As I stood up in front of Tony, I said, “Remember how I got Tracy fucking you guys to get us out of debt? Well you’re in debt, you could be her pimp, and she could fuck for you!”

Tony’s statement was, “Are you serious? Me, her pimp!”

I reassured him that I was serious and that I know that he could get a lot of his friends as clients to fuck my wife. I reminded him about all the stories of his black buddies and how they love fucking white pussy.

I continued by says, “So Tony, here is your white pussy and one that does it all. Not just straight fucking, but she swallows, does anal, tit fucking, and even gangbangs. Tracy is a complete slut!”

Tony was wide eyed and with a smile from ear to ear.

After a few seconds of thinking he asked, “Are you sure about this? You would not mind me pimping her out to strange guys?

I answered back, “Whether she is fucked by my buddies or by other guys is no difference. The thing is she is built for fucking and very good at it!”

His next response was, “Hell ya!!! You bet I can!!! Once word gets out, there will be guys lined up around the block to fuck her!!”

Tracy just finished cleaning herself up and walked into the living room asking, “What’s l=all the commotion about?”

Tony and I looked at each other and without speaking; we both knew what each other was thinking. What we where both thinking was to fuck her again. I already had a raging hard on thinking about her being pimped and Tony as well. Not just that but, Tracy just came out with nothing on except for her heels and her bra with her tits hanging out. She too was looking to get some more cock looking like that and not bothering to get dressed.

I jokingly said to Tony, “Now see what I mean! She is not only hot and built to fuck, but she is also always ready to fuck and can take numerous rounds of cock!”

Tracy asked, “What’s up with that?”

I moved over from Tony to make room so that she could sit between us. As soon as she sat down, we both reached over and started playing with one of her tits each by pulling and tweaking her nipples. My wife in turn, started moaning right away.

“Well you know how I got you started fucking my buddies because of my kinky side and to get us out of debt?”

Tracy just nodded her head yes.

“Well since Tony is in debt, I came up with the idea that he can become your pimp until he gets back on his feet as well!”

Tracy angrily responded by looking back and forth between the two of us while stating, “What do you mean my pimp? I am not a whore!”

I reminded her that she was in effect since she started fucking for money and has been fucking my buddies every time for money these past two months. The only guy that she has been getting fucked for free was Tony himself just like tonight.

To my surprise, her answer was that she never thought of it that way since it was only a select group of guys that we both knew and that it was also to fulfill my kinky side of watching her fucking other guys.

I told her that it was only a select group of guys because we had to keep it on the hush hush. However with Tony, there is a whole other group of guys that do not know either of us that she could fuck for money. That she would get 75% of the fee and Tony the other 25% as your pimp. He sets up the clients and you would fuck them.

Tracy was trying very hard not to moan but could not stop. I think, she was also getting excited by the idea. The next set of words out of her mouth was, “Are you serious? You want me to get fucked by Tony’s friends and other strange guys as his whore? You know this would probably be dozens of different guys that would be fucking your wife.”

I knew that at this point the idea was starting to get into her mind all I needed to do was close the deal. I then moved my other hand down to her pussy and started rubbing her clit. Tony did the same by sticking two if not three fingers into her pussy.

I told her that I would be always horny knowing that she was being fucked by strange men as a whore, and that I she would also love the variety of strange cock. That as I have always said, “you are built for fucking and that no one was being hurt by this. The guys would certainly enjoy fucking you, I would enjoy it, Tony would be getting out of debt, and she would also enjoy the strange cock.”

The only thing that Tracy could do at this point was moan. With both of us playing with her tits and pussy, she had no hope of saying no. She had her eyes now closed for a time, and with the shine of pussy juice on Tony’s fingers, she would be coming very soon.

All of a sudden, down the hall, the front door opened with his two roommates coming home early.

I told Tony to ask them how their pussy hunting, as they call it, went and stall for some time. I quickly stood up and pulled Tracy into Tony’s bedroom still naked.

Let me give you some info about his two roommates at this point. They have never met my wife. One guy is black eskort gaziantep and the other is white and from seeing them around the apartment several times and other sporting events< I knew that both of the guys were well equip, as well if not better equipped then Tony and I. The biggest dick that Tracy had been fucked with was one of my buddies, which was about 10 inches. The one thing that I was a little worried about was what Dwayne, the black guy, was packing in his pants. Every time that I have a glance, it liked like an elephant trunk. I told Tracy to stay in the room until I came back. She looked at me and said, ” Ya right! Where am I going to go butt naked like this? I need you to bring me my clothes so that I can get dressed.” I smiled at her and said, “If I plan this right, you will not be needing your clothes for a few more hours.” When I got back into the living room, the guys were harping on Tony about the rent again. Tony just looked at me wondering what to say. I looked at Bill, the other roommate, and Dwayne, and said, “Guys, have I got a deal for you! Have a seat and listen.” I told them that I had a friend that like Tony needed to make some quick cash and she was of course willing to fuck for it. Thinking of Tony and her, I had set up a meeting for the 2 of us to fuck her for five hundred bucks. That she was actually here now, and that Tony and I were just about to go and fuck the bitch ourselves. If you guys would like, the two of you could go and fuck the bitch in our place right now for the same five hundred bucks off of the rent money that Tony was owing. I knew they would go for it since they were both horny as hell and in effect it wasn’t costing them anything since Tony could not pay them the money. Not until he had pimped out my wife several times and that was going to take some time. The guys did not believe me, so I said, “If I go into Tony’s bedroom and come out with a hot, big titted chick, that sucks, fucks, and does anal, do we have a deal?” They both said yes at the same time. When I walked into the bedroom, there was my wife playing with her clit trying to get off from the job that Tony and I had started. She asked, “So how am I getting out of here?” I sat down and took over for her and said, “There’s no time like the present to get started. The two of them agreed to fuck you for five hundred bucks towards the money Tony is owing tonight. So therefore, come with me and I will introduce you to your first two clients!” I just stood up, grabbed her by the arm, and brought her out into the living room butt naked with her jaw wide open before she able to say a word. Both of the guys stood up and I sort of tossed Tracy between the two of them and told them to have a good feel. They did just that. Each cupping a tit and grabbing her ass and then asking again, “is this for real? Are you sure about this?” I said, “Guys, she’s all yours for the next couple of hours just don’t damage the goods. Use her as you like but don’t hurt her in anyway. Other then that, you can fuck the shit out of her, she likes it like that.” In a flash, they whisked her off to Dwayne’s bedroom while stripping on the way there. My wife looked back at me and I just gave her the thumbs up. I also shouted out to the guys to leave the door open and that we would from time to time come and have a look to make sure everything was fine. The guys were more then willing to be loud in their fuck session. Within a couple of minutes if that, Tony and I could hear them saying things like, “dame she has big tits and can’t wait to fuck those tits. That’s a good girl, suck my cock bitch! And dame I am going to fuck the bitch’s ass hard with my cock after she first sucks me off!” This went on and on as Tony and I just sat quietly listening and drinking our beers. Soon we heard Bill cry out, “Dame she’s tight!” We both knew that the two of them was now fucking her for the first time of the night. Dwayne said out loud, “I wonder what she would say if she could talk, but having her mouth full of my cock I guess she can not say much. I will thou have her crying when I stick this cock of mine into the pussy. It will never be the same once I am through with this whore. Bill loosen her up buddy, I am going to go balls deep with this bitch all night long!” At this point, both of us just had to go and have a look. Tracy was on her back with Bill plowing his good-sized cock in and out of her pussy like a madman. Dwayne was kneeling by Tracy’s head and feeding his cock to her mouth. Dwayne was at the top of her head with his monster cock reach the length of her face and bent over into her mouth. He was yet fully hard, more like semi hard. What shocked both of us was that his dick was not just long and as thick as my wrist already at this point, but the head of his cock was like a giant mushroom. Huge to say the least and Tracy could not even get it in her mouth as much as both Dwayne gaziantep eskort bayan and she tried. Dwayne was using his hands to try and stretch her mouth, and still his cock could not get into her mouth. When I looked at Tony, he immediately said, ” I swore I never knew he had a cock that big!” If, or more like when he started fucking her, it would be more like being fisted with that huge mushroom tipped cock of his. There was no way that she would be able to take it balls deep as he said. We both knew to stick around in case she needed him to stop at any time.

In the meantime, Bill was hammering away at her pussy with his cock while grabbing and pulling on her tits. Dwayne just kept on taking to Bill and telling him to fuck the shit out of the bitch. Dwayne stated, “loosen her up and oil her up buddy. I think you might have to fuck her twice before I have a go at the bitch!”

Bill shot back, “no problem buddy! I am going to oil her up right now!” Just then he thrust all his cock into her pussy and started unloading his cum into my wife’s pussy. This was what they meant by oiling her up. At this point it hit me about using a rubber and how could we have forgotten about using one. Well, it was too late now, and besides, I don’t think there was one made big enough for Dwayne’s cock.

About a minute or so later, Bill came back down to earth and looking at Dwayne said, “buddy she is the best pussy that I have ever had. Its a shame that her pussy is going to be destroyed once you fuck her!” They both laughed out loud as Bill rolled off. As the last of Bill’s cock came out of Tracy, we all heard a pop sound coming from her pussy. I just looked at their surprised faces and said, “I told you guys that she was tight and knew at this!”

Dwayne that got her up off the bed and onto her feet, leading her over to a nearby chair as he sat down by grabbing her hair and pulling her with him. He then told her to keep licking his cock and suck on his balls since she could not get it into her little mouth. He never did let go of her hair and would guide her mouth to the parts that he wanted her to work over.

Bill got up and came over to us as Tony gave him a beer. He had a smile from ear to ear and he was all sweaty from the fucking that he just finished giving my wife. He commented that the bitch was super hot and that his dick was still mostly hard even after fucking the bitch. That he was going to love fucking her again and that this time, he would last even longer then the first round of fucking.

The three of us just turned and watch Dwayne having my wife work over his cock for the next five minutes or so while we drank our beers.

Bill then walked over to m wife and slapped her hard on the ass causing her to let out a little scream. He then bent over and spread her ass cheeks to have a look at her ass hole and pussy. He started laughing once he, and even us from a distance away, could see cum running out of her cunt and down both sides of her legs.

Bill, laughing said, ” I knew that was the biggest load of cum that I ever shot and it could not have been into a better cunt then this one!” He then, pointing to his cock and then her pussy, asked Dwayne “buddy do you mind if I fuck the bitch again?”

Dwayne said, “not at all, I love the way this bitch is sucking on my balls and cock!”

Bill got right behind her as Dwayne tightened is grip on the head, and then just slammed his whole cock into her cunt. Tracy tried to scream out but Dwayne buried her face into his crotch.

Bill, the first ten or so strokes, would pull his cock out slowly and then slam it into her hole. As she would moan, the guys would just laugh even more.

Dwayne then said to his buddy to have fun with the bitch that he was going to have a beer and lube up his dick for his turn.

Bill had Tracy on all fours, grabbed each of her arms pulling them back, and slamming his cock in and out of her pussy like a mad man. The way that he was holding her, as I also would, made sure that she could not move away and it pushed her tits out more as she was fucked. I myself love watching her tits bouncing around and flopping back and forth while getting fucked. I often fucked her in the same way with a mirror in front just so I got a better view of her tits.

Dwayne watched and drank his beer with Tony and I as we watched. Dwayne then went into the bathroom and came out with a big chunk of Vaseline in his hand and started rubbing it all over his dick. His cock was so big and think, that it just huge facing down. He would stroke it now and again just to keep it rock hard. He then shouted out to his buddy Bill, “How much longer buddy? I am all oiled up and ready for me turn!”

Bill just lasted seconds longer since he had been pounding her ruthlessly for the past ten minutes or more. Again, he went balls deep on the last stroke into her pussy and started dumping another load of cum into her. When he was finished, he let go of gaziantep eskort her arms, and he just fell back onto the floor while my wife fell forward onto the floor. Neither one moved.

Dwayne soon walked over to Tracy, again grabbing her by the hair, and said, ” get up bitch, you are going to need some cushion for the fucking that you are about to get!” He got her up and over to the bed again telling her to get into the doggy position. He pulled her right to the edge of the bed and placed a couple of pillows under her stomach. He then spread her legs wider thus opening up her pussy more. Again she was leaking Bills cum out of her pussy.

Dwayne then placed his dick along the length of her ass crack and asked us, “what do you think guys? Do you think she will be able to take it all? No bitch has ever been able!”

He then told Tracy to reach back and spread her ass cheeks and to get ready for the fuck of her life. He told her that he was going to be gentle with her in the beginning and if she was a good girl he would not be to rough with her. She did as she was told as he started trying to get that huge mushroom cock head of his into her well used and lubed pussy of hers.

All three of us guys stepped up close to get a view of his event. No of us had ever seen Dwayne fuck a chick nor had we ever since a porno in which a chick took such a huge cock as my wife was about to take.

Her pussy just would not open enough for him to get his cock into her the first few pumps that he tried. So Dwayne then took two fingers from each hand and inserted them into her pussy and then pulled her pussy open. Tracy had her face buried into the bed sheets as she held her ass cheeks open and Dwayne was attempting to get his cock into her. I thought for sure that Tracy was going to tell him to stop, but she did not. He pulled her pussy apart and pulled his fingers out as he got more and more of the cock head into her hole. Finally, his fingers popped out, and his cock head popped into her hole. Tracy let go of her ass cheeks and grabbed the sheets of the bed as she let out a long and loud groan. This was only with the cock head in her. There was still a good 11 or 12 inches of cock meat to get into her pussy.

Dwayne then grabbed each side of her hips and while smiling and laughing said, “this is the fun part guy’s getting the rest into the bitch’s hole!”

He then started pushing his cock into her hole and every time, about a quarter to half an inch would sink into her pussy. Tracy would let out what would seem like a scream every time. We all knew that her insides where being stretched like never before. At one point< Tracy looked back at me and I could see tears in her eyes. She also gave me the look of not wanting to stop. I was amazed myself by all the events that were unfolding. After about five minutes of Dwayne pulling his cock out and back in further into her pussy he stated, “okay guys, this is the most any bitch ever took, now I am going to put the rest of it into her! It looked as if a baseball bat was in her pussy and was about too ripe it open. Two more thrusts, Tracy started shaking and moaning out loud. She was coming herself just from the stretching of her pussy from the monster cock. Once she came back down, Dwayne started right back at working the entire length of his cock into her. He now had a mean look on his face as if there was no way that he was not going to stick it all into her. Two or three minutes more, he announced that he had hit bottom for the first time in his life. He could not believe the feeling of having his whole dick into her pussy. He then pulled out about an inch of his cock and pushed it back into her. Tracy lifted her head and arched her back letting out a long and loud moan. Dwayne then did this again 4 quick times and then he started unloading his cum into her pussy. When he came back down to earth, he looked at us and said, “the fucking bitch made me cum. I have never had a bitch make me cum that fast. She is one hell of a bitch! I am going to fuck this bitch over and over again! I have never come across a pussy like this in my life!” He then started pulling about an inch of cock out and back into her hole. Over and over again, each time pulling out more and thrusting it back into her pussy harder and faster. Within a minute or so, Tracy came again. He never stopped. Just laughed out loud and drove his cock in and out of her pussy more and more, faster and faster. Dwayne was quickly up to the point in which he would pull about 8 inches of cock out of her pussy and then slam it back in. Tracy had a third orgasm and just seemed to pass out as Dwayne just kept picking up the pace. Bill who was sitting down and watching from the side, announced that you could see her stomach swell each time he drove his dick into her. Tony and I both looked over, and yes, you could see her uterus and stomach swell as he drove his dick into her. A few minutes later, Dwayne arched his back and thrust forward driving as much cock into the as he could and started pumping a second load into her pussy. Dwayne after stepped back and fell onto the floor. Tracy just lay there not moving with her legs spread wide. We all noticed that that was not the only thing spread wide. Her pussy was just gapping open with cum flowing out of her pussy and dripping onto the floor below.

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