Call bullshit all you want. I’m telling you, last summer, I fucked these two girls at my sister’s mountain cabin. They had to have been seventeen or eighteen because they kept talking about starting their senior year in high school in the fall. Let me tell you, they were hot, and not just because they were a third of my age.Hear me out. My sister and a friend of hers own this cabin in the woods by a small lake. The scenery was beautiful, the lake was refreshingly cool at the end of the summer and the small community beach, if you could call a patch of trucked-in sand a “beach,” was about fifty yards away. A floating platform that was used for jumping and sunning was tethered offshore with a cinder block. On my first morning there, while I was lounging in my boxer shorts, was the first time I saw them, Tiffany and Bunny, sunbathing in the nude on the raft. I told you that the scenery was beautiful. All the trees and shit were nice too. It took me a while to learn which girl was which because they were both blue-eyed blondes with long hair. When I was their age, you could tell if a girl bleached her hair if the carpet didn’t match the drapes but nowadays – no carpets. I always told my ex that I thought shaved pussies were stupid, but I lied.  It must have been around noon when they put their bikinis back on. They damn near capsized their canoe when they climbed in and paddled off. They didn’t know what they were doing and argued about which side to paddle on. Sure enough, the boat tipped over and took on a lot of water. It drifted in one direction, the paddles went in another and the girls, well, Bunny was doing okay but Tiffany wasn’t much of a swimmer. I ran down the path and splashed in. Bunny tried to help her friend, but Tiffany was really panicking. I got there in short order and dragged her back to the raft. Bunny wasn’t too far behind. When she climbed up the ladder, I saw that she had lost her skimpy top. Gentleman that I am, I politely looked away any time that she might have caught me. As I said, the water wasn’t warm; her nipples were standing out on top of her large, firm goosebump-covered tits. We sat at the edge of the raft, and I kept my arm around her until she finished coughing. “Thank you!” Tiffany said. She wrapped her arms around my neck and warmed her chilly titties against my chest. Bunny joined us and hugged me from the other side. Her tits weren’t any smaller or any less firm. The girls thanked me again; Tiffany might have been crying a little and I just kept saying, “You’re okay, everything’s good now.” There we were, hugging and sitting in the noon sun with our legs sex izle dangling in the water. Bunny handed her friend’s bikini top to her. “Here, Drama Queen,” she said.  “What? Oh!” It took a second for Tiffany to catch on. She made like she was going to cover up, but then she leaned back with her hands on the deck and let the sun bake the rest of the goosebumps away. She got this smutty look and said, “Thanks. I don’t think I need it, though, do I, um, what’s your name?” She was looking right at my crotch when she asked, where my wet boxers were very nicely plastered against my cock. If I hadn’t just climbed out of the cool lake, it would have been lifting my shorts. Because I wanted very much to wave ‘hello’ to the girls, I jumped back into the water. I’m not going to claim that my cock is huge but it sure as hell is more than big enough. My ex called it the ‘baby bear of cocks’ which doesn’t sound all that great until you think about it. “Matt. My name is Matt. If I was your father, I wouldn’t have let you out of the house with that swimsuit, but I’m not. My answer is ‘no.’ You do not need that top at all.” “Tiffany, your dad is so hot,” Bunny exclaimed. “Nuh-uh. Your dad is hot.” “Nuh-uh.” I swam toward my cabin and waded ashore. “Nice ass, Matt!” Tiffany yelled. “Where are you going? Did we scare you off?” I pulled my shorts away from where they clung to my butt. “I’m getting my kayak to rescue your canoe.” They stood up and I could hear them pretty clearly as they chattered. “I forgot about that!” “It’s so far out. I hope my dad doesn’t see it.” “Do you think he needs help?” “Uh-oh – my phone!” “Matt!” Tiffany called out to me. “Look for Bunny’s phone!” Seriously? I thought. They capsized in about ten feet of water and there were a lot of weeds that far out from shore. Tiffany was still topless. Bunny looked worried. I grabbed my goggles and carried my boat down to my dock. “I’ll try,” I shouted back. When I tied their canoe to my kayak, I saw the phone in it. I was about to yell that I had the phone but then I thought about how much I’d like a thank-you hug from Bunny. I towed their boat to about where it would have been if it had really fallen out, adjusted my goggles, and dove under. I came back up, made a show of going in again, and did it again a few more times until I triumphantly broke the surface with my fist in the air. “I found it!” I snatched it out of the canoe and turned it off while they were jumping up and down and hugging: two almost naked eighteen-year-old girls jumping up and down and hugging. God damn. I fished out their boat cushions and paddles on my fransız porno way back, dumped the water out of their canoe once I was near the shore, and dragged both boats onto the beach. The girls jumped off the raft and waded to shore.  “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I got my hug – a big one – and a big kiss on the cheek. I’m going to hell; I know it.  “Does it work?” Bunny was worried again. Her phone looked new, newer than mine, and I was sure that being in a foot of water for fifteen minutes wasn’t going to ruin it. “Let’s take a closer look at it up in the cabin.” Bunny made Tiffany go back to the raft to retrieve her top, which she didn’t bother to put on, and we climbed the small hill to my cabin. The temperature was a lot cooler inside the cabin, and the girls showed it. I gave them each one of my flannel shirts and I toweled off the phone. I doubted that any water got in, but I put it in a bowl of rice anyway. I changed out of my wet boxers and put on some pants and a t-shirt. When I came back, Bunny set my binoculars back down near the patio door that had a view of the beach. She didn’t say anything about them. My sister’s little living area had some old furniture that she restored. I sat in the middle of the loveseat and put the bowl of rice on the table in front of me. There were plenty of other chairs, but the girls squeezed in on either side of me. Bunny hugged her knees and stared at her phone, and Tiffany tucked her legs up and leaned on my shoulder. I offered them blankets and some of my sister’s clothes, but they declined and snuggled in closer. Bunny rocked in her seat, wiggling her pretty toes, and waited for the phone to be all better. Tiffany caught me looking down at her naked breasts and opened the shirt to give me a better view. They told me that they had only met a couple of days ago. Their families’ cabins were close to each other, and the girls bonded out of mutual boredom and love of sunshine. I told them about my sister and her friend. “You guys had bad luck this week. My sister told me that she’s seen boys your age here sometimes.” As much as I loved chatting with these young ladies, it was past the time to let them go. I pulled the phone out of the rice and handed it to Bunny who anxiously turned it on. It booted up fine, of course, and Bunny took a selfie of the three of us. She promised to text me a copy once they went someplace with cell service. I got a couple more avuncular hugs and kisses, and they ran out the door with my shirts. I didn’t care – I had more. The door barely slammed before Bunny ran back in. She teen porno retrieved my binoculars, handed them to me, and ran out again. ~~~ I stirred when I thought I heard someone knocking on the cabin door, pissed that it broke up a great dream about the girls. I didn’t hear any more knocks and I began to doze off again when Tiffany and Bunny let themselves into my bedroom. They were wearing the shirts that I gave them the day before. “There you are!” “Rise and shine, sleepy head!” “This room seems awfully girly.” “It’s my sister’s cabin,” I said before it clicked that they were really there and not in some dream. “What time is it? What are you doing here?” “It’s the-sun-is-over-the-trees o’clock,” Bunny said. “We elected you lifeguard. Let’s go!” Tiffany grabbed my covers and yanked them all away. I sleep in the nude. “Wow,” Bunny said. (I’m not lying. She really said that. She said “wow” and kept staring.) “Nice,” Tiffany said. Then she giggled and said, “Sorry.”  I pulled the sheet up and almost yelled at them; I’m grumpy in the morning. “Can I have some coffee first?” “Ugh! Sure,” Bunny said and ran off. Tiffany stuck around. “Go help her,” I said, “Unless you want to watch me pee.” Her eyes shifted away but she didn’t move. “Go help her,” I said again. She huffed and left. I don’t give a flying fuck if you believe any of this or not. It gets better. The coffee was strong – ten scoops strong – but that was fine. I just poured it over ice in my thermos. I brought my kayak down to my dock just in case, which is where they had left their canoe. I paddled them and their gear the short distance to the raft. “Finally!” Tiffany exclaimed and she took off her shirt. Her bikini was even smaller than the one she wore the day before, not that that mattered because she stripped that off as well. “Tiff…” Bunny started but she just shrugged and stripped too. Binoculars were one thing, but, God damn… “Do me first,” Tiffany said. I turned to see her holding a bottle of sunscreen. She spun around and I firmly massaged her back with the lotion. “Hmm, strong hands.” She bounced back around when I finished and she pouted, “Aren’t you going to do the rest?” “Tiffany, stop teasing him!” I’d like all of you now to join me in my mantra: Don’t get a hard-on, don’t get a hard-on, don’t get a hard-on… “Thank you, Bunny,” I said. “Let’s get your back covered.” “Ooo,” she said when I started. I spent extra time working my fingertips into her neck. They spread the sunscreen on my back together, bumping their tits and hips against me. Don’t get a hardon… “Okay, off with your shorts! Lifeguards too!” “I’m not, I don’t…” I sputtered. Bunny shrugged. “It’s only fair. Besides…” Yeah, they had already seen me. “What the hell.” I dropped my shorts and when I did, Tiffany squeezed the bottle and shot a stream of cream at me. In retrospect, that was only fair too. 

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