Divorced mom of 2 (part 3)

Prelude to part 3

My name is Chloe. I am a divorced mom of two girls, 35, live in Dublin, divorced for two years, and looking to meet women for sex. I’m not into getting into a relationship just have fun and experiment a bit. I’m 5’7, a natural redhead with green eyes, a curvaceous body (36dd). I’ve only been with one girl Emma, she’s is 20 going to university and we have met on a few occasions all at her house where she shares with some girls. But even though I like her, and the sex is great, I had made it clear to her that I didn’t want a relationship.

Part 3

As stated I had met with Emma a few more times but with her studies, part time job and me raising 2 kids as well as working, it wasn’t always convenient. One day we had been what sapping one another, she suggested I start to branch out and see other women, that we weren’t exclusive and just have fun. The more I thought about it, it made more sense due to our schedules not corresponding that frequently for us to hook up. Before I had my first hook up with Emma I had always wondered what it would be like to have sex with another woman. I didn’t have a particular type that I was after. Since my encounters with Emma when I’m out shopping, at a café or restaurant, collecting the kids from school or at McDonalds, I find myself watching other women and thinking what they look like naked, what there like in bed.

I’m sure I’ve been spotted a few times, makes me feel like a cougar of sorts. Clearly I need to see other women. I’ve checked my dating app and had a few notifications but no one of interest, either too far away, already in a relationship or time didn’t suit. Then when I was at McDonalds with kids one day I found myself watching one off the staff. We usually go on Fridays after school for a treat for the kids. She must work every Friday as I always see her there. She mid-twenties, attractive, small like five foot nothing, always has her hair which is long dyed differently every week, has a round ass and large breasts for her size. They do stand out. Most weeks I would notice her, but this week I spotted a rainbow coloured band on her wrist. So when she was coming around to clear some tables I smiled at her and told her I liked her band. In my own head I thought I was being subtle, clearly not.

I introduced myself, It turns out she is called Ilona, she’s polish and not so subtle. She thanked me and said she wore it with pride, that it was an easy way to let people know she was gay, so it stopped guy’s hitting on her. I told her it looked pretty, she then looked at me closely then the kids smiled and resumed her work. I thought that was the end of it so we finished our food but before we left I had to use the bathrooms. So I went in Sincan Escort to the ladies, went to the cubicle to pee and when I came out Ilona was standing there. I was taken aback but recovered just said hi to her and went to wash my hands. She then walked over and stood next to me, staring at me.

I asked what she was doing. Ilona said this is what you do every week when you come in here with your kids, you like to watch me. At first I wasn’t sure but now I know you like women. I could feel myself go quite red, but before I could say anything she put her finger to my lips, then placed a piece of paper in my hand and left. I was quite taken aback not knowing what to say, then I looked at the paper and it had a phone number on it. I immediately left the bath room, I didn’t see her around so I got the kids and left. We went home had a quiet evening and they were in bed for 9.30pm.

Then I sat down and thought about what to do. Clearly I had initiated this but I was taken aback by how direct or forward she was. Two glasses of wine later I what sapped her and waited for a response. I didn’t have to wait long; she messaged back, told me she was at home, lived on her own in a bedsit, worked Monday to Fridays most weeks, and sometimes had to do the odd Sunday every month. That she was single hadn’t been in a relationship for a while as her ex had gone back to Poland. That she goes to lesbian bars or clubs to meet women but they were usually only one night stands. I told her about my situation, my work, my kids and my lesbian experiences or lack off.

She asked where I lived, what I was doing for the evening and who was at home. I told her the kids were in bed, I was in my pyjamas about to sit and watch T.V. She asked did I want some company that she had a bottle and was going to watch T.V but she could get a taxi round to my house and have a drink together. Maybe it was the wine as I might not have agreed but I did, so I sent her the address, 35 minutes later I could see the lights of the taxi pull up outside. I looked out to make sure it was her before I opened the door. I opened it before she could knock just in case she woke the kids. She came in, took her coat off to reveal that she was wearing a rib knitted sweater dress that showed off her body perfectly.

She then produced her bottle of vodka, so I went to get her a glass, as she drank it neat. I told her I would stick to the wine. We sat on the couch just chatting about her life, her ex, my marriage, the kids then started to watch some T.V, while having a few drinks. Later with the drink kicking in, we started to play some music from you tube and comparing dance moves. Her moves were clearly much better than mine but it was fun and nice to let my hair down, and clearly Ilona was not as serious as she comes across, once Escort Ankara she comfortable with someone. She asked a lot of questions about what I liked when I was with Emma, what porn I watched and had I been to any lesbian bar or clubs.

When I told her I hadn’t she suggested we go together. I told her I wouldn’t know how to react or behave. She laughed, put on some slow music and said Chloe come here. When I stood up she said it the same as when you danced with a guy, no need for nerves. I said that alright for you Ilona but I haven’t been in a night club in 10 years. She said relax, we can go out dancing like we were earlier or slow dance like this. She took my hand placed her other hand on my waist and pulled me closer to her and we started to dance slowly. Then she placed her hand on my ass, caressing it, I looked at her then we started to kiss. We kept kissing while dancing to the music right up until the song ended. She said Chloe, lesbian clubs or bars are not much different to straight ones.

Only difference is same sex. So a lot of sex in toilets, a lot bi or curious women go, no guys hitting on you. It will be fun; we should go together and have some fun. Well what do you think? I thought for a moment and said ok, let’s do it. Good but you need more practice with your dancing. Ilona I said my dancing just fine, I’m sure I’ll be ok and up for it. I don’t know Chloe, try to dance sexy, I mean you want to attract women; there will be a lot of competition. Ilona I don’t know what you mean. She sat down and put on some sexy playlist music for me to dance too, Chloe do a sexy dance for me. Ilona was watching me closely as I was dancing and after half a song she stopped it and told me to sit down. She said Chloe you are beautiful, fantastic body you need to use it more. She put the music on again and started to dance, but unlike me she was doing body rolls, figure eights and rubbing her body to highlight her tits and ass, then she started to grind on my lap.

She had such a sexy ass, she knew exactly what to do, how to turn someone on. I was mesmerised, in awe, the song finished and she smiled and sat down next to me. Well Chloe at a club you don’t have to do all that but it helps to if you want to attract the right woman, can you do that? She asked how I would feel if I was out dancing and a stranger started to kiss her or touch her, better still if someone wanted her to have sex in the toilets. I was taken aback with the questioning saying id be ok, I’d go with the flow. She laughed and said ok could I give her a lap dance just like she gave me. I said I could. Ilona put the music on and I started to sway with music this time using my hands to rub up and down my body. Ilona told me to unbutton my pyjama top buttons down to my navel. I did this even though I had no bra Eryaman Escort Bayan on, which I think she already knew.

I continued to dance while she watched me intently, she then told me to take of my pyjama bottoms before I start to grind on her, which I did. So there I am, in my living room, in my underwear with my pyjama top opened to my navel expose my breasts, grinding on this Polish girls lap that I had just spoke to first time today. I felt her hands on me, rubbing my thighs, my ass and lower back. She then asked me to turn and straddle her which I did. She unbuttons the rest of my pyjama top and puts her hands on my breasts feeling them, pinching my nipples and squeezing them. Ilona says quietly you have a beautiful body Chloe; I will enjoy pleasuring you and you pleasuring me. She then started to suck on my breast while fondling the other, swapping back and forth.

Then I felt her hand start to explore my underwear, rubbing my clit slowly at first but picking up the pace while still sucking my nipples. I started to moan pulling her head into my breasts. Ilona then started to finger my wet pussy with two fingers going faster the more I moaned until I gasped as I came. Good Chloe now kiss me. As I moved to kiss her lips she stopped me. No dear not there, here pointing to her pussy. On your knees and eat my pussy, Chloe. I got on my knees while Ilona stood over me, pulling her dress up slightly. She wasn’t wearing any underwear; she took hold of my hair and thrust my head into her wet pussy, which I eagerly started to eat. Ilona was moaning telling to stick my tongue in further, that’s it baby keep going lap it up, good girl. I taste good, stop now I don’t want to cum just yet, I want my ass eaten.

Chloe was horrified she had never done this. Ilona still held her hair and just shoved her face into her ass. That’s good my little sub, lick from bottom to the top. Chloe couldn’t believe she was doing this. Stick your tongue in deep and finger my pussy while you do it. Finger me faster that’s it oh god yes I’m Cumming oh yes good girl. When she had finished Cumming Ilona went and called a taxi, when she had made the call she came back just as I was going to put my pyjamas back on. Chloe no, you don’t do anything until your told. I looked at her not understanding until she grabbed my hair pulling me in close. When you are with me you will do as you are told, ok, well, yes Ilona. Good girl. Now stand over by the wall fully naked and spread those legs. When she came over she gave my ass a smack, what an ass. She told me to start to play with my clit while she pulled my cheeks apart and started to lick my ass hole, sliding her tongue in and out of my anus. Chloe you’re so tight she said.

Just then Ilona inserted her finger in my ass and started to finger it eagerly then using two fingers all the while I was moaning, good girl I look forward to having your ass on our next night together when I will fuck this ass good. I continued to play with myself while she fingered my ass until I had cum. Just then the taxi pulled up and Ilona left.

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