Julie was excited by Paul’s suggestion for a little ‘out of the ordinary’ sex, but unsure and nervous of her role in his set-up.

The reason for her uncertainty was because Paul wanted her to perform for him and Bruce.

His plan was for them to get to the hotel room before she did and hide some place where they could see her.

When she arrived her task was to slowly undress and then pleasure herself on the sofa while pretending to be alone.

By the time she had herself adequately aroused, he assured her, that they would be also.

Then without her knowledge they would spring from their hiding places and join in the fun with their ready cocks at her disposal.

She told him she loved the idea but wasn’t crazy about what she had to do, and wasn’t sure if she’d have the nerve to do it.

He told her that he’d leave an open bottle of wine in the room for her so she could have a couple of glasses to relax her.

She arrived early at the hotel and went to the bar for a couple to bolster her courage.

When she got to the room she was pleased by the atmosphere they had created for her.

The lighting was turned down to create a soft shadowy effect and there was calm sexy music playing.

Paul was true to his word, there was an open bottle of her favorite wine waiting for her.

She drank the first glass down in two gulps; after all it was the effect she was drinking for, not the taste.

The wine combined with the drinks she had at the bar and began having their affect on her.

She felt loose and playful, wanting to seek them out and expose their hiding places but she restrained her impulse and played the game for them.

While sipping on her second glass and swaying to the music she began to unbutton her blouse.

By the time she was topless and caressing her tits all inhibition had disappeared and she was feeling teasingly sexy.

She unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor revealing her black thigh high stockings.

She slipped out of her panties and tossed them on the bed leaving her wearing only shoes and stockings.

By this time she was not only feeling the wine but the rush of sexual excitement from knowing she was being watched.

She slowly ran her finger over her clit and heard the sound of someone sucking his breath in like one does when seeing something extra horny.

Paul had thought of everything, there was even a towel draped over the sofa for her to sit on.

She reasoned that it must be the best spot for them to see from their vantage points.

She sat down on the towel, leaned back and spread her legs.

She ran her fingers through her slit again and confirmed what she had thought, she was dripping wet.

She slowly antep escort rolled her clit under her fingers and occasionally shoved them into her box to fuck herself.

She caressed her nipples until they were tight and sensitive and fingered her clit until it was big and juicy.

She wondered how much more they could take.

She reached into her purse, which she had placed on the sofa, and brought out her dildo.

After fucking herself for awhile she rubbed her cream from it onto her nipples.

Bringing it to her mouth she sucked it very sensuously, like she was giving it a real blow job.

That was the breaking point for the men; they simultaneously emerged from their hiding places and rushed towards the sofa.

They jumped up unto it on either side of her, two extremely aroused and ready men each eagerly lusting to get his cock into her mouth.

Paul won the race and while she hungrily sucked his throbbing cock Bruce brushed his on her cheek impatiently waiting his turn.

She began to alternate, stuffing one and then the other of their big hard cocks in her hungry mouth, seemingly unable to get enough.

She sucked their cocks in a frenzy of uncontrolled heated passion, getting all three of them to a highly stimulated state.

The men were kneading her tits and fingering her pussy as she hurriedly went from one cock to the other.

She gripped their cocks so tight that she wasn’t sure if their groans were from pleasure or pain, but neither tried to withdraw.

Paul jumped from the sofa, got between her thighs and pulled her towards him.

He plunged his craving cock into her, and while Bruce fucked her mouth he fucked her burning pussy.

She took Bruce’s cock in her hand and jerked it furiously while she licked and sucked his balls.

Observing her display of wanton sexuality Paul wanted to make her come.

He dropped to his knees, pushed his fingers into her and wildly tongued and sucked her lips and clit.

She came almost instantly and Paul knew enough to leave her clit alone for a while.

Bruce got her to sit on his cock and while she was getting fucked Paul stood on the sofa next to her to get blown.

Bruce sucked her tits while she sucked Paul’s cock.

Fascinated with the big tits he was sucking Bruce wanted to get his cock between them.

They move to the bed where Julie laid on her back and Bruce straddled her. Paul knelt above her head and when Bruce rubbed the head of his cock over her nipples, Paul rubbed his over her lips.

When Bruce got his cock between her tits Paul got his in her mouth.

Julie squeezed her tits together sandwiching Bruce’s cock between them.

She rolled antep escort bayan her nipples between her fingers and while he fucked her tits Bruce reached back and finger fucked her pussy.

Without warning Paul pulls his cock from her mouth and jumps from the bed.

She sees him go behind Bruce then feels his hands on her thighs pushing them apart so he could kneel between them.

He replaces Bruce’s fingers with his cock and begins fucking her.

With her mouth now free Bruce pushes his cock up towards it after it appears from the top of her tits.

She hastily licks and sucks at the swollen head before it disappears back down between her tits again.

With Bruce making familiar sounds of a nearing climax Paul rolls her clit under his thumb in an attempt to have them all come together.

From the haze of her overwrought emotions emerged a lucid thought.

The realization that she was about to have her first orgasm while experiencing her first threesome.

The thought of being pleasured by the stiff cocks of two men who lusted for her was like adding fuel to her already burning passion.

If sexual desire is nature’s enticement to procreation, then orgasm is its reward.

Overcome with nipple and clitoral stimulation her reward was massive, sweeping through her body like a wildfire.

Short circuiting all other senses and transforming her quivering body into a delivery agent of bliss.

Bruce’s cock covered her tits with his cream while Paul unloaded his into her burning pussy.

After a quick shower Julie joins the men who already have wine poured for her.

While sipping their wine they chit chat as if they had just met at a bar, even though they are all still naked.

Bruce got up to refill his glass and Julie could swear his cock was semi hard again.

‘You look like you’re ready to go again’ she said to him.

He walked over to where she was sitting and said ‘see if you can inflate it by blowing into it.’

After they all stopped laughing, she took it in her mouth and felt it grow.

Paul sat back in his chair and began tugging on his.

Pretty soon he was seeing Julie getting into sucking on Bruce’s now rigid cock.

Not being involved, but just sitting there watching, gave Paul such a horny rush that the hair on the back of his neck stood up.

Being an observer and not a participant made it seem like they were unaware of him.

He had never been so turned on, yet didn’t want to do anything but watch.

He seemed mesmerized and incapable of any action except jerking on his horny cock and staring.

Not many would understand the intense erotic sensation it afforded him to watch her escort antep have sex with another man.

He wasn’t sure himself, but he didn’t question it, it worked for him and judging by the look on Julie’s face it worked for her too.

The look’ of course’.. It’s the look on her face that drove him crazy.

At that very moment he understood that it was the pleasure she received from it that turned him on so much.

Her pleasure was his pleasure.

Bruce gets her to stand then embraces her from behind; he takes her tits in his hands and kisses her neck.

Their naked bodies seem glued together as they move to the rhythm of the music.

She bends her head back towards him and he runs his tongue over the lips of her open mouth.

Her pink tongue darts out to meet his and they swirl around each other in an erotic dance that drove Paul wild.

Suddenly his tongue disappeared into her mouth and she closed her lips around it.

Watching her gentle sucking of Bruce’s tongue, Paul thought it was even more erotic than watching her suck his cock.

With her body arched back, her pussy was pushed out towards him, as if taunting him to come and sample its pleasures.

Bruce was kneading her meaty nipples between his fingers, she was moaning into his mouth while slowly moving her body to the music.

It was like seeing her in a whole new light; she looked so hot, so desirable.

He wanted to jump up and devour her, to kiss, caress, suck and fuck every inch of her seductive body, even while she was sucking Bruce’s tongue.

But all he could do was stare, he was captivated by their foreplay and by its affect on him.

It was like experiencing a whole new type of sex.

A type of sex that drove him absolutely crazy with desire for her yet left him unable to break the spell of voyeurism.

He knew he was experiencing something unique, something that may never have the same effect on him again.

He’s so horny by now that he can’t even touch his himself without setting it off.

Julie notices his condition and wants his extremely excited cock in her mouth.

With Bruce’s clutched tightly in her hand she leads him towards Paul until she’s standing in front of him.

She bends over and guides the cock in her hand into her dripping pussy, at the same time takes Paul’s aching hard-on into her mouth.

She reaches for her clit and immediately begins moaning.

Now in a state of extreme arousal, Paul notices the look of a pending orgasm come over her face.

Her fingers move faster, her moans become louder and more urgent.

The sounds of her approaching climax prompt Bruce to pick up his tempo.

Each of his intensified thrusts drives her body forward and brings a gratifying groan from her.

She’s coming so hard that she’s oblivious to anything but her own pleasure.

When Paul’s cock begins squirting in her mouth it brings her back to reality.

She hungrily sucks and swallows every last drop of cream from it while Bruce fills her pussy from the other end.

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