Gaping Pussy

1The nightclub’s like a sauna but far from being claustrophobic. People are dancing all around her and buoyed up, energized, by the rhythmic and pulsing beat of the music. It sweeps you up and takes your spirits along with it. A spotlight sweeps the floor with an arctic white beam, glitters off the mirrored surface of glitter balls that are hung from the ceiling beams. It picks out only those closest to them. Others wait for their turns to take to the crowded floor, get sweaty and drink too much in the heat.She loves coming to this club. She’s grown used to the crush, bodies brushing past and her eyes always taking in what the guys and young female clubbers, like her, are wearing. She breathes in the waft of a multitude of perfumes, body sprays, and aftershaves.Closest of them all, of those who brush past her or dance, is Mats, her spiky-haired, lean-faced and attentive boyfriend, a guy with an only too open mind and forgiving heart. He kisses her throat, bends closer to do so, and she turns towards him as his hands roam over her swaying hips, her favoured dark blue body-con dress his favourite to see her wear. It is stylish, short hemmed, and shapes her body in its sequined brilliance.“You sure look good, lover,” he breathes in her ear. “I’ll dance with you soon, I promise…unless we find special company first.”“I’d sure like that!” she says, resisting the urge to shout over the noise. His hands move to brush over her breasts. She’s forsaken a bra, not that she needs one; her tits are round and firm and they’re just as he likes them. She can’t help but grin as she notes how his eyes have again drifted away from her.She follows his gaze, and it confirms what she’s known all along; that they’re not here just to have a drink or two and to dance. Mats’ hawkish gaze has settled on a chick in an off-the-shoulder, tie-fronted ruched dress that has flared ends to long sleeves; her wavy blonde hair is like a beach babe’s and her tits are shaped so well. What she brings is just what Mats likes to pursue. Their ‘friendship’ allows them both to seek out others and to share the heat. It has not taken them long to reach this stage of the evening but where is she to go with it if she doesn’t find a mate too?“I didn’t think it would happen so soon, we’ve only just gotten here,” Mats mutters in her ear, his breaths again making her shiver and look his way.“She’s dancing alone…”“I can sure see that!”Hanna hears in his voice his state of involvement with her, that the türbanlı gaziantep escort girl’s wound his clock. She’s dancing and looking embarrassed to be doing so on her own, or wondering if she’s in the right spot with so many others around her.“Mats?” she asks in some dismay as one of his hands grips her dress and lifts it a little higher and then caresses her bum, his touch sending little shocks of pleasure coursing through her midriff and down to her pussy. She wouldn’t have felt it if she’d worn another dress with a thin slip underneath it. She leans against his touch, and it moves over her belly and presses down between her legs. His claims upon her are slow and sensual and he moves with the beat of the music. It brings her on. “I know…I know what’s going on!”“I can’t help it, lover, sorry.”Her breaths are on his face, but Mats is involved with the girl in that red dress. He’s lusting after her as his fingers touch the one he’s with, for now.“Go to her,” she says, finally. He’s brought her on, but this is as far as it will go. They understand each other, she and Mats.She takes pleasure from seeing how he can win young women over as if to wind them around his finger or onto his shaft, after he’s broken through their reluctance to be picked up. The chick in the red dress seems a bit withdrawn, surprised by Mats coming on to her and she looks around. A good-looking guy is with her…just like that. She may even be wondering where her boyfriend’s gotten to.“Keep your distance, Hanna..”While she’s taking in the scene, playing out, a young guy steps in close, his light grey shirt studded with tiny reflective beads. It glitters and it opens, revealing a silver disco medallion on a chain. There’s something about him being so close, that draws her in, along with his wild hair and a lovely aroma of an unrecognizable body spray. He might ask her to dance given Mats is enraptured by that chick.“What do you think of those two?” he asks straight out, holding cocktails in his hands, “they look good together and I reckon they’re flirting. I only need to turn my back and this happens.”“And I’ll help you deal with it,” Hanna tells him, leaning in to do so and breathing in the guy’s ear. He soon stands closer as if to let her know that he’s taken by what she’s done.“It was supposed to be a first date and now I see Lara dancing with some guy.”“My guy…that’s whom we’re looking at.”He’s heard to gaziantep türbanlı escort bayan laugh in disbelief. “Sorry about that!”“Don’t be. I wouldn’t have met you, would I?”“True.” He grins and gives her an appraising glance as he sips at one of the drinks. “What am I going to do with two rum and coke cocktails?”“Share one with me, if what’s going down doesn’t bother you?” She says it on taking one of the glasses out of his strong hand and sipping greedily at it. His look is on her, taking in what she may bring. She lets him do that.He soon realizes the game that’s being played, her taking one of the drinks perhaps part of a plan, now that she’s taken in his predicament. A guy is coming on to his girl, or date, and they’re both looking on.“No, it doesn’t bother me,” he smiles, holding her look up at him and how she sips on her ‘snatched’ drink, meant for another. Her lovely lips are parted, the disco lights making pearlescent lipstick glisten. “People do what they want or like in places like this. You live it all out.”“Like this, you mean?” Hanna’s provoked into replying.He’s strong and she feels it as he’s pulled towards her, and a moment’s exploratory kiss becomes so much more. He kisses her back and she feels his cold glass on her neck, on her bare shoulder, as he presses against her. They kiss greedily and deeply, forsake all restraint as the music booms all around them and others, dancing and whooping in pleasure, ignore what’s going down between them.When she opens her eyes and tries to catch her breath, after sharing deep open-mouthed kisses with a stranger, she sees Mats standing before her, a wide grin on his handsome face, and the girl in that red dress beside him. It shapes her and Mats is in thrall, already. He’s triumphant, pleased beyond words, at the success of his lustful approach to the girl. “Meet Lara.”“I have, and my name’s Bram!” is said, as much for Hanna’s benefit as for the guy with his girl, or date. “Why don’t we make a night of it?”“Great! They’re our thoughts too,” Mats answers, enthusiastically, and on hearing Hanna’s soft laugh in dismay at the quick turn of events. “So, are the two of you coming back with us?”2They sit in silence as the taxi wends its way through the quiet city streets, two couples who were strangers to each other until Mats had acted true to form. Perhaps, even now, they are unsure how things are going to play out. The silence gaziantep türbanlı escort may set the taxi driver into thinking that they have fallen out.What he cannot see is how Mats has placed a hand on Lara’s bared thigh, under the skirt of her dress, and they flutter over her skin. Bram looks on with a smile creasing his lightly bearded face.Hanna feels a little light-headed after drinking that rum cocktail so quickly. She tries to pretend that Bram’s erection is not pressing against her as the taxi sways through cones marking some road works. She’s fallen against him before moving away.“What are you into?” she asks Lara, leaning closer and slowly pressing her lips to her mouth, a soft sigh from Mats declaring he’s into this first step that she’s made. The arm she holds out for balance is soon gripped by Bram and tugged down to his crotch. She looks his way for an instant, even as Lara’s hands brush over the front of her dress. “I’ll get to you, I promise.”“Stop here, it’s fine!”, Mats calls out and the driver slews to a stop by a row of tenement buildings along the canal side they have rumbled over. Notes, that he and Bram agreed on, are soon handed over and they tumble out of the taxi, the girls gripping the guy’s hands as they walk over the pavement’s uneven surface. “It’s not far over this obstacle course…they’re laying some fibre optic cables.”“Never mind all that!” Hanna interrupts. “Let’s get inside.”“Inside what, or should I say whom?” Bram laughs, an arm about Hanna’s shoulders and stopping her for a moment to kiss her, his hands gripping her buttocks and letting her know that he’s more than game for whatever is planned. “You’re into her too, aren’t you?”“Sure, but I want it all…from both of you.”They take the few steps that rise from the pavement to the front door and take to the stairs, three flights that lead to the apartment; a secluded bolt hole and a love nest. They all seem to know that nothing’s off limits or expected; that everything is allowed.♥They don’t bother with drinks or snacks. As soon as the front door is shut and locked, clothes are shrugged off and left lying on the floor; looks of expectation are followed by touches and kisses, the men then stepping away and Hanna kissing Lara as the men’s hands caress their naked skins, grip breasts and then slide over their bodies, fingers and hands poking and palming their sexes. Flurries of kisses are exchanged between them, the chicks into each other before sharing moments of wanton foreplay with new guys.Lara’s firm breasts and hard nipples attract Hanna’s attention and she cups and kneads them; gasping and deep open-mouthed kisses soon urging them on.  She feels compelled to pull on them, put them in her mouth and she bends to the task, Lara’s hands guiding her in these claims. Nothing is said. The air is filled with heavy breathing and soft groans of pleasure and expectation.

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