Alex and Kari’s Road Trip 01

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Alex and Kari’s Road Trip

This story takes place a few years back when it was easier to get around. You never worried about the freaks roaming or psychos off their meds. It was a time when a young person could hitchhike across country, meet new people, see places that they never knew existed and yet they were always part of the fabric that made America great. When you start off on hitchhiking you bring just what you need and nothing of really true value. If you lose it, it wasn’t a great loss.

Alex loved seeing new places, and had a case of wanderlust most of his life. He could never be satisfied in one town or another. So Alex decided today was the day to see the country. He had enough money in the bank to pretty much walk to one end and back. He loaded the belongings that he wanted in a big duffle bag. You know the ones you find at the surplus stores, canvas and beaten up, but still not one hole in it. Well he packs everything he needs to start his trek across the whole of the USA. He is leaving San Diego and headed to Maine, he’s gonna stop where he wants and stay for however long he feels, until the need to move on grips his soul. Alex swings his duffle over a shoulder and heads out for the great adventure ahead of him.

Alex is a fairly big guy, played football in high school, got recruited by UCLA and got a knee injury his first year there. He decided to stay and get his degree even though he won’t be able to play ball collegiately or professionally ever again. His injury was nothing to stop him being on it, just could risk another injury. Alex is a 23 year old man, with strong wide shoulders, he has brown hair, hazel eyes, and big strong hands. He stands a tall 6’5″.

Alex’s been walking for a couple of hours, it was nice to start seeing the big city start to disappear behind him. It was a very warm day about 83 and getting warmer as he heads away from the Pacific ocean. The cooling breezes are choked off now by the city and outlying hills. He decides it time to start hitching for a ride. He goes to the nearest on-ramp for highway 10, which runs along the southern border states.

Well it not long before he is picked up by a woman heading back from vacationing in southern California. Introductions take place, the woman’s name is Kari, she is about in her mid forties, a very good looking, very well proportioned, and is about 5’6″ tall, he guessed because she is sitting behind the wheel of the sports car. Alex notices the side arm she carries, which takes away curiosity of how a nice looking lady would stop and pick up a man by herself.

Kari asks Alex where he’s headed. He simply says, wherever life may take me. She invites him in and they shake hands.

He gets in the car and the adventure awaits. He tells his story of wanting to travel and experience the world. He has no significant other in his life right now and thinks it’s time to find out what the world can offer.

Kari is heading back after the vacation and decided that having the young stud around could be comforting and at the same time be pretty nice for any physical needs. Such as a flat tire or something like that, not that she needs him but that way you don’t have to do it. Having a travel companion through most of her trip home isn’t a bad idea. She asks “Alex so where is your first stop, do you have a particular destination in mind?”

He says “Forward and to new places, that’s all I’m looking for.”

Kari’s POV.

So while driving Alex says for a thank you for the ride he will pick up the tab for the food if you’re willing let him. You think just for a moment and realize it has been hours since you stopped and ate. “Sure,” you say, “why not.” You see a truck stop ahead and head off the highway towards it.

You pull in the truck stop. It’s about 1 p.m. and it’s hot, damn hot. The heat hits you like a bag of bricks, within a few minutes a little shine appears on his forehead and yours also. Once inside, the A.C. is cranked up and it feels like about a 30 degree drop in the mercury. In seconds your nipples perk right up and are just screaming to be warm again. You look at Alex and all he is doing is staring at your tits. At first you want to direct his eyes upward but a split second later you notice you really like his admiration. So you just let him stare away without making a sound.

Your host comes up to seat you and she asks how many? You have to break Alex out of his trance, you lightly elbow him and say to the hostess, “Two please”. The hostess cracks a knowing Porno smile and turns to seat you. Alex is all red, he knows he just was busted staring at the big nipples, you glance down and see he is semi erect, and bigger than you were expecting. You have a hard time not staring, you look up and see Alex looking at you and he is even redder now. The tension was just kicked up a notch, you are both red now. The hostess picks a booth up against the far wall. The place isn’t packed but it’s fairly busy. Where you are seated the nearest table occupied is about 12 feet away and they are almost done and ready to leave. Your server comes up and introduces herself and asks you both if you want anything to drink. Alex defers to you and you order a Sprite and he orders an Arnold Palmer. She leaves the menus and tells you she’ll be right back. You start the conversation.

“So Alex where do you want to end up tonight?”

He gets a big grin on his face and starts getting red again, and it dawns on you that what you said and what you meant were two different meanings. He stutters a second and says.

“Well, I didn’t have any real spot picked out, just kinda let fate take me where she wants to lead me. Today she led me to you, she was kind to me today.” He gets even a little shy and looks away. You are finding his shyness sweet but even a bigger turn on.

The server brings your drinks, and asks if you are ready to order. You both order a club sandwich with chips. She takes the menus and says about 15 minutes or so. She smiles and leaves. You kinda slide a little closer to Alex and ask what’s the matter.

He says, “I’ve always been shy around women, I can talk to them but if the tension starts to build up, I clam right up.”

“Really” you reply, “you’re what, in your early 20’s you’re a big stout guy, and you’re handsome to boot, why would you have anything to be shy about.”

“I…I can’t, I just don’t want to talk about it.” He says.

Ok you leave it alone and wait for the waitress to bring your sandwiches. He speaks up and tells you in a hushed whisper, “I’m a virgin. I read books and seen movies and all but just can’t get enough nerve to do anything.” By this time he is bright red.

You smile a little and put your hand by his knee and tell him, that it’s fine to be nervous, it just means you want her to like you and you want to do right by her.

He smiles and you can see him relax a bit. You lean back against the seat back and your hand slides up his thigh just enough to touch the bottom of his shorts. It’s not the shorts you are hitting though, it’s the end of his penis extending past the seam of his shorts. You both jerk a little, he is bright red still but a big smile on his face, and you’re getting a little excited also. Your thinking, if you want to go down this road of teaching this young stud the ins and outs of some, what you figure, some great sex. Oh, what the hell, you have never had a virgin in your life and you owe it to women in his future to teach him right. So you slowly pull back your hand until it lays directly on top of his cock and leave it there. You tell him that he flatters you with this nice piece of man meat, and if he pays his cards right, he might get to use it pretty soon.

Well as you wait you decided you torture Alex just a little bit. As the two of you carry on with an “as normal as possible” conversation, you ever so slowly move your hand up and down his shaft. He looks at you and wonders if you truly understand how horny he is. If you keep up on these manipulations he might blow his load all over his leg right here under the table. You seem to sense just how close he is to cumming all over himself, you stop moving.

Just as you want to start over again you see the waitress walking towards you with your meal. She is smiling and just keeps staring at Alex. You know she wants him just about as much as you do, but you know that this one is all sewn up and he is yours and yours alone. Jenny, the server, puts the plates down and says that she was at the end of the jar of pickles so you each get the extra ones. The whole time she is just trying to lock eyes with Alex. As you notice this you take your hand off his shorts and reach up and turn his head and plant a very sensuous kiss on him. With that you turn to look at Jenny and just smile at her and thank her for the pickles. She straightens her apron and continues to smile, just not as wide. She backs away, turns and heads back to the kitchen.

As you Altyazılı Porno and Alex eat the sandwiches the sexual tension is thick enough to cut. You both are getting close to being finished with lunch. Alex figures he is going to try to pay you back for the teasing you have put him through. With his right hand he drops it under the table and puts his hand on your summer dress and slides his hand up and finds your honey pot. And it was just bubbling over with the sweet nectar of the gods. His little finger is getting all slick with your juices that are coming through your panties. You are fidgeting in your seat and just want to throw him to the floor here in front of everyone, and ride him for all he’s got.

He pulls his hand away before you start moaning loud enough for the other people to hear you. Your starting to sweat and the A.C. hasn’t stopped. He brings it up to his mouth and licks every bit of that sweet nectar from that little finger, not wanting to miss one single drop. He looks you deep in your eyes and simply says, “I can’t wait.” Then hurriedly turns his head away and you see his neck turn bright red. It was all he could do not to turn red while looking at you. It was the most ambitious move he has ever made towards a woman.

With that you tell him lunch is over, and grab his hand and pull him from the booth. He hurriedly throws $30 on the table. As you walk out the door with him close on your heels. When he catches up to you again you don’t even notice it, but the end of his pecker is just about sticking out of the leg of his shorts. You only have one thing on your mind, You have to know what the hell this kid has been reading. You’re so horny right now you can feel your pussy literally dripping with anticipation.

You jump in the car and head down the road. Once you get back on the highway the controlling part of you takes over. You tell him if he wants some of this, as you lift the summer dress up and show him your soaking wet panties, “you will do as I say when I say it”. He simply stares down at your panties as you pull them to the side and show him what he desires. He sees you outer lips wet with your clit hood just all swelling with excitement. He looks up a little embarrassed and nods his head.

You drop your dress and tell him to pull down his shorts and underwear and put them in the back seat. He does as instructed. He sits back down and you see the largest, most excited cock you have ever seen in a very long time, if ever. It looks like it is long enough to choke a young giraffe, this thing is angry. It’s leaking precum from the head like a faucet. He is circumcised, with blue veins ready to pop any second.

At this point you decide to find the first exit you come to, there is no way you are going to make it to a hotel room. You want him here and NOW. But you are the one driving so you are doing your best to find someplace to get seriously pounded by that blue veined monster. You think to yourself, I sure hope that kid knows what he has between his legs. That thing could cause some serious damage.

You come to the next exit and turn down the road. You look over at Alex and tell him to start stroking the cock now, but don’t you dare even think of cumming without me at the other end of it. You have no idea where this road is taking you, other than sheer paradise and sexual release. It’s a couple miles down the road you see a side street that looks like the only thing that goes down there is farm equipment. You make a hard right and follow it till you find a patch of trees on both sides of the road. You look at him to make sure he is doing as told, he sure doesn’t want to disappoint you, he is stroking from base to the tip. He gives his hand a slight twist when he gets to the head. Up, twist and down, up, twist and down. He is just staring at you and stroking away. You step out of the car, and tell him to get out now.

You go around to the back of the car and lift your dress up cover your tits and drop you panties and throw them up on the trunk. You tell him “Alex get over here and lick me till I cum all over your face. Don’t you dare come up from there till you look like a glazed donut. Alex walks to the back of the car and lifts you like you are a feather in the wind. He puts you down on the trunk and BURIES his tongue in your slit. He starts to lick around and up and down, in and out. At first it seems like no purpose, no plan, but as he keeps going you realize he is doing the alphabet on your clit. You start Brazzers paying attention and figure out he is only on the letter L and you are about to lose your mind and cum all over his face.

As he progresses through the alphabet, M,N,O,P.., you find yourself building up to the first of many orgasms, all you can do is try to hold out. You want to make it to Z, It is becoming almost impossible. This time is going to be big, you feel the biggest orgasm in your life approaching and you are trying to hold out. He slides two fingers in you and starts sawing in and out as he curls his fingers upwards towards your clit. He is rubbing your G spot most effectively. You start moaning louder and louder, this high pitch squeal comes from you and you scream OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, he hits the letter Z and you scream ZEEEEEE and cum all over him, his shirt, the trunk, and down your legs. You are squirting for the first time in your life. You are a quivering blob of flesh under him. Your eyesight begins to see the nighttime stars, you are lightheaded but can’t stop cumming.

He stands up and grabs that monster cock of his and aims it right for your hole. He grabs your hips and slowly inserts this God forsaken cock into your pussy. The sheer size alone is enough to have its own zip code, and he is putting this thing in you. As the God cock starts down your love tunnel, this boy, no man, can use this piece of meat. He isn’t pushing too fast; he is giving just enough time to get used to the invasion before going deeper. It is about two thirds of the way and you feel it hit places no one has ever come close to. But this is sooo much better. He pulls back about half way and starts pulling back out until just his cock head is buried. He does this about 4 or 5 times and he is really coated from your pussy, it slides in as if it was always supposed to be in you. After the 5th time he pounds it in till he can feel nuts slap your ass. He continues the pounding at a nice and steady speed. You are bouncing and trying to shove more of that fucking beautiful cock of his up inside you. You are sliding from your juices on the trunk and starting to slide down onto his shaft as he is coming into you. The pleasure is incredible, never have you been so totally full of cock, didn’t think that it was possible to take this much fuck stick without being torn in half.

You hear him start to moan and increase his tempo. A little faster, a little more rough, he is really railing you now. He was where you wanted him, you look at his face and know it won’t be very long before he shoots his load, and from the size of those nuts it’s going to be huge.

Alex is pounding away like a bull during rutting season. He is claiming you as his prize, you have taken his virginity, something he can never give to anyone else. This moment can only be lived once and you and him are sharing it forever. He continues the onslaught on burying this mighty love rod, this gift from the gods. You are getting close and you need him to put his seed deep in you. You tell him so, CUM INSIDE ME, I NEED YOU TO CUM INSIDE ME, come on damn it, fucking cum. Alex is driven by the desire to put his own seed inside this beautiful woman beneath him. His pace doubles in no time at all, his hips are just a blur, flying back and forth pounding your pussy till you start screaming his name over and over. Alex FUCK ME, FUCK ME YOU SON OF A BITCH, GIVE ME YOUR CUMM NOOOOWWWW! And with that he drives his cock to the hilt and now you know he has never given you the whole thing until this very moment. It has pushed up in you so far you didn’t think it could ever be this good. He starts shooting his cum and he is pumping so much in you that it squeezes past you lips and down into your ass, he continues to shoot rope after rope of his baby juice in you. And you let go with another massive orgasm, so much so you have a hard time holding on to the trunk, you don’t care if you fall off, just don’t let this feeling stop.

As you two finish he is sweating and breathing like he ran all the way here from the truck stop. As Alex gets off from you, you slowly start stretching. You have been in that position quite a long time. You push your legs down and feel the circulation move through your legs and arms. Your pussy is sore, not so sore you are worried, but sore enough to know it will be a while before that kind of fucking will be a little time before happening again. He picks you up and sets you down and you can’t keep your balance. He doesn’t let go until you can stand on your own. You tell him to put his clothes on and get in the car. You use your panties to wipe yourself clean and throw them to him and say here, these are yours, you fucking earned them. Thinking to yourself this is going to be a good trip home.


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