Chapter 3

The taxi ride to the resort wasn’t anything to write home about. The smell was something I could do without for the rest of my life. After the thirty-minute ride that took us through several sections of dense rainforests and some hilly terrain, we arrived at the resort. Palm trees, white sandy beaches, and clear blue water surrounded the property. Check-in was usually uneventful, but not this year. To our surprise, our father had checked us in as adults, which meant we would be able to drink if we liked. It was all in the color of the braided wristband, something that you could never take off until you checked out. The plastic oval with the resort’s logo in the center did a few things. But, most importantly, it was the key to your room. The logo was also the very thing that told staff you were staying and not just a guest from a sister resort. With it being a large chain resort, it had an added perk that you could also go to the other resorts under their umbrella companies to eat, drink, and swim in their pools for no cost. We were excited, to say the least.

The next surprise was the one that would change everything in our lives forever. The resort had screwed up our reservation, and after a lot of bickering back and forth. My father finally and reluctantly agreed after the resort threw in some extras and upgraded our rooms. The girls were also going to get some extra spa days free of charge. As far as the rooms went, they were still side by side, but our upgrade had put us in suites. They also didn’t have that pesky little door between rooms that would benefit our parents to come in and out whenever they pleased. My father and his newfound relationship with me had saved us and mainly because we hadn’t brought any friends. What a great decision at the time, especially one we didn’t want or like.

The rooms were almost identical, both with beautiful white marble flooring and high-end décor. A large hot tub sat in the middle of the suite, and one on the balcony for the sunsets the resort called “magical.” The large walk-in shower had two full-body jet systems, three showerheads, and a thirty-inch rain shower. It was the most extensive shower I had ever seen in my short life. However, the minibar was anything but that. With a complete range of top-shelf liquor on the wall and a large lounge area, you could host a hell of a party and still have room. Last but not least was the giant king-size bed that looked to be floating three feet above the floor finished off the room nicely. Even with the resort being a luxury resort, the suites were next level.

“Are y’all sure this is okay?” My father asked, walking into the room and looking right at the king-size bed, the only bed in the room.

“Of course, dad, we’ve slept in the same bed a bunch of times before. Share the same tent when we go camping. We’ll be fine.” Katie said like it wasn’t a big deal. She was back to her old self and feeling better than ever.

“Just stay on your side of the bed, butthead,” I said, as I tried to back her up and put my father at ease.

“Well, if it gets too weird, I’ll let you sleep with mom, and I’ll come over here, okay? And please try to get along.” My father said as he left and closed the door to our room.

“Oh my God, this is beautiful. I can’t believe I get two weeks alone with my man, and we get to sleep together every night.” She said, now in my arms, having run across the room, leaping into my arms and placing little wet kisses all over my face.

“Yes, this is going to be awesome.”

Not thirty seconds after the door closed. The hotel phone started to ring, causing her to leap out of my arms and onto the bed on all fours. She made sure to crawl as seductively as she could over to it, putting her lovely round ass on full display for me. The tiny cut-off jean shorts that rode way up into her ass also left little to the imagination. About 3 inches of her ass cheeks protruded below the bottom of the shorts when she was standing. I now knew why she had a sweater tied around her waist when we left the house. With her back arched and her ass high in the air, I could clearly see the lips of her sex on each of the tiny strip of denim. It was only suitable for covering her entrance at this angle.



“What time?”

“See ya then.”


“Mom made reservations for us at 7:30, so that means we have six hours to do whatever we want. Wanna go to the beach for a little while?” she giggled.

“As long as we make a drink before we leave. I’m down.”

“Good call, babe,” she shot back. “Lock the door.”

I headed to the door, turned the deadbolt, and walked over to the minibar to make some beach drinks.

“Hey Siri, what’s the best mix drink for the beach?”

“For six drinks:

12 ounces silver tequila

6 ounces fresh lime juice

1.5 ounces light agave

1.5 ounces hot water

1.5 ounces room temperature water

Six lime wheels (if you’re fancy).”

“Ummmm, nope, let’s try Google,” I said under my breath.

“Ok, Google, what’s the best mix for the beach and ingredients.”

“Ok, for Sex gaziantep escortları on the beach, you’ll need. Peach schnapps, cranberry juice, orange juice, and vodka. Came through the speaker on the phone.

“Well, baby, it looks like we’re having sex on the beach,” I said a little too loud.

“That sounds like fun, but we better wait until dark, though.” She giggled

“No, it’s the name of the drink,” I said, turning around. “Holy shit. I mumbled to myself.”

She was standing there fully nude as she looked through her suitcase for the perfect bikini to wear. This was my first experience seeing her fully naked in the daylight. I had only seen her topless at the pool just last week. She was unbelievably sexy. Her perky D cup looked huge on her small frame as she bent over. Her nipples were puffy and shaped like a cone and almost hot pink in color, with the sun shining through the balcony doors hitting them just right. Just watching her dig through her suitcase was arousing. Her breast being squished between her arms made me want to shoot my cum all over them. It was a sight that would never get old. The small patch of hair just above her sex was now gone, and her puffy lips were now the only thing to see. I felt my cock start to swell and push hard against my shorts.

“How are those drinks coming along?” She asked, never looking at me as she continued her search for a bikini.

“Shouldn’t be much longer,” I shot back after and turned around to hide my erection.

After packing what seemed like too much stuff, we headed to the beach, large resort cups in hand full of Google’s version of sex on the beach. As we reached the hotel’s first set of pools, it was all eyes on deck. She had tried on several bikinis but decided on a conservative two-piece. It was navy blue, with strings tied in a knot on the sides and top to hold the ensemble together. The sheer black wrap that covered her bottom did nothing to hide what she was wearing or her plump ass that she sashayed back and forth. Her hair was pulled up into a messy bun, with what looked like two black chopsticks shoved in each side to keep it from falling. The black oversized brim sunglasses tied the outfit together perfectly. She looked killer. Every guy and gal turned to look at her as she walked by. She kept her chin up and shoulders back while having her arm weaved through mine with all eyes on her. She knew she looked good and wanted to make sure everyone knew she was off the market. I just tried not to smile too much, look cool and keep pace with her stride.

Finally we located our personal cabana, that was another added perk of the room upgrade. We placed our things down and headed for the water. I lagged behind just to watch her ass shake as she walked. She turned to look at me just as her feet reached the water and saw what I was doing. Pulling her sunglasses down her nose and smiling, she waited for me to catch up. As I got to her, she pulled me up real close to her, smashing her large breast between us as the waves washed over our feet.

“How’s it feel knowing I’m all yours, and I’ll do anything you want, anytime? And baby, when I say anything, I mean anything you want.” She moaned, just inches from my mouth.

“Fucking amazing!” I growled and pulled her even tighter into my arms. I kept one hand on the small of her back and the other one squeezing her soft yet firm ass.

“Mmmmmm,” Her lips now touching mine.

“If it’s ok with you, I would like to swim first? Unless you need me right now? Is that what you need, baby? Do you need me on my knees with your hard throbbing cock down my throat? Just say the word, and it’s done.” She moaned in my mouth.

“Baby, we need to get in the water right now. My cock is so fucking hard,” I said after biting her bottom lip.

She smirked as she kept me close and pulled me deeper into the water. Just as I felt the warm ocean water wash over my balls as I lowered myself into the water, releasing her to move about freely. It felt amazing holding her out in public with everyone watching us. Well, until I had a nervous feeling wash over me as I had forgotten that our parents could be watching us. I turned to scan the beach, looking for a giant angry man to be staring me down but didn’t see one. With the panic finally subsided and my hard on now gone, I was free to move about and enjoy the beautiful water and the sun beating down on my shoulders.

We splashed and played around for what seemed like hours before finally coming out of the water to get something cold to drink. As we settled in our cabana, the drinks I made in the room were anything but that hot and not very tasty. Much to our surprise, a young fellow walked up in a shirt that displayed the resort’s name across his chest.

“Hello, friends, is there anything I can get for you?”

“Yes, do you have any drinks that taste like a drink called Sex on the Beach?” I asked, taking the lead for us.

“Yes, sir, we have an excellent drink called Island Dreams. It’s a fruity drink with vodka and…

“Sounds perfect, two of those.” I escort gaziantep interrupted him before he could finish what was in the rest of the drink.

“Yes, sir, right away, sir. He replied in a Jamaican accent as he turned and headed to get our drinks.

“Yes, sir, right away, sir. I like the sound of that. I’m going to start using that one. I like the word Sir; it’s so dominant.” She smirked at me.

“It’s so beautiful here. I’m really going to enjoy these two weeks. Especially after last week.” She said.

“It really is. I missed you so much last week. I’m so glad you’re feeling better, and we get to be here together.”

“Me too, I..”

“Here is your drink, madam and sir, he said, not meaning to interrupt Katie.

“Is this your first night at the resort?”

“Yes, we just arrived a couple of hours ago,” I replied.

Are you on your honeymoon?”

“Yes, we are,” Katie spoke up quickly.

“Well, madam, we have a cruise every Friday. It’s just for our honeymoon couples. It leaves at sunset and is gone for approximately 3 hours. You will be provided with a wonderful five-star meal and, of course, all the alcohol you can drink. If you need more in-depth information, the front desk would be happy to fill you in on all it entails. But, if there’s nothing else you need right now, have a wonderful day, and I will be by later to check on you if you’re still here. I hope to see y’all aboard.”

“Thank you,” I said and handed him a couple of dollars for a tip.

“That sounds like so much fun, but we should really start getting everything packed up and head back to the room. It’s getting close to dinner time, and I still have to shower. I want to look hot for you tonight.”

I was the first to shower. I wasn’t one to hang around in the shower. I only need five minutes to wash my hair, my body, and sometimes jerk off. My sister, on the other hand, could spend an hour in there. Other than shaving, I had no clue what took women so long. Katie wanted to go last so she could get ready without me seeing her. “I want to surprise you. I bought a new outfit just for this,” she said before kicking me out, still naked and dripping wet.

“I’m ready when you are,” I said several times and resting my face on the outside of the bathroom door the last time.

“Almost done, just 2 minutes more”, she said, laughing. “It’s what all girls say no matter how much more time they have.”

“Sounds about right,” I laughed.

It was only 6:40 pm, and we had plenty of time. Even though I didn’t want to wait until the last second to leave, our reservation wasn’t for another 50 minutes. So I kicked back on the bed with the TV on, not really paying attention as I looked out through the balcony doors. The small boats anchored about a hundred or so feet offshore just rocked up and down in the ocean. It was beautiful here; maybe we could live here where no one would know we were brother and sister. I could become head pro at one of the resorts teaching the tourists how to play. I’m sure the pay is good. Katie is super intelligent; she could get a job anywhere, hell, she could probably run one of these resorts. The thoughts that were currently running through my head and kept me occupied while my sister finished getting ready. Maybe later this week, I will talk to her about it, and we can ask around. I had a checklist already piling up in my head. Cost of living, jobs, income potential, housing, and I’m sure I’ve missed some stuff.

“Connor, Are you ok?” She asked, standing at the end of the bed looking worried.

“Holy shit! You look amazing.” I blurted out.

“Thank you,” she said, her smile slowly returning. “Is everything ok?” She asked with a worried look in her eyes.

“Yes, baby, everything is wonderful. Why do you ask?”

“It’s, just Ummm, you look like there’s something wrong,” her eyes getting glassy and starting to puff up.

“Oh no, baby, everything is great,” I said, sounding as reassuring as I could. “I was just thinking about our future. You know, If things don’t work out back home, maybe we could move here. Nobody would know that we’re brother and sister. I was just going over the logistics in my head—no need to worry. I love you. Are you ready to go eat?”

“Yes, I love you too. She said, trying to hold her tears back, using her hands to fan her eyes and keep her mascara in tack.”

She looked stunning. Her white top was cut into a deep V. The amount of cleavage was breathtaking. My father wouldn’t think so, but this wasn’t for him. Her black pencil skirt looked to have been painted on, and it hugged her wide hips and plump ass to perfection. Her long wavy hair was parted down the middle, framing her face perfectly. Her makeup was so smooth it looked to be airbrushed on by a professional. The bright red lipstick that matched her heels covered her full pouty lips. It made them look as though they were wet and bleeding. She was downright sexy; that was all she was going for tonight. She could be classy, but tonight she wanted to show off for me. Too bad she had to go with a bum gaziantep bayan escortları like myself. I didn’t bring anything that would come remotely close to what she was wearing tonight. I was wearing a pair of royal blue slacks with a white button-up shirt with the cuffs flipped back once. Matching peanut butter in color, belt, and shoes finished off my ensemble quite nicely. I thought I looked good until I saw my sister.

The whole walk to the restaurant, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. Neither could anyone else as we walked through the resort lobby. As we reached the hostess podium, she instinctively bit her bottom lip as she looked my sister up and down. It was easy to see exactly what she wanted to do to my sister.

“Do you have a reservation? She asked almost in a moan and never taking her eyes off Katie.

“Yes, we do, I said. The last name is…”

“They’re with us, ” the soft and pleasant voice of my mother’s spoke as she reached the podium. “Oh my goodness, Katie, you look gorgeous,” she said just above a whisper. “Who’s this strong and handsome young man?” She blushed and winked at me.

“Why thank you,” she said. “This is the date I picked up on the way down here, and his name is Connor.” She shot back, never missing a beat, and causing my heart to almost stop.

As we reached the table, my father’s eyes grew large. Then back to normal as he exited his seat to stand and welcome us to the table.

“I,…I, you look, great honey,” He said. Keeping his eyes locked on Katie’s, so he wouldn’t check out his own daughter. “Hi, son, how are you doing?” He asked, now focusing all his attention on me with his hand out, looking to shake hands.

“Awe, thanks, Dad,” she smiled.

“Hi Dad, I’m doing great,” I said as I extended my hand to him and shook his hand firmly.

As dinner wore on, we had several glasses of wine, and we’re all feeling the effects of the Red Cabernet Sauvignon. Our parents had spoken to us all night long like we had grown up and had left home years ago. It was way different but nice. The man who could barely speak to me had changed his whole attitude towards me. Ever since that fateful night Lucas came over, it’s been a complete 180. It was great to have him act like a normal dad. During the dinner, we had all agreed to go dancing afterward. I didn’t know how to feel about partying with our parents. I knew we had two full weeks left, but tonight I really wanted my sister all to myself.

As we saw the entrance to the club, we already had more alcohol in us than the legal limit to drive. But, seeing the LED lights flash into the hallway to the beat of the music made our pace speed up a little. You could feel the bass hitting harder and harder below our feet as we walked closer to the door. This is great, I thought, our parents won’t make it long in here.

“Good evening, and welcome to the best party on the island. Please, come in.” The gentleman spoke in a broad Jamaican accent.

I continued to feel very apprehensive with our parents in tow. Katie had become more and more aggressive ever since the fateful night Lucas made his appearance. Her boldness kept me on edge and was making me extremely nervous. Everyone other than our parents that saw us automatically assumed we were a couple. They had even made complements, “What a lovely couple,” one time. “Cherish her young man; she’s a keeper,” on a separate occasion, an older gentleman said. Both times we were just sitting there, not even holding hands or anything. I was worried, would our parents start to see what everyone else apparently saw?

As we entered the club, my father’s eyes squinted as if he was looking into the sun. The music was loud, almost deafening. Even I was even wondering if I would have any hearing left at the end of the night. But watching my mother and sister act as if nothing was happening made my father and I suck it up. We finally made our way through the crowd of dancing people and unscathed as we reached the bar. Even though we had to stop and wait a couple of times so my mom and sister could dance for just a second.

“What can I get you?” The bartender yelled.

I slid up to the bar, “can I get four Island dreams?” I asked at the same volume.

“Coming, right up,” He shot back.

“What’s that?” my mother asked.

“We had them on the beach earlier today. They were delicious.” Katie spoke up.

It was cool but very different to see them cutting loose and having a good time. They were always so strict every time we went on vacation. Constantly questioning us, where are you going? Who’s going to be there? Who are their parents? It was a constant battle. But, now they were laid back and enjoying their vacation. After ordering our drinks, I had placed my back to the bar to hold our spot until they had arrived. While waiting for our drinks to come, my mother had her ass mashed and grinding into my father’s crotch as she danced to the hip-hop music. It had my heart racing a hundred miles an hour as she took her cue from my sister. Who was grinding her perfectly round ass into my now semi hard cock. Both girls were smiling and having a wonderful time. My father and I were both stiff as a board and not moving. With my mother continuing to copy Katie’s every move, the more I began to sweat. Finally, the music slowed, and even more people lined up to the bar. There was just enough room for Katie to slowly slide up and down as she ground and rolled her ass into my now rock hard cock.

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