As she left the bar she checked her phone when her message tone sounded. At this point she was a little annoyed cause she had been receiving various ones all day wishing her a Happy Birthday. When her phone lit up she couldn’t help but smile. She couldn’t believe who it was.

“Hey there sexy. Happy Birthday! I have your present when ever you want to stop by and get it.” He messaged.

“Is it what I think it is?” She replied.

“Why yes as a matter of fact it is” he replied.

“May I come by tonight?” She asked.

She held her breath waiting for the response. She has known him for a few years now. Last year, a few days before her birthday, she told him what one of her fantasies was. He smiled and said that he would love to help make that fantasy come true. At the time she was a little hesitant cause it was a fantasy where she would have to give up a lot of control. Something she wasn’t sure she could do.

So as the year went on and they got to know each other she began to feel more comfortable around him. Relaxed. Calm. Porno And a month or so ago she had told him she was ready for him to help fulfill her fantasy.

“As you wish my dear.” He responded.

“When’s a good time?” She asked.

“Anytime. I’m yours for the rest of the night if you so wish?” He answered.

“I’m on my way then.” She stated climbing into her car.

“Then your fantasy begins now. The door will be unlocked. Please come in and take off all your clothes. Don’t hesitate or think twice. Just do as I ask. I will be there waiting.” He replied.

“Yes sir.” She replied. Her heart skipped a beat. She couldn’t believe how easy that was to be told what to do.

When she pulled up to his place she walked to the front door and opened it. There he stood. Naked. Leaning against the couch. She closed the door and did exactly what he asked. Once she was fully naked he walked toward her, reached out and touched her as he made his way behind her. She felt his body press against hers as his hands came Altyazılı Porno over her shoulders and tied a blindfold over her.

Grabbing her hand he lead her to the bedroom. Laid her down onto her back. Moved each hand over her head and tied them together and then to the bed. He laid down next to her, she could feel his warm body against hers. His cock already hard and throbbing against her leg.

The back of his hand brushed her cheek and down her neck. His fingertips caressed down her shoulder to her breast. He took the palm of his hand and gently glided it over her nipples before caressing across to the other breast. Repeating the same movement he came back to the middle of her chest and caressed down her chest bone to her stomach. Past her navel he put his hands between her legs and began pleasing her with his fingers. Moving in circular motions around the clit and then sliding a finger down and teasing the entrance to her pussy.

He kept this motion going as she slowly arched her back and moaned. Brazzers He leaned down and began sucking on her nipple. His tongue going in circular motions around before fully inserting it into his mouth. His hands moved faster as her moans got louder. He slowly inserted his finger into her as his mouth traveled down her rib cage to her hip. Moving his body and positioning it between her legs he kissed his way to her pussy where he slowly teased her clit with his tongue while his finger moved around inside her.

Licking all around her pussy she began to struggle with the fact that she couldn’t see nor touch him. The sensation was frustrating her and exciting her all at once.

He put the clit into his mouth and sucked on it softly like he did her nipple. His finger pressed deep inside her as he sucked a little harder. Using the tip of his tongue to lick her clit back and forth as fast as he could. His finger penetrating her over and over.

Her body arched her moans turned to screams as an orgasm surfaced from her lips.

He kissed his way slowly and softly back up her body to her lips. Passionately and deeply he kissed her. Be reached up and untied her hands. Slowly removed the blindfold and laid on his back so that she could lay her head on his chest.

“Happy Birthday.” He whispered.

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