Earlier in the day when she had showered and was looking in her closet she had picked out a floral lace top to wear for what Jayne thought was just a dinner out with Dave, a white tank underneath it and some dark jeans and booties and a jacket and she was done. Hair brushed, and makeup applied she had looked out of the window checking the weather and seeing the brightness outside and as she knew soon it would get darker as they had just turned into December she decided to head out already even though she had a few hours before their dinner reservation. Walking from her apartment to her local bar was about 15 minutes and as she walked she daydreamed, she figured drinks, some dinner and then back home and maybe if she was not too tired or too full from eating too much they would have sex, she certainly was in the mood for some having been a few days since they had last fucked she told herself not to eat or drink too much that night she smiled at herself as she walked down the street.

Meeting Dave at the restaurant they sat down and for the next couple of hours had a very nice meal and true to her own word Jayne didn’t eat too much, forgoing on dessert saying there was nothing she liked on the menu, only having a forkful of the dessert that Dave then ordered. Heading out Jayne imagined they would catch a cab as the night had turned chilly so she was a little caught off guard when Dave suggested having a drink, and when she had asked where he suggested the same bar Jayne had been at before dinner. Slightly suspicious Jayne had agreed and so they had walked back to the bar and as Jayne walked in she saw it was a little more crowded than earlier but then all of a sudden a face sat at the bar turned and Jayne saw a hand waving.

“What are you doing here?” Jayne asked as she walked over to her friend Verity who had swiveled and slipped down from her seat at the bar and as Jayne walked up they hugged.

“Well just thought I would have a drink,” she said as she glanced back at Dave.

“Oh ok,” Jayne said glancing back at Dave too thinking that there was something more to it than that.

“Hey, this is John,” Verity said as she stood back and the guy sat next to her at the bar turned and waved.

“Hi,” John said to both Jayne and Dave.

The four of them sat at the bar, Jayne and Verity in the middle with the two guys either side and they had just ordered a round of drinks when Jayne felt a tap on her shoulder. Turning around expecting it to be one of the staff that worked at the bar as she seemed to know everyone she was totally surprised when there stood Mariel with her husband, Ivan, just behind her.

“Hey!” Jayne said as now it was her turn to swivel in her seat and slip off it to hug her friend. “What are you doing here?”

“Well Dave said to come,” Mariel said looking at Dave as Jayne did too.

“Oh did he now,” Jayne said looking at him, “funny he never told me anything about that.”

“Must have forgotten,” Dave said with a smile. “Maybe we should go and sit on one of the tables back there,” he said nodding towards the back where there were a bunch of empty tables now that there was six of them.

“Ok, sure, ” Jayne said still a little confused and as she reached for her coat and her drink she waved at the guy behind the bar to tell him they were going to sit at a table and as they made their way over Jayne set her drink down on the table and hung her coat up on one of the hooks that was fixed to the wall near to the table. “So, introductions.” Jayne said, “this is Verity and John, and this is Mariel and Ivan,” she explained as the two couples said hi to each other before they all sat down. After introductions more drinks were ordered and for the next hour the six of them chatted either in one big group or smaller groups until it came time when everyone’s drink was empty.

“So back to our place then?” Dave said.

“What?” Jayne said looking around as others nodded, “was this something else you forgot to tell me,” she added.

“Maybe,” Dave said as others laughed.

“Ok then,” Jayne shrugged and finished her drink.

“Dave said we could go back to yours and play Truth or Dare,” Verity said as Jayne looked from her to her boyfriend.

“Jayne laughed, “oh he did, did he,” she said turning to him, “well if Dave said that, I guess we better get going,” she said as glanced over at him.

“Adult truth or dare,” Dave said as he walked up to Jayne who was reaching for her coat, “thought we could all have some fun, everyone else is up for it,” he said as he kissed her on the cheek.

“Sure, ok,” Jayne said taken aback and glancing around at everyone as they picked up their coats, “you could have told me before though,” she said and kissed him softly on the lips, careful not to mess up her lipstick before she fastened her coat up.

Jayne put the key into the lock, turned it and opened the door walking into her apartment she turned and held the door open for everyone behind her, “come on in,” she said. One by one starting with Dave, her boyfriend, they walked inside into their apartment. When Jayne had left earlier she had turned one light on so that the apartment was not completely dark when they returned home though she had adıyaman escort not been expecting to bring company back with them. Verity had already been to Jayne and Dave’s apartment and as she walked in she stopped to slip her shoes off, pushing them out of the way as John, her boyfriend, did the same.

“This looks nice,” Mariel said as she walked into the apartment and looked around.

“Hey take your shoes off before you walk around,” Ivan, Mariel’s husband, said and as Mariel turned around he pointed down at the row of discarded shoes by the door.

“Oh, sorry,” Mariel said as she walked back towards the door and slipped her shoes off.

Jayne was closing and locking the door. “Oh don’t worry about it,” she said putting her hand on Mariel’s shoulder as she turned out the light by the door.

While everyone else had walked in Dave had been putting the other lights on that lit up the dining and living area of the apartment and walking back passed Jayne walking into the kitchen he turned the lights on there, “anyone want a drink?”.

“I’ll have some water,” Jayne said standing in the kitchen doorway and as Dave opened the fridge to get her some she turned and walked walking back into the living area where everyone else was, “Dave will get you a drink if you ask him,” she said and as some of them headed towards the kitchen Jayne saw Mariel looking out at the view from the window across the city, “I’ll give you a quick tour,” Jayne said as she walked up and stood beside her looking out of the window and both of them turned and walked out of the living area and down the hallway. A small apartment the tour took less than a minute and as they walked back into the kitchen Dave was still making drinks for everyone.

He handed Jayne a glass of water and looked at Mariel, “I’ll have a glass of red wine please,” she asked seeing the open bottle on the counter and as Dave went to get a glass for Mariel’s wine Jayne slipped passed him and got her own drink, a beer from the small wine fridge at the end of the counter, a drink in each hand she walked back out and placed her drinks on the dining table and clearing the rest of the table she got coasters for everyone before putting her drinks down at the far end of the table. As Dave walked back in with his own drink he walked around and sat down next to Jayne as one by one everyone else walked over and the six of them sat around the table.

“Cheers,” Dave said, raising his glass.

“Cheers!” came a response from everyone else as they all reached out and started clinking glasses with whoever they could reach and drinking.

On the table Dave had put both his and Jayne’s IPad’s and he had already opened the browser and found the websites he wanted, “Ok so first of all have to say…” he turned and looked at John and Ivan, “…I’m not into any gay stuff,” some of the table laughed.

“Boooooo!” Jayne said from her seat next to him and smiled when he turned to her.

“That’s ok, me neither,” Ivan said.

“That’s good with me,” John added.

Dave looked once again at Jayne. “What about you girls?” He asked looking at them one at a time.

“Fine with me”, Jayne said glancing at the two others.

“Sure.” Verity nodded.

“Ok,” Mariel said before glancing at her husband.

“Ok then, so any rules?” Dave asked looking around at blank faces, shrugs and shakes of the head.

“Just make them up as we go along,” Jayne eventually said as she put her beer back down.

“Ok then, that works. So start with just doing a truth first?” He asked and seeing some nods he turned the tablet towards Jayne, “you can start then,” he said smiling at her.

“Me?” Jayne said as she looked at her boyfriend and others laughed all of them suddenly turned to look at her and after a second and another swig from her bottle of beer she tapped the screen and waited feeling her heart race as the page took a few seconds to change and she read what it said.

“You have to read it out loud,” Dave said with a nudge and laughed.

“Ok, ok.” Jayne said as she reached for her beer and after taking another mouthful she took a deep breath. “Truth, if you’re male, do you have a grooming preference on women? If you’re female do you have a preference of males being circumcised or not?” Jayne read and put the tablet back down on the table as she had another drink and shook her head, “no, not really…I mean I’ve had both and Dave well…” she smiled and looked over at him and put her hand on his, “…well he is not circumcised so that’s what I’m used too now,” Jayne admitted and slid the tablet over towards him she sat back.

Dave tapped on the button and watched as the screen refreshed. “Truth, have you ever tasted semen? What did it taste like, and how did it occur?” He read out loud, putting the tablet down and shaking his head, “no I haven’t so I don’t know.”

Verity reached out for the tablet and tapped on the screen, “Truth, have you ever tasted urine? What did it taste like, and how did it happen?” She shuddered as she read it pushing the tablet away from her and shaking her head vigorously, “Ewww! No! Gross!” She exclaimed.

“What is the most public adıyaman escort bayan place you have ever had sex?” John read after he had tapped on the screen.

“It wasn’t with me,” Verity immediately said.

“Well…not yet,” John said smiling, “in the fitting room of a JC Penny.” He added as others around the table laughed, “It was a few years ago and really quiet in the store.”

“Well it is JC Penny,” Jayne said.

“Truth,” Mariel said, “if you had to have anal sex with someone in this room right this very moment, who would you choose and why?” She immediately turned and looked at her husband, “it would have to be him; it’s not something I would do with anyone.”

Ivan smiled at his wife as he took the tablet from her, “Have you ever masturbated yourself while fantasizing about someone who is playing this game with you right now? Current partners excluded. Who is it and what did you fantasize that you were doing?”

“Uh oh, don’t want any trouble now,” Dave said sarcastically.

Ivan laughed. “Honestly no I haven’t, sorry Dave, don’t think of you like that,” he said and Dave nodded and raised his glass and took a drink. “But maybe after tonight…” Ivan added.

“Hey now!” Mariel playfully slapped at his arm as Jayne laughed and took the tablet.

“Ok this time click on the random button,” Dave said and he pointed it out to Jayne who swatted at his finger and pressed her own on it and as she waited for the screen to refresh she reached for her bottle. She was about to take a sip when the screen changed and she read it in her head, holding the bottle to her lips in midair she stopped and as her eyes scanned quickly over the words once more she drank and drank and drank, drinking almost all of the bottle before setting it back down on the table.

“Dare…” Jayne began.

“Oooohhh,” Dave said, rubbing his hands as Jayne glanced at him.

“Select one female to be the slave, yes you may select yourself, then select three guys. All of you get undressed. Assign which guy to fuck the ass, pussy and mouth. The slave then sucks all of them hard and everybody gets in position and starts fucking at the same time. The slave must prove that she can focus on pleasuring the one fucking her mouth by making him cum before the two others have finished off. Otherwise the group may select two more guys to fuck her ass and pussy while finishing of the one in her mouth.” Jayne read.

“Noooo way!” Verity cried out and clapped as she sat back.

“Well there are only three guys here so that’s easy,” Dave said. “We need to pick a female, any of you,” he said and pointed at each of them in turn as he reached for the second tablet. On its screen was an online spinning wheel and after entering in each of the girls’ names he slid it towards Jayne, “just tap where it says ‘spin'” he explained.

“Ha!” Jayne said and drank the rest of her beer pushing the empty bottle away from her. “Ok, here’s a rule, any anal sex is done by your partner.” She said and looked at the other two girls.

“Agreed,” Verity said nodding.

“Definetly!” Mariel added.

Jayne tapped on the screen and watched as the red, black and white circle spun on the screen and eventually slowed and Jayne felt her heart suddenly start to race as she saw her own name come up.

“Phew!” Verity said having stood up to watch she sat back down, “didn’t want to be first up.” She said with a smile.

“Yes, me neither,” Jayne said as she reached for her bottle only to remember it was empty just before she put it to her lips.

“Are you ok with this?” Dave asked as he put his hand on top of hers.

Jayne took it and smiled, “sure,” she said as she got up and walked into the kitchen to get herself a fresh drink.

Dave nodded. “Well I’ve got my assignment,” he said. “So let’s assign pussy,” Dave said as he reached for the tablet and after typing on it he tapped on the screen and watched. “John!” Dave called out as Jayne walked back in with a new drink. “So maybe on the couch would be best,” Dave said as everyone turned around and looked. Dave had already got up and walked over, “John can sit down, you on top, and I can get behind you and then Ivan from the back of the couch.

“Maybe you should move that out of the way,” Jayne said pointing to the recliner that was close to the couch which Dave had his hand on.

John got up he walked over to the other side of it and he and Dave lifted it up and moved it a few feet away, putting it nearer the wall and giving everyone sat at the table a view of the couch. “Come on then,” Dave said as he turned to Jayne.

“Ok, ok,” Jayne said as she got up from the table, Dave and John had moved the coffee table out of the middle of the room too so the majority of the rug in front of the couch was empty and as they stood there Dave pulled off his top just as Ivan got up from the table and walked over. Seeing Dave undressing, he and John followed and three tops were all of a sudden thrown onto the moved recliner and the three of them stood there topless in front of Jayne. Three pairs of jeans followed and Jayne had sat on the end of the couch to watch the three of them strip.

“Get escort adıyaman them off,” Verity shouted from the table, having turned in her seat to watch the guys’ undress.

John was first, pushing his boxers down before tossing them on the recliner, then Dave and Ivan followed as Jayne watched from the couch, “now go wash yourselves,” Jayne said with a smile pointing at each of them, “I want you nice and clean,” she added before taking another drink as Dave walked off and she heard him turn on the light in the bathroom and start the shower.

One by one they showered and as they returned one by one, the three girls sat at the table and watched as within a few minutes they lined back up standing on the rug halfway between the couch and the TV. Taking one more drink Jayne got up and walked over towards the recliner that now was covered with clothes.

“Need a hand?” Dave asked with a smile.

Jayne laughed and raised her arms and Dave stepped over towards her and reached for her top and pulled it up over her head and nonchalantly dropped it down onto the chair. Taking another step closer Jayne smiled as she felt him reach around her and felt her bra come undone and then the straps slipped over her shoulders and as he stepped back he pulled it down her arms and it landed on the chair as she stood there for the first time topless in front of a room full of people. Breathing hard she reached down and unbuttoned her jeans before pushing them down. Stepping out of them she saw the three guys, naked, watching her and smiled as she turned and set her jeans down over the back of the recliner and then she reached for her panties. Her heart was racing, Jayne had been naked in front of Dave, obviously, and also Verity and Mariel, but never all at once and suddenly the thought of the whole group seeing her like that made her shudder and with a deep breath she pushed her panties straight down.

The three guys stood there naked, just a few steps away Jayne, now also naked, dropped her panties on to the top of the pile of clothes on the recliner and still feeling her heart racing and trembling a little she walked towards Dave who stood closest to her and smiled as she looked up at him before glancing down and reaching out her hand brushed against him and she felt him twitch. Both Verity and Mariel had turned their chairs around and sat back watching as Jayne dropped down to her knees in front of Dave, took hold of him and the gasp he made as Jayne took him into her mouth was heard by the whole room.

Letting him slip from her mouth Jayne smiled as she looked up at him and sat back on her feet as she let go of him, glancing to her left she saw both John and Ivan were casually stroking themselves and as she moved to her left on her knees across the rug she saw as Dave reached down and started to stroke on his hard, wet dick. John stood next to Dave and as Jayne shuffled across he let go of himself and as Jayne reached out for him and put him in her mouth she could only imagine what Dave was thinking as for the first time in their relationship he was looking at her with another man. It was certainly a relief to Jayne as she let John slip from her mouth she turned and looked to her right to see Dave watching her intently and still stroking his hardness, something that John now also did as Jayne moved once more to her right to kneel in front of Ivan.

As she felt Ivan grow hard in her mouth just as Dave and John had done previously Jayne pulled back and stroking Ivan she glanced over to Dave, “you better go get the lube,” she said before turning back and taking Ivan back into her mouth. Jayne felt movement behind her and pulled back and glanced over to the couch where John now sat and as Dave returned with the small bottle of lube she stroked Ivan once more before pushing herself back up to her feet and letting go of Ivan turned and walked towards John on the couch as Dave opened the bottle and pouring some of the lube into his hand started to apply it to his hardness and then she felt him walk up behind her and she felt a slick finger running between her ass cheeks and Jayne gasped as she felt Dave pushing a lubed finger into her ass.

Slipping away from Dave and walking over towards John, Jayne glanced over at the two others who still sat there intently watching, drinks in hands and as she got to the couch she slowly put one knee onto the cushion and then the other, straddling John as she felt Dave up against her back once more. Kneeling up Jayne reached down and took hold of John at the base, holding him straight up as she moved over him and lowering herself slowly she felt the head of his dick touch her and then press against her, closing her eyes and gasping as she lowered herself onto him and she only opened her eyes as she sat down on John, leaning forward slightly her hands rested on Johns shoulders as she started to grind a little on him and once more gasping as the others watched on. Remembering the dare, Jayne looked over at Ivan and reached out for him and as she did he stepped forward into her reach and she reached for his hard dick once more and started to stroke as she leaned over she took him back into her mouth and as she stroked the base she sucked on the head. Jayne felt Dave’s fingers once again rubbing and pressing against her ass and while she stopped grinding on John she continued to moan with Ivan’s dick pressed deep into her mouth. Bobbing up and down she sucked hard as she moaned feeling Dave’s fingers sliding in and out of her ass, occasionally Jayne would remember to grind on John who she sat on.

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