Unexpected Guests

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Double Handjob

The sound of the headboard banging against the wall in tune with the motion of the ocean could be heard through out the apartment and also probably to the neighbors downstairs. But I didn’t care; who could when you are as deep as you can go in a warm wet snatch, with a pair arms tightly wrapped around your body?

I had been doing a lot of fucking lately, as I was newly in a relationship with a nympho-maniac! And I mean that in every sense of the word. I could ask for it anywhere, (well with in reason) and she would pull my cock out and lift up her skirt, or lose the pants. I loved it! On my car, (a couple times, and in different places) in my car, at the mall, in the park, and a plethora of different other places.

But anyways, that particular day, I was fully engulfed in my newly found play toy and I was loving it! I looked her in her eyes and the climax inside me was building like a boiling volcano. The feeling inside me made me feel as if I was going to rocket straight into outer space. I started to fill her as my impending boiling orgasm over took my body. I expelled jet upon jet of fresh baby batter into the soaked and soiled flower that surrounded my hard cock, and I kept thrusting as not to lose the erection that I had. This felt too good, as she always did, and I had to go another round!

The blonde rats nest that was her hair, was sloppy on top of her head, and there was blonde hair everywhere. Beads of sweat were lining her head, and her mascara was a smeared mess on her face. The red lipstick that was supposed to last for a full twenty-four hours; didn’t, and it too was smeared across her freckled face. And I’m sure I looked a hot mess too, but I can’t see my own face, so we’ll just leave it at that.

The text message ring on my phone scared the piss out of both of us, as we were in a euphoric state, and the light from the screen lit up the room.

“Who’s bad timing is this?” my lady asked me sternly.

“Beats the piss out of me, it’s probably one of the boys, it’s late, and they don’t care if they bother me in my sleep.” I said picking my phone from the bedside nightstand.

“Hey Sam, Sorry it’s so late, I was out at the bar, and realized that I still had your clothes in my car. I’m sitting outside if you’d like to come to the door, I have it.”

“It’s Amanda from work honey. She picked up my new uniform and jacket for me the other day, and I haven’t gotten it from her yet. She’s harmless, I will just grab the stuff and I can pick up where we left off when I get back. Ok?”

My girl rolled her eyes, but complied and slapped me on the ass playfully. “Just put on at least your boxers, I don’t want this ‘Amanda’ (said really sarcastically) to get any ideas about my man.”

I just laughed and got out of the bed.

Truth be told, Amanda did have ideas about her man, and I had ideas, and even fantasies about her too! My friend Gabe had introduced the two of us at work a couple of months prior. We talked a little, laughed a little, and at the time, she was single, and so was I. But I met my lady and although Amanda and I talked about it, and even fantasized about it, I hadn’t been able to find the time to go and see what this girl was all about.

I went to the door, and when I opened it, she was standing there in all of her glory, with the big smile that she was famous for, plastered across her face. “I’m sorry I’m coming by so late, but the bar that I was at with a friend of mine is just down the street, and I figured I would drop by. I’m sorry if you were sleeping, or busy…” she looked down noticing my anal yapan gaziantep escort boxers only, hiding a half aroused snake just from her view.

“I was busy, but it’s nothing I can’t get right back into.” I said as she laughed lightly and absent-mindedly licked her lips.

I blushed lightly when her eyes met mine again, and I looked her up and down. Just then, Amanda stepped closer to me to hand me the clothing that she was cradling in her arms. I reached out for my belongings, and as I did, I felt a small hand slide into the hole in the front of my boxers. My cock lunged forward, filling her hand fully and my body responded also as I jerked. My eyes got big, and my mouth dropped open, and although I wanted to speak, I couldn’t.

She didn’t say anything either, but pulled her hand back out of my shorts, and wiped the wetness that was still on my cock onto my boxer shorts, all while she never broke eye contact.

“I wanna watch.” Was the inaudible sentence she mouthed to me as I still stood there in awe.

What do you say to that? My girl would kill me. Some of them would leave over this, some of them would freak out on the both of you… I didn’t know I had never been to this bridge to cross it!

“I can’t. She’ll kill me!”

“I got this, trust me.” she mouthed back.

I didn’t know what to do. My heart was beating a million miles a minute, and I was starting to sweat again, but most importantly, my cock was standing at full attention, through the whole in my boxer shorts.

I didn’t want to do this, didn’t want to hurt the girlfriend, didn’t want to upset my friend, but most importantly, and I guess the biggest deciding factor, I didn’t want to lose this moment, or my erection for that matter! It may never come again! (The moment, not my hard-on)

The worst my girlfriend could do was leave right? And in this current state, with Amanda feigning over me the way she was, I would win either way! Maybe I could see more of her. Well that is assuming that… the worst my girlfriend could do is leave. She was known to have a temper, maybe she wouldn’t just leave, and maybe she would start an all out war in my bedroom that night? I didn’t know, and didn’t have time to care.

I set the clothes down on the kitchen table, thanked Amanda out loud, and bid her farewell as I closed the door behind her. When I turned to greet her eye to eye again, I mouthed, “I trust you, don’t get us killed!” And with that, I walked into my bedroom and dropped my boxers to the floor.

The lady was laying just as she was when I left her and her eyes were closed as she was lightly snoring. ‘Perfect,’ I thought.

I padded lightly across the bedroom floor, and knelt onto the bed between her legs. I stroked my cock a couple of times as I was getting ready to enter back into her, and lay between her legs, sliding my chocolate meat into her. Without opening her eyes, a moan escaped her lips, and the walls of the Venus Fly Trap tightened around my hammer.

I got into rhythm and started thrusting to meet her body’s responses. I peppered kisses all over her neck and face, leaving love bites in my war path all over her neck, ears, collar bone and chest. I pounded into her slowly and deliberately. Each thrust meant something and my heart was still pounding out of my chest. I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that I had Amanda in my house, about to spy on my girl and me fucking! And sure enough, as I was pounding away, I looked up at Amanda, who was in the room anal yapan gaziantep escort bayan now with her hand slowly rubbing and pinching her own exotic flower.

My head was fucking spinning. I didn’t know what to do, or even what to think! This type of stuff never happened to me. And now, here I was, entertaining one, and pleasing another!

Amanda was now pinching her round swollen nipples while she was rubbing her wet engorged lips and hard nubbin. Her pants were in a denim pool at her feet with a spot of hot pink in the center of the pool. Her shirt was up and a very full globe was out in the open as she pleasured herself to the sight of me pleasuring my girlfriend.

And there was me, thrusting as deeply as my cock could go inside of the tight walls that surrounded it. I was giving it all that I had, as if it were the last fuck I’d ever have! (Because it very well could have been! But if it were, who would be telling the story?)

And when I didn’t think it could get any more crazy, my mind was totally blown from my head. Amanda walked over to the bedside and knelt beside it right above Stephanie’s head. Steph’s eyes were closed and she was moaning loudly and rolling her head back and forth. Amanda reached her hand out to stroke Stephanie’s blonde hair, but I was able to reposition my hand to grab hers and pin it to the bed. Fire shot across my pupils and I looked Amanda in the eyes, and again, she mouthed the words, “Trust Me!”

I moved my hand from hers and she went back to her delivery. Her hand touched Stephanie’s forehead, and Steph’s eyes immediately fluttered open. Just as Stephanie went to speak, Amanda’s mouth covered hers, and her tongue began to explore the blonde girl’s mouth. I took this as cue, and started fucking my girlfriend for all it was worth. I even placed my thumb on her clit as I started rolling it back and forth to bring on her orgasm twice as fast. Amanda’s hands found Steph’s nipples and they started pinching and rubbing while Stephanie’s mouth was full of another girl’s tongue.

Just the site of what was going on, and the thrill of seeing it unfold before my eyes brought me to my own orgasm. I also felt Stephanie breathing faster, and by this time, Amanda had also started rubbing herself again while she knelt beside the bed. The sites and sounds, smells and feelings of everything that was going on had me in complete euphoric high, and I wanted nothing more than to blow my load deep inside the hot cavern I was pounding into, and just then…

The orgasm that ripped through the three of us was like having each one of our souls torn out. I felt explosions from the top of my head to the soles of my feet, and by all of the shaking, shivering, moaning, and screaming that was coming from the two of them, I think the same feeling was occurring in them.


When everything calmed down the look that I got from my now very coherent girlfriend didn’t at all look like she was ready to get it again! It looked more like I was probably going to pay dearly for what had just happened with out her permission.

“So you’re a great kisser, but if I may ask, who the fuck are you?” Stephanie asked very sternly.

“I’m Sam’s coworker Amanda. I’m so sorry if I caused any discomfort, but I smelled sex in the air when I came in, and I got slightly jealous of the lady that was getting the treatment in here, and I asked if I could watch. Sam told me no, but I almost begged him. I haven’t had sex since my man and I split ways, and I’ve escort gaziantep anal yapan always liked Sam, and envied the lady that got to lay beside him. I would never dream of stealing him from you, so please don’t go crazy, I respect you and I respect him, so I don’t want to break up a happy home, I just wanted to watch a little bit.

Then of course, I started watching in person, and I started to get hot, and before I knew it, I was walking towards the bed, and reaching out to touch you.” Amanda said almost regretfully.

“Is this true?”

“I don’t lie to you Stephanie.”

“I swear it’s true Stephanie. I wouldn’t lie either, and like I said, I don’t want to mess up a happy home. I just wanted to participate a little tonight. I’m buzzing off of the alcohol I drank, and just wanted to feel loved a little tonight, and when I saw your man in his boxers, smelling of you, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity! I’m so sorry if I over stepped my boundaries.”

Steph was silent for a minute, but there’s not much that can keep her that way, so she spoke up. “Listen you two, I am highly upset, but I can forgive this whole thing if the both of you promise me one thing! Sam, if you ever cheat on me with this girl, or any other girl with out my prior knowledge, I swear to you I’ll make you regret it for the rest of your life! Promise me you will keep your word!”

“I promise.”

“And you Missy, I swear on everything I love and hold dearly, if I find out you’re trying to take my man from me, I will go to jail for a very long time. After I deal with him, I’m coming for you! Is that understood?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Good, Now if one of the two of you don’t get me off again like that, I’m going to lose my cool and come down off of my emotional high!” Stephanie said.

I took my cue, and moved to the tip of Stephanie’s toes, and started kissing and licking every square inch of her body as I worked up her right leg, and then back to the toes of the left leg, while Amanda started kissing her again.

I moved to burry my face in Stephanie’s flower, and Amanda pushed my head backwards. “It’s my turn to have a little fun.”

And with that, she knelt between Stephanie’s legs and pushed me out of the way. Steph looked at me through halfway closed eyes, and whispered, “Bring me that cock.”

I stood up and did what I was told, and walked to her side, where she leaned up on her elbow and pulled my prick into her mouth and started slobbering all over it.

In no time flat, Steph had came, and I was looming on my second also while Amanda was still eating Steph out. I took this opportunity to go and stand behind Manda and finger her pussy. She was running down her leg, literally. Her juices were running in rivers down her thighs and onto the floor at her knees. Her hot box was so wet that the fingers that I inserted slid into her with ease.

“Put that prick inside me. No let me mount you.” She said in between moans. I laid on the bed beside Stephanie, and Amanda stood up and got onto the bed and slowly impaled herself onto my sword.

She started bouncing up and down on it and at the same time, my lady stood over my face and slowly sat down onto my face so I could continue getting her off. I stuck my tongue out, and Steph started bouncing on my tongue as if it were a cock. And me… Need you ask? I was Feeling Fucking Fantastic!

That is until Amanda got close to her orgasm, stood up, rubbed her pussy a couple times, and expelled streams of lady cum all over my girlfriend and me. And as she finished her orgasm, I exploded with Stephanie, and the second orgasm was almost as good as the first one!


Amanda, Steph, and I fucked a couple more times before Stephanie and I went our separate ways, (for different reasons) but I’ll never forget any of the times that we got together. And I’ll definitely never forget the time Stephanie met Amanda.

* * * * *

bs21/ 10.27.12

Dedicated to A.M. I sure hope you like this!

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