Dear Reader

Jason Matthews, my trusty fuck buddy… He’s a story and a half, again all names have been changed to protect those involved, but I’ve attempted to keep all the detail — as much as my memory will allow.

I remember quite clearly when I met Jason, an older gentleman, small eyes, like he spent too much time squinting into the sun, lined with his years. But handsome.

Thin lips and taller than your average man, dark hair, speckled here and there giving away his years. Strong arms and built physique, tanned from his days in sunny Durban, you see we grew up in the same city.

“Stacey, this is Jason Matthews. Jason, this is Stacey, Mr. Penguin’s new PA” Jeffrey Baker introduces me.

“Oh lord, Goodluck!” Jason seems genuine. Jeffrey stifles a chuckle.

“Why thank you, with the amount of people who have wished me luck today, I feel I’ll need it.”

“It’s no joke, his secretaries never last.” Jason’s blue eyes show his concern, but he turns his eyes back to his lunch.

“Why do you eat all the way over here?” I’ve just noticed he’s seated quite far from the other table where the rest of the salesmen were gathered.

“I prefer to have my lunch minus the passive smoking,” He’s smiling, though he’s completely serious.

“That’s strange, it’s how I get my daily dose of nicotine,” I smile at Jason, and I’m granted another handsome smile with his crinkled eyes.

He always smelled like freshly laundered clothes and mostly had a friendly line or two to spare, followed by a small chuckle.

Jason had a small tick, he would blink and nod his head, eventually that became his most endearing trait.


We only got to know one another in a particularly dark time of my life, after Robert and I had, had our fun. When we started working together.

I transferred departments and started as his manager’s PA, moving into office assistant position in the months thereafter.

I then learned of our shared history, but the extent was only revealed to me on a night I had all but given up.

I walk into my cottage, it’s small and I hate it but it’s home for now.

My floors are COVERED in water.

“Urgh! For fucks sake not AGAIN!”

I check the only window I have in this small place. Yup, I must have left it open again and it’s been pouring cats and dogs this whole day.

Well, no use crying over flooded houses… I grab the mop and start my thing.

– Jason

Hey, how’s your evening?

I look at my cell, Jason never messages me for anything other than work… This is odd.


House flooded, AGAIN.

– Jason

Ah fuck! Want to come round for a drink?

He and his wife would probably Porno be having some drinks at the pub.

– Stacey

Would love to, can’t get there though.

– Jason

I’ll come get you.

Have a shower, do what you need to do, and I’ll come get you in an hour.

– Stacey

Oh, great thanks! See you then.

This is odd, but I need to get out of this wet place.

I take his advice and have a warm shower; I don’t want to feel gross all night. Weirdo though, telling me to shower.


Pin Drop

Here’s my location let me know when you get here.

He picks me up in good time. He smells good.

He looks good, his white shirt unbuttoned to an appropriate height, tight jeans and I can smell the shower off him.

By now I know just how put together he is, it makes me smirk. I often joke about the stick up his butt, but now he looks downright gorgeous.

“Thanks for coming to get me, where are we headed?”

“To my place, you need to catch up.” He smirks at me and heads back to where he just drove from.

The street lights are a blur and we make it to his place in good time.

He leads me inside, shows me through the marble kitchen and into the lounge. He excuses himself and checks on his daughters asleep in their beds.

I’m seated in the living room with its domed ceilings, his enormous TV, fluffy carpets, and his lavish couches. I wonder for a second if I’ve set foot inside a celebrity’s house. I look around, looking for signs of the wife I’ve heard of.

He walks back out into the open plan kitchen, and I drink him in.

“So, what will it be?” he asks.

“Excuse me?”

“To drink madam, what will you have?” He has a glint in his eyes.

“Ah! Um… what are my options?” I’m suddenly very nervous, where is his wife?

“I’ve got Southern Comfort, saw you drinking that last at the pub?”

“Perfect, with Coke please?”

“And I think you need a shot, you need to catch up, like I said.” He pours me an Olmeca Gold shot.

Oh god, my stomach turns, I last had tequila with Robert on our failed date.

“Here we go.” He hands me a shot that I’m sure is a double, but I’m never one to refuse a drink when it’s handed.

“Thank you.” I down it in one gulp, it makes my hair stand on end and I shudder from the alcohol.

“Another?” He offers with a smile.

“Trying to get me drunk Jay?”

“Succeeding,” he grins like a Cheshire cat, “another shot Stace?”

“Why not? In for a penny, in for a pound.”

I take another shot of tequila, that one went straight to the colour in my cheeks. I’m slightly Altyazılı Porno dizzy and my inhibitions seem to have flown away on a dream.

We’re sitting in his luxurious lounge, it’s beautiful.

He tells me of his childhood, the abuse, and the subsequent drug abuse — the cause of his tick.

He doesn’t regret his fun in his younger days, and I learn of his age, this makes me laugh.

“Why are you laughing?” He’s smiling but feigns offence.

“You’re double my age!” I keep laughing.

“It’s wisdom Stace,” he’s laughing now too.

“I mean what’s a 20-year age gap between drinking buddies and colleagues.” I’m laughing like it’s the funniest thing I’ve heard.

Jason feigns disappointment and gets up to refill our drinks. I’m less nervous and as always, I’m really enjoying Jason’s company. He’s always had a way of setting me at ease.

I tell him about the similarities between our childhoods and of my indescribable anger towards many people and things in my life. He explains how he dealt with his anger and offers support if I might need it.

When we’ve run out of things to talk about, we sit in comfortable silence drinking and flicking through the channels.

“I’m sure that’s that guy from that show!” I am convinced I’ve seen Peter Dinklage.

“It’s not Stace, I know who you mean.” He’s amused at my insistence.

“I’m sure it is, let’s Google it!” I give him my best determined look.

“Stace, you’re going to be proven wrong.” He’s outwardly laughing at me.

I am convinced it’s him (It’s not), “Okay Stacey, we’ll Google it, but if I’m right, you have to flash me.” He’s got a spark in his eyes and looks extremely amused.

“Fine, because I know I’m right!”

I wasn’t right.

Just red in the face from being proven wrong. So, I kept to my deal and I flashed him, bra on of course, silently I thanked whoever made me wear my sexy, blue and white, push up bra.

“Maybe we should get you home?”

The air around us suddenly changed, I can hear the crackle in the tension.

I look down at his left hand, his wedding ring glints up at me.

It dawns on me, I suddenly understand why the air has changed.

It’s because he’s married, Stace you idiot… Should never have agreed to that wager.

We get to the end of the driveway in his small hatchback.

Jason places his well-manicured hand on my leg, “Do you want more?”

I’m convinced I must be so drunk I’ve misheard him, “What?”

My heart skips a beat and I feel the anticipation start to build in my center.

“Do you want more, Stace? Do you want to go back?”

I’m still convinced his wife is in the house, just asleep, that’s how we could have had this fun night of surprises, she’s there just tired.

“What about your wife?” Brazzers I give him a look to show him I’m horrified.

Understanding dawns on his face “She’s not there, Stace. She’s on some sort of work conference.” The way he says it makes me believe he doesn’t believe his own words.

I feel myself getting wetter, Jason licks his lips, and my decision is instant.

“Sure.” My mind made up, I’m not married, and I’ve always found him attractive, even tonight when he picked me up.

Jason reverses back to his house, and we just make it to the couch.

He’s kissing me with a desperate need, both of us intoxicated on one another. Tongues dancing, while I get wetter still.

“Jesus get that shirt off, I want to see your tits again.”

“Yes, sir.” I give him my best come hither look and slowly peel off my shirt.

Jason reaches forward and grabs hold of my tits. Biting, licking, cupping, pulling.

I yank at his shirt buttons, my turn to see his goods. His chest is scattered with freckles but he’s beautiful.

He takes off my bra and seats me on top of him on the couch, running his hands over every inch of me and devouring my mouth. I can feel his erection pressing into me and its erotic as fuck.

I’m clawing at his hair and kissing him with a fervor that expresses my need, it’s been months since Robert and I have not seen any need for sex, until now.

Jason flips me onto my back and makes quick work of my jeans, his expression shows that of worship, he’s as excited as I am, practically drooling as he pulls off my jeans.

He moves himself between my legs, takes off his sexy jeans and readies himself at my entrance.

“Are you sure you want this Stace?” He needs to be sure I want this as much as he does. He seems to crave me; I can feel his hardness pushing into me already.

“Yes, Jay, I want you.”

He enters me, allows my body to adjust and then wholeheartedly takes me. Over and over again.

In, out, in, out, in, out.

He’s all I see in this moment, my nails scratch at his back and he drags me closer to release.

“Oh God, Stacey, this one will be quick, it’s been a while.” He manages to breath out.

He pushes me over the edge and we both come crashing down, “Ah Jason! Fuck me!”

He stops thrusting and we both lie there, unable to find the words.

Quick and intense, we’re both spent.

What the fuck was that?

He takes me home; I go to sleep with his smell lingering on my skin. I was not expecting to fuck Jason…

Why did I fuck Jason?


Jason became my fuck buddy as I previously mentioned, so this strange night was not the end of us, we ended up having an affair for many years. He was what I needed to ground me at that point in my life, without the hassle of a full-time relationship.

He and his wife lived happily ever after though, and they remain together, whether he ever told her about us is a mystery to me, but I appreciated what we had in a time when I needed it.

Another Jason snippet to follow-

Stacey Lowell

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