See me comin’, mama, throw your man out the door
I ain’t no stranger, I been this way before.
. . . Put on your night shirt and your morning gown
You know by night I’m gonna shake ’em on down.
— Robert Plant & Jimmy Page, Custard Pie

There was Ginny by candlelight, legs splayed, fingers thrumming that creamy-looking snatch again; she awaited my reply, and she’d wait a while longer, because I was completely stunned. I was pumping adrenaline from the shock of being discovered sitting on our student Mimi’s sweet little face—and discovering my sexy stalker, my co-worker, no less, awake and enjoying the scene there in our room.

My cock was throbbing from all of Mimi’s attentions, still jumping as Mimi caught it in her sweet, soft, squeezing fingers again, palm cupping my balls. She gave the head another swipe of her tongue. God! What a feeling, and what a moment. All the world seemed open and ready for me to fuck to my heart’s content in that dark, dank little hotel room in the ass end of China.

Mimi gave me a nice hard tug, and shifted out from under me. I enjoyed my first look at that yummy little pussy: it was a gorgeous little orchid in that flickering light, wet and satisfied, drooling for more. She slid away from my wanting mouth, the insides of her thighs glistening with a mixture of our sweat, my slobber, and her cum. I lifted up more to allow her to gracefully get up and slide face-first into her own single, the middle bed of our little ménage a trois.

“Look at this sweet little mei mei,” said Ginny, ogling that little tart with tousled, just-fucked hair all in her eyes and booty sticking up. That foxy red had the same lascivious intentions as I did.

“Come and teach me something, xifu, favorite teacher,” said Mimi into her pillow, wiggling that sweet, tiny ass invitingly. It wasn’t clear which of us, Ginny or myself, was her true favorite—maybe she was just missing the plural as she usually did in my oral class—but it was obvious that she was about to give us a hot lesson of her own: “Enough floorplay.”

Just as she said that, the window closest to Ginny lit up with intense flashes—first green, then pink, then gold. This was turning into a mystical experience! It couldn’t have been lightning—none I’d ever seen anyway. Ginny’s hair caught these instant washes of colored light, with her in shadow, legs akimbo, and the sexy silhouette of Mimi’s body in the foreground of that horny landscape. There was a pop with every flash, and each was greeted with shouts just outside the window. I stood to check it out. Through the gap between our closed curtains, shadows flicked by with each burst of a Roman candle; some Nationial Day celebrants were cutting loose with fireworks on a rooftop next to the hotel now that the rain had stopped. Even so, it felt like the universe was reflecting our near-bursting excitement. My eyes readjusted to the candlelight when the volley was over.

“Ooh, honey,” cooed Ginny, fingers working a downward V against her clit and slit. She slid off her bed and brazenly mock-mounted Mimi from behind, not humping, but caressing Mimi’s cheeks with that furry (proper orange!) mound of hers. I stood and met them both there in the middle, stroking the perfect skin of Mimi’s backside, soft, silky, firm—and, for the first time, taking a long look at Ginny in all her glory.

Ginny had been hiding one of the tightest, most luscious bodies I’d ever seen. She smiled at me gorgeously, enjoying my gawking attention, as my gaze fixed on what I’ll call her sleeper tits—full, ripe, peach-sized handfuls with quarter-sized aureoles and pert pink nipples, absolutely perfect on her lean frame. (I’d never noticed them till she started slutting it up on this trip.) Her hips flared out like the Fertile Crescent, ready for babymaking. (Between these two beauties, I realized then that I am definitely a hip man!) And she had nice, tight little thighs parted just enough bakımlı gaziantep escort that I caught the shadow of her fuzz again over those wet little lips of her slot. I was more than ready to get in there, I can tell you, after Mimi had started me up.

My gaze came back up to Ginny’s sweet smiling look, eyes traveling from my lips to my hair, and to my eyes again, taking me in with what could have been either adoration or out and out lust—but it was clear it was at least the latter when her eyes darted down to my engorged tool. She needed a fucking. Things were definitely going to change around our university’s foreigners’ quarters—the Panda House*.

Standing there naked before each other, over a hot little bitch on all fours, we just melted together in the sexiest embrace I’ve ever experienced. She was small compared with me, and when I took her in my big arms, she surrendered to me, relaxed, laid her head on my hairy chest, her commanding dom act completely dropped. She looked up after a minute of this, me rocking her lightly in my arms, squeezing her tight, and she offered those full pink lips, wet, and slightly parted, waiting for our first kiss.

Our tongues met before our lips, urgent, wanting. She began to tense noticeably with excitement, and our kiss deepened, our tongues probing more ardently; we wanted every particle of the other. With all this passion stirring, my cock was sure to follow, and it easily snaked up between her thighs, knocking against her sweetly popped clit bud. I could feel moisture gathering on the head, allowing me to slither a little further into Ginny’s sodden quim, hands free.

She sucked my tongue harder and, without breaking the kiss, she angled her hips and opened her legs out until I was inside her, able to slide my full length up that hot, buttery cunt to the hilt. Ginny let out a surprised cry of joy; standing up proved to hit all her right spots.

Quickly we found our rhythm and we were bucking away standing up, though Ginny rudely leaned against Mimi’s lazing ass. Mimi was looking back at us, head still in her pillow, and that sexy look she had in her eyes was priceless. I’d seen it on admiring Chinese women before. It was as if Mimi were saying, “It’s a yellow movie [porno] of my two favorite foreigners—my best, most perverted dream come true!” She was looking over her right shoulder at us as we brushed the cheeks of her ass with our humping, and I noticed her right hand tucked between her legs…taking delicious solo pleasure from our fun. There was the familiar sound of her squelching wetness—she really worked that hole!

We were starting to get uncomfortable—dare I say stiff?—so we eased back onto Mimi’s bed without missing a beat. Ginny nuzzled Mimi’s tiny A-cups as the girl turned to her, still frigging herself; Ginny tweaked and sucked those brown-berry nipples with gentle bites and loud smacking. I enjoyed the view hovering over them both, pumping away at that tight orange dreamsicle of a pussy. Both girls were gorgeous: lithe and horny and moaning. Ginny locked her feet around my middle as our groans filled the room now with every magical upstroke. She would squeeze and I would throb just as I was pulling out of that dripping-wet pussy. She clamped onto me in this heavenly kegel clench that was hardening my dick to steel with every thrust.

I was amping up to a huge load, and I wanted to dump it right in her hot, hugging little twat, but just as those sparkling waves of ultimate fulfillment began rippling through me, she instinctively squeezed that powerful pussy with all her muscles—thought I’d explode as she milked me that way—and pulled her hips back. My dick shot out with a plop, aching to reenter.

“Let’s taste him,” she whispered to Mimi conspiratorially, after sharing a deep slobbery kiss with her, “the way we’ve been fantasizing.” They had definitely been plotting this for some time—while plying each other very nicely, it appeared. bakımlı gaziantep escort bayan

In perfect tandem, both of these little sluts turned on me with an unforgettable, matching look of perfect horny desire. They cat-crawled toward me on the bed, and I stood there at the foot, grinning, a naked, erect idiot. Mimi’s hand shot out, just as eager as before to get her hands on my nice, fat didi.

She was just fascinated with it, couldn’t take her eyes off it as she jacked the shaft at a nice pace, and held on loosely. Those hands were spellbinding. Meanwhile Ginny’s tongue was out, lolling over the head, feathering the cleft like a pro and sucking the knob in and out with a pop. A bolt of pleasure shot through me, and I shivered all over, my hips spasming deliciously.

I was the luckiest man on the planet, and I knew it: “I’ve wanted you both for so long.”

“And now we have YOU!” Ginny cried, sucking me in again with a rush of inbreathed air. She waggled her head from side to side as she took all my cock down her throat in one gorgeous slurp, her tongue undulating under the shaft until it tickled my balls. Fucking incredible! Where the fuck did she learn that? I was enjoying her so much, I didn’t bother to ask.

Mimi’s eyes got wide, and she asked to try this new trick. Ginny gave her pointers: “There, yeah. Relax your throat, and don’t be afraid of it.”

“It’s so big, yeah?” said Mimi, clearly intimidated even by my modest member. It must not have felt so big when she was gagging on me in the dark. “Bigger and bigger.”

“No, you’re just psyching yourself out,” I said, unhelpfully.

She had no idea what that meant, but she renewed her attempt to make that rock-hard, throbbing cock spurt my sticky cum all over her. Mimi lunged at the underside of my cock and gave it a nice, wet, open-mouthed, sucking kiss.

That got me running again; I guided the head to her nice plump lips and slid it all into her mouth, slowly and deliberately, as she wiggled her tongue underneath…almost to the balls! “Open up a little more…mmmm, that’s right. You little dirty slut!”

“I’m dirty, I’m bad,” she said after pulling me out, gasping for breath.

“Do it again,” said Ginny, getting into the lesson. She grabbed the base of my dick and gave it another rasping shake as Mimi bobbed on the knob. She took more and more in, as before, letting her throat close down and her eyes to water adorably, lapping a little at the balls before coughing me out—then back to it again.

“Shit!” I groaned, getting impatient for that tight, tight snatch I’d sampled, so I blurted, “You gonna give me some of that wet Chinese pussy?”

“Do it in my pushy…give me an ohgashm that way, xifu,” Mimi said in a babyish voice—those Asians know how to drive a guy wild.

Ginny was feeding my cock to Mimi, so I said, “Show her how, Ginny. Put it in that tight little twat for her.”

“Oh, she knows how all right,” she said with a giggle, but she laid Mimi back in the midst of a gorgeous kiss, nipples brushing nipples, shoulder brushing against shoulder, every move smooth and intentional, in a dancer’s way. She was still hanging on to my cock, so she guided me up, brought me to that pretty apex capped with the tuft of straight, black fur.

“Put it in, put it in,” Mimi whispered breathlessly. “Fuck me, teacher.”

Ginny gave me a nice squeeze with those slender fingers of hers and swabbed that tiny slit with my oozing cock, mingling our love juices. Mimi’s pussy lips parted, releasing a flood of wetness, and as I felt the gooey warmth surround my cock, my reptilian brain kicked in with the fuck reflex—I plunged my cock in as far as it would go. She gasped, but didn’t seem to be hurting. It was like trying to fuck a beer bottle, it was so tight, but it went in just fine. Ginny was definitely adding to the feeling, still hanging on to me at the base, squeezing as if she already knew my kungfu grip escort gaziantep bakımlı bayan technique. Mimi’s pussy clamped down and it set off a throbbing, spasming, pleasure chain reaction that had us both shouting. Ginny egged me on, smacking my ass with her free hand, shouting, “Do this little bitch! She’s been begging for it!”

I had to follow orders. Ginny let go of me and legged up on the bed right over Mimi, facing the hot view as I increased my pace against that clamped-down clam. Ginny leaned down for a closer look, reaching out to rub down Mimi’s protruding clit, her ample tits swaying right over Mimi’s mouth. Mimi squealed quietly, tremulously, with each bounce of the bed. She played with those tits, too, catching each one for lip-smacking tongue play, nestling her face in the cleavage. I was in perverted ecstasy.

Once Ginny had elicited a few groans from Mimi for all the frigging of her love bud, Ginny dragged herself farther down Mimi’s body, till her pelvis rested firmly on Mimi’s face. I could just imagine Mimi slinking her tongue up to Ginny’s own dripping hot little button, taking the lips and hood into her mouth for a good tonguing slurp, nose buried in her slit. I wanted to taste that too, but this tight China girl twat was not to be denied.

Mimi had intense muscle control—a sign of deep experience for someone so young! She could open jars of pickled turnip with that fucking twat. Again and again, she milked my cock in a regular rhythm, bringing so much force down through her kegels that it didn’t even compare with my own fist tugging at me. I felt every millimeter of her cock sleeve, right down to the tiniest little nub. It felt like ten tongues swabbing even the glans; I had to be bumping against the cervix every time she squeezed like that.

Ginny had zeroed in on the transit of our fucking, wrapping her arms under Mimi’s thighs, lolling Mimi’s clit and stealing a lick of my wet cock on the uptake. Ginny’s fingers even tickled at my balls from underneath—it was a total sensory overload. These secret sluts were bringing this old dog to the biggest climax of his life. The waves began, and it felt like my middle just opened up, ready to cut loose and flood that tiny quim with spunk.

“I’m gonna cum!” I managed to say between gasps for air, “Where ya wannit!”

“On my face! Cum all over my face,” cried Ginny, who was driving me mad with this talk. “Do me like a proper fucking whore!”

That was it for me. My cock started growing and spasming immediately, and Mimi’s own spasms echoed my climax. I knew she wouldn’t be on birth control, and it was probably too late already, but I pulled out, much as I hated to, and blasted all over poor sweet Ginny’s sexy face. All up her nose, in both eyes, in her hair—I ruined her! But she took it like a champ, and even thanked me for it. Oh, the pleasure was all mine. I guided my blinded sex bunny to a towel, and we pushed two beds together and cuddled with our exhausted tyro for the short hours until morning, trading kisses and copping feels the whole time.

We filled the rest of that weekend with shopping and sightseeing and sex, the highlight being the last night, when Mimi and I fucked Ginny’s holes with fingers and my cock. I thumbfucked Ginny with a finger in her asshole—she’d never tried the backdoor. She seemed to like it, quivering and bucking and gasping like a madwoman…a promise of good things to cum.

When the last morning finally arrived, we hadn’t slept a wink, but as Romeo said, “The sweeter rest was mine.” We washed up separately and packed our things as if nothing unusual had happened, despite that wrecked bed in the middle, which was very suspicious to the maid service, I’m sure.

All the way home on a bumpy mini-bus and the train, though, we sat together on the bench seat, heads on shoulders, bodies draped on bodies a little too familiarly, as we tried to sleep off that amazing, life-changing weekend. Their scents were mingled on my every finger, and I shared that with my sexy girls, passing my hands under their noses, to furtive smiles and gropes. This was definitely the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


< Students like Mimi would visit us like a zoo attraction at the aptly-nicknamed Panda House, and after this trip, Ginny and I started getting funny ideas about some of the others. To be explored in upcoming issues! --FGs ] © 2010 The Filthy Gingers

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