Part 10- If They Only KnewRosa had said several times that one of the unique things about our relationship was that, in a brief period, we were sharing our most intimate fantasies … those related to spanking anyway.  It was certainly the most I’d ever shared about my wants and desires, but it seemed obvious that a common interest such as we had would naturally generate such openness.  Rosa wished that were true, and having no other experience to go on, I had to acknowledge her view of the world as truth … at least until I’d seen otherwise.Extended periods of time apart made our phone calls that much more precious … and stimulating!  Our conversation still centered almost entirely on our favorite pastime and rarely went into anything but the most superficial of small talk.  After a couple of months, I started wondering how long it could last because our discussion made it plainly obvious that we still had almost nothing in common, and were it not for a mutual love of a sore, red bottom, we’d have nothing.  Further, we both openly acknowledged it by openly discussing how to find and connect with other fans of spanking.Still, we spoke of getting together again and a couple of months after her trip south, I made another trip to New York.  Rosa didn’t get as much vacation as I did so she couldn’t take the time off as I had for her, but staying at her home still allowed us many opportunities to put each other across our respective knees for a good bottom smacking. As an early riser, I would get up with her, often before, to share breakfast and take her to work so I’d have her car to use during the day.  I don’t cook much of anything, but I can make a rather good breakfast and did so for her several of the days I was there.  One breakfast was made more memorable than the rest when Rosa found fault with my preparation of her eggs and bent me over the table for a fast and furious spanking to make sure I didn’t do it again.One of the private topics we often shared on the phone was the way a really sore bottom sikiş izle might affect activities immediately following a long, hard spanking, whether one was just going to bed … sleeping face down, of course … or having to be with other people unaware of your condition.  Rosa mentioned more than once how she had never had to go to work and face her colleagues with the pain of a really sore bottom to distract her … clarifying the difference between a night-before spanking versus one just received.  When she was a little bitchy one morning, I decided to make sure she no longer considered this an experience she had not had yet.  I offered to pick her up for lunch and she agreed with a grumble.  As we drove her to work in her ‘big, stupid car’, I formulated a plan.After dropping her off at work, I started looking for a park. Why not make it a public spanking as well and hit two of her favorite fantasies.  I knew of two parks within a reasonable distance of her office, and I came upon a third as I surveyed the other two.  The last turned out the best with a nice bench under a tree, in full view of most of the park, yet far enough away from the masses and a clear view of who might be able to see us.Next, I had to find a good deli nearby so I could get a good picnic lunch that wasn’t just fast food.  Rosa had mentioned a place called Dominic’s as a place she frequented for lunch, so I went to check it out and found your typical great New York deli with great hot sandwiches … pastrami, corned beef, club sandwiches, etc. Finally, I went back to the house to have breakfast, shower, and dress, after which it was almost time to leave.  I grabbed the leather paddle I’d brought from Florida, hid it in the back of the van and set off for Dominic’s.  I got there early intentionally to avoid being held up by the lunch rush.  After getting our lunch I headed back to her office and arriving about ten minutes early, settled in to wait for her to come out.  I didn’t have to wait long as she had seen me pull brazzers up and her boss let her go early.”Mmm, something smells good!” she said as she got in smelling the hot pastrami.  While I was planning earlier, I realized I wasn’t really sure what she’d worn today except that I was pretty sure it was a dress and made a mental note to pay attention to it when I picked her up.  She wore a light summer dress in a burgundy calico pattern that had a peasant top with a wide round neck and short, puffy sleeves.  The skirt portion was quite full and therefore would present no problem pulling it up once I had her across my knee.Clearly, in a better mood than when I’d dropped her off, I told her what my plan was … at least up to the point of her spanking … and we made our way to the park.  I parked as close as I could to the site I’d picked, but we still had a good walk to the shady bench I’d picked out.  We’d brought a blanket Rosa kept in her car and spread it on the grass right in front of the bench.  I handled the serving as I knew who got what and we began eating, all the while not talking at all about the morning, but having pleasant conversation, nonetheless.  We were nearly done eating so I decided to get the real party started.”So, you seem to be in a much better mood now.””I was pretty bitchy this morning, wasn’t I?  I don’t know why … Just got up on the wrong side of bed, I guess.””There was no reason to direct your mood at me, was there,” I replied more as a statement, than a question.”I know. I’m sorry.””You should realize by now that sometimes ‘sorry’ isn’t enough!””I’m gonna get a spankin’ when I get home tonight, aren’t I?” she said trying unsuccessfully to hide a smile behind a pouty face.”Perhaps … but I see no reason why we have to wait till then.””What, here? Now!?” she asked as she looked around in a panic.”There’s no one anywhere near us and we can see any potential onlookers coming from quite a ways away.””But …””The only butt I need right now is yours fake taxi porno across my knee,” I said as I moved to the bench and patted my lap. She smiled at my play on words and guardedly placed herself across my waiting lap still scanning the horizon for threats.  I left her dress in place and began spanking her right away to give her time to get comfortable with her surroundings, and eventually so turned on she wouldn’t care if someone walked right up and watched. I could tell she’d worn full panties and suspected they were quite tight as well, so I was betting she’d worn my favorite pair of tight, white panties in anticipation of getting spanked today … even if she hadn’t been expecting it so soon.”Was it fair to inflict your bad mood on me this morning?” I scolded as the barrage of swats to her gorgeous bottom continued relentlessly.”No, sir!” she cried in pain both real and desired,”In the future, you’ll let me help you get out of a bad mood?””By spanking me like this!?” she replied, intentionally provoking me.”Excuse me? Are you getting smart with me?” I challenged, although she was right.  Grabbing the hem of her dress I yanked it up unceremoniously to see I was right about her panties.  The white contrasted nicely with the pink hue of the flesh that hadn’t been protected by her panties.  Stroking those firm, warm globes in appreciation of such a sexy sight, I was awakened from my reverie by her reply.”No sir!! … and yes, sir!” I spanked hard and fast on the very top of each cheek, letting her know I didn’t like her answer.  “Oww! No, sir, I’m not getting smart with you and … Ow-ow-ow!! … yes, sir, I’ll let you help me with a bad mood!  Owwww!!!””That’s better”, I replied simply, letting my hands do the talking as they peppered her hot bottom with fast, firm spanks.  I was going to make sure she remembered this spanking all afternoon while she tried to work.  Looking at my watch I saw time was running out and it was time to move it along.  My hands went to the waist of her panties, and she instinctively raised her hips to allow me to pull them down well below her reddening mounds, but that didn’t stop her from protesting.”Please not on my bare bottom, sir?!  I have to go back to work, and I’ll be sitting down most of the afternoon!”

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