Big Dick

I am one of the newly-appointed guidance counselors at a small private day school. It is my responsibility to set up appointments with the students to let them voice concerns about the school as well listen to their non-school problems. I am 30 with black, longish hair and a great build. I’ve heard from the teachers that the girls think I am a heavenly hunk.

Caitlin came to my office unannounced an hour after school was over. I stayed over late to catch up on paperwork. Almost everyone else had gone for the day. Ordinarily, I would have been annoyed at the late intrusion, but she and I had locked eyes on several occasions. She instinctively knew that I would fuck her, in another setting, if I had the chance. Caitlin is a dish and a half with her long blond hair, blue eyes and lush body.

When I rose to close the door, she moved quickly and clicked the lock. She grabbed my balls. “Do you want to fuck me today? I ditched cheerleader practice when I saw you car still on the lot. I waited across the street until the other teachers left. I’ve seen how you look at me,” she said seductively. “I should be rewarded for my ingenuity.”

“Now Caitlin,” I stammered, “take it easy. I’m your counselor.” I had to get some control.

“Well you can counsel me on how you like your dick sucked, although I’m pretty good at it already,” she said boldly, fondling me.

I should tell her to release me, but I can’t. “How did you get so good at it, Caitlin? Were you forced to learn? Is there something you need to talk about?” I asked as I watched her take down my zipper. It was my undoing

“My dad’s best friend taught me. I always had a secret crush on him. At my 18th birthday party, he was a little drunk came on to me when we were alone in the kitchen. He taught me how to suck his dick the first day we were alone. He was afraid to do any more than finger me inside my panties and suck at my breasts. It was ok because I had orgasms when he touched me there. I loved his big calloused fingers on my pussy.”

“You’ve been sucking a grown man’s cock and letting him feel you up?’ I asked incredulously. “You may be 18, but you’re still too young for an older man.”

“I can deep throat like an expert,” she boasted. “An adult is an adult no matter what the age. If I can vote, I can fuck whomever I want. Right, Mr. Laporte?

“Yes, I guess so. You are nicely grown, Caitlin. You better hope no one ever finds out. So where did you do it? How did Maltepe Escort you get away from your parents?”

“He has a workshop out back of his house. It’s kind of secluded. I sneak over the back way to join him,” she said taking my dick out slowly. “I want to suck your dick now, Mr. LaPorte. I want it right now. Let me show you how good I am.” She dropped to her knees.

She was in charge as she gave my dick a royal sucking. Her mouth was hot and wet and her suction on my dick was superb. She has had plenty of experience, I thought as I came hard and deep in her throat. Not a drop of my sperm spilled past her lips. Man, that was good!

“Has the man fucked you yet?” I asked as she licked me clean. “Have you let him put his dick in your pussy, Caitlin? Did he claim your virginity?”

“Oh yes, many times, but he was not my first. He had made this special, cushioned table in his shop that I sit on. It is the right height so that he could fuck me sitting while he stands. There are two little sections to put my legs into so that my pussy is spread just right for him. I’ll never forget the first day he took me. He ate my pussy like it was his last meal. We both watched as he eased his massive cock slowly into my wet pussy.”

“Was he able to put his whole dick in your pussy? You said he was very big.”

“Yes, oh yes. He slid in smoothly, pushing himself to the hilt. Then he rested for a moment. He let me adjust to his fullness in me as he kissed me. Then he slowly started pumping in my pussy. Have you ever seen a grown man cry in pure pleasure? Well, this one did. Each time he pulled out and pushed in, the tears came. He said my pussy was so exquisitely tight and hot that he wished he never had to come out.”

“Did he ever, you know, get a little rough? Fuck you too hard while he had you spread out?”

“Rough? Rough, you mean like slamming the meat into me, hurting me with it? Damn straight he did. I like my dick hard and delivered harder.”

“Sounds like you really enjoyed his fucking,” I said reaching under her uniform skirt. “How long would he fuck you?” I said easing my hand inside her wet panties.

“It seemed like forever. A very good forever. He had the stamina of a teenage boy. I should know. I’ve fucked a few of them, too. It’s all about what their dicks can do.”

“Tell me what you did as he pounded into you.” I was rubbing her pussy lips.

“I sucked his dick within the walls of my Anadolu Yakası Escort pussy. He went crazy when I came with his dick locked deep inside me. He caught my screams in his mouth. He rammed me so hard my ass rose from the table.

By now I had my hand firmly on her pussy. I rubbed a finger up and down her slit as she closed her eyes to remember the fucking while feeling my finger. “Did his wife ever discover he was fucking you?” I asked as I inserted a finger into her. She was soaking wet.

“She came out to the shop one Sunday afternoon. His cell phone was dead and she had a message from his mom.”

“Was his dick in you when she came in?” She pushed further onto my finger and screwed it.

“Yes, he was deep inside me. He was screwing on me and sucking my tongue.”

“What did she say?” I put another finger in her sweet pussy. “Tell me, honey.”

“Bob,” she said, “Your mom called. I have a mess…….” She stopped dead in her tracks. He and I looked at her as she watched him pump my pussy.

Bob pleaded, “Please let me finish, honey. Please let me have her. I have to come inside her. She’s so good, baby. I’ll die if I don’t come in her.” She nodded for him to continue.

“What did she do as he fucked you?” I now had the three fingers deep inside her and brushed her lips with mine. “Tell me, honey.”

“She stepped behind me and kissed my neck and shoulders. She discovered the sensitive spot on my shoulder and sucked it. Her palms skimmed my breasts as we both watched Bob dick me. He was pumping like a maniac. He came hard as he cried hard. I could almost swear I felt his load of sperm shoot into my stomach.”

What happened when you came down? Was there a scene?” I was still fucking her with my fingers. “What did she do to you?”

“There was a scene all right. She pushed Bob away after he pulled out and handed him a tissue to wipe his eyes and nose. She dropped to her knees before me and sucked her husband’s sperm from my pussy. I came three times in her mouth.”

“When was the last time you fucked them?” I asked still pumping my fingers into her dripping cunt. I would need to put my dick in there soon.

“I had a crying Bob before dinner two days ago on the shop table. Mercy, the wife, stopped me on the way to school yesterday morning. What a day not to have my car. She called the school pretending to be my mother and said I would be late due to car trouble. I heard the Ümraniye Escort school bus that I would have taken driving by as she screwed my pussy on the chaise lounge in their bedroom. I never fucked with a woman before. I let her do me because I was afraid she might tell my parents about her husband and me.

“Were you naked when she took your pussy, Caitlin? Describe to me what she did to you.”

“At first, I only took off my panties and skirt. She ate my pussy roughly and quickly, but what she really wanted was the pussy to pussy contact. It started to feel really nice as her large clit poked at me. I rubbed her soft, smooth ass as she screwed me. Mercy began moaning obscenities as she fucked me. She called me a hot cunt thieving, husband stealing bitch as she ground her pussy into mine. There was no dick involved, but I came as hard as I did with one. Mercy was not done with me. She made me take off my blouse and bra and devoured my breasts. Then she got on top of me again. Honestly, I was two hours late for school.”

“Do you want to cum now, Caitlin? Do you want my dick in you? Beg for it.”

“Yes, please, Mr. LaPorte. Please fuck me.”

“That’s a good girl.” I pulled my fingers from her dripping cunt and licked them clean. Thrusting my tongue past her lips, I let her taste herself in my mouth. I propelled her to my desk, leaned her over face down and raised the little uniform skirt. I stripped her of the wet panties and spread her legs wide. I removed my pants and boxers and placed my dick at her heavy pussy lips. “How do you want your fucking? Hard or gentle, Caitlin?”

“You know what I want, Mr. LaPorte. Make me feel like I’ve been fucked well.”

My dick was hard and hot as a poker when I plunged it into her inferno. Everything in me went into that first big thrust. I was so deep in the girl. I pulled her pretty ass cheeks apart to watch my dick slide in her. She squeezed me tight inside. I now know what Bob felt. I fucked her intensely against the creaking old desk that bumped against the wall. We both came biting our knuckles to stifle the screams. I wiped tears from my eyes with the back of my hand before I eased out. Hers was the best pussy I’ve had in a while. My girlfriend fucked me last night and her pussy was good, but not as good as Caitlin’s.

“How was my dick, Caitlin? Was it as good as Bob’s?”

“You were superb, Mr. LaPorte. I just knew you would be.”

Caitlin still fucks Bob and Mercy, but she fucks me more since she now “works” for me after school. I live for the day (six weeks away) when she graduates and I can fuck her somewhere other than the office. I want my dick lodged in her cherry ass before one of them takes it. My dick throbs at the prospect.

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