Hi my name is Bob. Up until last week I thought I was a real man. I’m Your average tough guy. I Stand 6’3 and weigh about 230. I Bench press 300pds. And have a weight lifters body. I was visiting my sister in San Fran last week and she had to work the night shift so i decided to take in the night life. I found a club on a back street and stepped in for a few beers. After my 4th beer something happened that changed my life forever.

This kinda thing happens often because i’m a pretty good looking guy with a good body. So when these 3 fine ass honeys walked up to me it didn’t really suprise me. These ladies we’re hot! A very tall blonde and 2 very tall brunettes. The blonde was probably 5’10 and the brunettes both stood about 5’9. They sat down and made small talk and before you know it the subject turned to sex. The blonde asked if i’d ever had 3 women before? Of course I said yes. A lie. The brunette with the heavy make-up and the cat like eyes quickly asked if I thought I could handle them. I replied hell yea and that I’d leave em all sore. The blonde said don’t be so cocky we’re not like other women.

Well we jumped into a cab and headed to the blondes apartment. I couldn’t believe my luck. I was about to get laid with 3 very sexy women. We arrived at the apartment and i quickly paid the fair. We all but ran up the steps to her apartment,we we’re all so horny! Inside the apartment we all took off our jackets and got comfortable on cimcif gaziantep escort the sofa. The blonde jumped on my lap and kissed me hard. Her toungue was in my mouth warmly massageing my toungue. I felt another set of warm lips on the side of my neck. My cock was rock hard! All 6 inches was straining to be released. The blonde unbuttoned my shirt as the 2 brunettes took of my shoes and socks. The Blonde slid down between my legs and was knealing on the floor with a brunette on either side of my legs. Blondie licked her lips and said let us see that hard cock.

She unvipped my jeans and slid them over my hips along with my boxers. There I was sitting completely nude in front of 3 beautiful women with my cock sticking straight up at my belly button. They took turns sucking my cock, while the others would suck on my balls and lick my nipples.The blonde stood up and started to undress as the 2 brunettes continued to suck my cock. I closed my eyes and enjoyed their expert oral attention. I felt the blonde climb on the couch and stand with her legs spread in my face. In my mind i knew i’d see a beautiful soft wet pussy when i opened my eyes but what i actually saw shocked and horrorfied me!

There not 6 inchs from my face was a thick hard cock. It wasnt’s just thick but it was long! Much longer than mine. I went to push the blonde off of me when she grabbed me by my hair and cimcif gaziantep escort bayan ruffly twisted it around her fist. I told you we weren’t like other women she said. The 2 brunettes had grabbed my wrists and were holding me down. they were very strong and as hard as i fought i couldn’t escape their grip. The blonde said make it easy baby and just enjoy it. She pushed her cock against my lips but i rufused to open my mouth. Just then i felt a searing pain on the side of my face. the blonde had just smacked the shit out of me. She hit me so hard i felt dizzy.

when she pushed her cock against my lips this time i didn’t resist. She held my hair and fucked my mouth. 4 inches of her cock would slid into my mouth with every stroke and it was so thick that it gagged me several times. After a few minutes of this she let go of my hair and just held her cock in front of me. I couldn’t resist and sucked the big blondes cock. I would lick her hanging balls and toungue her asshole!

The 2 brunettes let go of my wrists and stripped as I sucked blondie’s cock. They climbed up on the sofa and now there was 3 hard cocks in my face. The brunettes cocks we’re just as long and as thick as mine and i would suck 1 while i’d stroke the other 2 cocks. Blondie said she wanted to cum and told me to roll over on my belly. I asked why and she said do make me slap you again bitch.

I escort gaziantep cimcif felt like a punk and a sissy but I knew these bitchs would kick my ass if I didn’t listen. I rolled over on my stomach and I felt blondie’s cock rub between my ass cheeks. I then felt something cold squirt on my asshole. K-y Jelly. Then I felt a jolt of pain as blondie pushed the head of her huge cock into my ass. She sunk her cock into my ass until she was burried all the way to the balls in me. She then slid her cock slowly out of me til just the head was in and back in it dove. After several slow long strokes it stopped hurting. I couldn’t believe it was actually starting to feel good. The brunette with the cat eyes took her place in front of me and i started to suck her hard cock as blondie fucked me. Blondie asked if I was ready for a good pounding and I just moaned as I sucked the other honeys cock. Blondie grabbed my hips and started to fuck me as hard as she could. It was hard to suck cock as blondie pounded my ass but i must have done a good job because the bruneete with the cat eyes shot her load in my mouth. It tasted salty and it hit the back of my throat is it squirted out of her cock.

Blondie grabbed my hips hard and jammed her cock all the way into Me and i felt her throb as she shot her load deep in my ass. It felt good to feel that cock throb inside me. As blondie pulled out the third brunette got on her hands and knees in front of me. I licked her asshole for all i was worth and then burried my toungue all the way in that ass. She squealed fuck me baby and i stood up behind her and gently slid my cock in her ass. It took my about half a minute to bust a nut in her I was so turned on by this new experience. Me and the ladies fucked the entire night away and now i’m thinking about staying with my sister just a little longer. wink!

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