Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 21

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Gently cradling Maggie in the crook of his left arm, Tristan angled a warm bottle of formula, placing the rubber nipple against her lips. Immediately she latched on, sucking down the milk while gazing up at his face.

Gazing right back, Tristan watched as she took in the nourishment, eyes big, bright, and wide as she intently studied her father’s face.

“Hungry, aren’t you?” Lightly smirking, Tristan noticed the loud smacking noises that she was making.

As if to prove even further that she was enjoying the milk, Maggie grasped the baby bottle, her tiny, delicate fingers pressing against the glass object. Pleased that she was feeding so well, Tristan gently rocked back and forth, allowing the gliding motion of the chair to lull her into a state of contentedness.

Holding her right up against his chest, Tristan made sure to keep steady eye contact, wanting the bond they’d been steadily building to strengthen even further.

Deepening with every day, the love he felt for her was becoming immense, this all-consuming emotion that surpassed the strongest affection he had ever felt. Sure romantic love was a wonderful thing, but the type of love that he felt for Maggie was something on a whole other level.

Beyond pure it was eternal, a pure happiness that fed his heart and soul, gave him a meaning beyond what he’d ever know. Simply put, Maggie was everything to him now, and he knew he would always do whatever it took to keep her safe and happy.

With only a bit of liquid in the bottle remaining, Maggie’s sucking on the nipple became less, her eagerness slowly dwindling as her lids began to draw down. Snuggling her deeper into his arms, Tristan watched as her eyes became heavier, eventually lowering down to slits before finally closing all the way. Not wanting to disturb the baby’s slumber, Tristan gingerly pulled the bottle away, then placed it on the coffee table nearby.

Simply watching her now, Tristan stared at her tiny face, admiring the miniature sized nose and delicate, cupid-bow lips. She was so perfect that he couldn’t stop staring, and lowering his lips to her face, placed a tiny kiss on her puffy cheek. Perhaps responding to her father’s loving gesture, Maggie emitted a faint noise – one so delicate and cute that his heart went all warm with adoration.

Still propelling the rocking chair with his feet, Tristan watched the rise and fall of his daughter’s chest, her tiny grunts and moans reaching his ears as she fell into a deeper sleep. Then, the most adorable sound of all began to drift from her mouth.

Maggie was snoring.

Sounding to him like a gentle snuffle combined with a tiny squeak, the sound was so utterly adorable that Tristan just had to chuckle. His lips curled as he continued to listen, eyes gleaming with joy as she peacefully slept.

Consumed with unbelievable pride, he now marveled at Maggie’s existence. He still found it difficult to believe that he himself had helped to create her, that his own blood was running through her veins, that his DNA was actually inside of her teeny body.

For the longest he had wondered what his purpose was all about, why everyone else seemed to live these lives so rich and varied, while he felt strangely awkward and almost always out of place. Things had gotten much better once he’d met Claudia, and she had enriched his life in a way that was undeniable, but now that he had Maggie, he felt less of a need to be loved in that romantic way.

Sure he missed Claudia in a very deep way, because she was unquestionably sexy, not to mention so loving and caring towards him, but Maggie was his priority now, so sitting around pining about losing his girlfriend wouldn’t be a benefit to him at all.

Tristan placed a soft, sweet kiss in the center of Maggie’s forehead, and after standing to put her in the crib, pulled a tiny blanket up over her form. Staring at her for a few minutes, he admired the way she looked in her pink onesie and beanie cap. Then after getting his fill of a good, long look, Tristan reclined on the couch right next to her.

Pulling a blanket up over his body, he soon joined his daughter in sleep.

* * * *

Easily identified by a neon pink sign of a dancing girl, The Flamingo Club was in a seedier area of Bozeman. Housed in a white, windowless building with a large pink awning, it had the look of an establishment that was well-maintained. The parking lot only held fifteen cars, so small and cramped that Lucas had to really work at squeezing his Chevy in.

On first stepping out of his truck and into the cold night, the sound of music blaring reached his ears. It was some trance tune, loaded with thumping beats that filled his ear drums.

The bouncer at the door was a meaty type, reminding Lucas of Mr. Clean but with a youthful face. The look he gave Lucas was hard, one clearly meant to intimidate and instill fear, but Lucas only stared back, showing his ID before walking in.

As soon as he bypassed the double pink doors he was hit with a wave escort bayan of music, so loud and boisterous it could be physically felt. The interior was dimly lit, with pink lights built into the floor and leading the way into a large, open room. Circular tables covered the shiny black tile, while high-back leather couches were situated against mirrored walls.

Shifting his attention to the stage, Lucas noticed a sensuous brunette in a hot pink fishnet dress. Slinkily and with undeniable skill, she slid down the pole to kneel on stage, then crawled on all fours towards the men in the front row.

Hooting and hollering in response, many of the guys immediately reacted, some throwing dollar bills at her while others sat transfixed at her voluptuous form. Lucas, however, was shifting his eyes all around the club, trying to determine how he would find the particular stripper that he wanted.

Spotting a neon-lit bar in the very back, Lucas took off towards it, walking with quick, purposeful steps as he passed several scantily clad waitresses. As the bartender saw him coming she offered a smile and leaned against the counter, which in turn made her ample bosom nearly spill out of her V-neck top.

Ordinarily Lucas would have taken a nice, long look, or even flirted right back in hopes of getting some action. But tonight he was on a mission for Claudia, so his overactive libido would just have to take a backseat.

“Hi.” As he came even closer the female bartender’s eyes lit up, gaze taking in his impressive height before studying his well-proportioned features.

“Hello.” Now standing right in front of her, Lucas kept his eyes squarely on her face. “I’m looking for this girl named Roxy. Is she by any chance working tonight?”

“Yeah, Roxy’s here. She’s upstairs with a customer right now, but should be out in just a few minutes.”

“Okay.” Leaning against the counter, Lucas took a moment to eye the various patrons in the club.

“If you’d like something to drink while waiting for Roxy I’ll prepare it,” the bartender said. “Can’t pour you any alcohol though, unless you show me proof that you’re eighteen.”

“Nothing to drink for me, thanks,” Lucas said, and his gaze immediately shifted back to the customers who were sitting on the floor.

“So if you don’t mind me asking, what’s the deal with you and Roxy?” Still leaning against the counter, the female bartender wore an inquisitive look. “She a favorite of yours, or do you know her in a personal way?”

“I don’t know her at all,” Lucas replied. “She was recommended to me by a friend, so I thought I’d stop by and check her out in person.”

“Which friend?” She curiously asked.

“Just someone I know.” Not liking her nosiness, Lucas purposely kept his eyes focused on the stage.

“Okay.” Seeming to accept that he didn’t feel like talking, she grabbed a rag, then wiped down the jet black counter that ran the length of the neon-lit bar.

As Lucas waited for Roxy to appear, he watched the various people that surrounded him, noting how the clientele was a mixture of all types. While some of the patrons were men dressed in suits, others were college-aged guys, the rowdy type who cat-called and hooted at every stripper. There were even a few couples at some of the tables, laughing and talking as they ogled the dancers together.

As a few minutes turned into ten, Lucas decided it would be best to take a seat. He didn’t want to draw too much attention to himself, just in case somebody was watching and started to get curious about his presence.

Spotting an empty table in the back of the club, Lucas started towards it. Upon reaching it, he had a seat in one of the red leather chairs, then sat back and waited for the appearance of Roxy.

Thick with stale smoke and the smell of cheap perfume, the club had a vibe that was slightly gritty, yet laid back enough for him not to be on edge. Although relatively small it was packed with strippers, some dancing on stage in pairs while others grinded against customers on the couches.

A few were even taking some of the customers to a second level, and figuring it was some kind of VIP area, Lucas focused his gaze on the stairs which led up to it. His attention rapidly shifted, however, as he noticed someone heading his way.

Dressed in only a g-string and heart-shaped pasties, the dancer who approached had a Brigitte Bardot bouffant. Deep auburn in color, it contrasted her milky white skin beautifully. Her heels were dizzyingly high, making her already long legs stand out and really capture the eye, and as she came closer to where Lucas sat, he knew for sure that she had to be Roxy.

Undeniably seductive, she moved at a slow, slinky pace, allowing him to get a real good look at her body. But just as his libido began to rear its ugly head, Lucas pushed it back down so it was smothered.

“Heard you were looking for me.” Now standing right in front of Lucas, she gazed down at him with bright green eyes.

“You bayan escort Roxy?” Lucas asked.

“Of course. Who else would I be?” A gentle smile touched her bright pink lips. “So, what can I do for you tonight, stud?”

Reaching into the pocket of his flannel jacket, Lucas retrieved the matchbook he’d brought along, holding it up for Roxy to see.

“You gave this to a guy some months ago, most likely back in October. Tell me who he is, and It’d be a real big help.”

Taking the matchbook from his hand, Roxy had a closer look. “Well I don’t give my number out to a whole lotta guys, so I definitely could narrow it down to just two.”

With an inquisitiveness Lucas stared at her, impatiently waiting for her to spill the beans.

“But before I tell you anything, I gotta know the reason behind it. I don’t wanna be involved in anything shady, you know?”

“You won’t be involved at all,” Lucas promised. “I just need a name and a physical description. That’s it, you’ve got my word.”

Watching him with her brilliant green eyes, Roxy seemed to be thinking over whether or not she wanted to tell. Biting her lower lip she stalled for time, lowering her eyes to Lucas’s clothing before lifting them slowly back up to his face. By this time, however, Lucas had grown impatient, annoyance in his features as he stared her down.

“Buy a lap dance and I’ll tell you anything you want,” Roxy said.

“How about I just give you the money?”

“You don’t want a lap dance?”

“No time for one,” he said. “I’m just here to gather some quick information.”

Leaning over Lucas, she rested one hand against the back of his chair. She then angled her body so that her breasts nearly touched his face, and unable to do more except look at the heart-shaped pasties on her nipples, Lucas rapidly blinked to break the spell. Yet clearly wanting to maintain full control, Roxy reached out to touch his thigh, caressing her palm up and down the length of it.

“Never had a guy turn down a lap dance before.”

“I told you, I don’t have the time,” he quickly responded.

“So make time.” Now lowering her face so it was in front of his, she parted her lips in a seductive way.

Undeniably tempted, Lucas felt his crotch go warm as blood rushed into it. The young, horny, and male part of him was shouting yes, that a short lap dance would do no harm against his cause. But deep down inside he knew better than to give in, and reminding himself that Claudia’s rapist was roaming free, mustered all of his willpower to just say no.

“Look, this is serious, alright?” His brows were furrowing, hand reaching down to remove her palm from his thigh. “One of the guys you gave this matchbook to is responsible for a rape. It happened back in October, on Halloween night, so I really need to know who he is.”

“He raped someone?”

Lucas nodded.


“A good friend of mine. And she’s real special to me, so I’m not leaving here without some answers.”

“Well shit, sorry to hear that.” Taking a seat beside him, Roxy gave him a serious look. “I had no idea that the guy was a rapist.”

“So you know which one he is, then…”

“What do you mean?” She lightly frowned.

“You told me you’d given your number to two guys. So you can narrow it down to only one, correct?”

With a shake of her head, she confirmed his question.

“Great. So which one is he?”

“Well one of them was young, twenty-one years old, and from the reservation. The other was a white guy in his fifties, and in a wheelchair, so I doubt he’d have the ability to rape anyone.”

“The guy who is twenty-one, what’s his name and physical description?”

“The name he gave me was Jesse. He’s around six foot with short black hair, and has a tattoo on his left bicep.”

“What’s it of?” Lucas asked.

“Gemini symbol with skulls.”

“Anything else that stood out to you? Identifying birthmarks, body type, any scars?”

“Well you can tell he works out, so I guess you could say he’s kinda muscular. He also has a birthmark on his back,” Roxy replied.

“Is it square shaped?”

“As a matter of fact, yes. But how did you know? I thought he was a stranger to you.”

“He is,” Lucas said, but not wanting to elaborate on what Tristan had told him, Lucas continued on with another question. “So I’m guessing he’s a regular here.”

“Friday nights mostly, but every now and again he’ll show up on a Saturday.”

“Any idea if he’ll show up tonight?”

“Nope, he’s working at the casino.”

“Which one?” Lucas asked.

“I don’t know,” she responded. “Whichever one the Blackfeet tribe owns.”

“That would be Glacier Peaks.” Lucas’s tone had gone deeper, eyes becoming hard as he flexed his jaw. “You wouldn’t happen to know what kind of car he drives, would you?”

“Yeah, a black SUV. I know because he took he took me for a ride in it a few times. Real nice car, too. A Lincoln Navigator, I think.”

“Alright, well thanks. escort This info really helps a lot.”

“No problem,” Roxy replied, but as Lucas shifted his weight to get out of the chair, she rested a palm against his shoulder.

“You’re kinda young, but real cute. I don’t usually give my number out to random guys, but I think we could have some fun together. Outside of the club, of course.”

“Didn’t you give your number to Jesse as well?” Lucas asked. “You know, the shithead who raped my friend?”

“I want to give you my *real* number,” she said. “That one I gave Jesse was a business line, something I use just to make customers feel special, like they’re making a true connection.

“Thanks, but I’ll pass,” Lucas said. “There’s this girl I’m really into, so I’m not looking to hook up with anyone else.”

“Is she the one who was raped?”

He nodded.

“Well she’s lucky to have you on her side.” Standing to her feet, she sexily posed, showing off her long, toned legs. “Good luck, I hope you find him.”

“Oh I will,” Lucas firmly said, and after rising to his feet he walked swiftly away from Roxy, headed straight for the doors which led outside.

Now that he had a name as well as a description of the rapist, Lucas eagerly headed for his truck, steps sure and heavy as he walked across the pavement.

Bitterly cold, the wind nipped at his skin, enveloping his body in the frigid temperature. But the adrenaline coursing through his body was all that he felt, and like a hunter after prey, he was already strategizing.

If anything was for certain, it was that a serious beating would be delivered. Then after he’d rendered the rapist incapacitated, he would notify the cops and get him arrested. From what he knew about rape laws, no physical evidence was even needed. Just a victim’s report alone was enough, so he knew it wouldn’t be very difficult. All they would need to do was match his DNA to the rape kit, and once that was done, he’d finally be behind bars.

Eager to make the capture, Lucas climbed behind the wheel of his Chevy truck, revving the engine lightly to warm it up. All he could think of now was the name Jesse, and the visual picture of the name that Roxy had given him.

Then suddenly it occurred to him that Tristan should know he was tracking the rapist, just to give him peace of mind that justice for Claudia would soon be had.

Retrieving his mobile from his pocket, Lucas keyed in a quick message, fingers flying across the touch screen as he created this brief text:

*The piece of shit has been FOUND. Update coming soon, so keep your phone handy.*

Tossing the phone aside, he threw the truck into gear, then backed out of the gravel lined parking lot. Like a bull waiting to charge out of the gate, he was amped and ready to go. So was his aged pickup, a modern-day pony that raced off into the darkness.

* * * *

The casino air was thick with cigar and cigarette smoke, the scent of cologne, food, and metal coins all mingling together as one. Walking across the boldly patterned carpet, Lucas headed further into the casino, maneuvering through a maze of slot machines that seductively glowed as he passed by.

Lights flashed and bells rang on some slot machine further away, followed by the unmistakable clink of coins being dispersed to the winner.

With so much blinking glitz all around him, he didn’t know quite where to focus his eyes. A flurry of activity, the casino was his idea of a nightmare, epileptic triggers facing him everywhere that he turned. So instead of paying attention to the slot machines, he only focused straight ahead, heading for a lounge area where a number of people were relaxing in chairs.

Noticing there were waitresses walking around taking orders, he figured the best plan would be to appear nonchalant. So seating himself in one of the beige, cushy chairs, he patiently waited to be approached. It wasn’t long before a beautiful Native waitress strutted over towards him, scantily clad in a very short, very tight and sexy uniform.

Flashing her teeth at Lucas, she came to a stop in front of him, pad already in hand and pen poised to take his order.

“What can I get for you?” She asked.

“No drink for me,” he responded. “I’m just here waiting for a bit. My friend works here, so I’m hoping he’s around.”

“Well if you give me his name, I might be able to help you out.”


“I know two of them,” she replied. “Jesse Nighthorse or Jesse Farmer?”

Stumped, Lucas took a minute to answer. “Not sure of his last name. Just met the guy a couple of weeks ago. He drives a real nice black SUV though, if that matters.”

“Oh…” Now eyeing him suspiciously, the waitress seemed to mull over her next words. “So you’re one of his *friends*, huh?”

“Yep.” Although starting to feel nervous Lucas remained cool on the outside, his eyes not straying even a second from hers.

“Well if you came to meet with Nighthorse, then I’m guessing you’re here to pick up those tickets.”

“Uh, yeah…”

“Then why are you waiting inside?” Furrowing her brows, she gave him a ‘what the fuck’ expression.

“I don’t know,” Lucas replied. “Guess I figured It’d be the best way to find out where he was.”

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