I spent the morning cleaning and dressing the boat. It was overcast and the breeze was fitful and against my coming away from the dock under sail. While I have an auxiliary motor, I try never to use it. For some reason, nobody else was around. A big football game or something must have been on. I had a sandwich I had packed for lunch and was taking all my cleaning gear back to my truck when a car pulled up. There were two couples in it, a bit older than me, probably in their fifties. They asked if I minded if they had a picnic on the dock. I told them to be my guest and they took a big basket and cooler down and began to look around.

They liked my boat, a thirty-two foot sloop, and, of course, wanted to come on board. The men stepped on board, and I handed the ladies aboard too. I noticed they were well endowed and not wearing anything but skirts and knit tops. One of them noticed that I noticed and gave me a big smile. She took me by the arm and asked me to show her around. We went forward and looked at the rigging and my pristine decks. In the cockpit I showed her the wheel and boom rigging and how the boom moved. Then she asked to go below. So, down we went.

The quarters are kind of close in a boat that size, but there was a tiny galley and two bunks. She squeezed by me and her full breasts were pressed against me as she passed. She paused and put her hands on my waist and pulled me to her.

“Oh, I almost fell,” she said and looked me right in the eye.”

Here, I’ll hold you,” I answered and pulled her closer. “I hope your husband and friend won’t get the wrong idea if they see us?”

She smiled and said, “I think they were hoping for just that reaction. They want me to ask you to take us out for a sail. We’ll make it fun and worth your while.” As she said the last she pushed against me harder and I was certainly getting harder.

“When do you have to be back,” I asked?

“When do you have to be back,” she countered.

I thought for a minute before I said, “When we have run out of food booze and energy. Sunday some time?”

“I’m Ann. My husband is Larry. Jane is my friend and her husband is Pete.”

“I’m Tom.”

She led me back up on deck and told the others to bring the food and wine aboard.

“We are going for a sail for along as the food the wine and our energy lasts and Tom is ready to play with us as long as we last”.

The men jumped back on the dock and loaded the coolers aboard. I had them stowed below and put the ladies in the cockpit while I got the sails up and cast off. Fitful breeze or no we were going out under sail. The gods were kind and an off shore breeze of about five or six knots filled our sails and we glided away from the dock and out of the river’s mouth like a mirage. As soon as we got clear of the land and moved off shore I began to run along the strand about a mile off shore. As arap escort I was setting the lines to keep her steady Ann peeled of her shirt and Jane followed immediately. I had an eyeful of beautiful full breasts and nipples that were standing attention to the caress of the breeze. As the ladies moved around, their breasts swayed and moved in the most seductive way. Larry went below and came right back with wine for everybody. Then he and Pete pulled off their shorts and shirts. They instantly made the two women pull of their skirts. Then they turned to me.

“OK, Captain Tom, we have a dress code on board. Nobody can be dressed! Here I’ll take the wheel. I spent twenty years in the Navy and I came to learn a few things about this sort of thing. You go sit down with the ladies and take a break while I handle this sweet boat. ”

With encouragement like that I sat down between the two ladies and savored a very good wine while the ladies chatted and sat close. At one time or another each had their arm around me and or their hand on my thigh. With my non drinking hand I reached an arm behind each of them in turn and cradled a breast in my hand. Their skin was like velvet. Their nipples were as firm as could be. Before long, my cock was beginning to do more than just swell. The pre-cum was glistening on the head and it was getting hard. Pete noticed and refilled my wine glass remarking that I was going to need the energy. Jane reached down and lifted my cock and began to talk to it and stroke it while Ann made suggestions about what might come next and who might do it. They agreed to share it and Jane went first with slow sucking and stroking. Ann straddled me high up and pushed her beautiful tits in my face I began to suck each nipple as she presented it, stroking and twirling the other when it was out of my mouth. She pressed her pussy against my belly and rubbed her clit on it. From time to time as she arched her back to press downward Jane would give her asshole a lick and Ann would moan with pleasure. After a few minutes they swapped places and I was treated to another array of hard nipples.

Jane stopped after a minute or two and picked up my wine glass. She smiled as she poured it over her breasts and I was quick to lick as much as I could from those beautiful mounds. A good bit ran down my belly and Ann told us to give her more. Pete told Larry to come give me a hand. He made each girl lie down on the cushions on each side of the cockpit and then he poured a small bit of wine in each belly button. I sipped Ann’s and he sipped Jane’s. Then we changed and had another shot. We changed back again and he poured the wine on their pussies. I got down and slurped it up giving her clit a good licking and parting her lips to be sure I had good contact and a taste of her pussy juice. She arched her body up and I grabbed her cheeks escort arap in both hands so I could lift her up and plunge my tongue into her. It was all tongue and fingers as I slurped and sucked and pushed home my fingers. I got my fingers wet and slick with her pussy juice and then slid a finger into her asshole and one into her pussy. All the time I was licking and sucking her clit,. she was moaning and shouting

“Fuck me. Fuck me. Don’t stop! Oh yes! Oh, yesss!”

She grabbed my head and held my mouth hard against her pussy and exploded with a flood of juice that washed my face and shot onto my chest.

“Now get up and fuck her hard, man, while her pussy is still pulsing,” Pete shouted.

I did not need to be told twice. I reared back and moved between her legs to shove my hard pulsing dick into her. I slid in like silk, and her muscles grabbed it, it felt like it would be crushed as I rammed her again and again. I could hear Jane giving cries as Larry’s cock jammed into her as his balls slapped against her ass. The rhythmic slapping was as exciting to hear as the sucking noise made by my cock as it pistoned into the delicious pussy below me. When I was about to cum I pulled out and fired ropes of my sticky juice all the way to her face and tits and down her belly. Pete, pulled me back to take the wheel and licked my cum off of her belly and then slid his purple, steel hard cock into her to cum again.

Exhausted we all sat around laughing and panting. Pete still had his cock in Ann, but it was shrinking fast, and he had a hard time holding it in. When it finally popped out she licked it clean, and he went down to bring up the lunch.

The wine and beer and sandwiches were all passed around and we settled down to good food. Then Jane found the carrots. She waved one aloft triumphantly and then began to lick and suck it with great passion. Shiny with her juices she put it between her beautiful full breasts then teased it down her belly to her pussy She slipped it deep into her and began to play with her clit while we all watched and cheered her on. Ann took another one out and did the same with hers, but instead of putting it in her own pussy, she added it to Jane’s. Soon she was between Jane’s legs manipulating the carrots and sucking on Jane’s slippery clit. She pulled one out and inserted it into Jane’s asshole and began to thrust them both in and out vigorously until Jane’s body arched up from the cushions and a great moan of ecstasy drowned out our cheers. Ann pulled the carrots out and passed them around for snacks. She then took a beer bottle and lying on her back inserted it and held it up right.

Pete said, “Watch this!” as he opened the bottle.

When he held a cup between he legs she rolled her hips down ward and poured a neat cup full of beer. Jane tried the same thing but spilled arap escort bayan some of the beer.

The warmth of the noonday sun and the beer caused all to settle down to a siesta for an hour or two. I stayed awake to manage the boat and keep everything going smoothly. It was fun to sit there surrounded by naked sleeping bodies. A couple of other boats cruised past us close enough to see us clearly and gave us a big smile and wave. Around three thirty a big cruiser passed us fairly close. At first all I could see of the passengers was a guy at the wheel and three female heads looking at us from the cockpit. He rolled on by but began a long slow turn down wind and came back around to come along side on our lee. As he throttled back to keep pace, the three girls came out of the cockpit as naked as Eve. He waved and called out a Hail. The sound woke my friends and the sat up to look at the same beautiful sight I was enjoying.

“Can we join you or would you like to join us? We have a bit more room than you do.”

The conference did not take more than a minute.

“I’ll heave to and you come along side. We will join you.” It only took a few minutes to come into the wind, lower and lash the sails and pass a tow from my boat to his as soon as all the people were on board his boat. By the time, I got aboard every body was laughing and chattering away like old friends. The big boat’s skipper was Paul.

“Glad to see you man. These girls were giving me a work out.

I laughed and told him his day wasn’t over yet as Ann and Jane came over and put their arms around him. A leggy brunette with a smile like a tigress came up to me and told me her name was Puss. I told her that was my favorite girls’ name and took her in my arms. Larry was left to take the wheel while Pete had the other two girls. I think they swapped the duty later but never had a chance to see.

Puss loved oral both giving and receiving so we spent a lot of time in sixty-nine with her on top or me on top followed by frantic thrusting as I fucked her pussy and her ass. From somewhere, she got a dildo and pushed it into my ass. When she sucked me and licked me, my cum literally exploded. It felt like the head of my cock had been torn off it was so violent, but she took almost all of it and swallowed it as it pumped into her. The drops she could not control, I licked away as we lay together on the deck.

Paul came to me about a half hour before dark and told me we were almost back to my marina. He asked if we wanted to head in. I checked with my friends and they thought it time to head for home. Puss asked me, what was she to do now. I asked what she wanted to do and without a thought she said come with me. We all got back on my boat and had pulled away with a lot of happy goodbyes and promises to do it again, when I noticed that Puss had not brought any clothes with her. When I asked if she wanted me to chase Paul and get them, she told me not to worry, her friends would bring them to her on Monday.

“But you can’t go anywhere like that until Monday.”

“I won’t be going anywhere till Monday and neither will you!” And then she smiled that tigress smile again.

The End

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