Traveling New Bi-Ways With Friends Ch. 07

Ken put his arm around me as D continued to lick and kiss our cocks. He turned my face towards his then he kissed me and pushed his tongue into my mouth. D looked up from her cocksucking, “I’m sure glad you two guys like each other.” Ken broke our kiss and laughed, “Yeah, this would look pretty strange otherwise.’

I looked around. Anne had moved off the massage table. She was lying on the exercise mats. We watched as she pumped an empty long necked beer bottle in and out of her pussy. She rolled onto her side and raised a leg as she pressed another bottleneck against her butt hole.

“I think you guys better go help her.” D released our cocks and stood up.

Ken trotted over and took the one bottle from Anne. She rolled back onto her back and pulled the first bottle out of her pussy. “A girl’s got to get her jollies somehow when all of the meat is tied up.”

Dee laughed and knelt beside her, “I didn’t mean to hog both of them. I thought you were resting.”

Anne pushed herself up on her elbows. She kissed D, “You’re forgiven. Now please tell your handsome hard husband to lie on his back so I can sit on his cock.” Ken, who had been rubbing his hard-on over Anne’s red pussy hair, lay down. Anne straddled him on her knees. She held his cock steady as she positioned herself then slowly sat down. After adjusting herself slightly, she began to ride him. She shook her long red hair as she rode.

I helped D to her feet. I stood behind her and pressed my cock in between her ass cheeks as I softly caressed her belly. D tipped her head back and kissed my cheek. “That looks like fun. Want to take me on a cock ride?”

I lay down and D straddled me so she was facing Anne. I held my cock as she positioned herself. D seated herself. She remained quiet for a short time then she and Anne kissed and touched each other’s faces and breasts as they rode Ken and me.

Eventually, the woman stopped riding and remained motionless. Without the stimulation of the walls of D’s cunt, my hard-on sagged quickly. D leaned forward and lay on top of me. Anne pushed herself into a standing position, “I’m pooped and I want to shower before I go to sleep.”

It was raining lightly as we four walked across the patio to the bedroom wing. Anne looked at herself in the mirror in our bedroom. “I must have had a good time. I’ve got cum in my hair, on my tits and all over my pussy, thighs, and belly.”

I’d say you had a really good time.”

“I feel like I was the good time that was had by all.”

“That too.”

“Oh well. It was good! Want to shower together?”

I washed Anne’s back and I kneeled to gently eat her pussy again as she stood with the hot water splashing on her back. As we crawled into bed, we could hear the shower in D and Ken’s suite. I opened a window and we fell asleep to sound of the rain as it increased in intensity.

After I awakened in the morning, I gazed at Anne for a while. Her red hair was fanned out around her face and head like a halo – a carnal angel. She stirred slightly as I got out of bed. After tucking her in, I slipped on a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and sandals. It was cool in the room. The house was quiet.

I stopped in the kitchen to start a pot of coffee. I opened the kitchen door and stepped out under the roof overhang. It was still raining, a light and steady rain. A soaker. I walked around to the exercise room and let myself in. I busied myself, while the coffee brewed, with cleaning up. We had gone straight from dinner to sex the evening before and all of the dishes and food containers where still on the table. I scraped them off and stacked them in preparation to carrying them to the kitchen.

After policing up the empty beer bottles, I dumped the ice water from the cooler chests. There is a 3/4 bath off the exercise room so I was able to get a rag and clean up the barbecue sauce that had dribbled on the floor while we were licking it off of each other’s tits and cocks. Fortunately it was a tile floor. I thought about saving Anne’s “dildo” bottle but I didn’t.

I straightened the exercise mats and pads and moved the massage table back next to the wall. D was in the kitchen when I walked in with a stack of dirty dishes. She took some of them from me and set them in the sink. I set the rest on the counter. D turned on the sprayer and began to rinse the dishes. “Let me do that, D. My hands are already dirty.

“O.K. I’ll load the dishwasher.” D was wearing big fuzzy slippers and a t-shirt that was just short of mid-thigh. Every time she bent over to place a dish in the dishwasher her t-shirt would ride up and bare her ass.

“You know D, you have a beautiful butt. You’re an inspiration for us ass men.” She was placing a dish in the washer. She blushed as she turned her face towards me and smiled.

After starting the dishwasher, we each got a cup of coffee. We were sitting at the breakfast bar when Anne walked in. “Is that coffee I smell?” D poured a cup for her. Anne was wearing a t-shirt and flip-flops. She Escort Çankaya pulled up the hem of her t-shirt as she sat down. “Oh! That stool is chilly.”

Anne laughed, “Never park your bare ass on cold leather.

Anne stood and tucked her t-shirt under her butt, “Don’t I know it.”

I grinned, “If either of you ever need a place to sit, you can always sit on my face.”

Both women smiled into their coffee cups.

We decided to fix an early lunch whenever Ken got up. He came in as we were starting a second pot of coffee. “Oh, good. There’s coffee.” Ken was wearing a short lightweight travel robe.

We decided to have grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and soup for lunch. It was a soup kind of day. As we ate, Ken asked, “Is anyone else as tired as I am?”

D nodded, “My knees hurt from being on them so much.”

“I’m surprised I don’t have a back ache from laying across that massage table. I can’t believe I did that. But, I also can’t believe how nastily delicious it felt to have two hard dicks sliding in and out of my cunt and face.”

D leaned over and kissed Anne’s cheek. “You were really turned on. We’ll have to watch the video later.”

“Video? There’s a video of me doing that? Anne blushed. Then she laughed, “I hope it’s worth watching.”

“Oh, it’s worth watching. You were one hot lady, Anne.”

Ken looked out at the rain. “Boy, it’s really coming down. Did anyone remember to cover the hot tub?” He and I jumped up and ran across the patio to pull the cover over the tub. “I ought to build a gazebo over it, but then we couldn’t soak and look at the night sky.” D and Anne were cleaning up the lunch things when he and I returned.

We were both soaked. I followed Ken down the hall towards the bedroom wing. He took off his wet robe as he walked. I looked at his muscular back and legs. He obviously still pumped iron. I wondered if I would be able to fuck his ass while I was here. Ken stopped at a linen closet and pulled out two towels.

I followed him into his and D’s bedroom. He tossed me a towel, “Get out of those wet clothes.” I pulled off the soaked t-shirt and shorts. Ken picked them up, along with his robe, and carried them into the bathroom. “I hung the stuff over the shower rod.” He picked up his towel and began to dry himself. I was toweling myself when he sat on the bed. He dried his hair then looked at me, “Come closer.”

I stepped closer to him. He put a hand on my hip. “Turn around.” I turned my back to Ken. He put his hands on my hips then he ran his hands up my back to my shoulders. He rubbed my shoulders for a second and then ran his hands back down my back and down my legs to my ankles. When he ran his hands back up my legs he stopped at my butt.

He spread his fingers across my ass. His thumbs were in my ass crack. I felt his breath.. Then his tongue touched me as he licked his way up my ass crack. He kissed the small of my back then moved his hands to my hips and turned me around. Ken looked up at me, “I want your ass, Brad.”

I smiled down at him, “Only if I can have yours.”

“It’s a deal. Maybe we can entertain the ladies.” My limp dick was right in front of his face. Ken leaned into my crotch. I felt his tongue lick the cockhead then I felt his lips close over it. He moved his head back and I watched him suck my soft cock into his warm mouth. He looked up at me, his cheeks fluttered as he sucked my dick like it was a soda straw. He pulled my now semi-hard dick out of his mouth. I groaned softly. Ken licked his spit off the cockhead, “And, speaking of the ladies, we’d better go join them before they think we’re having fun without them.”

Ken stood and started to walk towards the closet. “Just a second.” Ken stopped. I dropped to my knees in front of him. I lifted his cock and kissed his balls. I licked them and gently, but briefly, sucked one nut. Then I fed his soft cock into my hungry mouth. He tasted good. I would suck this man’s cock for hours, if he’d let me.

I buried my nose in his pubic hair and stuffed all of him into my mouth. I sealed my lips around his cock shaft and pulled my head back. The tight lip seal and the hard suction stretched his dick as I pulled back. Ken’s cock came out of my mouth with a pop. I kissed the cockhead and looked up at him. “Hold that thought.”

He grinned as he helped me to my feet. I walked to my and Anne’s room and got a robe out of the closet. I met Ken in the hall and we walked back to the kitchen. Anne and D were sitting on stools and nursing cups of coffee. “What took you guys so long? You weren’t doing something that we would have wanted to watch, were you?”

Ken laughed, “Hey, we were gone only about five minutes. Just long enough to dry off, hang up the wet stuff and get a couple of robes..”

I walked over behind Anne and put my arms around her. I kissed her cheek. She offered me a sip of her coffee. “You’re back now. Looking at all that rain and wet outside makes me feel cold. Let’s go where it is warm.”

We all walked down to the den. D lit the gas fireplace Ankara Escort and we settled down to read, chat and listen to music. Ken kept looking my way and smiling. I wondered when we would be able to get it on together. I also wondered what Anne would think when she saw that I liked taking a man up my ass. She and I hadn’t ever played any ass games. Just thinking about being fucked by Ken was giving me a hard-on.

Ken stood up and stretched, “I think I’ll make myself a cup of tea. Does anyone else want one?”

D looked up from her book, “That sounds good. Let’s make a pot.” She started to get up.

I stood, “You look too comfortable D. I’ll help Ken.” I followed him into the kitchen. We put some water on to boil. Ken found a large teapot and some loose tea. He filled the pot with hot tap water to pre-heat it.

“I’m going to get ready. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” I looked for a sugar bowl and sliced a lemon that I’d found in the refrigerator. I was looking for a tray when Ken returned. “I left everything out for you.” He reached into the pocket on his robe and pulled out a bottle of lube.” He grinned as he dropped the bottle back into the pocket. “I can’t wait.”

I walked down the hall to Ken’s bathroom. I closed the door and looked around. A bottle of lube was on the counter and a hose with a “male douche” was hooked to the tub faucet. I took off my robe. After using the toilet I rinsed myself clean with the douche and warm soapy water. I dried myself then lubed my ass with a generous amount from the bottle. I put my robe on and dropped the bottle into the pocket. Before I tied the robe, I looked at myself in the mirror. My cock was at “half staff” in anticipation. I’d fucked Ken but he had never fucked me. I was eager to feel his hard cock splitting my ass.

When I got back to the kitchen Ken had the tea ready to go. He carried the pot and tray stand and I carried the tray of cups, sugar and lemon. D put her book down when we came into the den. Anne was sitting on the couch with her legs tucked under. I poured a cup of tea and carried it over to her. Ken gave D a cup and he poured cups for each of us. I took my cup and sat it on the end table next to the couch. I sat next to Anne. She moved over closer to me.

D put her cup down. “This is a good time to see the Anne’s video.” D walked over to the entertainment center. She bent over and turned on the TV. We applauded her bare ass. Everything else was all set up. D, along with everything else, was efficient and organized. She took the remote back to her seat next to Ken.

The TV screen filled with a close up on Anne’s face. Her eyes were bright and sparkly. She was smiling around the thick cock that filled her mouth. Anne giggled and buried her face in my robe. The camera panned back to show Anne and Ken hard at work.

The next scene was the overhead shot where D had stood on the chairs. Anne’s widely splayed legs swung as I pumped my cock in and out of her pussy. The video ended with Ken and I shooting our loads of cum all over Anne’s face, thighs, pussy, belly and tits.

There was a minute of silence then Anne spoke. “ Oh, this is so embarrassing watching myself fuck like a cock crazy slut.” Then she laughed, “Let’s see it again.” Everyone laughed. We got more comfortable as we watched the video several more times. Anne had her hand inside my robe. She was stroking my cock. I slipped my hand down her back and lifted the hem of her t-shirt. I rubbed her smooth ass.

She moved around so I could get my hand between her legs. I tickled her pussy and worked a finger into her slit. She was wet and slick. Not surprisingly, she got turned on by watching herself fuck. She opened my robe and I stopped watching the video as I felt her soft lips sliding over my cockhead and down the shaft.

I noticed D getting up and walking over to get the camcorder. Ken stood and took off his robe. His cock was almost fully erect. He walked over to Anne and I and kneeled next to my knees. He kissed Anne on the cheek. She raised her head and pulled my cock out of her mouth. Ken held her face in his hands as they engaged in a sloppy French kiss. Ken looked at my spit shiny cock.

“That looks delicious. May I taste it? Anne silently pointed my hard cock at his face. D zoomed in close as Ken wrapped his lips around the cockhead. Anne and Ken took turns sucking me but Ken slowly took over completely as Anne watched. Ken looked at Anne then at D. “You ladies get comfortable. Brad and I are going to entertain you.”

He stood and extended a hand to me. I stood and Ken led me over to the large long bench in front of the fireplace. He took my robe off of me. “Stand up there.” We stepped up together. Ken circled me as he rubbed and kissed my body. He moved to my front where he kneeled. He pulled my stiff cock down until it was straight in front of his face. I noticed Anne was sitting on the edge of the couch. She was raptly watching as D caught it all with the camcorder.

Ken flicked the tip of his tongue across and around my cockhead then Sincan Escort he opened his mouth and plunged down my shaft. As his tongue massaged the underbelly and his lips tightened around my cock shaft, I knew that if a few minutes my best friend would be fucking my eager ass for the first time.

Without missing a suck, Ken reached down and retrieved my robe. He removed the bottle of lube from the pocket. He poured some lube in his hand and he began to apply it to his hard cock. After he finished lubing himself he took his slippery fingers and pushed them up behind my balls and between my legs. I spread my feet apart to give him better access to my ass.

Ken teased me by pressing and tickling my asshole as he used his other hand to hold my cock so he could flick the tip of his tongue around the rim of my cockhead. He pushed two fingers up into my slick ass. I was so turned on that if he had touched my gland, I would have probably blown my wad. He twisted his wrist back and forth.

Ken stopped flicking me, “I think you’re ready.” He looked down at his cock, “I’m ready too.” He stood. His hard cock was standing erect. His cockhead extended above his navel.

I reached down and cupped his balls. “Yes, I’m ready for you. Fuck me.” I uncupped his balls and got down on my hands and knees. Ken kneeled behind me. After moving my feet and adjusting his position, he squirted some more lube into my ass crack. He rubbed his hand up and down between my ass cheeks, then his thumb pressed into my asshole as he worked some more lube into it.

Ken rose up behind me. I felt his cock jostle my nuts as he dragged his erection up between my ass cheeks. I inhaled and relaxed as he pressed his cockhead against my asshole. I lightly braced myself and he pushed as I felt my asshole begin to open to allow him into me. His cockhead popped through my sphincter. I exhaled “Ahhhh” as Ken’s cock slipped deep into me. I wiggled my ass as I felt his pubic hair brush my butt.

Ken made a slow withdrawal. He reached under me and squeezed my cock as he began a slow deep ass fuck. D moved around us with the camcorder. I folded my arms and lay my head on them. Ken continued to pump in and out of my elevated ass. I looked over at Anne. She had her t-shirt tucked up and wadded around her waist. Her feet were widely spread and her thighs were splayed.

Her pussy was wet and slick. It gaped open as she ran her fingers up and down between her pussy lips and around and around her hard little clitoris. I smiled at her and blew her a kiss. She put her hand to her face. She licked each finger then she smiled as her hand dropped back to her pussy.

Ken was pumping faster. He was rocking me back and forth on my knees. His balls tapped against my balls and his pubic hair crushed against my butt as he long cocked me and buried his boner deep in my ass. I didn’t know about Ken, but my pleasure increased greatly when I clamped my asshole around his slippery sliding cock shaft.

Ken stopped fucking me and lay over my back. “Turn over.” He pulled his cock out of me. I moved around and got on my back. He pushed my knees towards my chest. I tilted my ass up as he punched his cock back into me.

I heard D tell Anne, “Hold Brad’s legs up.” I looked at Anne. She stood and pulled her t-shirt over her head. Her nipples looked as hard as little pink diamonds. I pushed on the edges of the bench cushion. Ken fucked me hard and I scooted until my head was at the end of the cushion.

Anne stood at the end of the bench. I bumped my head against her thighs. Anne got the idea. She straddled my head as she took my ankles in her hands. Ken adjusted his position. He really began to pound my ass. I kissed and licked Anne’s pussy. I used my hands to spread her lips. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her pussy down onto my mouth.

I was one happy bi-guy. My ass was being fucked with a long hard cock and I was tongue fucking a hot, hot cunt. As Ken pounded my ass, my hard cock bobbed and bounced and spread pre-cum across my stomach. Anne began to rock her hips and rub her pussy over my face. Ken was panting, Anne was gasping and I was busy slurping and eating hot juicy pussy and trying to squeeze my ass as tight as I could around Ken’s cock.

I put my hands up and cupped and squeezed Anne’s tits. Ken drove his cock into my ass with a hard punch. He rose up on his knees and pulled my ass up with his cock. He groaned, I felt his cock get really rigid then I felt a smooth warmth flow into my ass. Ken was cumming. He fucked me with sharp short strokes as he shot wads of his warm creamy cum deep into my ass.

Anne pushed her pussy down hard against my face. I found her clit with my lips and tongue. She ground herself against my face as she began to cum. She dropped my legs and lay forward over me. She continued to grind her cunt against my lips and tongue and I continued to suck, lick, kiss and eat every part of her cunt that I could reach. Anne slowly came down. She swung her leg over my face and kneeled on the floor. She licked her pussy juices off my face and we shared a French kiss. Ken lay down on top of me. He kissed Anne then he French kissed me. “I never thought that fucking an ass, especially a man’s ass, could be so good. When you tightened you ass muscles the second time I just had to blow my load.”

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