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My first experience with an older woman happened nearly forty years ago I was a young building surveyor working for a local council in northern England, primarily looking after school buildings. That involved me visiting many of the schools to check on work needed and ensure it was done correctly by the contractors. When the job was a big one, I would spend several weeks visiting and often struck up some good albeit temporary friendships with head teachers or whoever was responsible for the building.

On one occasion I was working with a very attractive head teacher, who I will call Carole, who would probably have been in her forties at the time. To me that was quite old, I was maybe mid-twenties and married at the time. She had short dark hair, wore glasses, small breasts, wide hips, quite a trim body but wore clothes that were probably in keeping for a headmistress and certainly not overtly sexy.

She had a full round arse that was very appealing and had often had me staring as I followed her round. Although I suppose most people would only describe her as average looking, that is what I like, certainly not the perfect Barbie type. As a complete package I found her very attractive and despite the age difference we got on very well; she had a nice personality, a good sense of humour and was very confident.

It would often end up with me staying after school had finished and we would have a cuppa and a chat until it was time to leave. We were often the last ones in the building. I fancied her and had a bit of fantasy thing going on in my head, but that was as far as it went. She was completely unobtainable.

Just being friendly was enough for me and I enjoyed the association. I could lust after her from afar as it were. That is until after maybe three weeks. She started to get more friendly and the conversations got more personal. I didn’t realise it at the time but she was checking me out. Turns out I was her fantasy, a young guy up for some fun.

One this occasion I had finished all my work and it was nearly time to leave. We were chatting and laughing and she was very touchy feely, more than usual. She made the point of taking me round the building on her rounds locking up, and when we got to the building’s intruder alarm she set it and pointedly told me that no one could enter now without us knowing.

I was quite a quiet reserved person until I got to know someone and, in any case, would never dare to make a move on someone like this. Maltepe Escort She however, was the opposite, was very confident and she thankfully took charge of the situation. We ended up in her office and I had a feeling something was going to happen. I was nervous in a way but happy to go along with it, never imagining at the time that anything actually would happen.

When we got in her office, she shut the door and came up close and asked me if I fancied her. I blushed but said I did, which was very true. She then told me to kiss her. I was in shock but after a fleeting second went for it. When I didn’t move, she grabbed me, pulled me in and kissed me. It took about 3 seconds to turn from surprise to full on passion. It was clear there was a lot of pent up passion going on and she practically devoured me.

My hands were all over her by now, she was quite small up top and I had to get my hands inside her jacket to feel anything. However, her nipples were very hard and I could certainly feel those. She broke off long enough to say that I must never tell anyone about this or she could lose her job. I had no problem telling her I wouldn’t as would have lost mine too. This was our secret. She made me sit in a chair and knelt in front of me, unzipped my trousers and proceeded to give me my first ever blow job.

To say it was incredible was an understatement. She took her time and used her tongue up and down the length before bobbing her mouth on the end. She kept doing that over and over, trying to take as much of it in as she could. She was a master at it and when she was using her hand to wank my cock while sucking on the head I couldn’t last any longer.

I warned her that I was going to come but she carried on, emptied my balls in her mouth and swallowed the lot without lifting off. I didn’t even know ladies did that. She kept me in her mouth sucking gently and I don’t think I actually lost my erection.

She then said it was her turn and told me to drop my pants and sit back down. She lifted her skirt, pulled down her knickers and dropped them on the floor then proceeded to sit on me. I don’t think she was wearing tights; I just remember her bare thighs straddling mine and the sight of a very full bush of dark hair.

She reached down to part her pussy lips and lowered herself very slowly on my cock, letting out a low moan until she was fully impaled. She wriggled about a bit enjoying the sensation until she got a rhythm going Anadolu Yakası Escort up and down, slowly at first, lifting off, pausing for a fraction of a second then lowering herself fully again.

She did this while getting faster and faster until she was going at it like there was no tomorrow. She was noisy in a muted way to begin with, keeping her mouth closed. I had never had sex like this before. I had her blouse undone and her bra lifted and playing with her nipples while she bounced up and down. I had handfuls of her arse cheeks, lifting her up and back down again although she didn’t need any encouragement.

She had me pinned down and did just about all the work. She came after about five minutes and threw her head back and made these guttural noises to the pulsing of her orgasm then just sat there impaled while she got her breath back.

I was glad she had taken my pants down because she was soaking and my pants would had been if they had been in the way. She said she needed that and asked if I was ready to come again. I didn’t want to stop this so said yes and she proceeded to kiss me and move up and down on my cock more slowly than before then rocking her hips back and forth then grinding her crotch on mine, all the while impaled.

After a few minutes of this, which I was enjoying immensely and she clearly was by the noises she was making, she asked if I wanted to fuck her from behind. Now I must admit that my favourite position is doggy and this lady had such a perfect arse. She climbed off my very hard cock; it was glistening with her wetness. She moved over to her desk and bent over it, lifting her skirt to her waist.

Her pussy lips were very wet and open, surrounded by her dark bush. She put her hands out wide, gripping the desk as best she could and spread her legs so her pussy opened for me even more. I walked up to her, held her wide hips and positioned my cock at her opening and slid straight in with one thrust of my hips. I remember the gasp she made. I was loving this.

I couldn’t believe I was making a much older woman feel and behave in this way. Her moans and cries were because of what I was doing to her. She told me to fuck her hard. I got hold of her hips in a strong grip and proceeded to ram my cock into her wetness at full speed. Her arse was wobbling in waves with my thrusts, I can distinctly remember the sounds of slapping into her arse cheeks with my thighs and balls and wondered İstanbul Escort if we were making too much noise.

She kept telling me to fuck her hard and not to stop and to come inside her. I didn’t really need any encouragement to do that and pummelled her for all I was worth. She was making quite a bit of noise but I kept going. It wasn’t going to last long I knew but kept on going. What tipped me over the edge was when she gripped my cock with her pussy, which was quite tight anyway. I don’t know whether she did that on purpose or when she was coming.

Anyway, we came more or less at the same time. After, I kept the movement going, pushing all the way in then out, going more slowly as we both squeezed as much sensation out of our fucking as we could until I started to go soft and eventually pulled out.

She laid across her desk for a couple of minutes then turned around and we kissed for a bit. My hands were under her skirt holding her soft arse cheeks and my trousers were round my ankles. She broke off when she laughed and said my cum was running down her leg and needed to clean up.

She had a small washroom just off her office and we both went in there and cleaned up. We eventually got dressed and left the building, both of us probably a bit red faced.

That happened two more times, after school finished, until my job came to an end. Both times it was more her fucking me than the other way around. She told me what she wanted and I went along with it. She said she had always had a fantasy about having a much younger guy and also about doing it in her office. I fulfilled her fantasy and she fulfilled mine.

After that I never saw her again; she wouldn’t let me. She said it was great but she had a husband and two kids and needed to focus on her relationship at home. And that was that. I was gutted but I knew I wouldn’t have changed her mind so gave up on it. We left on good terms though. I wonder even now where she is and what she is doing. She will be retired and probably around her eighties.

I really enjoyed that experience. Ever since then, I have had a big thing for older women. And as I get older my interest for them has moved with it and now, I can fancy women into their eighties. I have found that age is not an issue with sex, it’s about the person and their approach to it. Turn the lights out and age disappears.

Three things from that experience are etched into my memory. One is the sight of her knickers laying the floor as she was bouncing up and down the length of my cock. Another is the sight of her full bush as she lowered herself onto me for the first time with my cock disappearing into her and the last was the look on her face as she looked up at me when she took my load when giving me a blow job.

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