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Thanks Jerry jlo for editing yet again. I always enjoy your additions. Just a fun two man one woman threesome story.

I have been flirting with Kevin for a few months now. I have a burning desire to get a look at the cock that makes such a gorgeous bulge in his tight jeans. I’d love to get that thing into my mouth and see if I can get a few good reactions from him.

I like to get a man off. I love it when they are satisfied and shoot a big warm load down my throat, or wherever they wish to put it. There is just one problem; I can’t get him to allow me to give it a go.

We’re both married for one thing; the other thing is that he isn’t attracted to me. The only time he flirts with me is when he has been drinking. He doesn’t understand that I don’t want love, I don’t want an affair, I just want sex. I want to suck him off. Oh well, I have been fantasizing about mouth massaging that rod for months now.

Kevin has a friend named Tim. Now Tim is single and therefore may have less qualms about letting a strange women suck his dick. I told Kevin I’d like to meet this friend of his and that is where this story starts, in a bar having a few friendly drinks and a few laughs.

I went all out getting cleaned up before I met the guys for drinks; you never know where things might lead. I got totally shaved nice and smooth all over. I like a smooth shaved pussy or one with just a tiny bit of soft hair but for this occasion I went with bald. I cleaned every orifice inside and out, rubbed down with lots of lavender baby oil and then I dressed in something to show off the girls.

I had bought a nice set of black lacy underwear. I had my nails done with blood red tips. My hair was curled and I was ready for any action that might present itself.

I met the two guys downtown and we settled into a booth and ordered a few drinks to break the ice. Tim was cute; he had a muff ticker mustache and a cute sideways smile. We listened to the jukebox some; it was playing a nice mix of country and older rock. We sat and did the small talk thing about work and other bull for about two drinks.

I already knew Kevin had a sense of humor from work but I found I really liked Tim after he let loose some. He was witty and I was really enjoying the companionship of these two men. I am not the subtlest woman in the world and after that third drink I was giddy and began making sexual advances to Tim. I slid over next to him and started to rub his back and arms.

I love a man’s arms they are one of my favorite parts of a man. I like to feel the hard muscles in the upper arms, nice and firm not soft in any way. Just to lay my hands on a nice male deltoid is exciting. Tim didn’t seem to mind the backrub at all. We were all laughing and watching the other people in the bar. I was having a ball.

Tim bought me another gin & tonic and it was a strong one too. I think it was my fourth and I was laughing at just about anything already. I started nuzzling up to Tim.

Kevin was laughing from the other side of the booth. He jokingly said “Tim I think she is just about ready.”

I said, “ready for what? Are you going to take advantage of a drunk woman?” I giggled and without waiting for an answer I said, “you can’t rape the willing.”

We all laughed at that but I was dead serious. I was starting to get horny. I reached over and started to rub Tim’s cock a little through his jeans. It didn’t take long for it to stiffen up and fill out those button fly 501’s. I closed my eyes and steadily rubbed that swollen member thinking how good it would feel when I got to touch it skin to skin.

Tim said, “Whoa girl! You move fast.”

“Life is short,” I quipped back. Then I leaned in and nibbled his neck a little. Working some on his tender ear lobe. I had another drink and I was starting to get a little light headed. I continued to rub all over my new friend. Kevin was watching and laughing at us. I asked him if he was going to watch all night.

“Sure, is there going to be a floor show?” My crotch felt like a furnace on high heat and I really wanted some action. I tried to pry a few fingers into Tim’s waistband but his pants and belt were just to tight and defied my advances. Tim said, “Lets get her out of here.”

The next thing I knew I was being escorted to a car and helped into the back seat. Tim slid in beside me and Kevin drove. I was in a blissful drunkenness. In that half state, drunk but not to gone to know what I am doing. Tim reached over and fondled one of my breasts and I reacted in turn with a coo of pleasure. I started dripping into those new panties in anticipation.

We akkent escort started to kiss some and I liked it very much. To feel the heat from this man’s mouth in mine was intoxicating in itself, the tips of our tongues meeting each other for the first time. Our lips pressed against each other, our mouths opened in unison and our tongues started to explore each other. He reached down and felt me right between my legs.

He exclaimed, “Holy shit this bitch is hot”

I got a hold of his fingers and started to suck them gently. I took his fingertips across my wanton and waiting tongue. I licked up and down each digit and paused in the soft spots at the base of each finger, the area that represents the soft groin. I let him know fully what I had planned for him without saying a word.

He dug into the top of my shirt and moved the cup of my bra aside and pinched my nipple between his two fingers and intermittently cupped the breast in his hand giving it a firm but gentle squeeze. My nipples were tender and hard from the excitement. We were making out like horny teenagers and I was loving every second of it. I was kissing every bit of flesh my mouth could find.

The car stopped at a liquor store and Kevin jumped out went inside. Tim reached down into my pants and his finger just barley touched my slit and found it slick and wet with my excitement. He wasn’t able to get me into a position to get more without undressing me. Just when I was boiling and ready to slip off my pants and let him have his way with me the car door opened and Kevin got back in carrying a brown paper sack.

He handed back a couple of long necks. I am not into beer but I was in a good mood and I didn’t want to lose it. Our cuddle session cooled off some while we drove and drank our beer. I had developed a mad desire to suck Tim’s hard cock till he screamed in pleasure.

The car stopped again at a motel and we disembarked and entered a room the guys had already rented. They knew there would be drinking and did not want to try and drive home drunk. Plus they may have anticipated having some fun tonight. Kevin knows I am a slut.

I staggered into the door and sat my half-empty bottle of beer on the dresser. Now I was drunk and in the motel room with two men and I hoped I’d get some action. I sat on edge of the bed. Kevin turned on the TV and found the music channel. He put on some country station but I didn’t care. I prefer rock but anything to make my guys happy; for the moment they were my guys.

I motioned Tim in. He walked up in front of me and I grasped him around the waist hugging him while burying my face into his fully dressed groin. I rubbed my face across his pelvic area and started to feel his maleness expanding again inside those tight jeans. I leaned back and looked up at him and started to undo his belt buckle. It seemed like forever to undo the belt and unbutton all the buttons of his 501’s.

His underwear greeted my eyes. His boxers were pulled tight and his hard prick was trying to form a tent. I could smell his maleness. I breathed it in deeply I grabbed the covered cock in my mouth and could feel his pulse. I felt it hard and yet pliable in my mouth. He helped his pants fall down around his ankles. Then he and I grabbed his underwear and simultaneously released his rock hard prick with a spring.

I was left to admire the dick in front of my eyes. The head was wide and I could see the veins pulsating with blood. I reached out to touch it. It was warm and inviting. I Squeezed it to feel the pulsating muscle in my hand. I cupped his ample testicles and smelled his public hair, breathing in the wonderful smell of man.

I then ran my tongue up and between his nuts and the length of his penis to the wide mushroom head. I settled in to a long suck. Exploring his ridge and every inch of his head. My mouth was warm and wet with saliva. And my pussy was getting wetter by the minute.

From nowhere I saw a flash. It took me a minute to figure out that Kevin was taking digital pictures of the fun. Normally that would turn me off but tonight it spurred me on. If they wanted a show I would give it to them both.

The cock became my world and my full attention was placed on it. I took a firm grip of the base and massaged it slowly and rhythmically while licking and sucking the head. I reveled in stroking his butt with my free hand, even gently maneuvering his nuts. I heard a deep sigh of pleasure from above me as Tim started to get even more excited.

I let some saliva form in my mouth and let akkent escort bayan the sound effects grow. The slurping sounds of a cock being sucked filled the room. A few more flashes of the camera attempted to break my concentration but failed.

I had to slow myself down a couple times. I was afraid Tim would cum and shorten our fun time. I slowly swallowed his thick and swollen member past my gag reflex and deep into my throat. I reached up and touched my neck and could feel him inside me but I couldn’t breath and had to pull him back till wonderful air could fill my lungs again. I think he came close to the brink twice and I would slow down just enough he could regain control.

He was getting tired of not being able to blow his load. I could tell by the way that he started to grab my hair and ears and was trying to forcefully throat fuck me.

I would have loved to swallow his hot sticky load but I wanted a little more. I wiggled away and pulled off my pants and shirt. Then I removed the black lacy panties and laid face up across the table just inside the door. It seemed sturdy enough. I scooted my ass to the very edge and spread my legs to expose my all.

There it was hot, pink and dripping my own clear sticky fluids, freshly shaved and inviting all cummers.

Kevin got out the camera and took a couple shots and I started to play with myself, dipping my fingers into the warm fountain between my legs and bringing them to my wanting mouth so I could taste the sweet salty sex fluids I was producing.

That was it for Tim. He walked up slowly between my legs and I leaned up so I could watch this hard and strange dick enter me. He grabbed the base of his penis and guided it toward my waiting hole. The excitement was building in me He rubbed it around my opening teasing me. Kevin was playing with the telephoto, taking close ups of sex before him.

Tim pushed gently at the edges of my cunt and poked at my clitoris with his manhood till I started to beg him to enter me. “Please fuck me. Pleaassseee!”

Tim said, “I think she wants it.”

Kevin nodded a reply and raised the camera to video the moment of entry.

Tim leaned in slow and finally the head of his penis started to slip past the opening and enter my body. An “ahaa,” passed my lips and I watched as he slipped inch by inch into me. The scene was overwhelming and amazingly kinky. A new lover was ravishing me on a table with a friend watching and videotaping from behind.

I could hardly contain myself. I lifted my legs up and used my abdominal muscles to squeeze his cock inside of me. He started to pound me harder and his balls would slap playfully at my clit on the in stroke. Tim, I, as well as the table started to get into the rhythm as he fucked me harder and harder.

One practically good jam had me fling my head back and pant open mouthed. I was getting ready to blow when all of a sudden I saw Kevin coming toward my head.

Kevin stood in front of my face and made a show of undoing his belt and pants. He pulled down his pants & underwear in one movement and out sprang his cock right at eye level. It looked as good as I had always imagined.

Oh God I was going to get not only my wish, but two men at one time. I guess watching had not been enough. He guided his throbbing dick to my mouth and I could smell the sweat and desire in his curly pubic hair. As my tongue touched the object of my long time desire, my brain went into sensory overload and I came like a river.

I screamed out a little but Kevin silenced me with his big cock. I felt like I was pissing on Tim. I had never come so strongly in my life. My orgasm triggered Tim to blow his hot load deep inside me. I tried to gather myself together after that awesome display and concentrate on the member in my mouth,

I was trembling from the wicked orgasm I had just had. Tim was still in me his eyes were closed and he was breathing deeply and holding onto my thighs for support.

Kevin was in my mouth and I placed my arms around him and hugged his torso. My head was spinning from the alcohol and the sex. I made my lips wet and rubbed up and down that wonderful shaft of his till I had his short curly hairs in my nostrils. I poured it on.

This was my chance to make a wish come true. I wanted to make him cum and I would stop at nothing to achieve that goal. I then moved my hands in and lubricated them with my mouth and gave his base a firm but gentle grip and started a slow rhythmic stroke. I kept up a wet noisy sucking assault to the wide head in escort akkent my mouth.

I felt Tim pulling away from between my legs. I brought my right hand up to my mouth and wet down my index finger and sneaked it around to Kevin’s backside and started to massage his back door with light pressure, never entering him just hinting that it was a possibility. To my surprise I think he liked it.

My jaw was getting fatigued and the muscles in my lower jaw were hurting but I was not going to end this without tasting his hot load. Just then was that blinding flash as Tim took a photo of my mouth around his friend’s cock this time. I started to taste some fluids in my mouth and I knew it wasn’t me. It was Kevin’s pre-cum. I pulled his butt in closer to me and was really doing the best I could to take him all the way into my throat. He choked me a little but I managed to fight off the feeling. I wanted him sooo badly.

Oh my God! Something cool and hard was rubbing my clit. I couldn’t see what was going on down there. Busy as I was. It was very hard and not made of flesh. I was dying to know what the heck was going on but it was feeling good so I went with it. The cool object hit my G spot and I gasped and Kevin took the opportunity to thrust his dick in to its deepest point.

Then the object started to slowly enter me. It was then I knew what it was. It was my discarded long neck beer bottle and Tim was pushing it inside me, left over beer and all.

Oh my goodness! He was slowly fucking me with a beer bottle. I screamed in pleasure as I orgasmed again. Kevin had grabbed my breasts and was playing with them as his hips ground over and over into my face. Then it happened. He squeezed my breast tight arched his back and blew a big thick sticky load deep into my mouth.

I was so happy. I felt great and swallowed his offering with all the gusto of a starving woman. He stayed in me letting me suck and clean him for a minute then he went and got the camera and took pictures of my womanhood being assaulted with a beer bottle.

Tim was fucking me well with the hard glass and tipping it up and pouring beer into me at intervals. The cool beer ran down my freshly fucked cunt and down the cheeks off my ass. It felt so good. I had cum so much I didn’t think I had anything left but these men were going to prove me wrong.

Tim removed the bottle and gently found my clitoris and pushed the skin back away from its tip. This is my most sensitive spot on my body. His fingers wet with my sex and beer settled in to torture my G spot. After a few minutes he had my body jumping. I had absolutely no control. I could not take the feelings and started to moan, “Noo! It’s too much.”

He ignored my pleas and continued the assault on my tender tissue. I was wiggling hard to try and remove his fingers from that same spot. It was hurting and feeling good at the same time. There was no way I could take this. I bucked trying to get him to at least plunge his fingers into me but no, he kept at my poor little clit. I was starting to get loud. He ordered Kevin to shut me up.

Kevin asked how? Tim said, “improvise.”

Kevin went to the bathroom and got a dry washcloth and balled it up and tried to stick it into my mouth. I didn’t want that so I fought him. That is when I realized he was stronger than I was. He managed to shove that awful dry cloth in my mouth to muffle my cries then held my upper body down to the table. While Tim kept wiggling his finger ever faster on my G. I was dying.

I started to twitch like I was seizing, screaming into the rag to stop. They were going to force me to cum yet again. Tim was having a time trying to control my hips and legs and still keep that finger in place. Even with all that action going on I could see a wicked sideways smile on his face and knew he was enjoying himself.

It seemed like forever and my clit was raw. I was screaming, “No!” but all you could hear was muffled garble. Then all of a sudden I needed them inside me. I started to change my tune but they couldn’t hear me. “Oh God please someone fuck me,” I told the rag in my mouth. My hips started a upward grind as I tried in vein to force Tim’s finger inside me. I wasn’t fighting anymore

Kevin let go and he went around and stuck his fingers on me right next to Tim’s. He and Tim started to play around one keeping up the assault and the other blissfully finger fucking me, much more to my liking. I came again. It was too much for me, all that excitement and alcohol the room started to fade away. The sounds came and went, like a radio station you lose driving through the mountains. I started to lose consciousness.

I woke up in the hotel bed, my men on both sides of me. I was sore. My head was spinning. God knows what they did to me after I passed out. Kevin showed me pictures of a well-fucked cunt with swollen lips, red and used with what appears to be lots of white cum dripping from it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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