Violetwoods are Blue Ch. 03

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Victoria went over for the seventeenth time that morning over her bland, watery eggs what had happened between her and Lola two weeks before. Now she was swamped with finals; she cursed herself for taking on the required seven classes, plus the three classes at the local community college. She had taken three classes at the community college ever quarter for the past year and nine months in order to get her pre-requisites out of the way in order to qualify as a junior and not a freshman upon first entering college.

Now, on one of her last Saturdays before high school let out, she had nothing to do. With all of her college finals finished, having aced all of them, any self-respecting high school senior would be cramming for their more important finals. However, with a week and a half left, three of her seven classes had already been taken up by two essays and one oral report…oddly for Lola’s class, making her think about eating her pussy the whole time. She had picked a spot on the white washed wall and kept her eyes glued to it.

“Tori?” asked Mom, breaking her reverie of her future. “Could you please pass the OJ if you’re not having any?”

“If you knew me at all, you’d know that I despise OJ,” Victoria snapped back at Murphy, handing her the carton. “He should not have been acquitted. He clearly killed Nicole. Have you ever seen that footage of his verdict? Fucking smug look on his face…”

Murphy looked at her oldest daughter, shocked at the outburst. Looking at Gloria, they nodded to each other and asked Justine to leave the table. Justine complied, of course, because she was the perfect child.

“Sweetheart, we really have to talk to you,” Gloria began.

Victoria rolled her eyes. “Right. The word ‘fucking’ is not appropriate. I’m sorry. I’ll go apologize to Justine and then I’ll get out of here. You only have time for your real daughter anyhow,” she said, getting to her feet.

“Victoria Alexandra Spezia-James, sit your butt down while we’re talking to you,” Murphy said, and Victoria instantly sat down again, cursing her childhood loyalty.

“Yes, Mom…”

“Apologize to Mama,” Murphy said.

“Sorry, Mama…”

“Now,” Murphy said, wiping her face with her napkin and setting it down, “I got a call from Grandma and Grams the other day. With the new case getting its verdict, I had to be on-hand to the client constantly…”

“The point. I don’t want you wasting your precious time on me,” Victoria said, contemplating if whether or not her inedible eggs would be better with ketchup.

“They said that you saw Richard Norwood,” said Gloria, putting on her principal’s voice.

Victoria felt herself whiten. She really thought that Grandma and Grams would’ve kept this visit under wraps, but apparently she was mistaken. “Did they now?”

“Now we know you’re over eighteen, so we had no right to stop you,” Murphy put in. “I just want you to appreciate how potentially dangerous that situation was, going to a prison, that you put yourself in…”

Victoria nodded. “I know. Norwood has some mental problems.”

Gloria sighed. “He’s a convicted serial killer, sex offender, and child molester, Victoria. His problems are beyond just mental ones.”

Victoria spread her hands. “What do you want me to say? What do you expect from me? I work my ass off in school so you’ll stay off my back, which you’ve done since freshman year and then some. I decided ever since about a year of Justine’s diagnosis that I wanted as far away from here as possible.”

“Why would you want that, love?” asked Murphy, confused.

“You have got to be kidding me,” she said, looking between her mothers. “This right here, what we’re doing right now, never happens because you’re either working at your offices, here at home, or seeing to Justine.”

“That’s not–” Gloria began.

“And don’t you dare tell me that’s not true!” Victoria said, feeling the tears come. “You don’t even know anything about me because of escort your precious jobs and your real daughter…”

“Now that’s uncalled for,” Murphy said, shaking her head. “You are our real daughter, Victoria.”

“No, I’m not. I’ll always be your adopted daughter that you’ll never love like you love Justine.” She got to her feet, shaking her head. “In fact, I’m probably keeping you from her. Your real daughter is probably eavesdropping right now, anyhow. I’ll be out of here as soon as finals are over, anyhow. That apartment in Bellingham was probably a bribe anyway, but it’s a beautiful bribe and a wonderful escape. You can convert my bedroom into something for your real daughter as soon as I’m gone,” Victoria said, turning away to hide her tears.

“Victoria sit down!” Murphy said firmly, and Victoria sat, keeping her eyes lowered so as they couldn’t see her face. “How could you say that we don’t know anything about your life? Prom is tonight. Aren’t you excited to go with Miles? You’ve been talking about it since September…”

Victoria sighed. “Yeah, I’m not gonna go to that, especially with someone straight…”

Gloria looked at Murphy before turning back to Victoria. “Um, honey? Is there something important that you wanted to tell us?”

Victoria shook her head. “I don’t want to tell either of you anything. You lost that right as soon as you successfully forgot about me.”

Gloria slammed her fist down upon the breakfast table, something very out of character for her. “This attitude of yours is unacceptable, Victoria. Either tell us what’s going on with you, or you’re grounded.”

“Um, love, she’s eighteen,” Murphy said gently, touching Gloria’s arm.

Gloria sighed. “Just please answer me, Victoria. Please.”

Victoria looked at them full in the face at that moment. She had considered looking down or looking away, but she just wanted to get it over with. “Fine, you want the truth? I’m gay. I’m a lesbian, and I broke up with Miles because it was wrong to lead him on. I would appreciate it if I could go to my room now, please…”

Without hesitation this time, Victoria got to her feet quickly and walked down the hall. Justine was standing there, her eyes wide. Victoria glared at her.

“If you weren’t sick I’d…” She shook her head, realizing that it wasn’t worth it and walked upstairs to her room and slammed and locked the door behind her. She threw herself onto her bed and began to sob.

Miles had messaged her about an hour after that and informed her that he still had their prom tickets. Since he hadn’t asked anyone else, he asked if they could go as friends. Wanting more than anything to get out of there, Victoria quickly accepted.

She had gotten the dress and the shoes about a month before the break up, so she had everything she needed for the evening. She readied herself quickly and, at seven-fifteen, Miles arrived to pick her up.

Murphy and Gloria had, unsurprisingly, taken Justine to something for the night, so no prom photographs were taken. Victoria got into the limo and sat beside Miles, grateful that he only held her hand. They arrived at the dance at a nightclub Downtown, posing for a picture outside before heading inside into the flashing disco lights, where the hit of the summer, some new Taylor Swift song or something, was pumping over the giant speakers.

Beth Henry, who had long harbored a crush on Miles, casually asked him to dance, and Victoria encouraged him to go for it. Victoria then spotted the stereotypical punch bowl and filled a red plastic cup with it, sipping it slowly as she looked around the room. Of course, of course, Lola was one of the chaperones, looking beyond gorgeous in a mermaid dark green dress which was finished in black lace.

“Great dance,” Lola said quietly.

Victoria nodded. “Yeah.”

“How are you?”


“Why is your date dancing with Beth Henry?” asked Lola.

Victoria shrugged. “Because he escort bayan wants to,” she replied as an 90’s song, “Hey Ho, Let’s Go” by the Ramones just finished on the speakers.

“Hungry Eyes” by Eric Carmen stared up then.

“I love this song,” Victoria and Lola said at the same time.

They stared at each other.

“Are you…?”

“Hungry for you?” asked Lola. “All day, every day. I mean… I’m sorry. I didn’t treat you right. Clearly I have some issues that have to be resolved.”

“We all do,” Victoria replied. She turned and looked at Miles and Beth, who clearly seemed to be having a good time that night. “You know…we are in a hotel/nightclub…”

Lola’s eyes widened. “Okay. If you get a room, it won’t look as suspicious. You could text me the room number and I could sneak up the back way to your room.”

Victoria’s heart leapt. She set down her punch and winked at Lola before stepping out of the dance floor area and walked up to the concierge at the front desk. “One of your finest suites, please,” she said, handing over her credit card.

After getting her room key, she walked up to the elevator. Pressing the button, the doors seemed to immediately open before her. Looking down at the key as the doors closed behind her, she read the numbers 690. As she rode up the elevator, she texted Lola the room number and then Miles to tell him to take Beth home and to have a great night, as she had taken a cab because she was tired and wanted to get back home.

The elevator doors dinged open on the sixth floor and she walked along the carpeted hallway towards the suite she had just gotten. Opening the door, she admired the white and cream coloring and the fine quality leather furniture as she walked about. The bright chrome mini fridge held sparkling cider, a touch which made Victoria laugh.

She removed her dress and admired herself in the floor-length mirror. Her undergarments could easily be described as naughty and sexy, and she became wet at the thought of what Lola would do to her that night. A soft knock came at the door then and she went quickly to answer it. Lola stared up at the door from the peephole, and Victoria quickly threw it open and pulled her inside.

“So I think maybe we should–” Lola began, but was quickly silenced by Victoria slamming her mouth against hers.

Victoria’s tongue quickly found Lola’s and they soon found themselves intertwined with one another. Gripping each other tightly, Victoria pulled Lola into the master bedroom with a king-sized bed and an elegant pale green duvet which shown slightly in the high-quality hotel lighting. Victoria had already pulled all the curtains shut for maximum privacy.

Victoria easily got Lola out of her dress, and proceeded to slowly pull down her stockings, kissing each part of her leg which came into view. Lola began to squirm as Victoria’s tongue came out and licked all the way up and down Lola’s legs. She made her way back up her lover’s legs again, inhaling her pussy slightly before kissing it lightly, causing Lola to gasp aloud. Victoria giggled at that and continued up Lola’s belly, sticking her tongue briefly into the older woman’s navel.

“Oh!” Lola gasped.

“Shh,” Victoria returned quietly, gently reaching under her and unhooking Lola’s bra. The bra fell under Lola’s ample breasts, which Victoria promptly took into her mouth, sucking greedily, all the while amused by Lola’s squirms, gasps, and occasional, “Oh fuck!” She then barred her teeth and gently pulled back and forth on her lover’s nipples.

“Fuck, I can feel that right in my pussy,” Lola whispered in Victoria’s ear.

“That’s the point,” replied Victoria, amused.

Lola quickly grabbed Victoria by the waist and flipped her around so that the younger girl’s ass was in her face, to which she smiled in approval. She could see the wet mark on Victoria’s panties, and this excited her greatly, and filled her with a great desire to make her bayan escort even wetter than that.

Gently, Lola smacked Victoria’s perfect ass, and Victoria’s whimper of approval excited Lola more than anything. She then took ahold of Victoria’s panties and yanked them down, pleased to have her younger lover’s ass fully exposed to her. She put her face closer and inhaled, the sweet scent of Victoria’s pussy filling her nostrils.

She inserted two fingers into her mouth and sucked them briefly before inserting two fingers into the mouth of her lover’s pussy. Victoria immediately gasped and proceeded to rock back and forth against Lola’s fingers. “Oh fuck, fuck me, Lola…!” she demanded, going back and forth on Lola’s fingers faster and faster.

“Of course, my love,” Lola said, leaning forward so as her breast made contact with Victoria’s back and became hard as Victoria pushed herself closer and closer to her. “Do you like what I’m doing to you?”

“So much… OH!” cried Victoria.

“Yeah, that’s right. Get wetter for me, baby. You like it when I finger fuck your pussy, don’t you, baby?”

“You make me so wet, Lola… Fuck!” she cried, squirming even faster now. And then she began to shake. “Oh, I’m going to come…”

“That’s right. You can. Go on and come for me, baby.”

“Fuuuck I’m coming!” cried Victoria, shuddering around Lola’s finger, and shaking under her hold on her.

Lola’s finger then became dripping wet and she removed it slowly from Victoria’s pussy. She tasted one finger before grinning and offering Victoria her other finger. “Do you like tasting yourself on my fingers?”

Victoria nodded, her eyes hazy and drunk with pleasure. She then turned around and gently pushed Lola back onto the pillows, knowing exactly what she had to do. She then proceeded to yank down her lover’s panties and looked down for a moment at Lola’s pussy, fascinated at how different it looked from her own. She then inched closer and closer, inhaling its sweet scent, making her legs turn immediately to jelly.

“It’s okay, baby. Take your time.”

Victoria smiled at her lover’s words and went closer. Sticking her tongue out, she made it into a point before gently stimulating Lola’s clit. Lola’s clit instantly grew in size at the moment that Victoria touched it orally, and she pushed herself right up to Victoria’s mouth, which opened automatically and proceeded to munch upon Lola’s delicious pussy.

“Oh, baby, that’s great…”

Victoria didn’t reply, but stuck her tongue out and inserted it into Lola’s pussy, causing her to moan loudly. The older woman reached out and gently put her hands around Victoria’s head and pushed her right up against her pussy, so as Victoria’s nose stimulated her clit and her tongue continued to fuck her pussy.

“Fuck, Victoria, don’t stop!” she cried, pushing her closer still. And then she shuddered against the younger girl and fell flat against the pillows.

Victoria crawled up Lola’s body and lay beside her, their legs intertwining together. “I really missed you,” she said softly. “I just… I felt lost.”

Lola smiled, reaching out and gently pushing some of Victoria’s hair behind her head. “I’m glad. Because you know what? I missed you, too.”

Victoria smiled, lowering her eyes as her cheeks gently flushed. “Where do we go from here?”

Lola smiled, kissing Victoria’s forehead and pulling her close. “Well, you’ve got a few finals left and then graduation. I guess…”

“What?” Victoria asked, pulling back to stare into Lola’s face.

“I may have put in a job application at a high school in Bellingham…”

“You did?!” cried Victoria. “Were you interviewed?!”

Lola nodded. “Yes. Last week.”

“Well, what happened?!”

“Long story short, they offered me the job. I’d start in September.”

“Would we live together?”

“Would you like to live together?”

“Duh!” said Victoria, slapping Lola’s ass and sharing a grin. “Coming home to that fine ass every day… That would never get old.”

Lola grinned, kissing Victoria. “So,” she said, putting out her right manicured hand, “girlfriends?” she asked.

Victoria grinned. “Girlfriends,” she replies, shaking Lola’s hand.

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