softening cock in my hand covered in a cum-stained, silk scarf. Even more so, I wondered if she noticed I was staring at her as she opened her eyes.

I quickly closed my eyes to act as if I, too had been asleep before the opening of the bathroom door. I was trapped – In my fear my cock had returned to a completely flaccid state. I dared not move to zip up my pants, even as Jayne was now scooting around me again to return to her seat.

“Do you need to use the bathroom, sir?” it was Dani’s voice.

“What?” I answered, looking back at her.

“I was asking if you need to use the restroom,” she said with a soft smile, “I need to go, but I didn’t want to jump ahead of you.”

“No – um, No, I’m fine. You go ahead,” I stammered. I watched as she gracefully arose from the seat. As she walked past me I heard a faint swish of her hose brushing as her thighs gently touched as she walked. I also received a large dose of her enchanting perfume. This made my cock immediately jump back to attention.

“Would you like to go over some of the numbers now, Ron?” Jayne asked.

“No – I think I need to nap just a little longer.” It took a while but I was finally able to gently and carefully pack my manhood back inside my slacks and boxers to return to normal. I felt I had been able to do so without Jayne or Dani noticing, but I did occasionally catch a glance of Dani eyeing me in a way that seemed she knew something was up. At very least she caught me staring more than I hoped she would.

But as the plane continued to fly at 50,000 feet, I wondered what further interactions I might get with this dazzling girl on our trip.

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