Female Ejaculation

*school bell rings*

“Hey Jessica do you wanna hang out today?”

“Oh sorry Sarah, I can’t. My dad n I are having a father daughter thing so….maybe Tuesday?”

“Sure, call me.”

“Ok, I will.”

My mom normally gets me from school, but she’s visiting her side of the family for the holidays. Since my dads side has all passed, he’s got me for winter break while my mom’s away. I’m pretty excited; I always have fun when I’m with my Dad. I wonder if anything’s going to be different since I turned 18 a few days ago.

*car horn honking*

Looking both ways up and down the street, I dart across to my dads black suburban and hop in.

“Hey Dad, thank God you have the heater on, I know how you like the cold.”

“Well hello to you too sweetie.”

“So what’re we gunna do for the three weeks I have off?”

“You’ll see, I’ve got lots planned” my dad replies.

As we pulled into the drive way I noticed dad wasn’t wearing his ring. My parents have been divorced for several months but I never thought he’d take it off just yet. As we got in the house, I took off my coat, my dad did the same.

“I’m gunna watch some news before I put the movie in.”

“Ok cool, I’m just gunna shower first.”

When I run up the stairs I get that old familiar feeling. The feeling where my lips are sliding together and my underwear is clinging to me right between my slit. Oh gosh, I haven’t been this wet in months. It’s been so long since I’ve seen my Dad; I had forgotten how handsome he was. His name was Jack, he was 6’1″, green eyes, shaved head, strong shoulders and arms, no 6 pack but no beer belly either, with a killer warm smile. That’s my dad for ya.

I got to my room and went to see if my batteries were still good in my vibrator… *buzz …..zzzZZZZ* yup, still good. I quickly got undressed, and stopped myself when I passed the mirror to my door. I turned to face it, dropped my towel and toy, and stared for a bit. I gave myself a once and twice over glance…then began to study my body, all 5’8” of me. I focused on my full medium length hair, dirty blonde and how it draped around the tops of my shoulders. Then down to my soft arms and delicate hands. Nicely decorated with pale pink nail polish.

Then I glance over my chest, full 38in C cups with big pink areolas, with tiny knobby nipples. I move down to my waist, 35in to be exact. I glide my palms over my ribs and squeeze in tight on my waist. It makes me think of being bound, which I have yet to be. I release and then move down to my 48in wide, soft hips, and round ass. An ass I’ve been told is very spank-able. I personally love it when I feel the sting of the smack and my cheeks become bright red and flushed with blood. Almost so sensitive it hurts to sit the next day. Then I look over my thick, shapely thighs, and strong calves. I turn to the side and take in my silhouette, giving myself a once over. Then I remember the shower.

I grabbed the towel and ran for the shower with vibe in hand. The water felt so good. It was super cold outside. My toes hurt when the hot water flowed down my body. After standing under the stream for a few minutes, I reached out from the shower curtain and grabbed my turquoise g spot vibe. Long and slender with a tilted bulbous head. I begin caressing my body, dragging my finger tips along my neck, down to my left breast, and pinching the nipple. I bite my lip from the sting, getting hotter with each gallon of water that passes over my body.

I turn on my vibe in my right hand, on the low setting. I begin running it over my nipples and down my tummy, and begin rubbing along my slit, and push it between my lips so it hits my clit. I jump when it does. I lift up my left leg to make a 125 degree angle and place it on the shower wall in front of me. Doing so opens me up, my legs open, my lips open, wide. Hungry for pleasure. I position the head of the toy right above my clit; I begin to ride my toy.

I gaziantep escort numaraları let the warm water cascade over me and I slip the head inside me, my muscles clench around it when the thought of me being pleased by my father slips inside my head. This does happen quite often. He’s the man I’ve always wanted. Sexy, strong, protective…all I have to do is think of him and I’m turned on. As I’m picturing him in front of me in the shower, I begin to pump my toy in and out of me, a little harder with each thrust. I picture my Daddy instead of my toy, pumping in and out of me harder and faster. A few minutes go by and I’m ready to cum. But I stop myself right on the brink and put the toy aside.

I finish up my shower and get dressed to go downstairs. I pass through the kitchen arch way in my pink slippers, red flannel draw string pants, and a tight white tank. I wanted to look good for my dad so I skipped on the bra. “Hey dad” I said as I walked passed him to get a glass of water. I walked to the living room and got under the thick heavy blanket on the couch and got all snugly. Still creamy from my shower I clenched my legs together when I got comfy and accidentally let out a soft moan.

“Are you ok?” my dad asks

“Oh ya…I’m fine”

My dad finally came and sat next to me after the popcorn was made.

“So…What’re we watchin’?” I say with a smile.

“Just some old horror flick” he replies

“Ok cool”

I pulled back the blanket so Dad could get in, he let me lay on him and cuddle up on his right arm before he pressed play. The movie was the original Halloween, with the soundtrack on loud. As the movie played, all I could think about was how wet I still was. I grabbed for my dads hand during the scary scenes. Every now and then I’d accidentally brush against his crotch when I jumped. It was getting late and, I was becoming tired. I lowered my head to my Dads lap and drifted to sleep.

Apparently I slept through the whole movie because I woke up in my bed the next morning. I got up, went down stairs and found my dad making breakfast. My favorite, french toast n powdered sugar.

“Sorry I fell asleep on you last night.”

“Uhm that’s fine, take a seat…there’s something I wanna talk to you ’bout”

I thought it was odd, but did as I was told and hoped it wasn’t anything bad. He handed me my breakfast and some OJ. I sat there eating curious beyond belief about what he had to talk to me about. He sat there, drinking coffee. As I was cutting up my french toast he asks me

“Do you remember what happened last night?”

To which I responded, “I remember us watching Halloween and then I passed out before it was over. Oh by the way, thanks for taking me upstairs to bed”

The next few words came to a bit of a shock.

“Jess, when you fell asleep, you began…moaning” A long pause happened. “Moaning and touching yourself…”

My cheeks became so red and flushed; I could feel my face getting hot. So many thoughts began racing through my head that I forgot to chew the rest of the french toast that was in my mouth. Dad wasn’t done talking though.

“…and saying…Daddy. Oh Daddy, yes…upon other things.” I bashfully look up at him with worry in my eye.

“How long have you been having thoughts like this?” he asks


“Always” he said.

“For a few years.”

Then I ramble on. “I’m sorry dad it’s just that….I’ve always thought you were so sexy….and I don’t know why mom divorced you and I’m sorry I don’t know what to say, I’m so embarrassed, are you mad? I’m sorry dad. It’s just that…etc” And so on I ramble, my dads worried face began to soften, and before long I was out of words. I put my hands back on the table to try and finish my breakfast; I could only take one more bite before I tried to leave the table. I was almost out of the kitchen arch way when he said…


I gaziantep escort bayan numaraları stood there gulping my food down in embarrassment and turned around slowly. Standing there with my hands behind my back and my feet pressed together. Waiting for his words, He gets up and walks towards me, stands in front of me and lifts my head up by my chin and looks me in the eye “go up stairs to your room and wait for me”.

Puzzled, I do as I’m told without a word said. I went up stairs and sat in the middle of my bed. Twenty minutes go by and I have no clue what to think, except I think I’m in trouble.

“Are you thirsty? Do you want water?” He yells from downstairs.

“Uh ya sure, thanks” I quickly reply.

A few minutes later he comes up stairs with two glasses of water in hand and my toy that I stupidly left in the shower. Again, I’m beet red embarrassed. I bring my palm to my face and pull my knees to my chest.

“Are there any other toys that you have that I should know about?” he asks.

I reluctantly remove my right hand from my face and point to the bottom drawer on my night stand. I gasp as I see him lean forward and reach to open it. The sound of wood sliding against wood as he opens the drawer, gives me chills. There it is my black box.

He pulls it out and sets it between us. I look at him with a questionable and worried look on my face. He opens my box and puts the top on the floor. He snoops around inside and finds a variety of items. He dumps the box out onto my white comforter, and there lies my exposed, pleasure chest if you will.

My box entails, some black nylon rope, black blindfolds, a black ball gag with holes in it to be able to breathe, three dice with words written on all sides. As well as clothes pins, tons of different sized batteries, and my two of the three vibrators. There’s the turquoise one that my dad brought in, and my silver bullet with a clear, very knobby sleeve, with a remote to it with eight speeds. I can barely get to 5 without cumming. Last but not least, my anal probe, its purple and the shaft gradually gets bigger, going towards the base, five inches long. They all vibrate.

There we are, sitting and staring at my toys. I wait in anticipation of what will happen next. As seconds pass, my dad asks me to show him what I do with the toys.

I’m in shock, frozen there for a minute, my dad continues to say, “come on, show me”. So I do as I’m told.

So I take what I normally use, all three toys and move everything else out of the way. So I then scoot myself towards the head of my bed and surround myself with pillows. I sit there, knees bent up with a bit of butterflies going on inside.

I stare at him, then I lift myself up to lower my pants and boy short underwear, to my ankles n then lift up my feet and look at him to remove my bottoms. I shudder as I lower my feet to the bed. I look down and take a deep breath in before I realize what’s going to happen, my fantasy. I open my knees, and spread them wide, almost to where it starts to hurt my inner thighs. I begin.

I begin with letting my hands caress my body, rubbing my thighs and chest with a bit of quiver in my hands. I pinch my nipples hard, and then lick my finger tips to wet them. I blow on my nipples making them stand with the breeze. As I grab my bullet toy, I then spread my lips open, and lay the toy on my clit and then wrap my lips around it. I turn it on, one click to start. Then I turn on my turquoise toy on low, then set it at the opening of my pussy and just let the blood flow to it. Then I grab the purple toy, and realize I’m out of lube.

I lay my head back onto the wall and look at my dad. I muster the courage to say, “I’m out of lube dad…” He then jumps up like a spring and heads out of my room, he then comes back with a tiny bottle of it, vanilla flavored by the way.

I escort gaziantep numaraları blush n say “thanks dad, can you help me?”

I close my knees, grasp the toy and turn over so my ass is sticking in the air and I turn my head to face my dad.

“Can you squeeze a little on my asshole?” I wait anxiously for the answer.

“Yes.” He leans over and spread my cheeks a little, I inhale fast and grab the sheets as I feel the drops hit my skin and then spread out.

I swallow the spit that’s collected in my mouth from the excitement and turn on the purple toy and place the tip at the entrance of my asshole. I let the vibration wake up my nerves for what’s about to happen. I slowly push the toy in and out, centimeter by centimeter. In the process of turning over, my turquoise toy fell onto the comforter. As I reached for my remote, I asked my dad if he would help me please myself.

He picked up the bulbous headed toy and got into position, I spread my legs for him and held my bullet on my clit and clicked the button two more times. I let out a few moans and let my breath become heavy. All while my dad sat there, staring at his baby girl pleasing herself for him. Holding the toy on her clit, and the other fucking her big ass, all for him.

Meanwhile I am yearning for him to put the toy inside me, I clear my throat… “Daddy… can you put the toy in me?” I turn my head and look in the mirror on my dresser, and look at our reflections. As I do that, he slowly slides the toy in and turns up the intensity. I clench and quiver in different spots all over my body, closing and holding my eyes tight. My breathing becomes un-even and even more heavy. I open my eyes as he angles the toy to hit my g-spot every time he pushes it in and pulls it out.

I moan loudly “oooh fuck Daddy….oooh, toy fuck your little girl. Mmmmm. Oh yaaa. Uhhh uhhh”

In doing so, I push my purple toy further into my puckered asshole, passing the muscles, and turning the knob to just under high. Then I click the button on my bullet vibe, 2 more times and maneuver my lips to spread and get the toy on just the right spot. My clit is completely swollen and full of blood. Yet my clit is still covered by its hood.

I set two of the knobs on the sleeve of the toy, on either side of my clit and push down. I’m dripping wet and almost too slippery. I get a good grip and pull my lips up, so the skin on and around my clit is taught. Mean while my asshole is getting a good, deep fucking, while my daddy pleases my… his pussy. I’m near an orgasm. I feel my feet get tingly, my calves and thighs clenching, my breath becoming short and quick.

“I’m gunna cum” I say aloud.

My dad quickens his pace and turns both toys on high for me. My dad keeps the head of the toy just behind the entrance of my pussy; I inhale quickly, and inhale quickly again.

“Oh God Daddy. I’m gunna cum, don’t stop d…on..t sto….p. Mmmm”

I let out my breath and inhale quickly once more. While my calves shoot up to meet my thighs in a tight squeeze, I click the bullet up once more. I involuntarily begin shaking.

“Don’t move!” I scream, and I allow my body to ride the brink of the orgasm just to the peak.

The entrance of my pussy clenches and releases the head of the toy over and over again, all while I hold my breath and lose feelings in my legs. I like to push myself to enjoy the orgasm longer each time I cum. This time, I almost faint and scream “pull out, pull out, pull out” in a long winded exhale. I collapse.

Thankfully my dad turns off the toys. He covers me with the furry blanket that got pushed to the foot of my bed and lays next to me. I lay there, eyes closed; still breathing fairly heavy and still enjoying the minor orgasm waves that flow through my body.

“Dad… why’d you make me do that?” I ask.

He responds with “I’ve wanted to please you one way or another, since you became a teenager. I’ve been patiently waiting until you turned 18.”



With that, my dad pulls me close and kisses my forehead, nose, and then lips. He allows me to fall asleep in his arms. Hours go by and I’m awakened by fingers caressing my pussy. It’s 3:20 am. I open my eyes and the light from the street lights shine through my window, just enough light to see that it’s him. My dad.

“I’m not done with you yet…” He says.

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